center Revenge of another kind Chapter 2/center

A bright burst of light came and a ghostly figure came fourth. Slowly, the figure became into a solid figure. It was Dal!

She walked to Johnny and gave him a hug. She was real. Slightly and Jukes just stood there, amazed that she was here. Johnny wiped his eyes and said "What are you doing here?"

Dal smiled and said, "I'm here to help you destroy our parents. There here to kill us for leaving. And you have your powers back, just like I have mine." Jukes arched an eyebrow.

"Powers, what powers?" he said, before Dal gave him a big 'ol hug.

"When I was little, I had these powers. I could open windows with only touching the glass. I could unlock doors from the outside, and I could also teleport as well as many other things. But as I got older, I lost them. I lost my final power when I 'died'." Johnny explained.

Slightly was giggling from the corner. Dal was tickling his stomach and they were both getting into a laughing fit. Slightly looked at Jukes and Johnny's strange looks and smiles. He told Dal to stop it and she did.

"I had powers too. As well as teleporting, I could make things levitate, make things go up in flames and I could also sense when our parents were coming close. They are somewhere on the island, but I cant find them." Dal said, while sitting on a barrel. "Their mad and they'll do anything to get us and tear us to shreds."

Jukes put a hand to his chin and said, "'There's evil in it' mad, or angry mad?"

Dal's eyes went wide. "Both." She threw her arms out and nearly fell on her butt.

"But how could they still be alive? They should have died long ago." Johnny sat next to his sister. Slightly sat next to Johnny and Jukes took the spot on the end.

Dal sighed and put her hands on her lap "I thought so too. But there is another thing I found out. Last night, I heard from a reliable source...that there is a vampire and a witch on the island. Those are our parents. Pop is a vampire and Mom is a witch. That's also how we got our powers. They hid them from us, so we wouldn't use them against them."

Slightly stared at Johnny, then at Dal, then back at Johnny and scooted away from them. "What is a vampire? Wendy slightly told us what a witch is when she told us the story i The Wizard of OZ/i, but she never told us about vampires."

Jukes crossed his arms and acted smart when he said "Vampires are men that drink other peoples blood. They can turn into bats and fog. They have big fangs and are deathly pale. They are the undead and they can [I] kill[/i] people. They have no reflection and they bite people to get the blood they need to survive. But they are only awake at night. They also hate crosses, holy water, garlic and light. Those things can kill them. So can a wooden steak thought their heart." Jukes put his hands over his heart and fell to the floor, pretending to be dead.

Slightly gulped. "H-hh--how do you know all that stuff?"

"When you live with Mullins, you hear about almost every creature of the dark." Jukes sat up. "Well, doesn't that mean that you two should be vampires or witches?"

Dal sighed. "Thank God no! We only got their powers. We don't need blood to survive and garlic is great on clams. I'm hungry. Is there any good food on this boat, or do I have to go to the island to get some?"

The pirates looked at each other and said at the same time "Go to the island."

Slightly and Dal went to the island while the pirate children continued work. They decided to meet on the beach at sundown to find Daniel the vampire and Shelly the witch.


At about noon, the island was in the path of a terrible storm. Rain drops the size if golf balls! But the pirate, Lost boy and 'ghost' still met on the beach. When the 2 pirates left, the others were asleep after a long day at work.

"We've got to get under some shelter till the rain dies down!" Jukes yelled over the commotion of the rain.

A bolt of lightning hit the ground and the four friends ran under a never oak tree. "How long do ya think the storms going to be this strong?" Slightly asked Jukes.

"Only a little while longer." Jukes replied.

After about a half an hour, the storm died down to a sprinkle. It was then that they ran to the forest. "We've got to hurry," Johnny said. "The storm will pick up again soon."

Johnny was right. But even when the storm got really bed, they still searched. After two hours of searching, they almost gave up. Till Johnny heard something. "Did you guys hear something?" Everyone else said no and continued to look. Then Jukes heard it again and took out his cutlass.

"I hear... footsteps. Maybe I'll go check it out." Jukes said, and walked in the other direction. There was a loud thud and a scream for help. The three friends looked at each other for a sec and ran to Jukes, but they were too late. Jukes was laying on the ground and a vampire was standing over his lifeless body.

