Title: Trust

Author: Stacey Underwood

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Summary: I opened a word document and just began writing… Not sure where I'm going with this, but I have a ideas. Please Read

This place has a lot of potential, Cordy thought as she walked in to the Hyperion Hotel. A little work and we could get guests in here make a little money. She thought as she put her bag down beside the computer she always sat at. "Hey Wes, Gunn Fred" she greeted them both, Wesley was sat in his office reading a book as usual, Fred over his shoulder, Gunn sat polishing his cross bow "where's the other one?" she asked looking at Wesley. Wesley pointed to a chair by the lift where Angel sat looking as if he was deep in thought. "Big with the thinking today?" she asked walking over to him.

"the demon you sent him after last night the one in your vision" Gunn began walking over to them "was kicking his ass as you can tell" Angel had a few bruises on his face, and a black eye. "Anyway some girl saved him and he's trippin over it cause he thinks she's a slayer" Gunn finished telling Cordy.

"she had to be" Angel said getting up from the chair and standing in the middle of the lobby "she couldn't have been any older than 21, she was about your height Cordy, she killed it, he hit her a few times and she didn't so much as flinch. She has to be"

"what she look like?" Cordy asked him walking back over to her computer.

"Blonde, slender, blue eyes, that you could drown in" Angel described her, starring in to space, seeing her face in his thoughts. 

"She was a hottie that's why he's trippin" Cordy explained

"She wasn't a hottie, ok she was cute, but I wouldn't say she was drop dead gorgeous or anything" Angel said

"She was gorgeous and you know it" Cordy said sitting down and tapping a few keys on the keyboard.

Cordy was right, Angel thought she was gorgeous.

"Did you speak to her?" Wesley asked walking out of his office.

"Thanks" Angel was grateful the Glack Demon was kicking his arse. The girl had come out of no where, she fought with the demon, then snapped it's neck without breaking a sweat.

"I thought vampires could handle themselves?" The blonde asked

"I can, but I was just a little off guard" Angel explained feeling stupid.

"Being off guard will get you killed in this game" She explained whipping some Glack Demon blood off her jacket, she turned to walk away.

"Wait" Angel called after her. She stopped and turned to look at him. "Don't I get the pleasure in knowing the name of the person who saved me?" he asked

"I didn't save you; I helped you survive to see another day… Angel" she said, he looked at his feet blushing, she knew who he was.

"Well if you know…" he began looking up but stopped when he saw she was gone. No where to be seen.

"You two were made for each other" Cordy told him "your both good at disappearing acts" she explained.

"Well if she knows who you are you might be seeing more of her" Wesley suggested

"Just lose some more battles and she might show up to save you" Gunn laughed.

The blonde Angel had encountered the previous night, walked down the posh corridor before she came to the office door that was so familiar to her. She knocked and waited.

"Come in" they called, she walked in.

"hey sis" the blonde said sitting in the chair in front of her desk.

"Hi Stace" Lilah replied to her younger sister looking at her computer screen. "So how was your night?" Lilah asked "you didn't come in till late"

"I had a little energy to burn so I went to look for some demons to kill" Stacey told her standing and playing with things on the shelf in her office.

"Find any?" Lilah asked distantly to busy working.

"Yeah I killed Angel" Stacey said knowing she wasn't listening to her.

"That's great" Lilah said. Stacey rolled her eyes at her sister, she had been working for Wolfram and Hart for around 6 years now, Stacey didn't approve of things they did at Wolfram and Hart but Lilah was to deep in to it to back out now, plus it paid good, and Lilah always spent money on Stacey.

Stacey was a familiar face around the offices she did favours for Lilah sometimes, most of the time it was things Lilah wouldn't trust anyone else.

"Knock, Knock" Lindsey said walking in to Lilah's office.

"the thorn in my side" Lilah greeted Lindsey.

"Stacey" Lindsey said ignoring Lilah and walking over to Stacey. "When did you come back to L.A?" Lindsey asked her.

"A couple days ago" she explained sitting on the couch in Lilah's office.

"Lindsey stop chatting up my sister" Lilah said getting back to her 'important' work on the computer "and tell me what you want?"

"Two things, one I need the case file on Angel" Lindsey said "Harlem wants to take a look at it and second I wanna take Stacey out tonight"

"Stacey would love to but has other plans" Stacey said standing up and walking to the door.

"What plans?" Lilah asked

"my job" she told them as she was walking out of the office.

"The slaying" Lindsey said "how long as she been doing that now?"

"ANGEL, ANGEL" Cordy called rushing down stairs in to the basement. He was doing his Tai Bo.

"What? What is it?" Angel asked walking over to her.

"There's a girl, she's gonna die, Angel you have to save her" Cordy explained what she had just seen in a vision.

Angel drove as fast as he could across town with Gunn and Wesley. Cordy was really afraid for this girl, the urgency in her voice showed that. Cordy said if this girl in her vision dies then a lot more people will die, she didn't know what she meant or how she knew, she just knew it was true.

"Angel are you sure we can take on these Glack Demons?" Wesley asked in a whisper as they walked around the old abandoned warehouse. Glack demons were big, at least 6 ft, they were fast and strong, they fed on human brains. Killing their victims by cracking their skull open like an egg.

"yeah I mean it would be ok if we had your little girlfriend around to help" Gunn said looking around.

"Look the Power's obviously need this girl, and Cordy seems to think that this girl is really important and she said there were only 3 demons" Angel explained "we should be fine" he said as a body flew through the air and landed after hitting a wall. Angel, Gunn and Wesley rushed over to the lifeless body.

"it's the girl from last night" Angel said crouching down beside the body. He could just about make out who it was, her face was covered in blood and bruises.

"Of course" Wesley realized "Glack Demon's go round in packs and avenge the deaths of ones that are killed" he clarified.

"That's great guys, but there's one of these brain eating things coming towards us" Gunn told them. Angel and Wesley stood up ready to fight.

"if they go round in packs where's the rest of them?" Angel asked looking behind the one that was walking towards them.

"She must have killed them, cause he looks pretty pissed" Gunn said as the demon began to run towards them.