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Chapter 1: Changes

- 1 week after Kokabiel -

Naruto had yet to awaken since his fight with Nora Kokabiel. After the white dragon intruder had taken Nora away Naruto's body finally gave way. Apparently going god mode was not a strain-less activity. And all the other things he did certainly didn't help things.

Rias Gremory, heir to the Gremory household, little sister to a satan, Sirzechs Lucifer, and one of those who cared for Naruto sighed as she looked at her cup full of tea as she patiently waited for the awakening of her lover. She sat in the kitchen as she thought back to what had happened in the fight. Barring her slight annoyance at him getting lip locked with Tama out of nowhere when she was near by (she couldn't keep getting jealous if he already had a harem), when he let out a pulse of his built up energy that he used to draw in and consume the ambient power existing nearby all around him she noted a familiar sense from it.

The feeling and dull hum she got from it was just like his heartbeat. It was like he projected his very soul onto the field for an instance. It felt so captivating and inviting, yet heavy and preying. She felt like she actually had some of her magic and energy drawn from her own body into him when the pulse went off.

Nothing permanent but was certainly an interesting experience.

Koneko sat not far away from Rias on a sofa in the living room. She stopped by daily to see how Naruto was doing as he had yet to wake up since the ordeal. She could only imagine how much he tolerated on his body before it gave way for him to be out for this long. He was a tank almost like her but a little less durable normally though he was a lot more resistant to holy magic and other forms of energy than she was. He also healed much faster. But what weighed heavily on his mind was right before he ascended to his god state. When his pulse of consuming power went out she felt a familiar presence herself. It actually reminded her of her sister yet different. Mixed in with all the divine power Naruto had release she felt what seemed to be some kind of senjutsu flowing in and out of his body at a constant rate.

After what happened with her sister and the fact that Naruto wasn't the most sane person by a long shot she didn't know whether to be fearful of how this might have effected him or not.

Raynare or Rei-chan as she was called often now, Naruto's personal servant did what she could with her uniquely developed sacred gear to heal him but for some reason she was blocked from doing anything other than superficial healing. Thanks to Yami they were able to summon Audi, a monster girl who specialized in healing arts and one of Naruto's many female familiars to work on healing him since she had more experience in it than Raynare.

But alas the gentle girl had little success. Naruto's body by all means had gotten to perfect condition but had wrapped itself in black bandages of sort of energy that was stopping her from doing much. He looked like a mummy and it cause the others to get consider but after finding out an interesting fact Audi was able to assuage everyone easily. It seemed Naruto's body was fixing itself as usual but also changing a bit by whatever means it was employing. So with her diagnosis he would be fine just out of it for however long until his body reached whatever goal it was going for.

Speaking of monster girls that was also the first time everyone other than Naruto and the Poke girls had seen Yami's human form. While she was usually seen in her weapon form being a giant scythe or something similar to that or a staff, it seemed she was hiding quite the attractive appearance much to Rias's ever chagrin.

The girl was about Rias's height but "looked" slightly older, mainly in her disposition and posturing. She had a calm mature aura about her as well as a disinterested one. She had a fair complexion and a curvy body more in line with the twins or Grayfia with critical red eyes. Being that she was an Absol her striking features were her hair which was chin length and black on the right side and white shoulder length hair on the left side to cover her eye. She had a scythe shaped horn like apendage coming out of the right side of her head as well. On her forehead she also had a big oval like black shape.

She had long filed dark grey nails, with a big wolf like white fluff of fur around her neck and collarbone to go down and rest just on the top of her breasts. She wore a white jacket with a black top underneath that revealed the midriff of her toned flat stomach and had a cut down the top of it that exposed the cleavage of her breasts. She wore white jean hot pants on her shapely rear with a black belt and had grey pantyhose to cover her legs and feet. Last but not least was the tail she had that vaguely resembled a bat wing.

