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Chapter 1. Falling Behind

"Oh God! Videl!" screamed Gohan as his girlfriend rode him in a sexed-up frenzied state. The half-breed grabbed the brunette fighter's luscious buttocks as he guided her up and down his iron-hard thickness, causing her higher C-cup sized assets to bounce enticingly.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh My GOD!" Videl for her part was panting like she'd run a mile. No matter how many times Gohan took her over the edge, she just couldn't sate herself. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her mouth was left drooling, hanging open with an almost drug-induced smile as her lithe, nude body gyrated on her man's lap.

It had been three months since the defeat of Majin Buu at the hands of Son Goku and Vegeta, and everyone was trying to rebuild their lives any way they could. For Videl and Gohan, that meant exploring each other and learning to love each other as if any moment might be their last. There was a desperate attitude to both their love life and their personal lives as fighters since they were both killed for the first time by Bibidi's creation.

Videl could feel that all-too pleasant knot of heat and tension building in her womb as she continued to impale herself on Gohan in a frantic bid to hit her deepest sweet spot over and over at a dizzying pace. Then with a final buck coming up from the hips of her half-Saiyan lover, the knot exploded and she was thrown into that world of mind-numbing pleasure she'd experienced so often in recent months as her dripping womanhood took every wave of Gohan's physical essence into her.

With a loud squeal of "Fuck!" she collapsed on Gohan's well-toned physique. She continued to gyrate her hips with him still inside her, milking her boyfriend for all he was worth. Gohan wrapped his arms around her protectively and bent in for a slow, deep kiss from his girlfriend.

"Let's do this again," she slurred.

"Same time Wednesday?" Gohan asked. "My mother's been fine with me being out at night so far…., at least since my dad came back. Eventually, it's going to get harder to meet up like this."

"We'll think of something," was her answer. "You said it yourself. They can sense energy so they've known about our trysts since the beginning. Especially, your dad and Vegeta, so you know Bulma has probably said something to your mom by now…."

Gohan couldn't argue with her on that point. Bulma and his mother had become best friends after the battle with Cell, and there was very little that Bulma found out through Vegeta that didn't get back to Chi-Chi. Could his mother have really been that dead-set on making it work between him and Videl that she deliberately looked the other way?

The two of them lay together like that for hours, Videl resting atop the only boy who had won her heart, held in his loving embrace. Aside from their crime fighting, making love was one of the few things that offered her and Gohan any sense of closure following the whole Buu incident, especially seeing how her father allowed Buu to live with them. Putting them all in danger like that yet again!? It was almost a second slap in the face after all the lies her father told. She really did love her father, but he had his moments where she felt like putting some distance between her and him. She'd turned seventeen two months ago, and a part of her wanted so badly to just move away with Gohan and start a new life together, to run from the very thing that gave her nightmares every time Gohan wasn't with her. Silly as it sounded, she had PTSD attacks just from seeing anyone with an 'M' tattoo no matter how vague the reference, and Gohan was wracked with emotional problems from his failure to save everyone and more specifically her from Super Buu's terrifying hunger.

Eventually, Videl had to get up. It was morning and she really didn't need her father or any of the Satan Estate house staff walking in and seeing them like this. She had her suspicions that her father already knew how far she and Gohan have taken things as well as how much time they spent sleeping together. Mr. Satan was a very crafty and overprotective man. Sometimes, she thought the only thing keeping her father from butting into her love life was his innate fear of Gohan. Not that Gohan would ever actually harm her father, but she sure as hell wasn't going to let him know that.

Then there was the elephant in the room, Mr. Buu. Despite claims to the contrary by her father, seeing that thing living in her home will always give her issues. Panic attacks were less common now, but she still had to take her medication. She never could understand how her boyfriend could be so outwardly nonchalant about the whole death and resurrection thing. Heck! Acting chipper probably was his coping mechanism.

It was Monday, and both she and Gohan needed to get ready for school. Making her way into her private bathroom, she slipped into the shower, setting it on hot and letting the warm water cascade down her naked body.

