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"Please Traffy!"
"There is no way in hell I'm pretending to be your boyfriend just so you can trick your family!" Two raven haired guys stood in a dorm room. The younger was begging his friend and dorm mate to pretend to be his boyfriend home for a reunion.

Luffy looked pleadingly at his friend. "Come on Traffy it's only for a few weeks I'm begging you!" Trafalgar D Law glared at his younger dorm mate. "Why don't you ask Zoro-ya or Sanji-ya?" Luffy frowned "my brothers already know all my friends besides you so they would know it wasn't real."

Law sighed sitting at his desk. He looked at his raven haired friend. "Luffy-ya I have a boyfriend and I don't think he'll like me pretending to be with someone else." Luffy shook his head "no I already asked and Kidd said he didn't care as long as we didn't sleep together!"

Law stayed silent looking over his roommate. Luffy was on his knees begging. The older guy sighed "fine but you owe me big time for this!" Luffy cheered tackling Law in a hug. "Thank you so much Traffy! You're a life saver!" Law rolled his eyes "why do you feel you need to bring someone to this reunion anyways?"

Luffy paused eyes becoming slightly sad. "My brothers always tease me about not being with anyone same with the rest of my family. They just don't understand I already love someone!" Law was shocked to hear this. He sighed again "you should just come clean and tell them this I'm sure they'd understand."

Luffy shook his head rapidly "I can't they'd want to meet them and I just can't do that! Plus my family wouldn't understand they're all weird!" Law could defiantly believe it seeing how his younger roommate was so weird.

It suddenly clicked in Laws head "don't tell me the ones you love are your brother?" Luffy blushed lightly looking away "we're not blood related brothers but we grew up together and I know it's weird and I know they don't feel the same so I decided to just live with it."

Law nodded "that's understandable but you should be happy as well Luffy-ya." Luffy grinned "I am happy just being able to be around them!" Law shook his head deciding not to dwell on it any longer. "Is there anything I should or shouldn't say while meeting your family?" Luffy shook his head "just be yourself Traffy! Ah but don't go anywhere alone with Ace or Sabo!" Law looked at him questioningly and Luffy noticed the look he grinned. "You might not come back!"

Law stared shocked 'what the hell have I gotten myself into? Do his brothers have a brother's complex or something?' Luffy grinned laughing at Laws look. "Shishishi~ Ace and Sabo don't like me having guy friends or boyfriends, they either move really far away or avoid me I wonder why?" Luffy was looking thoughtful. Law shook his head "whatever when do we leave for this reunion?" Luffy looked over to the older man "tomorrow morning we catch a plane. Dad will most likely pick us up from the airport."

The two ravens stood in the crowded airport looking around for someone. "Luffy!" The straw hatted raven turned around before spotting a mop of red hair and a women with green hair.

Luffy grinned happily running to the red head "shanks!" He jumped on the older man wrapping his arms around his neck. Shanks held the energetic man grinning. "Hey anchor I haven't seen you for a whole year! Where were you last reunion?"

Luffy forced his smile to stay up "I was busy with school so I couldn't come." Shanks frowned but then noticed the guy standing behind Luffy. "Hey anchor is this another of your friends?" Luffy looked back at Law and grinned "nope he's my boyfriend!"

Law was expecting to maybe get a stern look or even a glare but the older red head was looking at him like he was going to kill him! Shanks glared at the older raven. "Oh do Ace and Sabo know about this?" Luffy shook his head "nope I wanted to surprise you all!"

Luffy pulled away from Shanks and went to Law connecting their hands. Luffy grinned "this is Trafalgar D Law! We've been dating for almost a year now!" Makino the woman with Shanks smiled hesitantly "it's nice to meet you Law-san." He nodded "you too ma'am." She smiled "my names Makino I'm Luffy's aunt and this is Shanks my husband."

Shanks was still glaring at Law before turning "we should get to the house I'm sure Ace and Sabo are going to love this." Luffy frowned noticing Shanks upset figure. "Are you okay Shanks?" The red head turned grinning but it was fake "of course anchor but we don't want your brothers eating all the food now do we?"

Luffy looked horrified at the idea he dragged Law and Shanks forward. "We need to hurry before they eat everything!" Makino smiled at the younger boys antics. She shook her head 'this year's reunion is going to be quite interesting especially if that boy really is Luffys boyfriend.'

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