Family Ties

Characters: Vince McMahon, Linda McMahon, Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon.  The Undertaker.  Hailey James. Various other wrestlers.

Summary: A young girl who is the illegitimate child of Vince McMahon tries to find a place  where she belongs in the wrestling world.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the people in this story except Hailey.


                                                                                I remember clearly that summer of great change. Here I was again standing in front of my father's mansion. I was here for my annul visit. Only this year was different. I was only 10 but I had graduated from high school. I was  a classified genius with a IQ that was off the charts. No more boarding School for me. I Sat down on the front porch not ready to go in yet. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a cigarette and lit it. Daddy dearest would probably bust a gut but I didn't give a damn. You see I was this family's dirty little secret Vince had a affair of which I was the result. Unfortunately for me My mother died in a car accident when I was one. I was sent here to live. Right from the start it was made clear that no one was to know who I was. Vince didn't want shame brought on Linda or the family name. I always knew that Vince was my daddy but I had a different name from him. I wasn't allowed to call him daddy because I might slip up in front of some one. As far as everyone  knew I was the child of a friend of the family who had died and the wonderful McMahon's had took me in. Vince and Linda pretty much ignored me. The only time Vince noticed me was when I did something to piss him off. The main thing being slipping up and calling him daddy, which when I was little was never on purpose. Hell I was practically a baby and I would slip up and call him daddy, you would have thought I killed some one. It was always the same I would get a spanking for that and I learned pretty quickly not to have slip ups. Linda pretty much acted like I didn't exist. Stephanie was a different story. I think she pretty much hated me. Her pet name for me was the little bastard. Mine for her was bitch. The only one who was half way decent to me was Shane. He would talk to me, call me his little sister when nobody was around. They had shipped me off to boarding school when I was 5 much to my relief and theirs. I had my 2 week visit once a year to assuage there guilt I guess. I don't know why they bothered. It was a miserable affair every year and one I dreaded. I stubbed out my cigarette. This year was different though. They were going to be stuck with me. No more boarding schools unless they decided to send me to college at my young age. I'm not going to lie, I wasn't exactly a poster child of a good kid. I was smart mouth, cussed a lot and smoked. I made my self pretty much seen and heard around here. I refused to let them ignore me even if it meant staying in trouble. I stood up and took a deep breath. "Well into the mouth of hell I go." I muttered to my self. I opened the door and yelled. "Guess whose back?" and slammed the door. Stephanie came around the corner. "Oh god is it that time of year already?" she snarled at me. "Hey ya bottom feeding skank hoe." I said smiling. "Shut up." she said.  Now I admit I love wrestling and never miss it. I learned most of my really good cuss words and insults there. "I just love that Jericho." I said smiling at her again.  "That's enough." I turned around and Linda was standing in the foyer watching. "Vince wants to see you in his study." She said. "The lord and master has summoned me huh?" I said. She ignored my smart comment and turned and left. "You better go before daddy gets mad." Stephanie said. "Ohh let me run really fast. I'm so scared." I said laughing. "Little bastard." She muttered under her breath. "Bitch!" I yelled and turned to go into Vince's study.

                                                                  I really hated Vince's study. First of all it was all dark and depressing looking and he had this huge desk and chair which when he sat in and looked at you felt like you on judgment for something. Which usually I was. This is where I was always called for lectures, punishments...ect… so it wasn't my favorite place.  I walked in and Vince was looking at some papers on his desk. "Sit down." He said. I did. "I heard you as soon as you walked through the door." He said. I just stared at him. "We are flying out to New York tomorrow. You will be traveling with WWE and learning all you can, a apprentice of sorts. You will work there 4 years then I will send you to the college of your choice. Unless of course you decide to stay with The WWE." He said. "Ever heard of child labor laws?" I snapped. He decided to ignore me. "You will be taking college prep courses in the mornings on computer. I have provided you a laptop.  Your guardianship has been sighed over to a friend of mine. You will be traveling with him. He's a wrestler. I will still provide for you financially. He will provide for your daily supervision which I don't have time to do." Vince said. Okay I was stunned to say the least. I didn't say anything for a full minute which seemed to surprise Vince too. "You're just giving me away to some dumb ass wrestler, just like that?" I asked "Hailey I'm doing what's best for you." He said. He handed me some papers and I looked at them. They were legal documents that stated I would receive 20 percent of WWE when I turned 21. "As you can see I'm being fair. You're my child and I'll make sure you receive your fair share of the company." He said. "So who's my new guardian?" I asked almost afraid to ask. "Mark Callaway. The Undertaker." He said. "Why would he take me just like that?" I asked. "Hailey everybody has reasons and motives for doing things. Don't worry about it. That's just the way it's going to be." He said. I seen the folder with Mark's name on it on the desk. I grabbed it and opened it before Vince could stop me. I looked at the papers. A sizable chunk of WWE stock had been signed over to Mark. Ahh I was beginning to get the picture. "I see I been bought and sold for 30 pieces of silver." I said. I got up to leave. "Hailey don't be like this. I'm doing this for you." Vince said. "No you're doing this for you and Linda. Does he know I'm your kid?" "Yes but he's the only one. You keep your mouth shut same as always." He said. "Gee I feel so loved." I said as I walked out and slammed the door. I went up to my room and slammed that door too. I plopped on my bed. I almost gave into the temptation to cry, but I'm not the type so I lit a cigarette instead. I thought about my options but at 10 years old I really didn't have any. I went and threw my cigarette butt out the window. I decided then and there that  someday I would make Vince very sorry he  ever set eyes on me.