All in all the girl was a hot young woman. Issei drooled at her and went pervert mode but what shocked all of them is the girl didn't even say anything to stop him. Instead the air around her just got really dark as she leered down her nose at the boy. No words were said and yet the young pervert felt like an insignificant insect that would get smeared across the ground in an extremely messy fashion if he touched her.

The others were surprised as the whole seen was something they would expect to see from Naruto if he were in a less violent but still possessive mode. They had to wonder if one of them influenced the other or if they were both just like that.

The girl was clearly powerful if she was Naruto's go to weapon and she had an experience dangerous aura about her that actually reminded them of a less insane Tama. The girls could actually be sisters if they just tweaked their appearances a little alone.

Yami didn't stray far from Naruto's body whether it was guarding the door to his room, not that she really needed to especially with Raynare already doing that. Or she stayed in his room in her scythe form. She had minor injuries which she let heal on her own from when Naruto overshot their power in the fight but she would be fine. It just meant she would need to get used to it and practice.

Shio and Miso, the Vixen Twins and Naruto's younger sisters were simply worried for their brother. He's been out for way longer than they would have liked and they couldn't help but feel partially responsible. On one hand if they hadn't convinced Grayfia to sit back and trust that Naruto could handle things, which he ultimately did, then he wouldn't have been hurt so bad. On the other hand they obeyed his wishes and he was able to get stronger because of it but was now in a coma.

He survived and in the end that was the most important thing but they still didn't like the situation. But the more they thought about Naruto's accension the more they thought back to when Yasaka was telling them about Naruto's training and that one thing she left out.

"Now as for the wings... I am not sure. We studied his DNA and while there was human and youkai DNA of wolves and foxes in there there were other things we can't quite explain. We even found DNA similar to devils yet something about it seemed different. We aren't sure what it was, we are just waiting to see what develops at this time. We even found DNA that was similar to that of di-."

Those words their aunt said hinted so much and it was then that it clicked in there head.

"DNA that was similar to that of di... She was going to something along the lines of divine beings wasn't she?" That would explain the god complex. They were a little annoyed with their aunt for that but she was a fox just like them so they shouldn't be surprised that they were misguided. At least she was here with them conveniently waiting for Naruto to awaken. Besides it was Naruto's words that kept her silent so I guess the important thing was that she was here to support her family as the blonde kitsune always was when she was needed.

Tama however was the strangest among all of them. Ever since the fight she had been much more sedated in her aura and they actually thought they saw glimpses of worry etched upon her pretty face when looking over Naruto. Now isn't this a normal behavior? Naruto was her best childhood friend after all and she felt for him even if she had never said it out loud so such a behavior would be expected right? Well... yes but not from Tama. This was as new to them as it was to her as she didn't know why she felt so assuaged right now. Her primary focus was to make sure Naruto was okay and she spent more time than anyone else watching over him physically. She sat at the side of his bed watching him like a hawk... well actually an owl would be more accurate as they are also nocturnal and with her big eyes... well actually it was a bit creepy at times and if not for the fact that the other girls could see the worry in her eyes they would have been cautious about letting Tama be that close to him for that long with the violent playful history they had.

But Tama was an extremely effective watch dog so it worked out for all of them. She was one of the strongest there and most dangerous at close range. Plus whatever it was with her biological god makeup made it so that she did not have to sleep as often. So only slept a little bit less than the normal amount every other day with no side effects. No impaired vision from the intensive watching for long periods of time or anything.

She ran a hand through his light gold hair affectionately as she dotted after him. She wanted to touch more of him and see his face but whatever his body wrapped itself in was also a defensive force and shocked her whenever she touched it. Sure she could ignore the shock but she decided to just be patient.

A small smile occasionally came onto her face as she thought back to how Naruto protected her and literally swept her off her feet in the middle of battle to kiss her for the first time. The feeling of his lips, all the feeling connected through that small contact as he held her.

Naruto already basically owned her pride and now her heart. The only thing he had left to claim was her body and she already knew that was his to do with whenever he wanted.