Just as Videl had started to scrub herself with a rich soap-lathered washing towel, she heard the shower door open. Smiling, she reached back and handed Gohan the soap and another wash towel.

"You know...," she began, "You've grown more bold since we started doing this."

Gohan being Gohan, simply smiled as he came up to her rear and wrapped his arms around the young girl he'd come to love. "And you've grown more enticing." He began to kiss and nip at her neck as he started to wash and rub her front from behind.

Smiling in a state of bliss, Videl leaned back and gave into his ministrations yet again. It was going to be a beautiful day…

Later on at school, Videl and Gohan sat in their usual seats with their three best friends, Pen, Sharpner, and Erasa. It was literature class and their first period teacher, a twenty-something blonde, was a recent college grad who was still relatively new to the job, and that left a lot of room for in-class antics. Their original literature teacher had died shortly after his revival, and the school scrambled to bring in a replacement.

Some of the adolescents at the back of the class had started playing Poker out in the open, with actual money being put up for bets. Gohan really didn't see why the kids in the back had to take advantage of someone so new to the job. It reminded him of his own first day in school months prior.

The overall atmosphere at the school had changed so dramatically since everyone's revival. Besides everyone knowing about Gohan's identity as both the Great Saiyaman and the Gold Fighter, there were other factors contributing to the change. Some of their fellow students had adopted an 'If it feels good, do it!' approach to life while others took their second chance at life and tried to live up to their full potential. Buu's violence had literally taken the old adage 'You only live once' and shoved it right down everyone's throat, and it would take a few generations for everyone on Earth to find closure.

Buu's massacre also had the added effect of making the vast majority of people on Earth more cynical, especially Son Gohan. Though he would never become as cynical as someone like his girlfriend or Vegeta, it was just so hard to stay completely optimistic anymore. The occasional person who didn't change in spite of the horrors three months ago was someone Gohan could admire. These carefree souls would always be themselves. They were also the ones least likely to be wary of him because of his powers. The world desperately needed more people like that.

A good number of their classmates had also become far more brazen in their acts at school. It wasn't too uncommon now for the students to show complete disregard for the school's sexual harassment code, and even now several boys were groping their girlfriends in class. Even Videl had done this to him on more than one occasion, not that he minded.

The teacher had gone into a lecture about the contributions of Venerable Beed and the differences between old and new English that left everyone who wasn't academically driven wishing they'd brought their smart phones.

"Sigh…" Sharpner huffed. "This is so boring. She sounds like a robot…"

"That's not very nice Sharpie," Erasa mildly scolded. "Give her some time."

"Just think about how hard this is for her," added Gohan. "It's her first day on the job. She seems really nice."

"Guys, quiet! I need to get this down pat," Videl hissed. Videl wasn't doing so well in this class, and her friends and all their chatter weren't helping. She had started attending tutoring sessions with Erasa and Sharpner not too long after her below average showing on the midterm's exam earlier that semester. Coupled with Gohan lending her his notes, she was doing everything she could to keep her marks from slipping. Finals were only a few weeks away, and the school principle had threatened to revoke her crime fighting privileges if she failed this class. Much as she hated it, she was far less likely to leave class for said crime fighting, and she had started sending Gohan in her stead.

After their second period class, all the students filed into the hall to drop their bags off at their lockers before heading to the school cafeteria. It was during this time that the youths got to socialize the most.

Videl and Gohan headed to their lockers with Videl glomping his left arm. Some of the male students looked on at the couple, actually feeling jilted that some freak half-alien managed to win the affection of the one and only Videl Satan. Some of this antagonism had been directed at Videl specifically, mostly by overgrown man-children who had some screwed-up sense of entitlement to any girl with a decent set of legs. In the end, all it really took was Gohan confronting a few of them, albeit reluctantly, and most of them went back to using him as their object of loathing. It was a good thing too! The last thing he needed was one of his own schoolmates blowing things way out of proportion over losing a fight with a girl and attempting to smuggle a gun into the school cafeteria. Videl's fame and adoration as a celebrity could only go so far in keeping her safe, and Gohan did not want to add paranoia to his list of problems.

