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EPOV - Seven months later

"Edward! Luke!"

The cute kid sitting beside me, who's nestled down into the couch, just looks up and snickers. "Maybe she'll think we disappeared," he whispers.

"Doubt it, dude. She probably saw the car in the driveway."

Queenie's feet click-clack on the floor and quickly round the corner, greeting Bella at the door.

"Hey, girl," Bella says. The two of them have formed a female alliance. Somehow Queenie gets votes and shit. Not sure how that happened. "Where are the boys?"

The big ass dog runs back down the hallway and straight into the family room, selling us out.

"She can't not keep a secret," Luke says, giggling beside me.

"Were you two hiding from me?" Bella asks, coming to stand between us and the television.

"No," Luke says in his higher-pitched voice, the one he uses when he's lying. He's a horrible liar, just like his mother.

I smile up at Bella, letting my eyes rake over her. The light blue scrubs are my favorite, and she knows it.

"Why don't you go pick up the Legos in your room? We've got dinner at MeMe and Pop's house tonight," I tell Luke, ruffling his hair.

"Meme and Pop's! Yay!" he exclaims, hands in the air. "Will Penelope be there?"

"Nah, they'll just leave her at home," Bella teases.

Luke's excited behavior halts as he looks up at Bella with wide eyes. "Seriously?"

Seriously. It's his new favorite word.

"Sure, I bet she'll just sleep anyway," I say, joining in the ruse with Bella.

We're horrible parents.

Parents. It took me a while to go from Edward, the cool guy to Edward, the step-dad, but I'm so there. Something that seemed so far away and completely off my radar was exactly what I needed in life. I just didn't know it. At least not until Bella and Luke showed up. She says that I snuck into her life. Well, she snuck into mine too, right through the back door. I wasn't looking for love or a family or any of that, but I found it… or it found me.

"Edward," Luke warns, turning to me. "Aunt Al would not leave Penelope at home alone," he says, shaking his head. "MeMe wouldn't let her."

"You don't think so?"

"No way, dude. Seriously."

"Yeah, true. Well, I guess she'll be there, then."


Sweet is another new word he uses constantly. He picked that one up from Emmett. Between Jake, Sam, Emmett, Jasper, and my dad, Luke has a lot of bad influences. It's surprising he's such a good kid.

After he takes off down the hall to his bedroom, Bella looks at me with a smile. "Maybe we should leave him at home?" she teases, plopping down beside me and taking Luke's place under my arm.

"Maybe we should leave him with MeMe and Pops," I counter. "You're off tomorrow, right?" Pulling her to me, I kiss the top of her head and then her temple… and then just below her ear, where it makes her squirm.

"On call," she says, distracted by my lips.

"I'll take it." I move farther down, kissing her neck, nipping at her soft skin. In one swift move, I have her under me, lifting her hips, wanting more than I'm able to give her right now. My cock grinds into her heat anyway, begging for a reunion.

It's been less than twelve hours, but he's needy.

"Mom!" Luke calls from his room, making us freeze. "I can't find my light saber. The blue one!"

"In your closet!" Bella yells back.

We stay still for a moment, listening to a door opening and rummaging and then, "found it!"

Bella laughs, looking up at me. "We've got thirty minutes, and I need a shower."

"I'd like to say I'd join you, but we already know that takes longer than thirty minutes."

"And Luke would be asking what we're doing in the bathroom together," she says, groaning.

Yeah, we've had to get creative with our alone time and our lies that we tell when we get caught.

"Rain check?" she asks.

"I'll be cashing in tonight," I assure her, kissing her so hard she groans in pleasure.





"MeMe!" Luke calls as we walk through the door. He sheds his jacket, tossing it on the table in the foyer and jets toward the living room.

I would've been in trouble for that shit when I was his age. "Go hang that jacket up, young man." I can hear my mom's voice plain as day. But not Luke. Nope. The kid walks on water and heals the blind.

"Luke!" My mom calls out in excitement. "I've missed you!"

"You saw me three days ago."

"Three days is too long," she says, squeezing him in a bear hug.