She felt giddy inside just thinking of it still surprised that her armorer gene was not screaming murderous intent towards him like it used to.

Naruto felt stiff all over like he had been frozen for over a week. How ironic. Warmth came over his body as it went throughs reboot to match the fact that he had awakened. He blearily opened his eyes slowly as he glanced around his room was empty but his sense were all over the place before they refocused. He could make out that there was no persent life force in his room meaning her was momentarily alone but he could since the presence of several people outside his door.

'Hmmm Tama and Raynare huh? And... Absol?! Yami-chan is out in her human form? Well that's a surprise.'

Finally getting his bearings on his surroundings he started to move.

"Well lets get-!" *Boom*

Out of enthusiastic excitement and force of habit he jumped out of his bed and that he learned was a mistake as just from him doing so made him hit the ceiling. Now this would have given him deja vu but he didn't stop there as he went straight through the ceiling and the next floor. He absently noted that he didn't remember his home having a third floor before he was high in the air above his house looking off at the surrounding city. The wrappings on his body loosened exposing his face to the world and his arms. He had accidentally jumped straight up through his nice sized home and up a clear 30 meters above it before he was airborne for a few seconds.

"Haha this is great!" His body was even stronger than it was before. His body was also disoriented so it would take a bit getting his extreme coordination back but that was part of the fun. Speaking of disorientation his body went stiff again as gravity got ahold of his and he went back straight down.

Rias and the twins were walking up the stairs with Akeno who had stopped by with the others deciding to check on Naruto again to see how he was doing. They did what they could to occupy themselves while Naruto was unconscious but they weren't really able to have any fun, not even enjoy their victory against a leader class without their eccentric lover around. They simply worried too much. Rias supposed that was one thing that was good about a harem. Even when Naruto wasn't 'around' she would never be alone and could seek understanding in like minds.

They made it up to Naruto's room and saw the three who might as well have become Naruto's self proclaimed guards loitering outside his door at the moment.

Before any of them could say anything there was a resounding crash that shook the house coming from Naruto's room making them jump in surprise before they all rushed inside his room to make sure he was safe. They all pour through the door like a flood with Tama being the only one who made it into the room without tripping over someone as she blurred into the room with instant speed casually. Yami was somehow already in the room. Tama wasn't sure how, she might have warped as she didn't see her pass him.

Where is Naru-kun?" They saw the large hole in the ceiling of his bedroom letting sunlight shine through before they saw a shadow and sensed the familiar person of interest coming down towards them.

It was like time had slowed as the young blond man came down through the hole and right before he hit the floor he touched down on one foot softly... and then time resumed and the ground cratered before he fell through the floor to the ground floor below. They all heard a shout of pain as he hit the bottom that did not come from him as they all looked on confused before they heard Naruto finally speak from where he crashed.

"Oh hey Issei how you been?"

They all sweatdropped at the casualness at which e said that like it didn't register with him that he landed on someone with probably the force of several tons. The perverted boy groaned in pain, his face crushed into the ground as Naruto sat on top of him in the now damaged living room.

"Damnit Naruto I was still renovating this house." Naruto blinked before looking to the side to see Yasaka with her eyes closed drinking tea. His eyes then glanced to the side and he felt a shiver go down his spine several times as he saw Grayfia glaring at him. She might have been happy that he was finally awake but he could feel he was in trouble somehow. But that would have to wait as the other girls finally got back up and down to where he was.

"Naruto-kun!" He turned to the voice to Rias running to hug him with a happy look on her face before she was cut off by the fast Shio and Miso as they tackled Naruto and nuzzled their faces into his chest. Rias's eyebrow twitched as she gained a constipated look at being beaten to what she wanted like that as Akeno giggled at the reaction of her king.


He just gained an amused look on his face at the scene before he wrapped his arms around them hugging them tightly.

"Heh you guys are acting like I've been gone for a while or something."

"Ano Naruto-sama you have been in a catatonic like state for around 10 days." Naruto looked to the side to see Audino off to the side looking concerned.

