"Here's your new mission X. A new crime lord has been voted into place out in Los Angeles. His first day on the job and we're already getting reports on him. He's been asking around about the alpha chip. Heard of it before?" Gibbons asked as he slid the file across the desk to Xander Cage.

            "Yeah it enables the user to hack into any computer system it wants to. Still requires some work though, even with the chip."

            "Well he's been asking a lot of people about it. You know the usual, the person and their family, threatening them. We're worried about what he'll do with the chip. It can hack into the CIA, NSA, and a few other tight locked areas. In those data bases are the entire lists of all the undercover agents we have throughout the world. You can imagine what would happen if that list got out into the open."

            "Yeah, mass murder spree," Xander said as he slowly flipped through the folder.


            "Does he have anyone close to him? Like a mistress or girlfriend?" Xander asked leaning back in his chair.

            "He has an estranged wife and a fifteen year old son who hates his father with a passion. Those are the only two that I would consider close to him," Gibbons said as he stood up and walked around the table.

            "So I'm to go in, see if he has the alpha chip and bring it back if he does."

            "And if possible dethrone him, but that would be like the cherry on top. The FBI would love it if we could put him in jail. If we do then they'd tack on a few charges to make him disappear into the system."

            "Sure aren't asking for a lot are you Gibbs? Okay I'm off to Los Angeles to dig up dirt on Frost," Xander said and grabbed the file before leaving the room.

            A few hours later Xander was walking the streets of Los Angeles getting closer to Frost's wife's place. The sun was already set but it was early in the evening. Passing an alley he paused hearing something that sounded odd. Taking a detour he wandered down the alley and came across a small group of teenagers surrounding one teen. Nearing them he cleared his throat and looked at all of them when they turned to look at him. The teen they had circled had a bloody lip and a black eye and it seemed to be one against about five or six.

            "Seems to me this is a slight unfair advantage you guys have. So why don't you boys run along and leave my little friend alone," he said choosing to do his deed for the week.

            "And what if we don't?" one asked who looked to the oldest.

            "Well then you're going to be messing with me and that is something you don't want to do," he said as the kid walked up to him.

            "And why is that?"

            "Because I really don't want to add your name on the list of people I've killed, now leave before I put you on the list," he said and saw the look of fear pass over the kid's face.

            The kid and the group left leaving the teen they had ganged up on. Looking at him Xander realized that it was Frost's son.

            "You're Cole Taylor, aren't you?" Xander asked recognizing the face from his file.

            "Yeah so what if I am?"

            "I was actually on my way to see your mother," he said honestly knowing that it was the best way to go with a fifteen year old.

            "What do you want with my mom?" he asked cautiously and Xander had to respect his protectiveness.

            "I want to talk to her about some things."

            "You want to talk to her about my father. Don't you?" he asked and Xander slowly nodded his head.

            "Yeah I do actually. You want to walk with me since I'm heading that way?"

            Cole eyed him warily and slowly started walking towards Xander and eventually passed him signaling to Xander that it was okay with him. Quietly he walked after him and quickly caught up to him with only a few strides. The two of them walked out the alley and down the street and Xander looked around him but discreetly watched Cole as they walked down the sidewalk. The young boy was slightly grimy and it was apparent that he was on the streets the majority of the time. His dark brown hair was straggly and a bit grimy and he had a bit of grease smeared on his cheek.

            "So how many cars did you jack today?" Xander asked and saw the shock on the kid's face.


            "Your pocketknife in your pocket that I can see tells me. It's been altered for a car jacker with the wire shavers and a master key. That and your hands have the slight burns on them from the wires that shocked a temporarily careless car jacker but you're no rookie are you?" he asked with a smug look knowing that the kid wouldn't admit it.

            "How many guys have you killed?" Cole asked avoiding the question.


            "You told Brad that you killed a lot of guys and that you were going to make him one of the dead guys."

            "Oh that. I killed only the really bad ones who tried to kill me. But they had it coming to them," he said and looked down at Cole with a slight smirk.

            "And you want to kill my father?"

            Xander turned and looked at him shocked a bit at Cole's insightfulness. Xander had to think quickly about what to tell the young boy. Looking at him he could tell that Cole had no close love for his father.

            "And if I tell you honestly that I was here to put him away. Not exactly kill him but stick him in jail for a few long years what would you say?" he asked stopping and turned to the young boy.

            Cole also stopped and turned to look up at Xander. The young boy and wise agent looked at each other and took the other in and evaluated their opponent.

            "I'd say: how can I help?"


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