Natures Child in the Sinnoh Region

Chapter 2: The Path to Freedom

Note From Author: For the few people reading this I have to say thank you for doing so. I have really wanted to create this story for a while, simply because the character Lorcan was really intriguing to me whenever I first wrote him. And for those wondering just because Lorcan has powers DOES not mean his is OP.

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You would think that someone who has spent over a decade with a Grass Type Pokemon that has an attitude like Bryce does would have been able to deal with a little bit of wet grass being slapped in his mouth. However this wasn't a little bit of wet grass. Due to the power of Bryce's Grassy Terrain the previously 4ft tall grass were able to match the tree trunks. It was more of a forest than an actual field, let alone a route. Not only that but the grass had become abundantly thicker, almost to the point where you couldn't see anything. Which was Lorcan's entire strategy. Although some Pokemon appeared in the tall grass that didn't mean they lived in them. This was an easy miss conception made by newer and less experienced Trainers. The only reason they are in the tall grass is to actually eat some of that supposed grass. Or they do it to hide away from pray. If you were to meet a Pokemon in tall grass it was mostly due to a coincidence. That didn't stop them from attacking you though. They naturally didn't trust humans. Anyway the point was that just because a Pokemon is seen in tall grass doesn't mean that said Pokemon lives in tall grass. And Lorcan intended to use the Pokemon's lack of knowledge around the grass to his advantage.

Now he had created an 'even' playing field. Of course the move Grassy Terrain didn't end there as the move not only increased the power of Grass type moves but it also gave Turtwig an adverse ability, in which he could navigate through the tall lengthy grass with little to no problem. With this Turtwig had a clear view of Sandgem Town. And with Lorcan's mysterious powers he could easily sense Turtwigs position. Lorcan's only job was to follow Bryce. Of course that was easier said than done, Lorcan had to deal with the insatiable smacking of leaf upon leaf as every one of them connected with his face. Some of them quite painfully in fact. Now we fast forward 15 minutes later and see the results of his plan.

Lorcan wasn't one to complain about being soaked. He enjoyed the cool feel of the water, the almost imperceptible smell of Chlorine. The way the sun and even sometimes the moon glistened off the water was incredible. To him getting soaked had always been fun. Until now. He certainly did not enjoy the feel of grainy water soaking through his pants, nor did he enjoy the stench of dirty, muddy grass. The way it looked on him wasn't to appealing either as the droplets of water that did slide down his cheek were not clear. In other words Lorcan was not a fan of tall grass. He made no effort to disprove that claim as his face was puckered up into an incredibly sour expression. It didn't help that he could almost feel Bryce's shell buckling and twitching as he resisted the temptation to laugh. He did his best not to look over his left shoulder as he knew the sight of his disdain would make Bryce explode with laughter. Instead he stared upward at the gate to Sandgem Town. It was a slightly bigger town than Twinleaf. It had both a Pokemon Center and a Mart. Two things that Twinleaf did not. and it was next to the ocean. But overall it was very similar to his hometown, with very few houses and a single story school. Of course the main difference was the most distinguishing building there. Professor Rowan's laboratory. His base of operations so to speak. Well one of that. Lorcan knew that this Laboratory of his, although important was not the only base that Rowan owned. He had several around the whole of the Sinnoh region. He suspected that the other Professors did the same. Overall the exterior of the building looked like a normal 2 story home, apart from the blue rooftop and the house connected to the side of it. Lorcan took a deep breath as he prepared himself to move inside the town but he was stopped by his partner in crime(literally now.)

"Turtwig." [Wait.] Bryce said. Lorcan looked towards his Pokemon immediately. Bryce had used a very serious tone. And Lorcan knew that when Bryce got serious that something was wrong. "Turtwig?" [Don't you think it's strange how there are a lot of townspeople around the Professor's Laboratory?] At this his trainer's head practically swiveled as he switched views to the Professor's lab. He's right. Lorcan thought as he observed the crowd of people around the Lab. That almost looks like as if it's a- Before he could finish the thought his eyes picked up on a piece of yellow tape that seems to be stopping the citizens from getting any closer. S**t! Lorcan started running, not caring about the possible danger of running into a police investigation zone. Bryce followed quickly behind unsure of what his trainer had saw but observant enough to notice whatever it was that it was bad news.

