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"Oh, come on, Kagome!" Shippou whined, waving around the uniform in front of her face, "You were the one who said you wanted to work to save up for college! This is a perfectly good job and I will pay you good!"

Kagome felt her brow twitch and almost wanted to reconsider Sesshoumaru's 'offer' to give her the money needed for her future education, but she had ultimately turned it down because she knew he would somehow twist that debt completely in his favour.

But still...!

"Why do you even own a Maid Café to begin with!?" Kagome asked, staring at the black and white uniform he held, "And the skirt is too short!"

Shippou pouted, "It's not any shorter than your school uniform skirt," He pointed out, giving a look to the plaid blue skirt which she grabbed defensively, "I think you'll be able to attract so many customers since you're so cute~!" He grinned when she flushed slightly, "And just think of all the tips you can make on top of the wage you will get!"

The Miko snatched the maid uniform out of his hands to get a better look and she did notice that it would not be any more revealing than her school uniform since the chest area didn't seem low enough to reveal any cleavage, "I don't know..."

"All you would need to do is waitress and call the customers 'Master' or 'Mistress'," The Kitsune snickered when Kagome gaped at him, "That way you get the best tips. This is a Maid Café after all. "

Her first urge was to immediately deny the job, but the thought of getting a high wage for a waitress job was simply too tempting to pass up, "Double the pay and I'll do it." She said with a final tone.

"You got it~!" Shippou said happily, "You can start as early as tomorrow if you want!" He grinned even wider, "But first, you gotta try on the uniform so I can see it! And make sure you wear the thigh-highs!" He received a light smack on the head for the perverted expression on his handsome face.