He laughs and then squeals as she tickles his side.

"Mom and Edward said Aunt Al was leaving Penelope at home, but I told them that she wouldn't and that you wouldn't let her. Babies can't stay at home by themselves. Isn't that right, MeMe?"

My mother gives me the look over Luke's head. "That's right. Don't worry. Baby Penelope is in the kitchen with Pops."

"You never left Edward at home by himself when he was a baby, did you, MeMe?"

"Only once," she says, shrugging as she walks by. "But I came right back and got him."

"Oh, that's right," Alice says, chiming in on her way through the living room. "Mom left you in the car seat by the front door." My sister laughs like she's watching Comedy Central.

"That could've scarred me for life," I tell them.

"Oh, you were fine," my mother says, swatting me away. "You don't even remember. The only reason you know is because your father ratted me out."

"Don't let her fool you, son," my dad says, bouncing a small bundle in his arms as he walks slowly around the kitchen. "She was about to have a nervous breakdown when she called me and told me what happened."

"You're over-exaggerating, per usual," my mother says, swatting him with a towel.

"Hey! Man with a baby here!"

"You're fine, aren't you?" my mom coos to Penelope. "You like it when I spank Grandpa, don't you?"

"Hey! Let's keep it PG," Jasper says, walking into the kitchen. "We're not starting sex ed until she's at least old enough to talk."

"What's sex ed?" Luke asks.

"Nothing," we all sing in unison like a choir in church. And everybody says amen.

"Seth W. says he hears his parents having sex," Luke says, settling in at the bar as my mom slides him a pre-dinner cookie. Something else that never would've happened when I was his age.

It's like hell froze over and I didn't get the memo.

"Don't listen to Seth W.," my mom says.

"It's okay for parents to have sex. Right, Mom?" Luke asks.


"How old do you have to be before you have sex?"

"Really old."

"Do you and Pops have sex, MeMe?"


Why must Sunday dinners always end up in inappropriate conversations? You'd think having Luke and Penelope around would make things different, but nope. Just another generation of Cullens who are going to need therapy.





"You sure it's okay for Luke to stay the night?" I ask, helping Bella with her jacket as we ease toward the door.

I'm only asking to be polite.

If she says no, I plan on throwing Bella over my shoulder and making a run for it.

"He's already asleep. Besides, we love it when he stays the night. You know that."

"I know. Just making sure." I kiss her cheek and then lean my head out the door to push the remote start on Bella's SUV. "Oh, and Jake and Sam will be by to get him tomorrow morning. They're taking him to a Comic Con thing."

"How fun!" my mom says, beaming.

She loves Jake and Sam.

"I'll have to get up a little early and make them some banana nut muffins. Sam loves them. He brought my container back by last week and left the sweetest note and a bunch of flowers on the porch," she gushes, placing her hand over her heart. "So sweet."

Yeah, so fucking sweet.

Jake and Sam are becoming the friends you started to hate when you were little because your parents thought they were so well-behaved and that you should act more like them.

A few months ago, they bought my house. They're trying to adopt and needed a bigger place with a yard. Since Queenie and I were basically living at Bella's anyway, I sold them my place. Now, they have coffee and cocktails with my parents on a regular basis. Jasper and Jake golf on Saturdays. Sam has been helping my mom with her new website.

Somehow, we all fit.

It's weird, and it's unconventional and definitely not perfect. But it works.

Luke has three dads, kind of like that '90s television show, except there are three instead of two and we don't all live together. Thank God. He only calls Jake Dad, but that's okay with me. All I care about is that I get to be a part of his life. Everything's better with Bella and Luke…a random Monday night, a random Tuesday night, Sundays at the park, Saturdays hanging out with Emmett and Rose. All of it.

"Thanks again, Esme," Bella says, leaning in for a hug.

After the door closes behind us, we can't get to the car fast enough.

"Drive fast," Bella says, buckling her seat belt.

"Planned on it," I tell her, practically peeling out of the driveway. "We could stop in a back alley for a quickie."

"I want our bed."

Our bed.