The yellow tape that Lorcan had noticed was in fact one of many that surrounded the entire estate of Professor Rowan's lab. After squeezing his way through the crowd, ignoring the looks of disdain at his clothing and the loud commotion, he was finally able to see what all the commotion was about. As he predicted it was not good. The glass window to the left of the doorway was broken. Shards littered the floor making it very dangerous to walk on. There were several different Officers(not all of them Jessy's) inside the yellow tape. They seemed to be investigation the crime scene at hand. Lorcan couldn't help but lean forward. He needed to get a closer look. Before he could lean over the yellow line an Officer Jenny stopped him.

"All of you. Move away from the crime scene!" Lorcan immediately moved backwards, following the crowd. It was one thing to get close to a crime scene full of police officers. It was another to draw attention from one of those Officers. There's nothing to see here. Lorcan thought. It's not like I'm an illegal traveler or anything of the sort. Almost as if she could read his mind the Officer Jenny peered at Lorcan closely. Taking in his appearance and the Pokemon next to him she started to advance on him. The trainer looked suspicious she thought. Lorcan saw this out of the corner of his eye and mentally cursed. He didn't have time to be investigated. Not only would it be bad for him publicly but he needed to find out where Professor Rowan is. Being locked up in a jail cell wasn't gonna help him. As inconspicuously as he could he increased his pace and changed his pattern slightly, as if to lose himself in the crowd of people who were quickly walking away. The change in pace did not pass by the Officer. She quickly followed in pursuit, her suspicions of the young trainer growing. If he was intentionally trying to avoid her than that says a lot based on whether they had committed a wrong action. Lorcan continued on in the crowd as an exhilarating rush gave him everything he needed to plow on. I can make it. We can make it. And it was at this very thought Lorcan realized his mistake, he took the barest amount of time to peak at his side only to realize his greatest fears were very true. Bryce wasn't there. The crowd could have easily separated them. And it's all my fault Lorcan thought. All trainers knew that keeping a Pokemon outside there Pokeball could end with them being lost. That was the type of mistakes that only a rookie would make. And yet I made that very same mistake Lorcan thought before shaking his head slightly. Now's not the time to sulk. I must find Bryce! Lorcan thought. He was about to yell when he remembered that the Police Officer was right on him. If they heard him yell it would give away his position. What a GREAT predicament you have gotten yourself in Lorcan. Just perfect. As his inner mind screamed these sarcastic replies at himself Lorcan did a quick U Turn in the crowd and went back in search of Bryce.

The Pokemon in question had become a bit lost himself. After trying and failing to follow after his master in the crowd he had decided to shuffle through any exposed spaces between the 'gigantic' (in his mind anyway) humanoid legs that dare block his path. Many of the residents looked at the Pokemon curiously but most of them lost interest in him within a few moments after seeing how dirty and disgusting he was. Bryce just did his equivalent of an eye roll and these antics and continued moving on. Surely when his master realized that he had gone on ahead of his partner he would come back for him. But if he did that the Officer Jenny would nab him and then it would be bye bye to their chance at going on an adventure. So all he had to do was meet him halfway. Simple enough in theory. But it was quite difficult when he couldn't move past the gigantic shuffle of feet before him. Grrr. This is ridiculously frustrating. Of course his temper surged and surged as each feet collided with him. Just a little more time till the crowd clears. He was actually surprised that this crowd was so huge. He didn't think it was possible for these many residents to live in this small town. Whatever the case he needed to find his master. And fast. So Turtwig hurried along long, rudely shoving the residents of Sandgem Town. Of course this was not the wisest of moves as one of the residents to offense to that. He blocked Bryce's pathway with his foot. Lorcan's Turtwig was in no mood to deal with such a kid and glared up at him only to see a very peculiar sight. The teen wore a dark red full-sleeved shirt with a dark blue and black jacket over it, a white scarf wrapped around his neck, denim black pants with dark gray and white running shoes, and a dark red hat with a white and black semi Poké Ball on the back. But his clothes were not the peculiar part about him. Bryce was sure that he had seen this kid before. His face was oddly familiar. However the really strange occurrence was when a Munchlax appeared next to him with an apple stuffed in his mouth. An apple?! Bryce thought. Does this Munchlax wanna look like an asshole?! Before Bryce could provide an answer towards his own internal monologue the familiar trainer gave a deep dramatic sigh.

"I should have known you would come." And with that the blanks between Bryce's memory were filled.

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