A/N: Hello! This is a translation of an amazing drabble written by snylilith. It's stunning… please see for yourself. I hope the translation convey its beauty.

To Save

Thorin is inexorable. He could explain that a day of delay would mean the failure of the quest, and taking Kili along – his death. He could also say that now the dragon is close, the exposure of both his heirs no longer seems rational to him. But he doesn't. The only thing he says is:

"One day you will be king and you will understand."

Then the battle begins. Both of them take part in it, they venture forth proud, avid for heroics. Defending wounded Thorin, they cannot retreat and Kili is the first to fall. His lung speared, the younger Dwarf is choking as blood is filling his windpipe. He is dying slowly just next to his fighting brother who cannot even hold him in his arms.

Fili will never become a king. But he understands.

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