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The Spectacular life of Peter and Felicia


AU: Spectacular Spider-man TV show universe after season 2

For Peter Parker, his life currently is not the best that it could be. He had finally confessed his true feelings to Gwen, who, in return, told him she felt the same way and that for them to be together, they would have to break their current relationships. Little did they know Harry found out about their plan and end up becoming Green Goblin again. Peter later meets up with Liz, his girlfriend at the time, to break things off with her. He felt guilty because he did have feelings for her, but his love for Gwen was stronger. It would only hurt Liz if they continue to date and while still loving Gwen. Later, Peter defeats Green Goblin, Norman Osborn, who ends up dying in an explosion, leading to a funeral for Harry's dad. At the funeral right, before Gwen was going to break up with him, Harry guilt trips her knowing what she was trying to do. Gwen decides to stay with Harry leaving Peter, aka Spider-man, alone with nobody.

*During summer vacation*

"Yep, this is how I want to spend my summer vacation... not." Peter, as Spider-man, stood on top of a building looking out for criminal activity. While on patrol, he thought about what had transpired since the funeral up to now.

"To think this would take my mind off of Gwen and Harry still being together. Nope, it's not working. At this point, I rather not reach out to Gwen because even with her still being with Harry to avoid causing him to go green again, she pretty much left me alone. Maybe this is just the sign that we are not meant to be together, I mean it's not like she bothers reaching out to me since the funeral. Also, reaching out to Liz is out of the question, she's probably still upset with me since the breakup but who could blame her. Besides, when we were dating, it wasn't working out because of my superhero life." Peter thought to himself while still sitting on the rooftop.

He almost decided on reaching out to Mary Jane, even at one point he wouldn't have mind asking her out, but she was on vacation and didn't want to bother her. Not to mention, she at one point told him they were just friends and later was seeing Liz's brother Mark, so there's most likely no chance with her right now.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard someone land behind him. He turns quickly, wondering why his spider-sense didn't trigger when he saw who the person appeared out the shadows. "Cat?"

This person was the cat burglar Black Cat, who seems to have a look nervous instead of an angry expression. The last time these two met up, Black Cat became furious at Spider-man for not helping her break her dad out of prison.

"Hey Spider." She said in a low tone. Spidey wasn't sure what was going on, but he remembers her saying that she wouldn't forgive him for what he did and kept his guard up just in case it was a trap. "So what brings you by on this beautiful night?" He asks her to try to keep things peaceful between the two.

Black Cat could tell at this point that he thought she was here to fight so she reveals a shy smile, saying, "Spider you can relax, I'm not here to fight you, but I do need to talk to you."

Spider-man wasn't entirely convinced, but he knew his spider-sense would let him know if she tries to do anything, so he lightens up some to hear what she has to say. "Alright Cat. What did you want to talk about?"

Black Cat takes a deep breath before she explains herself. "I know I am the last person you would expect to see, especially how I told you I would never forgive you the last time we saw each other. I regretted saying that after I found out the truth... I went to visit my father in hopes that he would help me find a way to break him out." Black Cat tries to fight the tears that wanted to come out as she continues.

"He told me everything about how he killed an innocent old man and that same night, that's when you confronted him. I should have realized sooner when you acted completely different when you were around him and why you quickly refuse to help me break him out. When I found out the truth, he told me to be a better person than I was and not to follow his lifestyle as a cat burglar. Afterward, I had to get away to process everything, and that's when I realize I was wrong for treating you the way I did. So tonight, I went to search for you to tell you face to face that I am sorry, so sorry, and to ask for forgiveness. If you don't forgive me, I will understand and will never bother you again." At that moment, she couldn't fight her tears anymore as she starts crying with Spider-man wraps his arms around her to hold her.

He wasn't expecting her to apologize when she didn't do anything wrong, for she just only reacted based on what she knew about. Deep down, he misses being around Black Cat. He enjoyed the few times they had worked together; it was just something about her that made him feel good about himself. Then his thoughts went to the night that she had kissed him. At that time, he was wearing the black suit, and they just got done defeating Chameleon, and he asks her why she helped him. She responds, saying, "You don't know?" and goes to kiss him and leaves him stunned to where he didn't realize that she left because he was so into the kiss.