"Jukes!" Slightly yelled and ran to his friend. Another figure ran into him and hit him over the side of the head with a tree branch.

Dal pointed at a tree branch and yelled "FIRE!" The tree set on fire and the two figures ran, carrying the children with them. The brother and sister ran after them, but they were too slow in the storm. Their friends were gone.


Shelly had a broad grin on her face when they reached camp. "We got um." and she started to laugh evilly and she threw the body on the ground. She gasped when she saw a little boy on the floor. "I though-- ahh! I don't believe I got the wrong one!" She picked up a piece of wood and hit Slightly with it. He gave a yelp and was out like a light.

Daniel threw Jukes to the floor and looked at him unhappily. Then he got a great idea and smiled his evil smile. "No. This is good."

Shelly kicked Slightly and ripped the hat of his head. "W-what did you say?! No this is not good! We want our children and we got their friends! This isn't g--" Daniel was chocking her with his strong hands. He picked her up by her neck and lifted her off the ground.

"You fool. This is for the better. We'll get the information we need out of the children. And if they refuse," he laughed then spat on Jukes "We'll eat them." Daniel threw the witch on the ground.


Dan circled the boys once again. Jukes and Slightly were tied to a chair and Dan had been questioning them for the past hour. He couldn't squeeze one answer out of either of them.

"For the last time, I WONT tell you a thing!" Jukes yelled.

"Oh, I'm not asking you for an answer child. I'M DEMANDING ONE!!" Dan slugged Jukes for the third time in the past ten minutes.

"Let me talk to them, Dan. Me being a mother can get ANY answer out of them." Shelly whispered to the vampire.

"Fine! But if they don't answer you, them we'll hang then upside down and let all the blood drain to their heads till they explode!" Slightly gulped and started to quiver at the thought of exploding.

Shelly walked to Slightly and put a comforting hand on his shoulder. "Am I scaring you, young man?"

Slightly nodded sheepishly and tried not to look at her.

Shelly smiled. "Good."


"Do you see them?" Johnny yelled up to Dal. She had climbed a tree with hopes to find their friends.

Dal frowned and looked down at her brother. "No. Not a sign of them. Maybe we should search the beach again."

Johnny arched an eyebrow. "Are you kidding me? We looked there about twenty times!" Johnny sighed. "Were looking for a camp and we cant even find it to save our friends! Mom and Pop might have killed them by now."

Dal looked at her brother in disgust. "I don't believe you just said that. Jukes and Slightly are your best friends and you cant even look for them for more than an hour!"

Johnny dropped his hands to his sides. "We've been searching for them for over an four hours! Lets take a breather, alright?"

Dal rolled her eyes and climbed down the tree.

Johnny took a seat next to a log and Dal sat next to him. "Johnny, do you think we'll ever find them?"

Johnny looked up at the cloud filled sky. "I hope so."

Dal wiped a tear away from her eyes "I just hope that Mom and Pop aren't hurting them."


Shelly had just about given up before Jukes cracked.

"Fine... I'll tell you." Jukes swallowed and sniffled. "Do you know...the muffin man?"

Shelly rolled her eyes and smacked the gunner. "Don't give me that horse shit, boy!"

Dan laughed and looked at his witchy wife.

Shelly grunted and Slightly gave a little giggle. The witch's eyes shot right at Slightly. "Did I hear you... laugh?"

Slightly's eyes got wide and he tried not to look at Shelly. "N-n-no."

"N-n-no what?" Shelly mimicked.

"No m'am." Slightly spat out quickly.

"For the last time, my little brats! Where are our children? Or do I have to use force on you both!?" Shelly stared right into Slightly's eyes. He tried to close them, but for some reason, he couldn't. It felt like someone or something was keeping them open.

Slightly kicked Jukes' leg and tightened his hands into fists.

Jukes' eyes narrowed and he thought, What the hell is going on here?

Shelly smiled and looked away from Slightly. She had a very accomplished look on her face while she walked to Daniel.

Slightly had tears running down his face and he closed his eyes tightly.

Jukes looked from Slightly to Shelly and back again. "What's wrong Slightly?"

"She knows... where they are."

"What? Dal and Johnny?"

"No... the lost boys."