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Guest: hey dude, plz update! this is my third time reading this story; the first time was last month; ur chapters r great! Try not to think about the negatives of ur writing! You're a great writer, so plz continues this story. I get anxiety but not writing a chapter for A YEAR is starting to make me think it's not just anxiety... but if it's something personal, take as much time as u need!

Goodroy: I like where to story is heading, and I really hope that you don't drop this story. I've probably read it four times now. I can't wait for the next update.

Johnshaw965: It's super cool reading this story of yours, I love BCxSM too, and your story is pretty good. Also, don't worry about not being enough; none of us here are Rick Riordan or JK Rowling; I don't mean to be rude, but that's the truth, none of us are novel writers that can write stories with amazing twists and turns and climaxes but what we all share is love for the characters and to see them in situations which they wouldn't be in usually. My point is that you shouldn't feel like you're an inadequate writer because you are a SPECTACULAR writer.

Behind. the .smile .is .a . story: I hate to say this, but I am not sure if it is the end or if it's not bc the last time you updated it was in May, and it has been a month now, but I am also not sure bc it doesn't say in what year you updated it. Please, please tell me it's not the end.

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Kiss and make up

*Morning at Linda's place*

After a long stressful night, Black Cat slowly opens her eye from her slumber. She can't make out where the room is currently blurry due to her vision but can tell that it's not hers.

"Cat you awake. How are you feeling?" Black Cat's eyes become clearer after hearing Peter's voice, causing her to respond to him.

"Spider? I feel okay, but where are we?" Black Cat questions as she looks around the room before noticing they another woman is present.

The stranger who Spidey already knows introduces herself to try and make Black Cat welcome. "You are in my house to answer your question. Hi, I'm Linda Carter. A lucky girl who Spider-man rescued from my crazy ex. No, I have not had any sexual relationship with him, only been helping him get better." She throws her hands to express how nothing romantically went down between her and Spider-man, with Spider sending a non-serious glare.

It takes a second for Felicia to process what Linda meant before she responds saying, "Straight forward, but I can respect that." Black Cat snaps back her attention to Spider-man, whose still in costume with his mask half-way up, asking in a demanding tone, "Speaking of Spider-man here, what the hell is going on with you!?"

"Um..." Spider-man stutters, still not prepared to fully explain his condition to his as of now girlfriend.

"Your attitude is completely different, and the way you blew me off the other day, if I were any other girl, I would have found you and claw your eyes out!" Black Cat snaps after not getting a response from Spider-man, who backs up a few steps due to fear of losing his eyes as well.

Linda, sensing the tension growing thicker by the min, decides to excuse herself so the couple can have their moment alone. "I'm going to step out and let you two talk. Please try not to get blood all over the room." She requests before making her way out of the room.

"Geez, thanks Linda," Spidey mutters, for he assumes that the nurse would help explain everything that's going on with him.

"Does she know about us?" Felica questions with her arms fold.

Peter rubs the back of his head nervously, hoping his answer doesn't piss Felicia off even more. "I mean, I did give her the talk about us in a relationship. However, I assure you that nothing went down between her and me." He begins to answer in his rambling before Felicia cuts him off to clarify what she's referring to.

"That's not what I meant! Well, good that she knows about that, but I meant who we are behind the mask?" Felica explains that she is unsure how she feels about a stranger knowing that she and Peter are Spider-man and Black Cat even though her mask is still on.

"Oh no. What ended up happening that after I saved her from her ex, I had a pass-out episode, and she brought me to her place to get medical assistance, which didn't involve her taking my mask off to reveal my face." Peter explains honestly without babbling this time, hoping it will stop Felicia's concern.

"That's reassuring, but back to my original question. What the hell is going on with you?" Felicia questions again, getting back on topic.

Peter isn't sure how to respond, but before he can say anything, Felicia says, "No more b.s, no running off, and no trying to avoid this talk. I need to know because I have been worried sick about you and hell, even Mary Jane has started to notice something isn't right with you. I get that you are used to doing things on your own, but you are together, making us a team for me and you. If we are to be a team and a couple, we suppose to trust each other, yet lately, I feel like you don't trust me, which makes this whole situation for me hurt a lot more because I want to be there for you, but you have to let me in to do so Peter."

Hearing Felicia's strong words break Peter as the memory of how cold he acted toward her heavy flashes through his mind. A part of him was aware that his personality was changing, but Peter didn't realize the cons of how he treated the one person who he has gotten very close to, and here is he pushing her away like the time he did to his friends when bonded with the symbiote only. "I put Felicia through too much as of late. If I want to salvage this relationship, I have to tell her what I have been dealing with; otherwise, I might lose her for good."

