Chapter10: Starting a new life

Mulan had returned home that following day. She watched from the window as her father and Shang were talking.

"With your permission, I would like to have your daughter's hand in marriage." Shang began nervously. Fa Zhou looked at Shang and smiled.

"How could I refuse, When you protected her when she needed you, She cares about you as much as you probably do her."

He bowed down at Fa Zhou and replied with an honorable "Thank you" He smiled at the young captain. They continued talking. Mulan grew anxious to hear about the final answer.

She paced back and forth worried about what her father's response was. The door shut and Shang and her father took in the doorway of the living room.

"So is it ok Baba?" She asked looking with pleading eyes at her father. He simple just nodded in response. Her pleading look went to an immediate grin. She went to her father and gave him a big hug.

Turning to Shang, she leaped into his arms. Once parted he lifted her chin and placed a warm kiss on her lips.

"Aw....." Applied her Mother and Grandmother. "I hear the bells already!" Said Granny Fa. Mulan and Shang burst into excited laughter.


Mushu was outside with Ho Chi. They hid in the forest so no one would get frightened of Ho Chi. They talked amongst each other about all sorts of things.

"I can't wait for the wedding, especially for the food." Pronounced Mushu with a smile on his face. Ho Chi smirked but then grew sad. "Hey, what's wrong?" Ho Chi simple just looked in the direction where his home was. He missed being with the other dragons, but he didn't want to leave Mulan and Mushu.

Mushu looked at Ho Chi, realizing that he was looking at the direction of his home and that he wanted to go back. "You want to go home don't you?" He said in a sad tone. Ho Chi tuned to Mushu and nodded slowly.

"Well at least stay for the wedding, Mulan wouldn't want you to miss it." Said Mushu.

"Rah...." He replied. He then faced the direction of where his home was and just stared. He was happy that he would be going home but then thought about Mulan. She did some much for him, if it wasn't for he probably wouldn't have made it. He laid down on the grassy plans that had wild flowers surrounding him and Mushu. "This is going to be hard to say to Mulan." Mushu said looking at Ho Chi who kept looking in the distance.

"I'll go get Mulan." Mushu announced as he walked away, leaving Ho Chi there alone. Thinking to himself about what he was going to do. He then thought of it, he lifted his head and spread out his wings and took flight. He left behind a necklace that had a dragon. The dragon part was decorated with dark red jewels for the eyes. They shimmered with intense beauty.


"I'll be back tomorrow ok, I just have to go see my mom and bring her over ok." Shang said looking into Mulan's eyes with a promising look.

"Ok." They kissed once more, but the kiss lasted longer then the last. They separated and Mulan brought her head to his chest and leaned against him while her arms were around his neck. She could stay like that forever in his warm embrace. He put his hands around her waist and kept her close to him.

When they parted he mounted his white stallion and was off galloping away. Mulan watched until she could not see him anymore.

Mushu then appeared out of breath, inhaling and exhaling heavily. Mulan rushed over to him to see what was wrong. "Mushu, hey you ok?" She held his little body with one hand as she crouched down to face him.

"I need you to come with me...."

"Ok, where?" Mulan asked.

"Just in that forest... over there were Ho Chi is......" He said gasping for air.

"Why?" Mulan responded with a questioning look.

"Ho Chi and me have to talk to you." Mushu said, now feeling a little better then before. Mulan nodded her head and placed Mushu on top of her shoulder and headed towards the field.

Once on the open field they saw nothing. "Oh no..." Mushu said under his breath. He began to call out his name several times. Mulan's eyes caught something shiny and red in the grass. She went over there and picked it up. It was the necklace that he left.

She stared at it, admiring the beauty of it. "Mushu!" She called out to him. He came running over to her and got up onto her shoulder.

"What?" She then lifted up the necklace to show Mushu. His eyes got big, He saw it before, and Ho Chi was talking about it earlier. "That's Ho Chi's he must of dropped it....or he might have left it here for you to find and keep." Mushu said pondering with thoughts.

Right then Ho Chi landed in front of Mulan and Mushu and looked down at them. "Ho Chi is this yours?" Mulan asked lifting the necklace up to his face.

"Rah..." He replied.

"Don't you want it?"

He took the necklace from her with his huge claws and placed it over her head making it drop around her neck. She looked at the necklace then at Ho Chi who smiled at her. In return she smiled back, "Thank you Ho Chi."

