Succubus - 1 By: Liv

Disclaimer: Kazuya Minekura claims property over Gensomaden Saiyuki. I, on the other hand, claim property over the idea. ( That's all~


When he woke up, he noticed he was with someone else on the bed. Sha Gojyo looked at the body he was hugging and noticed it was the woman he picked up from the mahjongg house. Other than the quilt draped over to them, they had no cloth on.

The door slammed open and someone overly clothed stood by the door frame, obviously in a bad mood. "Get ready, we're leaving."

Gojyo smirked. "Chi, can't a man have his private time?"

"Hm." The blond monk left.

Gojyo sighed and slipped out of bed to get ready.


"Ohayo gozaimasu, Gojyo." Cho Hakkai flashed a smile to the yawning man who came last.

"Ohayo." Gojyo waved lowsily. Upon reaching the boy getting ready to ride on the green vehicle, he held the head and ruffled the brown hair. "Nice seeing you again, saru."

"Naa! Early in the morning!" Son Goku whined and fixed his hair. He waited for the tall man to get into the car before he did so.

"Ikuzo, minna." Hakkai sat on the driver's seat, started the engines and drove off.

Goku held on to Jiipu noticing the monk's bowed head. "Na, Sanzo, why are you in such a bad mood?"

"Already??" Gojyo glanced at his watch-less wrist.

In response to Goku's question, Genjo Sanzo gave a glare to the smiling man beside him.

"Gomen nasai, Sanzo. Did I wake you up too early?" Hakkai's smile never left his face.

"Aa." Gojyo went and pointed behind him. "The sun's just rising." Out of the blue, a bodily noise was heard.

Goku held his stomach. "Na, haraheta desu."

"Chii~ Bakasaru! We just left town and you're already hungry??" Gojyo slapped his forehead.

"Na! It's not my fault, we didn't eat breakfast!"

"Then eat breakfast now, you skinny saru!"

"Teme, Ero Kappa! You should look at the mirror before you tell me that!"

"Oi, oi! These are muscles!" A bright bullet flew in between them causing the two youkais to freeze.

"Yareyare desu ne." Hakkai scratched his head. For a few seconds, there was silence.

"KYU!!!" Suddenly, Jiipu hopped upon encountering a huge rock and he couldn't find his balance any longer. But he still kept going. He bounced and rocked and sometimes leapt and landed roughly.

"Shimata!" Hakkai grabbed tight the stirring wheel. "I can't...stop...the car--"

"Na, Hakkai! Do something!!" Gojyo held on tightly to Jiipu.

"Wa...kari...mashita! Hakuryu! Revert back!"

"Heh?!" Goku went.


"Hakkai! Are you seriously serious with this?!"

"Hakka--" But before Sanzo could even finish, the vehicle had lost its geometric form and everyone slid over to the soil roughly. Some tumbled and some rolled.

Hakuryu was back to being a dragon. He lowered himself to the men on the ground. "Kyu?"

"Shikuso..." Sanzo hissed as he sat up. A few more curses were heard from Gojyo as everyone moved to a sit.

"Daijoubu ka, minna?" Hakkai asked.

"Hakkai, that has got to be one of the most stupid things you did!" Gojyo told him.

"Yareyare desu ne," Hakkai scratched his head. "Gomen nasai, minna." He heard a moan from the boy and turned to Goku. "Goku?"

"Naaa..." Goku went. "I feel dizzy..."

"Nonsense." Sanzo grunted as he stood up along with the others.

"How are your bones, Houshi-sama?" Gojyo teased. "Rickety or what?" He immediately raised his hands in surrender when Sanzo threatened him with his harisen.

"Chi! I'll make yours rickety if you don't stop." Sanzo walked over to Hakuryu who transformed into Jiipu again. "Ikuzo."


"Sumimasen, minna!!"

"Barfing saru coming through!!" Gojyo added to Hakkai's announcement as they charged into the residence after a woman had let them in. Goku's arms were rested heavily over their shoulders while he tried hard to cope up with his balance.

By the time Sanzo came inside the home of the baffled people, vomiting noises came from the bathroom.

"Chii~ that disgusting saru!" Gojyo said as he left the room with Hakkai. His head was rested against his crossed arms.

Hakkai turned to the people and bowed. "Gomen nasai, minna."

"Daijoubu desu."

Sanzo turned to the newcomer. She had a long brown hair, a huge lock of hair covering her right eye. She wore a yellow oriental dress and had a huge opal earring hanging on her right ear.

*An opal earring...what could that be for...?*

Hakkai turned to the newcomer and bowed once more. "Arigatou gozaimasu, oneesan."

"Dou itashimashite." The woman bowed back and turned to a table with a pile of letters. She opened the drawer and took out a blade and a letter.

"Na, what do you do around here?" Gojyo approached the woman, his hands in his pocket. "You seem to have a lot of people living inside this house."

"Otoosan owns a relic shop." She smiled at Gojyo while opening the letters. "So you work?"