Peter gazes up at Felicia sadly and warns her saying, "This is going to be hard to explain because I honestly haven't fully figure out what's going on with me. I will try my best, but I can't promise you that it will make sense or if you will want anything to do with me afterward."

"Try me," Felicia responds confidently, ready to give Peter her full attention.

Peter takes a deep breath before beginning his explanation of what's been going on with him. "I would guess the changes started to happen around the time the first day of school. At first, I thought it was just due to my decision not to be a pushover and impress you as your boyfriend. I will admit I was a bit insecure about you being with me outside of costume since at times Peter Parker and Spider-man feel like two different people, so I thought bringing out a more bad*ss type persona would help."

Hearing Peter's confession about being insecure somewhat surprises Felicia, for she knew that he had his shy moments when it came to her, but she didn't expect his new attitude to change due to that fact.

Peter continues stating, "With Gwen, Harry, Liz, and Brock, it felt like that side of me came out naturally, and truthfully it felt good being able to stand up for myself in that matter. However, after our encounter with water boy, that when I been feeling influence by primal like emotions and I'm not only talking about anger when it came to you."

"What do you mean by other emotions?" Felicia questions curiously, causing Peter to blush to recall particular thoughts he had concerning his lovely girlfriend.

"Let's just say that it's more on a sexual frustration type thing." Peter turns away to keep from revealing his red face as he answers with Felicia for the first time in a while giggles at how cute he looks right now.

She can't resist the opportunity to mess with him. Felicia proceeds to lean over to his ear and whispers in a soft hot tone, "We will need to address that subject very soon, my love. Until then, continue on the main serious issue." She leans back and switches gears back to focus mode.

Peter gulps nervously as he tries to get back on track. "Right. After the first round with Hydro-man, I remember feeling so upset that we lost for some reason and that when the aggressive thoughts came out at full force than I been dealing with extreme cramps like something is trying to crawl out of me like some sick horror movie. On top of all of that, very recently, my powers have suddenly been off like out of nowhere I couldn't crawl up a wall, or my strength level wouldn't be at its a-game. So that's is all that on going on with me that I know of, but I'm hoping that Linda will be able to help me figure out what's going on."

Felicia takes a moment to digest what her boyfriend expresses to him, with Peter giving her time with concern that it may be too much for her to handle it or won't believe him. "Peter, I can't imagine how much of a toll this has been on you, but you could have told me all of this. I'm sure there was only so much you could tell her with Liz, and I don't know how far it would have gotten with Gwen and Mary Jane, but I'm here and different hell better than them. I know you as both the man and spider and is out there with you as your partner, so if anyone has a better chance of helping you get through this it's me."

"Peter is taken back by Felicia's words. After talking to her, he assumes that she would lash out at him and leave him there out of anger. "I can tell that I hurt you from my actions and keeping all this from you. How and why would you still want to deal with me despite all of this?"

"Because as you should know, I'm not any typical girl that would instantly leave someone who I care for a lot. After losing my dad, I don't want to lose you. You have helped change me and my life for the better and what we have is special to where I would like to see it continue to grow." Felicia answers while trying to fight back the tears over recalling her father not being her life as she grew up. With her not having much of a social life or genuine people in her, the last thing Felicia wants is to lose Peter out of her life.

However, Peter lets his tears fall as more and more he realizes how he's fortunate to have a partner like Felicia and how stupid he is about putting her through his crap. "You really are too good for me. I'm sorry that I kept you at a distance about my situation and my actions towards you, for at times like this, I usually go about handling things on my own and not get people who are close to me to get involved. I have to remember that I'm not alone when it comes to facing my problems now that I have you if you still want me around?"

Felicia rolls her eyes in annoyance at how Peter thinks she wants to break up with him after spilling her feelings for him. She grabs his shirt and yanks him to her, and gives a hot kiss that said of course I still want you idiot. "Does that answer if I want you Spider?" Felicia asks after their lips disconnect.

A daze Peter's only response is to shake his yes slowly, with Felicia smirking at his reaction. "Good. We will also need to also work on you being more open but remember going forward that when it comes to us, I don't give up easy." She states proudly, with both their foreheads now touching each other.

"I miss you," Peter confesses, doing his best to look into his girlfriend's eyes while his mask still on.

"Not as much as me," Felicia responds softly, and the two proceed to lock lips again to make up for lost time.

That is until Linda walks back in and accidentally witness the display of affection and coughs to get the couple's attention. "Um, excuse me, not that I want to interrupt this touching moment, but I do have some news to share. I was able to get in touch with Mr. Possible, and he can fly down here so we can figure out a way to help you out Spidey."

"Wow, that's great to hear!" Spider-man cheers in excitement.

