On one sunny day traveling the open seas the StrawHat Crew were doing their usual daily tasks. With the crew getting used to not having Vivi on board with them was a hard change for them to get used to, but they understood that she had a country to run and they couldn't be happier for her. But it was certainly not any less crowded, because they have gained a new member in her place, Nico Robin.

Of course this wasn't easy for some members to accept mainly because she was a former enemy, but of course she also won over the crews heart in a rather short time. Now as they were calmly drifting through the water, Usopp, the crews sniper spotted something drifting in the ocean towards them.

"Oi, guys there's something in the water up ahead!" He shouted down from the crow's nest.

"Ohh~! What is it, what is it?!" Luffy, the captain of this small crew shouted with excitement he didn't bother to contain. As he was shouting her ran up to the ship's head which bore a cute lamb headed figure.

"I don't know, it just looks like some black seaweed? Weird." At this, most of the crew has gotten interested in this discovery. As the object grew nearer and nearer the crew contemplated on what it could be.

"Maybe it's a rear seaweed that could sell on the market for millions!" Nami the navigator and treasurer expressed hopefully.

"Hmm, I wonder what recipes I could make with it?" The ship's cook Sanji wondered while taking a long drag of his cigarette.

"Maybe it could end up being a good medicine for burns or infections?" Chopper the crews adorable doctor explained excitedly.

The only members who didn't seem to express any kind of interest in the new discovery was Robin and Zoro, the crew's first mate. Robin was only interested in watching and smiling at their child like behavior. Zoro was training with heavy weights and didn't seem to care about what the others were doing around him, but since he still didn't trust Robin completely he kept a mental note on where she is around the crew.

But as the object came up next to the boat the people looking over the side of the boat can see that it wasn't seaweed at all, but a person!?

I'm sooo sorry to the first chapter being all weird and unreadable! But it's fixed hopefully...