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Rosalie's P.O.V.

I have been forced to live the past 80 years of my vampire life alone. I'm the only member left in my family without a mate, and seeing them so happy makes me feel terribly lonely.

I thought when I found Emmett I had finally had a chance at being happy, but it clearly wasn't meant to be. After forcing Carlisle to save his life against the wishes of Edward might I add everything was turned ass backwards. The second Emmett woke up from his transformation he has been happily mated to Edward. Funny how life worked out in his favor.

I sigh again as I lean my head against my bedroom window looking out into the forest. I knew the day I was born with a penis my life would be difficult, but why does my afterlife have to be so hard too? My inner musings were interrupted by a gentle knock on my door.

"Alice, Emmett please leave me alone." I sigh as I cross my arms over my chest. Out of everybody in the house I am closest to them, but even so I still don't want to be bothered with them today.

"Rosie please don't be like that. We don't need Edward's gift to know why you sound so depressed in there. Can we please come in?" Emmett pleads as I hear him shifting from foot to foot.

"Emmett," I sigh as I run my fingers through my hair. "I really just can't be bothered today. I want to be depressed so just let me." I'm tired of Alice and Emmett always trying to make me feel better about being lonely. I indulge them sometimes because it makes them feel better, but I can't today.

"Rosalie, we're just worried about you is all. Whenever it's cloudy outside your mood always seems to match it. We just want to help." Alice says sounding troubled even for her pixie self.

"Alice you know as well as I that you can't help or take away the loneliness that I feel. I'm afraid that will only happen if or when I find my mate." I realize this might make me sound pathetic, but that's all I've ever wanted is to have somebody who loves me for me and vice versa.

"Rosie, don't talk like that! I have faith that you will find your mate one day. Even if you and I have to backpack across the whole world we will find them." I smile softly at Emmett's words because I know that he means them from the bottom of his un-beating heart.

"Thank you Emmett, but even if we did how could you be so sure that they would be willing to accept me the way I am. I'm a freak. Now seriously leave me alone. I just have a lot on my mind and I need time to work it out." I open my window and allow some fresh air to enter my room. The smell of the forest oddly enough has always been comforting to me.

"Of course. Call us if you need anything Rose." Alice says as I hear her and Emmett slowly walk downstairs whispering quietly to each other. Probably about me, but at this point I don't care.

I take a deep unnecessary breath as I lean out of my window. I hear a soft painful whimper in the background that quickly catches my attention. I close my eyes and concentrate as I listen for the sound again.

It took longer than I would have liked, but I was able to locate the direction the whimpering was coming from. Without much thought I quickly and gracefully jumped out of my window and took off into the woods.

I don't know what's going on but at every pain filled whimper I heard I forced myself to run faster. Every whimper causes my heart to constrict in the most painful way possible.

In a matter of minutes I'm standing in the middle of a clearing kneeling in front of an injured giant white tiger. This has to be a shifter not only because of its size, but it's unheard of to see a tiger in Forks.

"Hey big guy can you hear me?" I gently lift up his head and place it on my lap as I run my finger through his fur secretly checking for injuries.

I feel my breath catch in my throat as I gaze into the most stunning pair of baby blue eyes. I receive a grunt followed by another whimper as an answer. I feel my heart clench again at that painful sound. "I know you're a shifter based on your size. Can you please shift back for me?" I watch as fear quickly appears in his beautiful eyes at my request.

I feel him trying to move away from me, but I quickly put a stop to that. "I promise I'm not going to hurt you I just want to help. You're clearly injured and by the looks of it your wounds aren't healing fast enough. Can you please shift back for me?" I plead again as I see an array of emotions flash through his eyes. I almost jump in victory as I receive a subtle nod before I hear the awful sound of bones cracking and readjusting.

"Oh…." I whisper as my eyes take in the form of a breathtakingly beautiful woman lying before me whimpering in pain. A fierce growl rips through my chest as I see all the cuts, bruises, teeth marks, and so many other painful scars marring her gorgeous body. I can clearly see that her right arm and leg are broken in at least two places which means a few ribs are broken as well.

I quickly stop growling as I feel her start shivering and trying to move away from me. I gently start running my fingers through her hair trying to calm her down. "I'm sorry for scaring you. I just….who did this to you?" I growl as I feel my eyes darken.

I watch as she opens and closes her mouth a few times, but all that manages to come out are painful whimpers. I feel my heart clench as I watch her try to curl into a ball to protect herself. From what I have no idea, but I promised myself that I would find out one day.