Since then he has grown a crush on her, but due to the fact that they rarely saw each other, he didn't know if she felt the same way as he did so he pushes those feelings to the side Now with him holding her like this he felt those feelings return, and wonders could things work out between the two? He gently lifts Black Cat's face to look into her beautiful green eyes.

"Cat, believe me when I say this, I was never mad at you even after the incident at the prison. You had nothing to do with what your dad did for that's between him and me. As far as you getting mad, I understand because at the end of the day, your dad means the world to you, and I get being upset when you didn't know the full story. So if it makes you feel better, I do forgive you Cat... and besides, you're too beautiful to stay angry at." Peter tells her, which brings out a massive smile from Black Cat and a hint of blush from his last comment.

"Thank you Spider, that means a lot to me, and you think I'm beautiful?" She asks, now wrapping her arms around his neck, making him a little nervous as the two continue to look into eyes.

"Cat, I always thought you were beautiful; I just get nervous around you because I'm not used to a beautiful woman in a hot catsuit finding me attractive," Spidey explains to her, blushing behind his mask.

"Even though we were on different sides, I always found you attractive and have a crush on you." Black Cat confesses to him, making Peter's heart beat faster.

"Because I have, well, still have a crush on you too," Peter admits as well. With both of them telling the other how they feel, Black Cat lifts Peter's mask halfway to kiss him. This time Peter wasn't to stun like last time and kiss her back passionately as the two enjoy the kiss that lasted as long as their first kiss had.

Needing to breathe, the two love birds broke the kiss to catch their breath with Peter saying, "Wow." from how great that kiss felt.

Black Cat laughs softly at his response. "I know, right! That kiss was, dared I say it, spectacular.

Spidey smirk hearing her say that. "Oh, that sounded spicy the way you describe it. So what happens now?" He asks with concern. Peter didn't want this to be just a one-time thing for yes, he was single, but he would like things to be official between Cat and not just a friend with benefits type deal.

Black Cat, in her heart, wants to try a relationship with Spider-man, even find out about the man underneath the mask, but there was one thing that is stopping her from making it happen. "Well, I would like for us to be together, but there's one thing I would like to happen before we make things official between us that you've done not like."

"If you want me to steal that lion-like the necklace that you saw during our first mission together, then I can't do that." He told her with a laugh joking around.

Black Cat laughs at the joke, remembering when they first had teamed up. "Oh no, that's not it, and besides, I already had stolen it the night I kiss you."

"Cat!" He yells with shock in his voice about not knowing about that.

"I'm sorry, but hey, that was the old me, and I won't do again from here on out." She said, giving him a pout expression to make him forgive and forget.

"Ugh, fine, but that pouting look won't always work on me. So if not that, then what I need to do." He asks curiously, wondering what she would ask him to do that didn't involve stealing.


*At the Vault prison*

"Thank you for doing this. I know this would be the last thing you would do, but it means a lot that you are going through with this." Black Cat softly told Spider-man as the two gain access to the prison.

"Honestly, if this was anyone else asking me to do something like this I would have the web their mouth shut in an instant, but since he's your father, I will do it for you," Spider-man assures her as the two sat in a private room waiting for her dad to come in.

Black Cat asks Spider-man could he sit down with her dad to let him know that they would begin a relationship with each other. She didn't care if he approves or not, and an average daughter wouldn't bother going through this process with their dad being in prison. In this case, however, her dad and Spider-man have awful blood with each other and felt that the conversation would help her feel more comfortable being in a relationship with him. She sees an officer escort her dad in the room as he sits down with a scared look on his face seeing Spider-man again.

It took all that Spider-man had in him to not reach over and beat down the man who murders his uncle as he sat down across from them.

"Felicia I didn't expect you to return so soon, especially not with Spider-man." Walter Hardy said in a calm tone.

Felicia held on to Spider-man's hand. "We only came here to talk, dad. You know I have feelings for him, and I want to start a relationship with him, but out of respect, I want you to know upfront about it even if you don't approve. The least I can do is have you guys talk things out." Walter was somewhat surprised by this. He didn't think his daughter would go out the way to get his approval on dating Spider-man, but on the other hand, he can understand since she saw the tension he and the wall-crawler had before. He needed to know what Spider-man's intentions were for dating his daughter.

