| Spring |

It's been a year. They've made it a whole year since graduation. Beacon Hills was now in their past. It was home, certainly, but it was behind them as the future was no longer at their doorsteps—it had arrived and made itself comfortable on the couch. Like Stiles had planned, the pack stuck together. Mostly. They had followed their alpha since sophomore year (some longer than others) and despite the challenges, especially for his senior year, they continued to follow him. He made it into UC Davis as hoped, entering into their veterinary medicine program. Stiles and Kira joined him, entering into law and medicine respectively. Malia refused to fall too far behind but resorted to community college first, to build up her GPA and give her father a financial reprieve; Woodland was more than accommodating for that route until she transferred to UC Davis.

Lydia, of course, nearly flew into MIT, but she was the only one who really separated herself physically.

Mason decided on CSU Sacramento, finding a knack for script writing. And then there was Liam. Undeclared Liam. Also finding home at Sacramento, he decided to minimize the proximity with his friends. Despite his excellent grades and natural prowess with learning, his future seemed unclear after graduating from Beacon Hills High School and continued to be even after completing his first year as an undergraduate. But the pack remained and for the present and foreseeable future, that allowed him to continue on.

That and his roommate and boyfriend.

Motivation was always around him in the form of Brett Talbot. Former captain of the Devenford Prep Lacrosse team and former rival, the bite had brought them closer. Scott had been unable to give Liam the mental training he required given the extent of the beta's psychological disorder, but somehow Brett had been able to make headway. It undoubtedly began with a tentative dichotomy. They'd once been friends, sundered by Liam's outrage at his former coach and Brett's dickish (arguably justified) reaction to it. However, after the assassination attempts during the Benefactor affair, Brett took a new interest in Liam. It was an honest and innocent interest, born out of debt to Scott and unresolved tension over petty issues (in the scheme of things). Brett took it upon himself to help with Liam's 'growing pains,' teaching him Satomi's method of control. That time together eased the tension between them. They eventually talked at the end of the Summer, coming to an agreement and while their friendship still needed rebuilding, the window for potential had been opened.

They capitalized on it slowly, the Dread Doctors affair bringing them closer. Despite their superhuman abilities, their apparent mortality had been made vividly clear to them. And while Liam had had his first girlfriend, like many things started in high school, it didn't last. A week after prom they fought—nastily. Her own supernatural abilities allowed them to be on a more equal playing field, but that made for an unhealthy equation for the people and environment around them. Mason of all people pacified them but whatever had been there was gone. Irreconcilable. Liam focused more on hanging out with Mason and Brett between the breakup and term's end and eventually started hanging out with Brett one on one as much as he used to with Mason; Mason had Corey, and while his best friend was a good multitasker, he wasn't omnipresent.

It was July 4th when it happened. Dr. Geyer had people over: colleagues from work, friends from university, neighbors. Melissa McCall was one of those colleagues and soon Liam had the pack and their families over; Scott's dad even made it back from a taxing investigation in San Francisco to be there. Liam also invited Brett and his half-sister Lori. That night, the speed in the pack changed—the regression to the mean seemed to take a pleasant stranglehold. It threatened to become permanent. To stabilize. A content atmosphere between them all, that was where things should be. They'd worked hard for it, earned that familiarity of normal life.

It remained, and more.

That night, everyone gathered outside for the fireworks outback. Liam lingered behind, trying to overfill his dessert plate…

Liam placed his fourth and final brownie on top of the other three and smiled greedily at the plate before him. In addition to the brownies, he had two cookies, a generous slice of cake, and whatever pastry his step-grandmother made. Looking down, he knew Mark would kill him if he saw it. Sugar overload. Growing teenager. Health professional (and nut). Could anything else make that combination worse?

"Whip cream?"

Liam looked behind him to see Brett on the other side of the kitchen, standing in the open door of the refrigerator holding a can of whipped cream with a playful smirk on his face. "Toss it over," Liam said. Brett underhanded it and Liam turned back to his brownies while the tallest werewolf rummaged around in the fridge. After squirting a handsome amount, he was ready to head out when Brett walked up next to him. He grabbed a plate for himself and started adding his own desserts, albeit not near the portions or amounts on his friend's. "Weak sauce," Liam teased when Brett started adding the whipped cream, indicating his plate was full.

