Really is pointless to delay the inevitable.

Chapter 34: Red Hot

Ahri watched cautiously from on top of a building, her currently white hair shifting back to white as he still red eyes watched on for her cousin's transformation. Kiba, Xenovia, and Issei were off to the side out of harms way as Asia healed them. Aika watched from a much further distance covertly as she kept in touch with a few of Naruto's network of followers monitoring the situation.

Shio had dashed in a frenzied manner towards Cao making him give out a grin as he grabbed his longinus to stab at her. He blinkd when he cut through her head and she faded into an afterimage.


Shio appeared back in front of him again standing still as she looked at her clawed hand in thought. Her wide eyes darted everywhere as if taking in too much stimuli.

"I can tell some how that you weren't purposefully holding back on that strike yet it looked so slow... It's like I could see such an obvious swing before it happened." Her veins felt like they were coursing with fire and lightning as steam went up her form. Her heart was beating hard but her body was holding up.

"Being an armorer is a wonderful thing. I feel like I understand far more than I ever did, only to realize how little I actually knew about what I thought was my specialty... Combat. Let me correct that."

She let out a visible breath of hot air as she stood balancing on the ball of one foot. She materialized her chains again and detached it from her body causing it to lose it translucent quality as she wrapped it around her arms and spun them lazily.

Cao Cao had been amused by the whole thing and leaned his head to the side as in a blink the head of the chain shot by where his head had been and impaled the building behind him with a crash.

He lost his balance as he found firm legs wrapped around his waist as he was thrown off the ground by how fast the legs caught him.


Shio gave a sly grin at his surprise. It was like she had closed the distance in an instant. Before he could counter or hit the ground she stabbed her hand forward chain and all as it shot off her limb like a harpoon and went through him into the ground below like an anchor. His body vanished right before injury causing her to skid as she caught her self on the ground and snapped her head behind her catching his reappearance near instantly.

"Oh you can teleport too?"

"The Longinus is such a versatile and powerful gear."

Shio sighed as she slouched her posture and scratched the side of her head with the chain spike in hand as soon as she retracted it in a way reminiscent to her head stabbing brother.

"Such a shame that an Armorer would have such low confidence in their nature that they would rely on a god weapon."

It was a minor insult but it was on his armorer pride so he took it seriously.

"Oh believe me broken fox if I was truly using this spear to its best you would be dust in the wind but I don't need its other powers to kill you."

Broken as in broken armorer was his own insult thrown at her and while she recently became an actual armorer in the past few minutes and could be considered repaired she didn't see his words as much of an insult but rather a challenge. She grinned in an insane manner before she blurred out of sight filling the air with killing intent as all you saw was a long chain going in an erratic way through the air accompanied by air displacements from its owner's extremely equally erratic movements.

"Prove it!"

A chain shot through the air faster than they could follow and hit Cao Cao. He was able to block it but greatly underestimate the strength of the girl. A hole was blown in the base of the building behind them as he was pushed through it. He skidded upright rebalancing but was caught again as the chain stabbed and pushed at him, the spear the only thing keeping it from running him through. She appeared in front of him her hand having merged with the end of the chain as she used it to stab him.

She held her other arm out and made a chain eject out of it as well, forming her hand into another spike. The insanity in her gaze was an equal expression that he started to return. She stabbed at him with the other hand before continuing with the other. She kept it up before it her arms went at multiplying speeds, giving the appearance of a barrage of blows gatling across at him. He had to shift his spear as fast as possible to dodge every single blow but he earned her respect as she was impressed he was able to block everyone flawlessly-

A gleam went off from her eye as she stepped forward mid barrage leaving an afterimage of herself behind and went right within his personal space. He was startled when she gave a coy smile and leaned in their face inches apart. He could feel her breath as if time had slowed at that moment.

'The hell is she doing? Surely she's not.' Oh the feminine charms for what he was expecting, and then he felt her suddenly take a sharp intake of air causing him to go alert again a moment too late.

She stomped down on the ground hard cratering it from the force and he bulked over as her fist moved passed his guard to his solar plexus. With a shout of exertion she followed the strike all the way through and he shot up, a gust of went from the displaced air shattering the nearby windows still remaining around them. His body went up the side of a skyscraper almost splitting it and going past it as he went airborne and vomited blood.

Everyone currently watching the fight shocked. They had no opportunity to jump in on this fight. The only one who possibly could was Ahri if she went all out and even she felt like she would get in the way.

Ahri still watching from a safe distance bit her finger in thought a bit worried.

'Was this because of the pill or was this buried potential?'

It was suspected by those outside her family that Shio, the strongest of the vixens was just scrapping into Ultimate class, the only reason why it was hard to tell was of her preference towards assassinating. Those who were her close family however knew more than that.

Naruto was a genius, a prodigy, and arguably perfect in the power sense at this point. His sisters could hardly touch him at this point however even he would admit that was for several reasons. He worked his ass off to get this far, he was the reincarnation of an old god, and he was an armorer. So he was meant to be the strongest youkai and possibly even dragon god. Miso also worked hard so that she could be comparable to her siblings as she was smart like the rest of them but not as much and not as skilled. Even now she was pursuing her magic talent to be of better use to them.

Shio however was the ONLY one of the three of them to get to where she was with only casual effort. Sure she tried when she had to but she didn't have to study like Miso all the time or build up a reservoir of knowledge as hard as Naruto had years prior. She retained everything and understood so much that she was content where she was both academically and offensively. There was no girl she knew other than Ahri who could handle her going all out. She wouldn't fight Rias because while the girl was strong she knew her friend's destructive magic would not be able to catch her top speed.

