A/N: So, before I do anything I just wanted to say that you are all extremely perceptive and give me WAY too much credit. I'm really not that good at plot twists. I'm sorry to disappoint, but no, Padme is NOT pregnant. I made an error (yes, I got caught up in the moment and forgot the whole contraception thing - silly me), but I want to make it clear that no adorable little twins will be appearing in this story... not yet anyway. Honestly though, the amount of reviews telling me that it would make a good twist actually had me second guessing my whole plan - yes, I have a plan. But it would ruin it, so I just left it alone. So, yeah, I'm sorry.

Back to my plan. I'm thinking this is going to be a 3-4 part Saga (I can't really believe it myself). I actually do have a big grand plan for everything and I really hope you stick by me, because I've never had this much support for a story before and honestly, I don't want you guys to leave me *sniff sniff* (god I'm such a sap. I think it's because I've had too much wine tonight...)

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This epilogue is just a little bit of fluff. No cliff-hangers. No twists. Just fluff. I feel like they deserve that though, after the emotional rollercoaster I put them through, right? And, it sets up the scene for how their relationship will play out in the sequel.

So, for the last time, enjoy! xx

Padme was nervous. Incredibly nervous. She shouldn't have been. It was only Anakin. But her skin was crawling with anticipation, her heart was thumping unnaturally loud against her ribcage, her breath quickened. She squirmed as she stood there, waiting for him. It had been two weeks. Two agonisingly painful weeks of broken communication over the phone, trying to catch each other at the right time, Wi-Fi cutting out as they Skyped in the library. She longed to see his face, to feel his strong arms around her, feel his lips against hers, his hair between her fingers. She'd missed him.

Of course, she knew it was expected. They were being foolishly optimistic if they thought they'd be with each other every weekend. Anakin had just started university and there had been orientations and parties and functions and his first week of classes. He had been incredibly busy and couldn't manage to get away, even though he'd apologised profusely to her, full of disappointment and remorse.

Padme didn't blame him. She had been busy as well. First week back at Harvard and she had been hit with two assessment pieces and a heavy amount of readings. And then there were her friends, wanting to catch up, go out for drinks, party, have coffee. It had been a hectic two weeks of socialising, and as much as Padme had enjoyed it, she couldn't wait to spend the weekend curled up with Anakin.

Her eyes flicked to the monitor. The flight from Chicago was landing in ten minutes. Ten minutes. Ten minutes until she saw him again. She bit her lip in anticipation, her hands fiddling in front of her, unable to keep still.

Those ten minutes had been the longest of Padme's life. They ticked by at a torturously slow pace, though it didn't help that she kept flicking her eyes at the time on the screen every three seconds. Time tended to take a while when you stared at it; like watching grass grow. Eventually, though it felt like an eternity, his plane came into land, and soon the doors were opening and people were filing out of the terminal. She bounced on her toes, scanning every face, searching for a glimpse of him.

And then there he was. Suddenly, there was no one else in the room. It was just him and her. He ducked his head as he walked out the door, his blue eyes searching until he found hers. A wild, gorgeous grin broke out on his face, and it made her laugh madly, tears brimming in her eyes as she took him in, all lean and beautiful and real. She ran to him, not caring who was watching, and he barely had time to put his bag down before she launched herself into his arms, clinging to him desperately as though he was going to disappear. Her face was pressed against his chest and his arms came around her and she was home, caught up in the smell of him, that heady Anakin smell, and the feel of him, his strong arms, his hard body, his frantically beating heart.

They stayed wrapped up in each other for a long time, simply relishing in being in each other's arms again. Anakin had tucked her head underneath his chin, his hands rubbing up and down her back as she sobbed against his chest. When they pulled back, he beamed down at her and she laughed, feeling so insanely happy, because she had missed that smile. She had missed how it warmed her from the inside out, how it made her feel light and fuzzy. Infinite.

He cupped her cheek, gazing at her fondly and she reached up to cover his hand, smiling up at him. "Ani," she said through tears. "I've missed you."

He bent and took her lips with his own and she could have died because oh, the feeling of his lips was like nothing else in the world. It was not passionate, or intoxicating or anything that made her weak at the knees, because they had plenty of time for that later. It was sweet and tender and lovely, and she could feel his unyielding affection for her seeping out of him, and she curled her fingers back into his hair, where they belonged. Their lips stayed locked together for a while, reacquainting themselves with the familiarity of it all, before they broke apart, foreheads pressed together.

"It's alright now, Padme," he whispered, grinning down at her. "I'm home."

And even though he was miles from his home, in a state he'd never been to before, Padme's heart fluttered in her chest because she knew exactly what he meant. Home was here, together, in her arms. And she was home, too.