Ok so the story opens up and we see Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope rolling through raccoon in their tour bus and they are in a hurry because they are going to be late getting to the gathering if they don't then along comes a little boy (Violent J's long lost not actually real in real life son who we will just call Jackson) and Shaggy and J have to help this kid find his mom who could possibly be a flesh eating zombie and then they end up finding out that Jackson is J's long lost son because they go to Jackson's house and find scrapbooks filled with pictures of Jackson and J and then they take Jackson to the gathering and Jackson gathers for the first time because he has never been there before because J never knew about Jackson because Jackson's mom kept him a secret from him because she didn't want Jackson to turn out like J because she didn't like who J had become because Jackson's mom met J before ICP first made it big as the Insane Clown Posse back when they were still the Inner City Posse You find that out after shaggy and J pick up Jackson Nooo Johnson Mom Your The Flesh Eating Zombie I Will Call My Best Zombie Killer His Name Is Leon The Great Zombie Killer Whoop Whoop Zombie Juggalo's Leon Whats Your Fall Name Oh My Name Is Leon Scott Kennedy Cool Homie Wait Your Dating Ada Wong Yup Ninja Whats Your Fall Name My Name Is Slim Shane Nice Your Best Group Ever Yup I Am Leon I Love My Wicked Clownz Who U Like Leon Oh I Like Twiztid And Boondox And Rob Zombie