Upon getting to their lockers, the two teens found themselves obstructed by two of their schoolmates making out right in the open. A boy from two grades below them had his hand up a girl's skirt. Videl rasped her knuckles against the adjacent lockers to get their attention.

"Excuse me?!" huffed the petite fighter. "Do you mind? Get a fuckin room!"

The two teenagers in question, one of them from the school cheerleading squad, threw a glare towards her and Gohan before reluctantly moving off to someplace more private. "Whatever Videl Satan… You're one to talk about getting a room."

"It's as if everyone is losing it nowadays," remarked Gohan, shaking his head.

"All these people we used to know…," mused Videl shaking her head, "The world just keeps getting crazier and crazier."

Opening his locker, Gohan deposited his bag before turning to his girlfriend. "I agree. I don't even try to act normal anymore because everyone else is on a one-way trip to where I am anyway. Everyone is just so all over the place. If they think they've got it bad just because they died once, I should probably introduce them to Krillin."

At the mention of the former monk's name, Videl arched an eyebrow. "Why Krillin?"

"He's died four times already," Gohan said flatly.

For the first time since they were brought back to life, Videl's eyes bugged out. "F-four times!? Sweet Jesus…"

"Yeah…" mused Gohan. "He's been revived so much that there's an inside joke among us that when there's no more room in Hell, Krillin will walk the Earth."

The two young lovers burst out laughing. These were the moments they treasured. Silently, Gohan wondered if closure was the main driving force behind Krillin getting together with Marron only a few months following his revival after the events on Namek. Sometimes, Gohan wonders if it is Krillin he has the most in common with out of all his dad's old friends.

Lunch proceeded like it always did in the last 3 months. Gohan would sit next to Videl across from Erasa, Sharpner, and Pen, and strike up some chatter about who's dating who, newly released movies on Blu-Ray, or some such thing. But even here, the residual trauma of Buu's rampage could be seen in the eyes of the resurrected. Every so often, some poor kid would break down from memories he or she had of the afterlife, from being reunited with old loved ones who died from natural causes long before Babidi came to Earth.

Babidi… There was a name that was outlawed by King Furry's government. It was a name that represented the greatest evil in the history of mankind, at least since the days of The Dictator. There was even a Holocaust Museum-styled complex built in Capital Central in remembrance for all that happened those few dark days.

It was then that Gohan was reminded of why Dende decided against using the dragonballs to erase everyone's memory of those few days of worldwide extinction. There were so many worlds destroyed by Kid Buu before he fought with Goku and Vegeta on the world of the Kais that it would have been selfish to use the two wishes on the people of Earth. There was that, and then there was Dende and Piccolo's Moral Universalist belief that the people of Earth were at least entitled to the truth under the premise that they would benefit from it long-term.

With a grimace, Gohan stared down at his tray. "Dende, I really want to trust your wisdom, but sometimes I wonder…"


Gohan's head snapped up as if he had been asleep. Erasa and Sharpner exchanged glances and gave him strange looks. "W-what's wrong?"

"You were talking to yourself," Erasa pointed out. "You sounded like you were praying."

"That and you've barely touched your food," added Sharpner. "Having flashbacks of Buu again?"

"Not really," was his clipped answer.

"Me and Gohan had to deal with Buu at his worst," Videl said flatly. "I never felt so helpless in my life." As she said this, Videl's hands began to tremble. This was not lost on Gohan. Her personality was in many ways similar to his mentor Piccolo and Vegeta's, so it wasn't often that Videl openly showed weakness.

Gohan took her hands into his and tenderly kissed her on the forehead. "We all did…"

Erasa whipped out her smart phone and took a photo of her two best friends' tender moment. This was definitely yearbook material.

After their fourth period class had ended, school finally let out, and the four teens decided to hang out at the local coffee shop. Gohan and Videl made their orders, but before either of them could take a sip, Videl's wrist comm went off.

"Hey Chief! What's up?"

"Videl! There's a hostage crisis at the 3rd Satan City Bank on Huckabee Blvd! Some crazy fanatics pulled the wool over our eyes and were using a bank robbery as a cover for a terrorist attack! A lot of really good officers have been downed by heavy gunfire, and the assailants are preparing to decapitate the hostages on live television!"