"Oh hey Audi-chan! Well that explains why I feel so well rested. I also feel very light for some reason... weird seeing as I just crashed through the floor. So did I miss anything while I was out?"

"Well when you passed out from the built up of stress caused by you fighting that leader class Yami-chan contacted me about your injuries so her I am and I fixed you up on whatever Rei-san couldn't but your body appeared to already be doing part of the job anyway. Now that you are awake I have to ask how are you feeling Naruto-sama?"

Naruto looked down at his hand flexing it in interest and at that moment the bandages covering him fell down from his upper body causing the girls to blush especially with how the sunlight from the opening in the ceiling caught his glorious body. It surprised them that it had improved even more so than before. Where as before his body was perfectly toned with the muscle definition only really being fully shown when he was in a heavy fight now his body was passively muscular. He was still slim and built for speed as he always had been but he still gave off that underlining threat of how much strength he really had if not moreso than before.

The black hard skin on his left arm along with the crack marks on the side of his face that were the sign of his curse from his demon side was also gone, as if the awakening of his god side evened it out.

As if to further emphasize it the tribal markings on his body and veins glowed oddly for a moment before it went away. His hair had gotten slightly longer and lighter while his horns were still there if not a foot long each now. His pronounced canines were still there as always through his whisker marks were broadened. His eyes were the same heterochromic but with both having the spiral pupil in them if not a slightly darker lining under them.

His body twitched a bit before out of his wrappings came a long black snake-like tail. It was fully aware too as it looked around with glowing white eyes.

The snake tail and Naruto looked at each other curiously and blinked before tilting their head at each other. Naruto sighed at this new thing.

"Why...? I mean yeah I'm a chimera kind of but still it will be a day or so before I can control my body so I don't know what my tail is doing." He could theoretically change his body into any animal trait and it would stay that way permanently until he changed it again but right now he didn't have the control to do that without his power flaring out haphazardly. Seeing as the last form his tail was in before he passed out was that of a snake that is probably why it was still like that. He noticed no one was speaking and looked around to see everyone taking in an eye full of his streamlined chiseled body. He then felt more of the wrappings getting looses as they fell away from his abs and then started to loosen on his hips until...

"Can someone get me some clothes?!" He hastily grabbed the wrappings holding them in place before he was full on exposed. Normally he would create or morph his own clothes with his power but with how disarrayed his body was right now he felt if he did the little wrappings his body had actually been able to make would be blown away. It was at this moment he noticed Kiba, Koneko, and Asia looking down at something and he realized he was still standing on Issei.

He quickly got off him and helped him up. "Sorry man I forgot you were there."

Issei glared at him while he held his shoulder in pain. "How did you forget I was there?! You don't just stand on people."

'Because your presence is insignificant without your gear...' Naruto thought to himself but decided not to say it. "Umm well my senses are still kind of haywire so that's probably why you were overlooked."

"Do you know how heavy you are?! I thought a car was parked on top of me!"

Naruto just looked hurt for a second as he looked at Issei. "D-Did you just call me fat?"

Most in the room sweat dropped at that. Yasaka coughed into her hand gaining his attention while he got a robe to cover himself.

"Naruto Audi-san and I checked on you and your body's mass and density have increased quite a bit. You're a bit more durable than you already were but you weigh way more than should be natural for your size which explains why you fell through the ceiling so easily. I wouldn't say you weigh as much as a car but you do weight a few hundred more pounds than you did. Also there seems to be a localized gravitational force that your body is exerting." Well that explained why he felt heavier to Issei since he was below him.

Naruto thought it over before grinning over at her. "So what you're saying is that I'm very attractive?" This earned him a tail swipe from Yasaka that imprinted him in a wall. It happened so suddenly that a few of the girls shouted out in surprise.

"You are surrounded by young women who constantly checked up on you and I'm almost certain at least half the ones in here are still raping you in there mind over the little show you gave them a minute ago. I don't think anyone ever needs to say that."