I quickly pull out my cell phone and call Alice. The phone only has the chance to ring once before she answers. "Rosalie are you okay? Where the hell did you run off too?" She asks me frantically as I hear Emmett in the background.

"Is Carlisle at the house?" I ask as I gently run fingers along the beautiful shifters spine trying to keep her as relaxed as I can.

"Yes, why do you ask?" Alice asks genuinely interested by my question. Again I hear Emmett yelling in the background about something that is irrelevant to me right now.

"Tell him to prepare his study. I found an injured shifter in the woods, and she looks pretty messed up." I don't give her time to say anything else as I hang up the phone and put it back in my pocket.

"We need to get your injuries looked at okay? My father is a doctor so if it's okay with you I'm going to take you back to my house." I look into her eyes and smile as I see another subtle nod.

I kiss her forehead as I slowly start to lift her top half into a sitting position. I crouch down beside her as I swiftly lift her up bridal style and take off towards the house running as smoothly as I can as to not agitate her injuries. In a matter of minutes we're standing in front of my house. The whole family is standing outside as well staring at me with concern.

"Carlisle please help her." I cry as I feel her breathing starting to become shallow and raspy.

"Quickly bring her to the study. I have everything prepped and ready. It sounds like one of her broken ribs punctured her lung." The rest of the family quickly clears a path as we run inside.

Upon entering the study I see that it is set up as though we were in an actual hospital. I gently lay her down on the bed and move to leave so Carlisle can get started. I'm quickly stopped by a rough hand wrapped around my wrist. I turn around and see sad blue eyes staring back at me.

I watch as she opens and closes her mouth trying to find the right thing to say. I smile gently as she pulls my wrist gently as a silent hint for me to stay with her. I nod silently as I take a seat on the edge of the bed making sure I am out of the way for Carlisle to work.

"Rosalie I'm going to need you to try and keep her calm. I gave her a few anesthesia shots, but I don't have time to wait for them to kick in." He says as he pulls on a pair of gloves.

I quickly nod as I pull her hand into my lap. I smile softly as I place my hand on her cheek and feel her lean into it as much as she can. I smile even more as I feel her hand squeeze mine gently.

"Hey beautiful," I whisper softly as I watch Carlisle place the scalpel against her skin. "I'm so sorry, but this is going to hurt like hell. We're going to need you to stay as still as you can so this can be over as fast as possible." I feel my heart constrict as she releases a pain filled sob as the scalpel pierces her skin. I run fingers through her long chestnut hair as I try and calm her down.

As the smell of her blood fills the house I hear a few growls from downstairs as the strong smell of her blood hits all of them. I feel her start to shiver in fear like she did back in the forest. My eyes darken again as I release a ferocious growl silencing all the others downstairs.

I feel a gently squeeze to my hand as I quickly focus back on my main priority. "I'm sorry about that beautiful. I know you don't like the sound of growling, but my family is not used to the smell of your strong blood. Please forgive them." I whisper as I close my eyes to calm down.

I feel my eyes starting to somewhat return to their normal color as I open them as see tears spilling from her breathtaking eyes. "I know you're in pain, but I just need you to bare it for a little while longer. I'm sure the anesthesia will be kicking in any moment now."

"Keep talking Rosalie. Every time you stop she starts moving around which is making this take longer than it has too. Tell her about yourself or try asking her a few questions." Carlisle says as he continues to work as fast as he can.

I nod silently as I look into her eyes as give her a faint smile. "Well beautiful since I don't know your name I'm just going to keep calling you beautiful until you tell me. My name is Rosalie Lillian Hale Cullen. I'm over 80 years old and I do believe I look fantastic for my age." I can't help but chuckle as I see a dreamy smile start to appear on my beautiful girls face.

"I think the shots I gave her have started kicking in, but you seem to relax her a great deal so I think it would be best if you stayed just in case. I don't want her to wake up and become upset agitating her injuries." I nod silently as I watch her baby blues start to hide behind her heavy eyelids.

"I wasn't planning on leaving anyway Carlisle." I say as I think about how scared she looked when she thought I was going to leave her.

"I think somebody has finally found their mate." Alice whispers as if I can't hear her. I can practically hear the giant smile plastered across her face at this revelation.

I smile softly as I look into the face of the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. I know without a doubt that she is my mate which means that I am going to slaughter whoever was stupid enough to hurt what's mine. I growl softly as I lie down and place my forehead against hers. "Mine," I whisper as I feel my heart start to swell with the love I already feel for my beautiful girl.

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