"What's this for though?" She asked. Then she watched Ho Chi as he leaned over to her and showed her the necklace that went around his huge, muscular neck. It was exactly like hers. She drew a confused look on her face, and turned to Ho Chi. He then held the dragon part in his claw and made both their necklaces glow.

"It's a gift of friendship...." Mulan glanced at Ho Chi. He was talking but how?

"How did you...?" She mumbled for the words.

"The necklaces, once placed on, dragons have the ability to talk to humans and one another, it also show us if someone else needs them." Mulan glanced at the necklaces again.

"But how can it show you?"

"Place the dragon part in your hands and I'll know."

"But what is this all for?" Ho Chi leaned closer to her looking straight into her eyes.

"I must go to be with my own kind, you know I can't stay here." He said. Mulan dropped her head in sadness. She knew that was the right thing, he couldn't stay here it was too risky and dangerous. "Mulan, you are good to me my friend, and have done so much for me. I thank you for that. But this is the only way, I must return to my home where all we dragons can fly freely."

"I know, I just wish there was another way....But you have to go, it's for the best." Her head sank down. Ho Chi lifted her head with his massive claw. "Where ever you are, When ever you need the dragons, they will be there for you...and so will I. because you saved me, it shows that you are fearless and have a strong heart. We are here for you when ever you need us." Mulan ran up to him and hugged him tightly. Tears flowed down her face of sadness but yet happiness.

"Thank you Ho Chi." She replied.

"Will...Will you be at my wedding?" She said whipping away her tears.

He grinned at Mulan, "I'll be there and that's a promise."


The wedding was wonderful. It was celebrated in the palace with many and beautiful decorations. Mulan and Shang were just pronounced husband and wife and were headed down the stairs. These were the same exact ones that she went up when the Hun's attacked.

Mulan held onto her red wedding dress that sparkled and shimmered like diamonds. Shang on the other side of her had her arm around his to walk down the stairs, to make sure she would not fall.

Their friends and family followed them down. Solders stood by as they watched their General and heroine coming down their way. As they reached to the carriage Mulan and Shang hugged their friends and family good bye.

Mulan turned to Shang who was ready to help her into the carriage. "Shang." He turned to Mulan.

"What is it?"

She looked up into the dark blue sky full of bright white shining stars, then to Shang. "He didn't come."

Shang raised an eyebrow in confusion, "Who?"

"Ho......"The sudden familiar roar interrupted her. Everyone turned to the sky and saw Ho Chi and many other dragons behind him. They were all different shapes and sizes and colors. Everyone watched in amazement at the huge creatures souring through the air.

Ho Chi came down closer to where Mulan and Shang and landed near the carriage. "You aren't really going to go in that are you?"

Shang's eyes grew wide in amazement but yet confusion, "You can talk, but how can...." Mulan hushed him by placing a finger on his lips.

"I'll explain later."

"So are you coming or not?" Ho Chi said impatiently waiting for them to get on his back. Mulan glanced at Shang with those innocent eyes, how could he refuse.

"All right, let's go." She gave Shang a huge hug and they made they way on top of Ho Chi.

Ho Chi Roared and took flight immediately. They waved good bye to everyone from up above. The wind blew through their faces with a sense of warm in it. It was so comfortable being up in the air with Ho Chi and Shang.

"Rahh......." They looked behind them and saw a whole flock of dragons behind them, and some right next to them appearing out of no where. They both began to laugh with excitement and joy.

"So where exactly do you plan on taking us?" Mulan asked.

"Well how about we take a quick tour of China, then we'll take you home."

"Sounds good to me." Both responded back.

"Rah.........." Ho Chi roared to the others and responded with the same way. Ho Chi flapped his wings faster and they were off. Mulan wished it would last forever. It was the most wonderful and enchantment thing that ever happened to her. The night went fast and they had to say good bye. That night she woke up finding her husbands arm around her. She got quietly so not to disturb him.

She opened the doors to the balcony and stepped outside, she glanced up into the sky and spotted a shooting star flow across the sky like magic. As she watched it fly across she held a tight grip onto the necklace as it glowed. She whispered in a low tone, "Thank you."


The End! I am thinking about doing a sequel but not sure yet, what do you think I should do?