Just then, gun fire rang out over the communicator.

"Chief! Chief!" Videl screamed repeatedly.

"Videl, they just gunned down some of the paramedics! We can't even save the wounded! Please! You and Saiyaman get over here as quickly as you can!"

"This sounds like more than just your run-of-the-mill thuggery," said Sharpner.

"No shit!" Videl remarked. "Come on Gohan! We've got a job to do!"

"I'm way ahead of ya!"exclaimed the DemiSaiyan. "Let's do this!" Paying for the coffee, the two teenaged crime fighters took to the air.

The two adolescents were appalled by what they saw upon arriving at the seige. Strewn about the street and sidewalks peripheral to the bank entrance were over two dozen dead and wounded policemen and a number of dead medics. The front doors to the lobby had been shot out, and guns were being trained by snipers from both sides of the exchange. Most of the surviving officers were pinned down behind a hastily made siege barricade.

Videl quickly spotted the Satan City Police Chief standing with the commissioner behind said barricade going over who knows what kind of strategy.

"We came as fast as we could…,' breathed Videl.

"And who is this young man?"

Gohan looked down at his attire and quickly realized that in his haste he forgot to don his Saiyaman outfit. Only now did Videl notice this as well.

"This is… Saiyaman without the costume," Videl explained.

The chief of police and his superior were somewhat underwhelmed by what they saw. "He's a little scrawny for a super hero, isn't he?"

Gohan ran a hand through his spikey locks and gave his typical Son grin. "Yeah…, wardrobe malfunction. He…he..he!"

"Gohan! Get the lead out!" Videl nagged as she turned on her heel and made a mad rush for the front entrance, "We've got to go now!"

"That girl is something else," the Chief commented.

"You don't know the half of it," replied Gohan over his shoulder as he set out to follow his lover's lead.

The two love-sick crime stoppers ducked and darted about as they dodged an impressive level of firepower. Of the two, Gohan was using his vast super speed to phase in and out faster than any beam of energy could travel. To him, the bullets were standing still.

Videl however was not faring as well. Long before she had met Gohan she had trained by trial and error to go full-on Batman in dodging enemy gunfire. She couldn't see the bullets herself and she certainly wasn't bulletproof like Gohan. Krillain, or Yamacha, but she had her battle-tested ways. Had it not been for the presence of Gohan and his father's friends, she really would have ranked at least in the top ten in terms of combative application and strategy.

Using the environment to her advantage, the battling beauty darted between walls and support beams to shield herself from the onslaught. With the grace of a panther, the lithe grappler jumped and twisted through what would have surely gotten anyone else killed. She was molded by this kind of action. No, she lived for this!

Meanwhile, Gohan had taken to the air and honed in on the roof-based snipers keeping his girlfriend pinned down. With a light tap, he had brought down the first three leaving just one more. Turning to the last one, Gohan couldn't get a visual.

The last sniper had jumped over the rail guard onto an outcrop below the roof. Lining his crosshair, the sniper fired a shot at just the right time to take a beam Videl had been straddling out from under her. The Satan girl landed in a crouch.

The sniper prepared to take one last aim at the adolescent until he found himself being jerked off his feet by his vest. Looking into the eyes of his attacker, the gunman found himself paralyzed by the contorted rage in Gohan's eyes. The half-Saiyan had murder in his eyes as he casually ripped the rifle away from Videl's assailant and crushed it into a twisted heap of plastic and metal.

"How dare you?!" Gohan screamed. "How dare you hurt my woman!" Gohan's grip tightened around the man's windpipe before he threw the man into some hedges four stories below.

Jumping through a side window on the first floor, Videl had hoped to out-flank the remaining gunmen. What she got instead was an open room with scattered chairs and other office furniture between herself and her adversaries. Five of the remaining six gunmen brought a bullet storm down on the short brunette, forcing her to continue darting around whatever furniture and support columns she could use as cover.

'This is getting me nowhere fast!' thought the young girl.

