Title : The Incredibly Silly Adventures of Ginny Weasley & the Perfectly Normal

Muggle Book.

Chapter One.

Author : Valar.

Disclaimer: I own nothing : (

I am making no money from this

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Rating : PG

Pairing : Hermione/ Ginny.

How terribly cliché ' thought Ginny as she looked out her dorm room window, at the dark and stormy night. She rather expected to see Heathcliff come dashing across the school grounds, searching for his lost love.

Hmm, perhaps she really had better stop reading Hermione's ridiculous muggle books.

'In fact' she thought, she probably wouldn't have even considered the weather to be that cliche at all had she not been reading the silly things.

But Darn it! They just reminded her so much of the sweet, adorable 6th year, and well they kind of even smelt like her...... well at least Ginny thought so, as she held the aged book up to her young nose and inhaled once more before drifting off into a rather exciting dream filled sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Morning Hermione" said Ginny, smiling rather inanely, as she slid into the vacant seat next to the 6th year.

"Morn'n Ninny" replied the older girl, smiling around an awfully large mouthful of breakfast, and sounding altogether rather Ron like.

Ginny didn't mind though, actually she thought that Hermione's food filled cheeks, and the small bits of egg stuck to the coners of her mouth made her look very distinguished and terribly mature.

So Ginny promptly decided then and there to spend the rest of her meal staring at Hermione's exquisite mouth.

Unfortunately poor Ginny had hardly even got in a whole minute of 'Hermione-mouth-gazing' before she was rudely interrupted by cruel laughter. She looked up to see Malfoy and his two little minions pointing at her 'Mione and cackling there heads off.

"Well, well Granger" snared Malfoy "Eating for two now are we?!"

"Hey!" yelled Harry, Ron, Neville, Ginny, Fred, Dean, Seamus, George and well basically the whole of the Gryffindor table, though Ginny liked to think she had yelled the loudest!

Malfoy just laughed even harder.

"You know what" Hermione said standing up and pointing her wand at Malfoy "SCREW YOU!!!!!!!!!"

Unfortunately Hermione still had a rather large mouthful of food in her mouth, and her sentence came out more like "Alakazam" .

Suddenly there was a bright pink flash, an obscenely loud pop and the room filled with a rather foul smelling smoke.

"Oops" said Hermione, rather quietly.

The smoke quickly faded (though the smell decided it might as well stick around for the next 12 or so weeks) and a collective gasp sounded across the room - where Malfoy had been standing there was now a very big, very purple, eight eyed flightless jungle bat.

"Brilliant!" roared Hagrid as he came racing across the Great hall with what looked an extremely large butterfly net.

"Been wanting one of 'em fer ages" He told Harry, Ron and Hermione as he scooped up what used to be Malfoy, he then gave Hermione a fond smile and left whistling a jaunty tune.

"Alright Hermione!" Ron smiled, and patted his friend on the back, while shaking his head and managing to look utterly confused at the same time.

Ginny simply smiled 'My hero' she thought, 'My Heathcliff!' she sighed.

Suddenly the bell for the first class of the day rang, knocking most of the students out of there stupor, as they picked themselves up and grudgingly headed of for class - most giving Hermione a good old slap on the back as they filed out of the hall.

Hermione too started to head of, filling her pockets with a couple of dozen bacon strips to eat on the way to her Arithmancy lesson, when something suddenly occurred to her.

She turned back and smiled affectionately at Ginny.

"Hey Gin" she said, " I was telling Lavender about that book I lent you, she thought it sounded terribly romantic or something.... Anyway I'll get it back off you after classes shall I?!" She smiled once more and left.

Suddenly Ginny's entire world fell apart.