May 14th, 2558 A.D.

Unknown Location

Covenant Patrol

In the deep vast space as there were fleets of Covenant ships Jul 'Mdama on patrol. Inside the Capital ship a large explosion occurred in the lower port of the ship. Amidst the chaos that soon followed from the destruction, a lone female Sangheili wearing a General combat harness was on the run, being hunted down by a team of Grunts lead by a male Sangheili Storm.

"Don't let her escape." the storm yelled as they searched the hallways of the ship.

She continues run down the hallway, her breathing becoming harder as she fought herself to keep running no matter how much her fatigue was kicking in. Stopping for just a short moment, she spotted a Forerunner LightRifle in a weapons cache at the corner of her sight. With her breathing not catching up in time she takes the foreign weapon and loads it. She hides in the corner quickly, gripping her weapon tightly as she waited with deep patience. Her patience rewarding her as she takes sites of the squad of grunts lead by the Storm Elite pass by.

With great struggle of her breath control she stays as quiet as she could, quietly praying to her Ancestors that the group would just pass by her and leave. As she watched from her hiding spot the group splitting up, she cursed herself as a lone Grunt takes the next corner she hid in and yells out to his team. Just as quick as the Grunt shouted, she took aim shot him down where he stood, but it was too late as the others heard heading towards her.

They spot her and began opening fire on her position, forcing her to stay to cover in the corner she was in and return fire back on them. The Storm Elite growing irritated, throws a plasma grenade that sticks to the corner she was too dangerously closeby. She spots it and jumps out of the way as it explodes. With it so close to her, her vision became blurry, her body hard to move, and her hearing become consumed by a loud ringing.

Just as she was trying to get up to reclaim her bearings with her vision and hearing returning, she found that the Storm Elite had walked up to her and holds his storm rifle up to her face.

"Nowhere to run now general Dena 'Veryanee. Now die Heretic!" the storm elite yelled as he prepared to pull the trigger.

Taking the brief moment she had, she activated a energy dagger from her wrist and slices the Storm's ankle. Forcing the male Sangheili to be stunned briefly in pain, precisely the time she needed to quickly recover and make a run for the docks looking for an escape.

Taking her final chances, She searched for a possible escape pod or something that could get her out of the capital ship. To her good luck she found a nearby Type-57 Phantom dropship she could use to get away. However to her bad luck it was guarded by Two Hunters as they kept watch and guard the dropship.

Dena thinks of how she was going to have to distract these Hunters. They were always a pain even when they were under her command back when she was at war with the Humans. With sigh she decided to take a leap of faith.

Hopping down from her hiding spot, she threw a plasma grenade to get their attention. Forcing one into a guarding position the moment it notice the grenade stuck to it's shield to try and withstand the blast while its brother did the same. When the explosion occurred, it made them flinch by only briefly. Thinking fast, Dena took the opportunity to rush to the nearest Phantom they were guarding and get in the pilot seat. Switching the ship on as fast as she could, she was able to lift the ship off the ground. Of course this got the Hunters attention as they began shooting the ship, even though their efforts did little damage to it. With quick reflexes she turned the ship around and shot them down before quickly turning it around and take off from the Capital Ship.

Meanwhile, another Sangheili General sees the dropship leaving. Knowing very well that it was no longer one of his he took action with his orders.

"Blast her out of the sky, now!" The General commanded as the Grunts hurried to go do as they were ordered. They reached to the ships cannons and began opening on her and she dodges a few shots. She manage to get further but one lucky last shot hit in the back, heavily damaging the ship.

"Shall we continue firing sir?"

"Yes dammit what kind of question is that. We can't allow her to make off with that information hunt her down and kill her at all costs." The general yelled.

"No, let her go. With a heavily damaged ship she'll perish before she'll even crash." A large Brute with a long white beard and a cybernetic left eye ordered as he entered. He wore a blue Jiralhanae Army Commander armor with a long flowing cape.

"But Havuus we can't take that risk!" the Elite general questioned.

"Precisely the reason why I want a scout party to track down her possible landing area and finish off whatever the crash doesn't." the Brute smirked

Back with the female Elite, her heavily damaged ship tries to manage as she flies nearby to a nearby planet she remembers being one of the human colonies called, Sedra. With a deep breath she braces herself to make an emergency crash landing on a open land. She tried to brace herself further for more impact but the crash was too great as it tore the ship up and she ended up being smashed through the other side of the ship like a rag doll.

As the ship comes to a complete stop, it lands close to the Morning Lake location of the planet. Luckily it landed in the lake just where it would not sink completely.

Inside Dena awoke with a sudden feeling of horrible agony as she tried getting up. She checked her legs and found her right leg was broken to the point that the bone tore through her skin. She also felt her ribs were broken and her left arm was also broken. She struggled to try to reach over to the pilot seat. Having to drag herself on the ground to try and pull herself over to the other side of it. Amazingly when she arrived she was on the outer area of Morning Lake and sees Sedra City in a distance.

"They… must know… about this." She mumbles under her breath and continues limping to the City.


Spawn of the Spartans