Out of nowhere, Gohan came bursting through an adjacent wall. The six remaining gunmen were so taken back by this turn of events that two of them threw down their guns on the spot and kissed the floor. The other four darted behind the surviving hostages and began to bargain.

"Stop right there, hero," drawled the apparent ring-leader of the group. The man had the barrel of his sidearm aimed in the temple of one of the hostages, a woman in her mid to late thirties. "Take one step and its nighty-night for this bitch."

If Videl didn't know any better, she'd say that Gohan looked rather amused.

"Look fella! You and I know what's gonna happen here so why don't you and your friends just give up?" asked the half-Saiyan. He wasn't condescending, he wasn't being arrogant, he wasn't even trying to get under the gunman's skin. He was actually offering the assailants a chance to get out of a serious beating.

"Oh, really…?" smiled the leader, "Alright boys! Let him have it!"

With that, the four remaining gunmen unloaded on Satan City's resident super hero. The bullets ricocheted off Gohan's iron-hard body without leaving as much as a scratch. Trying to show off, Gohan raised his left arm and began to catch almost every single bullet fired directly at him.

Of course, his showing off led to a reckless attitude that was heedless of the line of fire's spread. Stray bullets forced Videl to duck and cover behind a teller's counter. Videl's movements were not missed by one of the remaining gunmen who, drawing an Arkansas Bowie knife, bolted in the Satan girl's direction. Just as Videl was springing from behind the counter, the knife-wielding terrorist was almost on top of her.

Gohan eye's widened in abject horror as the gunman prepared to slice his girlfriend open like a tomato. "VIDEL!"

The Satan Girl turned around just in time to intercept the swing. Before she could even retaliate however, her boyfriend had seemingly phased into existence right behind her opponent. Stunned, she stood there and watched as an enraged Gohan completely lost his shit.

Grabbing Videl's attacker from behind, the half-Saiyan dug his crushing grip into the rib cage of the other man, crushing ribs, puncturing plural tissue, lungs, and the man's heart before lifting the certainly dead gunman over his head and chucking him right into the bank vault door with enough force the cadaver left a deep impact crater in the steel threshold. Brain matter, limbs, and entrails flew everywhere.

Upon seeing this, the remaining three gunmen threw themselves on the floor, covered their heads, and began to plead for their lives. Losing control of their bodily functions, twin puddles started to seep out from where they lay.

A million emotions played across Videl's face at this display of unparalleled attrition. Feeling of fear, pride, and arousal sent a thrill through her, but these feelings were only bested by feelings of intense anger, inferiority, uselessness, and longing…. Only the boy she blackmailed, admonished, and made love to could make her feel these conflicting emotions.

Videl's face twisted in rage before she let into him. "Gohan! What the hell!? He was mine!"

As Gohan turned to face her, Videl saw a look of pain and sorrow on her boyfriend's face that almost turned her inside out. If it weren't for her own stubborn dignity as a fighter, she would have just dropped it right then and there.

"He was going to kill you," Gohan seethed, his voice quivering with raw emotion. "I-I couldn't…"

"What?!" Videl barked, "Lose me again? Sweetheart, I've been doing this for years! I'm not some fragile little flower ya know!"

Gohan collapsed into a nearby chair, and tried to get his nerves under control. Videl in the meantime, began to handcuff the still living assailants. The police would be storming the building any minute, they needed to have these men subdued.

As she began to free the hostages, Videl took one more look at her boyfriend. Since they began doing this together, they've struggled to set boundaries between them, specifically when Gohan can interfere with her own fights. It just made her feel so arbitrary that she had begun to think about her place in the grand scheme of things. She really couldn't fault him for wanting to protect her. He would always blame himself for both her defeat at the hands of Spopovitch at the last tournament and her first death at the hands of Majin Buu. They'd talked about this many times before. She had her own nightmares, her own panic attacks ever since, but she needed to confront this problem head on.

She always hated being coddled both when her father did it and when Gohan lost control like that, and she wasn't used to having someone to emotionally lean on. Gohan and she already did enough of that when they would sleep together. Having a father who spent so much time on business trips and growing up without a mother would do that to anyone. One might even say Videl grew up with Orphan's Syndrome. Imagine that…, a girl who had anything she ever wanted believing that she had nothing that she could call her own. That's why crime fighting and tournaments had been so important to her for so long before she met her half-Saiyan lover.