"Fatty," Brett replied.

"I am not fat."

"Mmhmm," Brett teased.


"Mmhmm," he agreed.

"As long as we're on the same page."

Brett then decided to lift the head of the can to his mouth and shot a burst of cream without it touching his lips.


"Want one?"

Liam frowned at first but when Brett motioned another offer the shorter boy rolled his eyes and opened his mouth. Brett smirked and mimicked his previous motions, only the retracting motion forced him to bump the can-head against the corner of Liam's mouth. A little dab of whipped cream remained. Liam frowned further, his tongue preoccupied with all that was already on his tongue. Brett moved to swipe it with his finger when Liam took a step back. Their eyes caught each other's gaze and in two seconds their heartbeats jumped in speed. They just stared, Liam's tongue even stilling despite the film forming on the roof of his mouth.

"Sorry," Brett suddenly said, a word that scarcely left his throat.

"It's…yeah," Liam replied, swallowing.

Their stare suddenly faltered and both boys looked down, Liam at his feet and Brett at the countertop. And then something surged. The air shifted, heat triumphing over cool. Liam looked up first. Brett followed. Their eyes met again and Liam actually took the first step forward. The taller beta closed in, swooshing down and kissing him as their eyes closed. Liam lightly gasped on impact, but held. It was simple. Sweet. Tender. Their lips felt warm together. Soft and fitting. It worked, and when Brett pulled back, their eyes met again and Liam focused on the warmest smile he'd ever seen on the other boy. Liam couldn't help but giddily grin himself. Brett playfully shoved Liam's shoulder before yanking his head towards the backyard and picking up his plate full of goodies…

The rest of the Summer was delightfully poignant. While uncertain at first, they went on their first date two weeks after the kiss. Then another. And another. It never occurred to them that it would only be a Summer fling. When their junior year started up, and Liam was left with only Mason as the rest of the pack moved onto university, those facts didn't seem to matter. They only reduced to minor impediments—scheduling obstacles to be overcome. They stayed together despite their history and stark differences.

They endured.

They endured long enough that graduation arrived in no time. By then Scott and the older pack members had finished two years of undergraduate work. They survived another Summer, looking forward to their new future in the same college. But pack was pack so Liam followed Mason to CSU Sacramento and Brett followed Liam. But Brett could easily have picked elsewhere, getting in on a handsome lacrosse scholarship and finding home in Sacramento's physical therapy program. For the first semester they decided not to room together, even Mason taking an unknown roommate; Liam's best friend's advice had been wise on that matter.

At winter break, though, the item had just become too inseparable. They shifted around and got a dorm together. Certainly a struggle at first, including two level-four fights before midterms, they continued on despite them. On until the end of the year. Past finals. In time for Big Freddie's infamous end of the year party at UC Davis. As part of the pack, and given the pack's positive rapport with the football jock, they were going…

It was a Saturday, one week before Scott and his friends would all migrate back to Beacon Hills for Summer Break. It was a windy day, even carrying in a feint scent from the ocean. Brett was lying back lazily on his bed, scrolling through some app-feed on his phone, his bare foot bouncing subconsciously (possibly to a tune in his head). Liam, however, was bustling about the room. Term was over and they were leaving in only a few days; those few days would count down until they had to vacate the dorm.

"You're just gonna' sit around?" Liam finally asked, stopping to stare down at his boyfriend.

"Yep." Brett looked up at Liam's damp face and winked before turning his attention back to his phone.

"Don't ask for my help when Thursday rolls around and you haven't packed shit."







"I'm glad you're not like this in bed." A shirt suddenly hit Brett in the face and he laughed. He discarded it next to him and peaked over at Liam, who was now bent over in the closet, fiddling around with his several pairs of sneakers. "Mmh." Liam wiggled his ass and Brett grinned rather wide, shaking his head before switching to the camera on his phone. He took the shot and the phone betrayed him.

"Seriously?" Liam reacted lightly, Brett frowning at his noisy phone.

"Couldn't resist," Brett fessed.

"You never can," Liam offered. Brett shrugged and switched back over to his app. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Liam lift his wife beater over his head, revealing a charitably sweaty Liam Dunbar. Brett just stared open mouthed. Liam snuck a devious glance before bending back over to rummage around. In seconds he could smell it—the desire, lust, horniness, all seeping from the taller werewolf. It made Liam hard, too, never one to want to deny the attraction between them.