More than half the girls in the room gained some kinda of blush which made Kiba chuckle and Issei cry in jealousy.

Naruto pulled himself out of the wall unaffected by the damage as he hardly felt it. "Wait but I don't get it? I feel much lighter than I did before?"

Yasaka rose an eyebrow at this in interest. "Hmm well that is interesting. That could show how much stronger your body has become then if you feel light even with all the added mass. But that mass increase has to of been caused by something so if you could find the root of it I believe it will benefit you."

Naruto nodded his head at this. 'As well as figuring out how this gravity field worked.

"Oh and Naruto..." He froze as he looked at her nervously when the air turned dark.

"Next time you plan to become a meat shield you better tell me or I'll beat your ass into the ground myself. And believe me it will hurt!" Her golden eyes slitted at him as she gave off malicious intent making the guys in the room scared and Naruto just gulped and nodded.

"Fine I will try not to do that intentionally again. I shouldn't have to anyway. I only needed to take all those attacks to go over my limit as well as to drain Kokabiel of her energy. She was still high class compared to me by the time I beat her."

Xenovia spoke up from the side making Naruto notice her for the first time. "What do you mean compared to you Naruto-sama?"

"Oh hey Xenovia- wait why is she still her?" He picked up on the honorific before he pointed at her while looking at the others. Rias answer the question for him.

"I added her to my peerage so she is a devil now. Irina being unconscious throughout the fight didn't her about the biblical god being dead so she was still able to go to the church but she does not yet know of what happened Naruto-kun."

He nodded in thought. He wasn't surprised but didn't really care too much either.

"Well anyway I meant compared to me because the disadvantage fallen angels have only applies to me in that any power drain I do is magnified towards me when they are in my presence. Because the power I take from them also acts as a buffer against them. Nora had been drained to maybe high SS rank but was reduced to high class when fighting me. But any fallen angel will be weaker against me whether I drain them or not now as long as I still have my divine traits in me. But I can eat more than light energy and holy magic. By the way Rias your magic is very painful and I don't think I will be eating it anytime soon."

"Well that's all well and good and pertinent information but leave me out of the loop intentionally of something like this and we will be having a little talk Naruto." This time it came from Grayfia as the air grew cold where she was making Tayuya move away from her cautiously. Naruto sweated from the pressure she put on him. 'Why is it its the strongest women here who are mad at me?! At least Tama isn't trying to kill me... Wait Tama?' She's been awfully quiet this whole time. He looked over to where he felt her presence off to the side of him and saw her looking down. He was going to say something but then decided not to. He would find out what was wrong later.

After more talking, apologies, and threats later they moved on to light discussion.

"So what did you mean by renovating the house Yasaka?"

She finished her tea and set it down and gained a small smile.

"Well I decided it was time to upgrade this house with your upgraded status. Your little stunt has help push your reputation to further communities. I bet most don't know how exactly you won against Kokabiel but most still know you beat her or at least survived a head on fight and that is enough to gain rep. That along with the fact that have awakened your god blood now I decided it was time to build up this house."

"But it was already more than big enough for us?" Other than his sisters Shio and Miso only Raynare, Tama, and Tayuya really lived there now with whoever other guest decided to stay over and still then there was excess room left over.

"I have the feeling that this home will be getting crowded fast." She gave a foxlike sly knowing grin that Naruto blinked at before matching it. Most didn't catch on right away or at least didn't look like they did. He knew Tama got it through she wouldn't react much to it. Shio and Miso snickered while Rias's eye twitched.

Yasaka continued after she and Naruto discreetly grew amused at the various girls expressions. "Anyway we have more than enough for a simple mansion. We could build one to match the city if we wanted to but that would attract an enormous amount of attention from even outside of Japan unless we cloaked it which would just be unnecessary."

"So long will it be for the building to be completed?"

"Well with the clans workers along with the damage you just caused it should be around a week or so. Also I will have to edit that seal of yours to a localized antigravity seal. We don't want your weight showing up and breaking things under you until you can control it."