Videl was brought out of her reverie by the shuffle of boots and the screams of police personnel. The hostages showed their gratitude with words of admiration, but it was all background noise by this point. She could see the Chief pulling up a chair and questioning her boyfriend, probably trying to get an explanation for what might as well have been a lump of dog meat that was embedded over 2 feet within a stainless steel vault.

"So let me make sure I got all this…," the Chief drawled. Gohan nodded along to all the chief inquiries. "One of the gunmen tried to take Videl from behind. You lost your shit and reduced this guy's chest cavity to applesauce before hurling him 40 feet through a bank vault door?!"

"Yeah…," Gohan answered. "I was terrified. I-I just lost it…"

"After we get a written testimony from the hostages, we're gonna have to retrieve the security footage for this one. Until then son, you and Videl go home and get some rest."

Stepping over the yellow tape, Gohan looked off to his side and was horrified yet again. Where the body of the sniper he had thrown from the roof had once laid was now a blue chalk outline.

Approaching the morbid scene, Gohan almost begged. "Please tell me this isn't what I think it is."

"He died shortly after impact," a member of the forensics team stated casually. "Several police saw you snatch the gunman off the ground by the throat. We're trying to determine whether it was due to the fall or due to physical trauma."

He had to get away. Gohan turned and saw his girlfriend looking away from him.

"What's wrong Videl?" he asked.

"I-It's nothing…" was her only answer.

"I'm not too convinced." Turning her to him, his eyes pleaded. "Please, what is it?"

Her cheeks reddened in frustration as she turned and glared at him. "I feel so useless! You didn't let me do anything! Gohan, we discussed this before."

His eyes etched with melancholy, he queried, "Would you rather feel useless or feel like a monster?" He really wasn't in the mood to deal with this right now.

"What?! Gohan, you thought you were protecting me!" Videl argued.

"Well, which is it?" pressed Gohan, "Am I protecting you, or am I getting in your way by making you feel arbitrary?" He rarely tried to be assertive with Videl any more than he did with his mother, but he felt as if his girlfriend didn't know what she wanted. Maybe it was her time of the month…

Videl was getting really pissed. Tears began to well up, and she knew if she didn't leave that she was going to make a scene.

"How can you ask that question?!" It was more of a lashing out than anything else. Videl rounded on her heels but just as she started to take off, she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her.

Right then and there she lost it, bad. As Gohan held her in his arms, she began to wail and scream insults at him as she cried into his chest.

It took a few minutes for her to cry herself out as Gohan continued to hold her. It didn't take long for a group of onlookers to form around them, some of them paparazzi.

Looking up, Gohan and Videl found themselves turning beat red at the unwanted attention they were receiving, both from officers of the law they'd worked with before and from reporters looking for cheesecake. Videl frowned at this. This was a personal moment. Why couldn't these folks just go away?

"How much did you guys see?" she groaned.

"Enough," supplied one officer, this one being someone Videl had known for years. "Me and my wife went through the same problems before we got hitched."

Turning back to her boyfriend, Videl muttered a quick, "I gotta go home…"

"Would you like me to join you?" Gohan offered.

Videl declined with a shake of her head, "I need some space Gohan. You can come over tomorrow. Just remember Wednesday night, OK. We need our therapy."

Naughty thoughts dancing in his head, the half-Saiyan boy grinned ear to ear as he nodded. "Later!"

"Later!" she said before taking to the sky.

Gohan sighed contentedly as he studied her nice backside. Wednesday night was going to be freaking awesome.

Author's notes: Well fellas, that's the end of the first chapter of my latest fiction. I haven't been active in a long time, and I think it's about time I threw my hat back in the ring. Believe me when I say that this is going to be one loaded story that will explore the dynamics of both Gohan and Videl's relationship but more importantly those that exist between Videl and her father. Mr. Satan didn't get any screen time in this chapter, but that's all about to change very soon.