But he heard a few more clicks of the camera and Liam sighed, feeling the moment sizzle out. "Had to ruin it," Liam remarked, finding an unknown box on his side of the closet.

"What can I say?"

"That you're an untamed-wolf in desperate need of spaying?"



"Just saying."

Liam audibly huffed, eliciting another smirk from the lazing blonde. Sounds of shifting cardboard filled the room and suddenly Liam giggled.

"What?" Brett said, looking down at the crouching boy.

"Why do you have these here?"

"Have what here?"

Liam pulled out a wrinkled white dress shirt with a green and white-striped tie still wrapped around the corner and a dark purple sweater vest around the frame. "Why's your old uniform here?" he said, his smile infectious at that point.

Brett rolled his eyes. "Grabbed the wrong box," the beta admitted. "Thought I was grabbing some jeans. You can just put it back and I'll take care of it."


Brett made a face and looked back at the small screen held before his eyes. But then, out of the corner of his eyes, he saw it: Liam had slipped the uniform top over his head and fuuuhhkk. Yes, he looked slightly stupid with an oversized wrinkled uniform resting over black athletic shorts and ankle socks. But up top, it'd been years since Liam had worn the uniform. Brett'd never been able to appreciate it back then but now…Christ.

"It's still kinda' big," Liam remarked, looking himself over.

Brett sat up and discarded his phone next to the shirt that'd hit him in the face. "Even with your growth spurt it still doesn't fit you," Brett teased. His smirk was meant to be playful, teasing even. But it wasn't. Liam knew the difference. So when he saw it, locked onto those pink lips, he knew what they implied. What they wanted. Liam strode over to him, pushing Brett back to rest on outstretched arms. Liam sat on his thighs, his knees and calves finding little support from the bed as he kissed him. Brett leaned back forward and cupped Liam's ass as their lips found each other again. Liam tried to be smooth at first, wanting to tease Brett into dominating him. He underestimated, though—Brett was already there. The taller beta moved quickly, intensifying the kiss and forcing them to grind together. A hand slid up under the uniform and Liam shivered as his rubbed his fingers up against his spine.

"Leave it on," Liam said, pulling back in a pant when Brett tried to take the old uniform off. Brett's eyes fluttered and he nodded before feasting on Liam's neck under his jaw. The younger boy's sweat only increased. The arousal only spread. Spiked.

"Need you," Brett said before capturing his lips again. Liam grunted in agreement, grabbing the back of Brett's hair hard to coax a noise out of his lover. Brett arched back a little and smiled, Liam nipping down his neck before biting hard on the bridge between his senior's neck and shoulder. Brett moaned louder than normal. He lifted the boy settled in his lap and pushed him to the side. He stood and rolled Liam onto his stomach, his knees on the rug under the bed, his forearms forcing him to arch up. Brett leaned over him, his mouth near the other's ear, a hand dug under the back of the other's shorts and boxers. "I'm gonna' fuck you so hard," he whispered. Electric shivers shot through Liam's body, prickling under his sweaty skin, even urging goosebumps to appear.

The taller beta stood up tall and yanked Liam's shorts down just slightly enough that his hole could be reached. Brett crouched for a moment. He brought his hand to those firm cheeks, kneading them with his thumbs. Liam pushed back, looking over his shoulder in anticipation. Brett leaned forward, swiping his tongue over Liam's entrance once. A hushed gasp escaped the younger's throat. Brett swiped his tongue again, firmer and flatter. Liam snapped forward, panting, a moan just waiting to be released. The third swipe freed it. A fourth brought out another. Brett took one long trail of his tongue from Liam's exposed balls, over his perineum, and back up to his hole again before diving full-faced in. He lapped. He pushed. He dragged. His breath made everything hot and moist. The skin. The hairs. The nerves feeding into Liam's register. Brett ate him out as hungrily as he had in a long time.

And Liam only saw white. Only gasped and moaned and arched and pushed back. He was subdued by a tongue.

After two accidental but exciting brushes of his fangs against Liam's puckered hole, which tore a few yips from Liam, Brett stood. He pulled down his shorts. His underwear. Stood in only his socks and shirt. He spit a generous amount into his hand and covered his raging erection. "You want it?'

