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Integra looked up from her desk, eyeing Walter with a critical gaze. "A ball? You can't be serious?"

"Indeed I am, Sir," Walter nodded curtly. "I confess that the other Knights have been pressing us about it for some time, however their letters have been…accidentally going astray."

"Have they now?" Integra arched an eyebrow in amusement. "That must have been quite frustrating for them."

"Yes, well, I know how much you detest those sorts of things." Walter chuckled. "However that little ruse appears to have run its course, Sir Penwood called this morning."

"I suppose they're getting bolder in their demands now?" Integra sighed. Walter shifted uneasily where he stood, behaviour that was always considered a portent of bad things to come. Integra's eyes narrowed, this was classic 'You're not going to like what I'm about to say' behaviour. "Walter, out with it."

"The Queen is coming to the ball."

"What?" Integra gasped. "But we're not even hosting a ball!"

"Well it seems we have no choice," Walter smiled weakly, feeling more than a little pity for his young master. "It seems that one of the Knights let slip to the Queen that you were hosting a ball on Hallows Eve, and she's decided to attend."

Integra's jaw dropped. 'Good lord, a Halloween ball? What on earth were they thinking?'
"Walter why-"

"Did they pick Halloween?" He finished for her. "I believe it was a jibe at the fact we play host to a pair of vampires, Sir; you know how the Knights like to make us the butt of their jokes."

"Oh really?" Integra growled through gritted teeth. "That's how they think of my organisation, an object of open mockery?" The ball point pen in her fist snapped, her eyes flashing with rage.

Walter winced. "I do apologise, Sir. Perhaps if we'd replied to the letters directly we might have avoided all this."

"Well its too bloody late now, isn't it?" Integra removed her glasses to rub her throbbing temple. She sat in silence, seething. She knew what a ball meant, those decrepit aristocrats were going to try and force one of their wretched sons upon her. It was no secret, they'd been trying for years; 'Hellsing needs and heir' they'd say, 'Your not going to be young forever' they'd say. It was maddening.

Walter eyed Integra with the deepest sympathy; he knew exactly what she was thinking, and heavens know he'd done his best in the past to protect her from the other Knights advances. "I'm sorry Integra, I know how strongly you feel on the matter."

Integra's fury was distilled by his words, he always knew when it was right to address her as a normal person, a friend, rather than his boss.

"Thank you Walter, you know your compassion is deeply appreciated." She exhaled slowly, before lighting up a cigar to calm her nerves.

"I suppose we ought to start planning for the occasion," Walter sighed. "They won't expect the event to be anything less than textbook; especially since its been so long since we've held one."

Integra's head snapped up, a thought, most devious in its design, materialising in her mind. That's it...

"Walter, you're a genius. " She smiled wickedly.

The butler regarded her awkwardly, unsure of what he had said or done to merit the praise. "Um...I am, Sir?"

"Oh yes," Integra grinned. "Don't you see? You said it yourself, they'll want it to be textbook. They want a Halloween ball, so we'll damn well give them a Halloween ball, and I'll make sure they regret it for the rest of their miserable lives. They thought that thrusting it upon us would be a joke at our expense, because we play host to monsters, but we'll have the last laugh."

"Indeed sir?" Walter asked, a mischievous flicker in his eyes.

"I guarantee it." Integra declared triumphantly.

"Ah, but what about Her Majesty?" Walter reminded her. "We wouldn't want her to witness anything unsavoury."

"Let me worry about the Queen, Walter." She reassured him, as her mind called out for her other servant.

The deep rumble of Alucard's laughter reverberated through the office as shadowy tendrils reached up from the carpeted floor. The towering figure of the vampire stepped out of the shadows, greeting Integra with a low bow.

"You summoned me, my master?"

The young woman's smile only widened, she was going to have fun with this. "Yes, Alucard. We've got a party to organise."