"Spider-man, I know you hate me so much for what happens, and there's nothing I can do or ever do to make you change the way you feel. However, I must know how you feel about my daughter. Despite me, in prison, I won't allow you to hurt her just because..." Spider-man cut him off when Spidey raises his free hand to stop him.

"Let me make this clear. You are right, I do hate you for what you did, but in no way, shape or form is I using Felicia to get back at you. Keep in mind; I wasn't even aware that you were here, father when I met her, so I already had feelings for her before I found that information out." He turns to look at Felicia, who nods to let him keep going before turning back to her dad.

"I am here to tell you, with Felicia present, that I won't hurt your daughter and that I care for her deeply. You don't have to worry because she is in good hands." Spider-man answers him with confidence that Walter had no choice but to be impressed at how he is standing up to him in a boyfriend meeting the girlfriend's dad type of way.

"Well, that's all I need to hear, and honestly, Felicia I do approve." He told her with a small smile, causing surprise looks to show on Felicia and Spider-man's face.

"Really dad?" Felicia asks with a hint of happiness in her voice.

"Felicia, if there is one thing I know is that if anyone can keep you on the path of good is this man right here. I can tell when you broke inside the prison when you found out he was here that he does make you happy, so who am I to disapprove of your choice." He tells her. Felicia goes over to hug him even though she was still upset that her father kills someone.

"Thank you, Dad." She whispers. After the hug, she and Spider-man decide to leave, as Walter gets ready to go back to his cell.

"Spider-man, please takes good care of her. She needs someone like you in her life that can bring her light and happiness. Something her father can't do." Walter said to his self before the officer escorts him out the room

After leaving the prison, Spider-man offers to take Felicia home since she felt comfortable with him knowing who she was behind her mask. As Spidey web-sling through the city with her holding on to him, Peter was in deep thought about having a conversation with Felicia's dad. He wasn't sure if he could ever forgive him, but it was a decent conversation the two had despite how Peter felt about him. He also thought about the fact that Felicia still doesn't fully understand why Spider-man had a personal problem with her father, so maybe it was time to explain and try to make things official afterward.

They finally made it to her house as Felicia notice he was pretty quiet on the way here. "Everything alright because you weren't your usual talkative self?" She asks, rubbing his cheek.

"Yeah, just was thinking about tonight with meeting with your dad." He answers her.

"I understand, and I can't thank you enough for doing that Spider." She said, giving him a firm hug.

He hugs her back, but couldn't resist whispering in her ear to say, "Anything for you... Felicia."

She likes the way he calls her by her real name and when he calls her Cat in her costume. "Well, I better get inside." She said, looking at her house, and that's when Peter decides that this was the moment of truth.

"Wait Felicia there is something that I need to do as well before the night is over." Felicia looks back at him with curiosity as he continues. "Felicia, the man your father kill was named Benjamin Parker."

Felicia tilts her head from hearing what she just heard. "That's right; I did my research after my dad told me about the incident. I think he had a nephew's name Peter, and I was thinking about apologizing to him for what my father did."

Peter felt his heart jump when she said his name but wasn't going to back down now. "Well, Felicia, you already did." Felicia's eyes pop wide open as she watches Spider-man remove his mask, revealing a face she saw before.

"I am Peter Parker. I debated on the way back to tell you or not, and I decided that it was now time you had known the truth before we became official. I would understand if you don't want to because I didn't tell you before." He confesses to her.

Everything right then and there made sense to Felicia as to why Spider-man, hated her father; her dad killed Spider-man's uncle. She didn't know what to say at that moment, so she takes off her mask, runs at Peter, and kisses him vigorously. Peter returns the kiss, not expecting her to react this way. After this kiss, he softly asks, "So I take it you still want to become official?"

"Of course! You trust me enough to show who you are, and everything makes sense now. I feel better about us being together Peter." She said as she pulls his face closer to her

Peter smile and only say, "I glad you think so Felicia." As the two kiss one last time for tonight. They knew there would be a lot to talk about, but right now, the new couple will enjoy this particular moment that they are having right now.