"Hai." She nodded.

"Do you have work later night?"


"So, you're free?"

The woman laughed and turned around to a smiling half-youkai. "Why so many questions?"

"Can I ask you out?"

The woman blinked. Without hesitation however, she nodded. "Hai. I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind."

Gojyo still had that smile on. "Nani mo da?"

"Liu Chang...Liu Chang desu."

"Ore wa Sha Gojyo desu."

"Sou ka, hajime mashite, Gojyo-san." Liu Chang bowed. "Anou...I'll go ahead and look for clothes to wear."

"In the meantime, I'll wait for you." Gojyo watched the woman climb up to her room.

*Everything...looks so scripted.*


*Have we fallen into another trap...?*


Sanzo turned to Hakkai who was on his right.

"Daijoubu ka?"

"Aa." Sanzo looked at where the woman had gone.


Sanzo took a step forward for balance upon feeling Gojyo's weight on his shoulders. He turned to the man.

"Bouzu-sama is suspicious again? You're getting older than I thought, Sanzo."

"Chi! It's not like I'd care if you die now." Sanzo pushed Gojyo away from him.

"Eh?" Gojyo blinked.

"Something is terribly wrong. Something I can't put my finger on." Sanzo turned to the stairs again. "Something about her."

"Gojyo," Hakkai saw Gojyo turn to him. "Kyosukete kudasai. Sanzo sounds serious."

Gojyo sighed and pocketed his hands. "Hai, hai! If it makes you feel better, Hakkai."

Hakkai wasn't contented with Gojyo's answer. But he had no choice but to be. "Onegaishitemasu...Gojyo."

"Naaaaa!" Goku stumbled out of the bathroom. "Ore wa haraheta desu!"

"Bakasaru! You just vommited!"

"Ne, Gojyo! That sounds so vulgar!"

"It's the truth!"


"Uruse! Kono BAKAsaru, you're too noisy."

"Naaa! Sanzo!! Let's look for a restaurant! Sanzo!!"

"Uruse! ...Ikuzo."



"Otoosan used to teach me how to play mahjongg. Oniichan taught me all the techniques. So, I was pretty good on mahjongg. Demo, that was a long, long time ago." Liu Chang related. They were eating in a nearby mahjongg house Liu Chang recommended.

"You seem to have a big family." Gojyo observed.

Liu Chang laughed and nodded. "We need more hands." She felt someone grab her right arm and pull her to a stand. She shrieked surprised of a huge man's actions.

He was nauseatic and obviously drunk. "Oi, oi, dance for me, will ya??"

While Liu Chang shouted 'Yamete!', Gojyo simply lit a cigarette. He puffed once and pressed the lit end of the stick against the man's skin. "Oi."

Liu Chang dropped to a seat as the huge drunkard shouted in pain and started saying something she couldn't understand.

Gojyo returned the cigarette stick back to his mouth and mimicked a talkative man with his hand. "Urusai, you talk so much. Women won't like you."

"Nani?!?" The man glared at Gojyo. With a loud cry, he threw a punch over to Gojyo.

Calmly, Gojyo stood away from his chair watching the table turn to smithereens. He turned to the seated woman. "Daijoubu ka, Liu Chang?" He saw her nod. He turned to the drunkard and smashed his foot over to his back heavily sending the drunkard down. "Oi, go get some diet." He smiled at Liu Chang. "Ikuzo. This place has turned chaotic."

"Anou...hai." Liu Chang stood up and walked beside Gojyo. She stopped and turned to the standing man and returned to walking.

Gojyo was to leave the mahjongg house when he heard someone call him at the back. When he turned around, he felt his skin being cut open five times near his shoulder. He shouted loudly in pain and fell back sliding downwards the wall while Liu Chang shrieked for him and covered his wound with her hands. Pain was etched on his face. His eyes opened to a glare. "Teme!!!" He grabbed a chair and threw it over to the huge man knocking it out and letting it drop heavily down the floor.

Silence enveloped the mahjongg house.

Liu Chang looked around, uneasy of the silence. "I, ikuzo, Gojyo-san." She helped him stand up ignoring the blood on her hand and left with him.


"Itaiii..." Gojyo hissed. He was in an alley where Liu Chang wrapped his wound with a clean strip of cloth she tore from her outfit.

The blood was still on Liu Chang's hand. "Daijoubu desuka, Gojyo-san?"

"Better." Gojyo tried to move his shoulders but it hurt. "So much for our date." He turned to Liu Chang. "You have to go?"

Liu Chang nodded. "Aa."

"Then, I'll walk you home." Gojyo offered.

Liu Chang smiled and nodded again. "Arigatou gozaimasu, Gojyo-san."


Liu Chang watched Gojyo leave from the window of her room in the topmost level, her hands still stained with blood. When Gojyo was gone, she slowly lifted the hand to her lips...and licked the blood.

- End of Part 1 -