"I'm sorry for hurting you!" Naruto was bowing as he stood in front of Yami. She was a little caught off guard as she spoke.

"What do you mean-?"

"For when I used you against Kokabiel. I overdid it. I couldn't stop myself because I had allowed myself to get caught up in the moment and because of that you were affected by it?"

'Oh so that's what he meant.'

"Naruto-sama it's fine please stand up, that just means I need to be stronger. If I your weapon can not handle you wielding me then it is I who is unfit for duty."

"No you are already more than strong enough for that level of an attack. You were caught off guard because I did not warn you I will make sure I don't do that again in the future."

"However you wish to fight that is your decision to make. The little bit of damage I took was minor compared to the amount I had to deal with so I look at it as punishment for me."

Naruto just simply smiled at her. "Don't worry about that. As an Armorer we care deeply about our weapons and would sooner allow ourselves to be injured than allow our favorite weapons of choice to be damaged. The fact that you are more to me than just a weapon makes me a bit more protective I guess Yami-chan."

He wasn't exactly clear as to what he meant by that last part but it was enough that the usually stoic young woman gained a light dusting on her cheeks and looked away abashed. The mindset of Armorers was always a bit weird but weird wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

- Evening -

Naruto found Tama looking out of a window at the city alone. The warm glow of the setting sun cascaded over her frame and evening out with her long white hair was a breathtaking site for him.

As he walked up behind her he spoke out. "You've been pretty quiet lately even for you. What's wrong?"

She gained a small smile as she looked up at the clouds catching the orange glow. "I keep messing things up don't I? I let Freed run rampant for too long. It's because of my carelessness that that saint girl got injured. It's because of my carelessness that even through I far outclassed Freed I messed around too much and allowed him to strike me with that Excalibur not knowing the consequences it would have. And because of how it handicapped me for the rest of the fight you had to shield me."

"Don't worry about it. You aren't the only one to act careless. I do it way more than you do. Besides it all worked out in the end so it's fine. Tama you're an Armorer just like me. Pain is not a foreign feeling to us. Where is that passive murderous intent I've come to love?"

"But still I- wait what?" She her eyes widened at what he said as she looked back only feel his strong arms wrapped around her waist from behind and pulled her in close causing her to blush. Her teeth clenched in response to the close proximity and a dagger appeared in her hand as she stabbed back at him on reflex. But Naruto had been expecting it.

He grabbed her wrist before it could even get far and made her drop the weapon before nuzzling into the side of her neck making her whimper.

"Ahh there's that violent Armorer blood. Come on aren't you going to fight me Tama~?" He ran his tough along the crook of her neck as his eyes started to glow animalistically.

"N-Naru-kun stop..." Her voice got weak as her body shivered from his actions.

"I told you before Tama if you really wanted to stop me you and I both you you could." 'Or at least cause a large amount of collateral damage trying.'

She just whined and fidgeted in his hold. When he spoke with that possessed tone she couldn't deny him even if she wanted to. He found it cute how quickly her switch could be switched too. He moved his head back from her neck and looked at the side of her face and loved her expression. A grin spread on his face exposing his elongated canines. He ran a hand through the long tresses of her silvery white hair loving the feel. 'She smells nice too.'

"What are you do-mmph!?" She yelped as one of her long twintails of hair was suddenly yanked making her head turn to meet Naruto's. Her eyes widened as his lips roughly met hers. He turned her around and pressed her back up against the wall never canceling the kiss. It was nostalgic in a way for her as she got over surprise and her eyes slowly closed. Her arms wrapped around his neck while his were firmly around her waist. His tongue slipped into her mouth insnaring her owns as the wet organs danced with each other like a classic battle. After a couple minutes they pulled apart with there tongues out and half lidded eyes. Tama was panting from it and dazed as a thin trail of saliva connected their tongues. The slowly gained matching smiles as her purple eyes stared into his blue and violet ones.