"Nngh," Liam voiced, his face planted in the pillow he'd grabbed to muffle his wanton sounds.

"Didn't catch that." Liam only nodded. "You want this, short stuff? Gotta' speak up," he said, teasing the head of his cock against the boy's entrance.

Liam tilted his head a little, allowing his mouth to be exposed, a pant escaping before saying, "I want it."

Brett's most devious smile appeared before he spit once more. He rubbed it over his dick and pushed. No tease. No ease. Nothing drawn out. Just one abrupt motion and he was in. Liam forgot how to breathe. His hands forgot how to relax. The pain was intense—fuzzy white intense. And Brett didn't wait. No settling period. No time for comfort. He just pulled out slowly and snapped back in hard.

"Hah—" Liam cried. That one hurt. "Brett, wai—fuck!" The second one did, too.

Brett stilled, even made to stop. "Liam?" He slackened his grip on the boy's hips and even ran his palm up and down his thigh. "Should I—?"

"Just…hah, just wait. Need to…breathe."

Brett nodded and leaned over again; Liam was resting on his forearms again. Brett kissed the back of the boy's head before dipping to kiss the top of his ear. "You look amazing like this." Liam shivered—the chatter from his boyfriend always getting him. "Bent over my bed, ass up. Jesus, my uniform looks so hot on you. I'm back in high school again pining over you. We should take this to one of the classrooms. I'll bend you over the teacher's desk just like this."

"Fuck, Brett."

"You're so good, Liam. You're so horny, so needy I can smell it. It's intoxicating."

"Fuck me. Shut up and fuck me."

Brett smirked and stood back up straight. "You're mine," he said as he repeated the motion from before, only this time he hit it.

"Fuck yeah!" Liam cried out, arching from the pleasure-point before falling back down into the pillow and clinging to it. Brett continued to drag back and snap forward. Even when he didn't hit those nerves Liam continued to mewl into the pillow. After one exceptional strike into his prostate Liam shot a look back at his boyfriend. His eyes had turned yellow. His forehead scrunched. His 'O' shaped lips revealed his fangs. His nose flared slightly. It was all an indication of one thing, the one thing that drove Brett wild: desperation.

Only a split second passed, despite the feeling that it lingered in their minds. Brett's eyes responded in kind and one final snap of his hips fueled the need to keep going. He didn't stop, no longer dragging slowly. He just fucked. Thrusting and pulling. He leaned over his dominated boyfriend, placing a steadying hand next to the boy's head. He took total control. He pounded, shoving in as far as he could get. Liam just cried and moaned and sobbed. He splayed his legs more. He pushed back. He took it. His ass took it. His hole took it.

He needed it.

Brett grabbed his lover's hair and yanked, the latter mid-moan. Liam started to chant the other's name, urging him on. He urged him to bring him over the edge—he was so close. The friction between his clothes and the mattress was more than sufficient against his concealed dick. Brett's dick filled him so deep. It touched everything he needed it to. And when he thought about it, consciously and purposefully thought about, it drove him over.

"Fuh—fuck, Brett! I'm coming! It's so…fuck it's so good!"

Liam's vocalized orgasm did it for Brett. The tightening around his dick heightened everything, forcing him to still as he came deep inside Liam. He hugged him tight, his own body tightening as Liam just pushed back and forth onto him. It was numbing for them both. Euphoric. Elating. Rapturous. They became so close all over again, the physical treating with their emotions.

Brett just breathed against Liam, his chin resting on the boy's shoulder. They were both excessively sweaty now. Overcome by a drain that, as werewolves, would diminish in a very short time. They'd recover so quickly they could fuck by the time they made it to the showers. Shower. The party was in an hour, although in that moment, nothing else mattered. "You're still hard," Liam half breathed half groaned. Brett just nodded with what little energy he had. "Do I make you that way?" Brett nodded again, a little more vigor this time. "Good."

"How's your ass?"


Brett laughed through his nose. "I meant pain."

"On fire."

"I can pull out."

"No. Don't. It's…god, it's so good."

"You can't seriously wanna' go again?"

Liam thought for a moment. Actually considered it. He simply nodded. "In the shower. Against the wall. Preferably now."