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Ace and Vergo were both panting and bloody. Ace was covered in bruises from the pipe. But Vergo had chunks of skin ripped off from the fire crackers. He stumbled glaring at the raven in front of him.

"I, I won't lose!" Vergo pushed his body lunging at Ace again. The freckled man managed to side step and smashed his elbow into the man's neck. Vergo fell forward completely defeated.

He couldn't move any time he tried to move he fell back to the ground. Ace glared down at him coldly. "Just stay down there you bastard this is over! You lost and I'm taking Luffy home!"

Ace turned his back on him and rushed to the tied up raven. Luffy was breathing deeply and his eyes were unfocused. "Lu! Hang on Lu don't worry I'll get you out of here."

Luffy smiled wrapping his worn out arms around the man's neck and burying his face in Ace's neck. "Ace, thank you." Luffy's held fell back as he passed out completely.

Ace cursed making his way out of the room. "Damn it! I got to hurry up and find the others then get the hell out of here!" The raven walked down the halls carrying his limp brother.


Sabo clashed with Doflamingo again. Both were breathing heavy and glaring at each other. "Fufufu! You and your brother are two of the most annoying pests I have ever met. Why don't you just give up and leave the boy here with me?"

Sabo growled swinging his pipe down harder on the man's sword. "I will never leave Luffy with you! If I turned my back on him now then I would have no right to call him my brother! I'd have no right to say I love him! So I won't give up not until Luffy is safe away from you!"

Both blondes jumped back. Sabo launched at the man and managed to hit him in the ribs with his pipe. Doflamingo cursed holding his now broken ribs. He sliced hitting the younger boy in the chest.

Sabo's shirt ripped and he flinched from the sting of the wound on his chest. Blood slowly seeping out of the wound. The blonde didn't pay the wound any attention and quickly went after the older man.

The two clashed swords glaring at each other. Doflamingo let out a loud shout when pain ripped through his lower half. Both looked down surprised seeing a sword sticking out of his stomach.

"You should never let your guards down even if you think there's only one opponent." Doflamingo glared at the brat behind him. Law smirked smugly twisting the sword before ripping it out.

Sabo made his way over to the doctor standing next to him. Doflamingo held his bleeding wound trying to slow down the bleeding. He stumbled back falling into a wall and slowly slide down the wall.

Law glared down at the man coldly. "Where is Cora-san? You're going to die Joker so just tell me where he is."

Doflamingo chuckled weakly. "Fufufuf~ Look for him yourself brat! Good luck finding him Law." Slowly the man breathing stopped and he was gone.

The raven cursed sheathing his sword. Sabo looked at the man confused. "Who's Cora-san?"

The two began making their way down the hall. "He's like a father figure to me, he saved my life when I was younger and I thought he had died but I found out later that he was still alive."

Sabo nodded in understanding following the raven down the halls. "Oi! Sabo! Law!"

Both stopped looking behind them. Sabo smiled widely rushing to meet his brother. He frowned seeing the state their younger brother was in. "What's wrong with Lu? Is he alright?"

Ace nodded looking worried. "I think he's alright. I'm not for sure but he should be fine for now. Anyways we need to hurry up and get out of here so we can get Lu to the hospital."

The blonde nodded looking over to Law. "Ace did you see any other prisoner when you were coming up."

Ace nodded looking confused. "Yeah there was this blonde dude and I let him out, he thanked me then made his way out of the estate." Law looked over sharply.

"What did he look like? Did he tell you his name?" Ace blinked at the doctor before nodding.

"He said his name was Rosinante and he was a tall blonde looked a lot like the flamingo bastard though." Law rushed pass the three heading for the outside of the estate.

Ace and Sabo blinked surprised before shrugging and taking off after the raven. They were all determined to get the hell out of there.

The group made it outside when the place was surrounded by helicopters and men in suits came rushing out. They pointed guns at the group who all stopped in fear.

"Wait! Those brats are my grandsons!" Garp walked out holding his hands out to stop the men from shooting. Ace and Sabo sighed in relief that these men were on their side.

They could finally rest knowing there brother was no safe. Both boys collapsed to the ground utterly exhausted and worn out.

Luffy groaned opening his eyes. He stared at the white ceiling confused before the memories came rushing back. "Ace! Sabo!" He shot up wincing in pain.

"Oi calm down Lu we're right here." Sabo placed a hand on the younger man's shoulder smiling gently. The raven looked at the two sitting on either side of him. Tears welled in his eyes and he wrapped his arms around the two.

"Thank you! Thank you both for saving me! I was so scared!" The two brothers held the youngest tightly not wanting to let go ever.

Ace shot a look to Sabo and they both nodded pulling back. "Look Lu me and Ace need to tell you something, it's really important and we don't know how you're going to react."

Luffy looked at the two now worried. Ace took a deep breath before blurting out. "Meandsabohavebeeninlovewithyouforareallylongtime!"

Luffy blinked confused and turned to the blonde. Sabo sighed blushing red. "What he's saying is me and him have been in love with you for a really long time we both love you Luffy."

Ace and Sabo were looking away from him blushing bright red. Luffy blinked before it registered in his brain what they said. Luffy grinned widely and pulled both closer to him.

He leaned in smashing his lips with his raven brother. Ace was too shocked to move. Luffy pulled back before pressing his lips to Sabo. The blonde was able to respond moving his lips with the younger ravens.

Luffy pulled back grinning brightly at the two. "I love Ace and Sabo too!"

This is the end people! If anyone wants I could do a small sequel about their relationship but it's all up to you lovely readers!