Yeah, I want that too.

Five minutes later, we're pulling into the driveway. Before I even have the car in park, Bella has her seatbelt off and the door halfway open.

We race each other up the sidewalk, and Bella giggles as I struggle to get the door open.

"Stick it in, Cullen. Geez," she teases, her hands sneaking under my shirt and down the waist of my jeans.

"Fuck," I groan, partially at the fucking lock that won't cooperate and partially at the fucking hot woman with her hands on me.

When I finally get it, I pull her in and press her up against the wall, kicking the door closed behind us. Blindly, I move us down the wall and press in the code for the alarm, disarming and then arming it again. Picking Bella up in my arms, I walk quickly to the bedroom, my pants sagging because she's already managed to unbutton them and pull the zipper down.

She's fast.

As I toss her onto the bed, her hair fans out around her. She's beautiful. And she's mine—made just for me.

"God, I love you," I tell her, pulling my shirt off and tossing it onto the floor.

"I love you, too," she says, ridding herself of her jeans and panties. No need for pretenses. We both know what's getting ready to go down here.

I brace my arms on either side of her, caging her in. "I'm gonna need this off too," I say, pulling at the edge of her shirt. "I want to see all of you."

Her face disappears from view for a second as she pulls the shirt over her head. I make quick work of her bra.

Thank you, Lord for front clasps.

We take a second to let our eyes and hands roam, needing a minute to appreciate.

"Kiss me," she finally whispers.

I press my lips into hers, and she opens her mouth, inviting me in. Her hands hold my face to hers. As the kiss intensifies, her fingers find my hair. I love when she's desperate and needy.

I love that she wants me as badly as I want her.

I love that we're always on the same page, whether it's fast and hard or slow and easy.

"I need to feel you inside me."

I love that she knows what she wants and she's not afraid to tell me.

I love that there're no longer any walls.

Just her.

And me.

I pull back and kneel in front of her, wanting to watch as I slide inside. Running my fingers between her slick heat, I hiss. She's so wet, ready for me.

"Fuck, Bella. You feel so good."

Her hips lift up off the bed, forcing my fingers deeper. As she begins to ride my hand, I lean back and enjoy the show, my cock weeping, wanting to get in on the action.

"I'm gonna come," she says breathlessly, gripping the blanket beneath her. "Oh, God, I'm gonna come."

I press my thumb to her clit and continue to pump in and out of her. "You're so fucking beautiful," I tell her. "I love watching you come undone for me."

With a cry, her body tenses, and her walls tighten. Unable to wait another second, I hook my arms under her knees and pull her hips onto my lap, my cock slamming into her, causing her to cry out in pleasure. After a few hard thrusts, her body begins to tremble beneath me.

"Oh, my God," she chants, her hands moving from her sides to above her head as she comes back down from her high and joins in the game, pressing herself down. "Fuck."

Filthy words coming out of that beautiful mouth only makes me thrust harder and faster, leaning back to watch my cock slide in and out of her.

Her eyes meet mine when I look back up at her face, and a smirk pulls at her lips.

"Don't look at me like that, Bella. I swear. I'll lose my shit." My words come out in quick bursts, drops of sweat beading up on my forehead.

"Go ahead," she taunts. "Come for me."

Growling, I tilt my head back and try to hang on as long as possible, willing myself to keep control, because this feels so damn good—she feels so damn good. I don't ever want to stop.

Bella's moans and cries are what push me over the edge. Listening to her pleasure is what makes me come. My balls tighten, and then white light explodes behind my eyes. I swear, it's like I'm transformed into another dimension… some Matrix shit. I ride it out until my cock can't take it anymore. Bella writhes beneath me, milking my orgasm.

When I'm spent and can no longer stay upright, I pull out of her and lie beside her, tucking her against me.

"I love you," I whisper, smoothing her hair.

"I love you," she replies, pressing her cheek against my chest.

Fucking Bella is magnificent. But being with her like this is a close second.

Gone are the days of us meeting up in random hotel rooms.

Gone are the days of built-up walls and no strings attached.

We're all in.


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