"Did that snap you out of it?" Her smile widened as her eyes widened in her normal owl-like way. Her hands moved from his neck to his shoulders and grabbed them hard. The passive murderous intent that he had grown used to returned full force as Tama nodded her head.

"Very much so Naru-kun~. There is also something I need to tell you. But it can wait!" He suddenly felt pressure before Tama pushed him through the floor and he went crashing down to the bottom of the house again as they were on the third floor. Naruto was fine but everyone could here Yasaka's stream of curses which made Tama giggle before she touched her lips and blushed at what just happened.

"Things have changed quite a bit since the last time I was here." Naruto looked around while he roamed his mindscape. There was definitely a lot more light than before as everything glowed with the pale glow of a purple moon. The thrones that resembled chess pieces which his persona's usually occupied were still there but now they were floating in the air tethered to the ground by a lone thick chain.

Actually each of his persona's looked a little different than they did before and there were three of them now. His beast(Wolf), Demon, and now God personas were all there and accounted for. They all resembled Naruto with noticeable differences.

His wolf side only had one eye visible under wilder grey spiked hair and a glowing white eye shining through with black scelera and overall looked more feral but still laidback. He had wolf like fur going around his shoulders and chest with clawed hands. The Demon had sharklike teeth and bolded black tribal markings over his body and his horns were more developed than before. His body was wafted in a light black aura as a shape jaw like tail waved behind him.

And the final one was his newly acquired God persona. He had a white hair with matching horns. A red and yellow halo floated above his head as he sported a stoic gaze in his pale pupil-less red eyes with a red shading under them.

All around them were shadows, rocks, and creatures of various shapes and sizes floating about.

Naruto walked onto a platform circle in the center of all three of them as he spoke.

"The game has changed hasn't it guys?" His eyes glowed oddly for a second before they all smirked in there own way and looked up to see a giant red egg covered in cracks only restrained and tethered to the ground by thick metal chains holding it back.

"It's time to start part 2 of our plan."

Naruto blearily opened his eyes as he found himself in a dark room. He tried to get up only to find his body restrained.

"What the..." Some kind of series of metal cuffs were on his arms holding them back. He couldn't move a finger. His legs were also chained to the ground.

"So some's tried to capture me again eh?" He closed his eyes again and stopped his breathing as everything in his body went calm. The wind around him picked up and went towards him as if it were being absorbed like when a strong fire source is near by.

And then it stopped and his eyes suddenly opened with his entire body tensing and with a small shockwave the cuffs on his hands and arms were blown clear off into shrapnel. He stood up but stumbled for a second feeling lightheaded before he shook the cobwebs away.

"Whoever sedated me did a damn good job..." He lifted up his legs sharply breaking the chains before rubbing his wrists and arms. "... along with whoever restrained me." Whatever those cuffs were made of they were on him in a way that prevented him from using his arm muscles. The cuffs themselves were strong enough to stop him from being able to force use out of his muscles to overpower the restraints. Luckily he had more than just raw strength.

The walls of the room suddenly lowered making his ears twitch as the lights turned on and he nervously grinned as he heard a series of clicking before a boat load of lasers pointed at him from a multitude of firearms held by people who clearly had some kind of combat or military experience.

"So my little cousin was right. You have become a much bigger threat. Even Ay would have had trouble getting out of those restraints."

Naruto turned his head in the direction of the female voice and saw a young woman with with a sleeveless black top and gold zipper which hugged tightly to her curves and black combat pants. She stood at a height of 5' 8" and had long silvery white hair and had purple eyes all just like Tama, except her hair was tied in a long braid in the back.

He scowled as the woman who just looked amused at him.

"Najenda..." He looked to the side of the woman to see Tama walking next to her causing Naruto's eye to twitch to which Tama just gave him a peace sign.

Najenda crossed her arms as she now stood right in front of him. "You've cause quite the commotion lately haven't you Uzumaki?"

Naruto groaned as he looked from her to back at his fellow Armorer.

"Tama what have you done...?"


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