"The only downside is that we both agree that you should lay low on crime-fighting activity for the time being. After your recent episode, the last thing we need is for you to hurt yourself because your powers decide to turn off randomly." Linda recommends bringing Spidey's mood back down.

"I can't just sit on the sidelines! What if the gangs decide to make their move or another supervillain comes out?" Spider-man pushes back, not liking the idea of having an extended vacation from superhero action. Sure there are times he takes nights of every once in a while, but the way this is heading, it feels like he is going against his motto by staying put for who knows how long.

Black Cat places her hand on his shoulder for comfort. "She's right Spider; it's for the best that you don't put yourself in harm's way. Besides, the city still has one crime fighter that can handle herself."

Spider-man places his hand on top of hers and rubs it gently. "True, you were able to handle some of the members of Arsenic Candy from what I heard, but the Apocalypse and Monkey tail gang are out there too. It could be dangerous to try to take them all on your own."

"Before I came into the picture, you manage to overcome the odds without thinking about what if you fail." Black Cat begins to plea her case.

"That's because I joke around a lot to keep myself from thinking negative during my fights." Spider-man quips, attempting to lighten the mood.

"I know, but the point is if I'm going to be a better partner to you, I have to learn to handle my own in fights as well and doing this will help with the process. I promise I will try not to do anything reckless, but I need you to trust me and give me a chance." Black Cat states sternly.

Spider-man sighs knowing that he doesn't win the battle between Felicia already has proven her worth when it comes to crime-fighting and already is in hot water with her for confessing about his issue. After a few seconds, he gives in to giving Felicia the green light to do her own thing but with a major condition. "Fine, I will try to take it easy and let you have a chance at the solo act. However, the second you get yourself into major trouble that you can't get out of, I'm swinging into action the best I can, no question ask. Deal?"

Black Cat nods in agreement. "Deal. Now let's get you home so you can get some rest for school. Even though you off superhero duty doesn't mean you can skip out on studies."

"I mean, do I have to since I'm now a senior? You ever heard of senior skip day?" Spider-man asks in a joking tone.

"Yes, I'm aware of that, though I am curious how you are going to explain to Mary Jane how you resurface and didn't bother to let her know about it. Would be a shame to deal with an angry redhead." Black Cat teases, causing Spider-man to tense up at the idea.

"You make a strong case. Well, Linda we will be on our way. Thank you for helping us, and please keep in touch with any updates you can find concerning me." Spidey turns towards Linda before exiting her place.

"Of course, and the same goes for you both; if you need patching up or, in your case Spidey if your condition gets worse, please let me know," Linda responds warmly, thinking how this could be the start of a great partnership between her and the young hero couple. Spider-man manages to web swing home with Black Cat though he found himself a bit more tired than usual after the journey home. Before leaving, Felicia checks on him and returns home herself, already planning on how she will show her man and the city that Black Cat is not the lady to underestimate.

*Elsewhere underground*

Elsewhere in the underground sewers, a man in a black and green suit with a robotic tail is running from a company that was using him as a project. "I got to get to somewhere safe. Can't let them take me back and have their way with me again."


Author notes: Wow, it's been forever since I touch this story, and from what I have seen, it has been the most requested story that wanted an update. Honestly, I lot has gone on in my life, and it did play a part as to why I wasn't updating. At first, it was just writer's block and writing anxiety since I did receive reviews concerning the writing, and right around the time, I was feeling that I was overcoming that the pandemic hit. My mom had gotten covid in December, and I ended up getting a new full-time job to help out. Still, I don't get as much relaxation time during the week because of the position, so I can't say this is a full comeback for me, but I would like to get back into writing since there are people who enjoy my stuff.

With that said, I want to get back to having fun and not focusing heavily on the reviews that go heavy on my writing style because honestly, I have seen stories that have, if anything, more issues. They get a free pass, so I don't want to get caught up with the bashing of my writing errors because I'm not getting paid to do this, and I'm not asking anyone to pay for me to write. All I can do is try my best, and if I can get a beta-reader, that would be great, but until then, I only got me and Grammarly to help go through and fix mistakes I make when writing chapters in general.

Now, as far as the update itself, with Valentine's day pass, I wanted this to be Spidey x Cat focus with Felicia finally learning what's going on with Peter and Peter realizing the importance of being honest with his partner. I was planning on dragging the drama, but I noticed many people didn't want them just to split, so I went with this route instead, and I tease the next supervillain at the end, which I think you guys know who it is.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who read and review this story, and I apologize for the very long wait. With the way my life is now, again, I'm not saying I'm back full time, but maybe I can find some spare time to do updates here and there with hopefully no prominent writer's block or anxiety to deal with.