Fight Tama was the first wake up call for her. Fight a girl around her age who could handle her and her sister at the same time, sure they beat her but they knew Tama was holding back if only a little bit. By herself Tama would have destroyed her and her pride. She felt the difference as if it were instinctual. It was as if she knew even back then that Tama was an armorer and she was just a discounted copy. But that would change now, now she felt as if the missing part of herself had joined her, she couldn't wait to show her brother. How proud would he be, would he praise her, would they be able to fight, would they be able to go at it with burning hot throes of passion as they bleed each other out on the ends of their claws and blades as armorers loved to do?!

She felt a pleasurable shiver go up her spine as she thought about her brother. All this excitement, she could see why Naruto and Tama were so crazy at times. This would take some getting used to for however long this armorer power up lasted.

She coughed a bit as dark blood dribbled out the corner of her mouth.

Only a few seconds had passed as she had been lost in her thoughts. She was snapped out of them as she heard an angry cry above her. Cao Cao looked deranged and angry as spears of light floated around him.

"So you couldn't keep yourself in check could you Cao-chan? Good an armorer should go no holds barred!"

She clenched her first and ganged a huge fanged grin looking positively dark and evil as her tribal markings on her body glowed to life again. Her hair and tails flowed out wildly as she was covered in a malicious, magenta aura.

"This is Armorer state plus Blood Destruction Mode plus fucking Touki! Since I don't know how long it will last I'll dub it LAST RESORT!" The magenta energy compacted on her and darkened giving her a wicked looking silhouette of herself.

Several people around the world blinked as they felt the very powerful energy signature being emitted, specifically her allies, Tama on the other side of the planet, and one dumbfounded Gilgamesh.

"Holy Persecution!"

Cao swung his arm and all the spears started to shoot down at her at an incredible speed.

She looked at them her blood pumping, heart raising, she could fill the heat of her own body burning herself as they were about 10 meters away from her in a second.

'They are coming at me extremely fast... But I need to go faster!'

It was like her movement had actually caused a visible flash of light as a blink later and there was a stream of ricochets off of the surrounding buildings. They wouldn't be able to take much more punishment before they too collapsed. Yasaka can bitch later she was taking care of this.


She saw the demonic maw of her smile in front of him all that way up in the sky instantly as her clawed fingers were inches from her face. This extreme speed should not have been something she could reach.

And just like that he warped behind her and she vomited her precious fluids as she was run through from her liver. He stomped on her back and pushed her of his spear as her body rocketed down to the streets in an explosion of dust.

"Shio!" Ahri was there checking her over. Shio was breathing hard and her eyes glazed as her veins over her body were swelled and dark as her Last Resort left her body. "You've gone too far let us help you."

"S-Sure if you think you can I won't s-stop you." She bit her lip at the pointed look Shio's slitted pupil, while tired directed at her own. 'Ahri wasn't sure if she actually was strong enough to help in this kind of fight but she would die trying happily if it was for a loved one.'

"I'll keep this as a trophy though." She held up her fist which was covered in blood and gave a satisfied smile.

They heard a scream of pain as Cao Cao held his face, blood streaming from his right side. Shio had taken his eye and he hadn't even realized it until after he stabbed her.

"My brother isn't the only one with an uncanny talent for sleight of hand."

"THATS IT. I'M DONE! I wanted a good fight and I got it. But I decided to not nuke this youkai cesspool so that I could get a decent fight out of it. But if you can't survive this then you weren't worth the eye I just lost anyway."

He held his longinus so hard his knuckles popped and it started to glow white, transform, and grow and those below could actually tell he was about to literally nuke Kyoto. He had sent Georg and the others after a few other locations and Yasaka but he had yet to hear from them and it was too late to wait for them now. "Let's see if the Great Red will show up after I rip a hole of space time into these dragon lines!"

"Great he's throwing a tantrum now. Shio rose to her feet looking slightly better gaining a look of surprise from Ahri. Once a vixen of the main branch reached maturity they could tap into leylines just like Yasaka could. Shio and Ahri could do it consciously to an extent. However Shio could flawlessly tap into small amounts of it for specific purposes.

"I may not be my brother, but Kyoto is still my home and I will rather be turned to ash then let you do the same to this nation!"

She held her arms apart as negative and positive energy started to coalesce and she formed her bomb. It was the size of a basketball but was growing in size.

Shio had only recently become familiar with the fact that Armorers could actually, instinctively see the paths of weapons or things treated as weapons. It may have been luck or fate that it lined up as it did but at that moment she saw a red lined path going straight at Cao Cao's chest from the right side. His new blindspot.

She only had literally 1.2 seconds to think about it before a streak of light went by and an eruption of fire and light blew a massive crater in the back half of Kyoto.

All of Kyoto.

They were so lucky somehow the impact effect was contained or else the blast wave would have leveled the city and might have killed them all.

"W-Wha-!?" Cao Cao tried to speak before a torrent of blood spewed from his mouth and he fell down to the ground hard. A huge chunk ripped out of the right side of his body from lung to guts.

A figure fell down from the sky landing next to Shio and groaned.

"Damn Yasaka is gonna run my ear through for that but I think the consequence of not doing so would make her understand."

He shifted his eyes to the barely breathing, sputtering mess that was now the crumbled form of Cao Cao off to the ways from them.

"You're with Gilgamesh right? You better be or else what I'm about to do is going to be a waste of time. Cuz I'm tired of these fucking games and I want him here NOW."

Naruto grit his teeth as black blood bled from his temple from the strain he was under. He was barely keeping himself calm. He was pissed.

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