Gamera; Guardian of Equestria


The dimly lit caverns barely lit up the passage down into the bowels of the earth. The cloaked figure raced hurriedly down, ignoring the rocks and pebbles in the way that almost caused him to lose balance more than once. He had waited for too long for this moment, and now he had found the resting place of the thing that will grant him glory everlasting. All those months waiting and researching in the libraries of the world had finally paid off when he found a passage about an ancient cave said to hold the power of peace or destruction. He knew it to be only one thing when he saw the characters drawn on the aged parchments. Following the directions, he made his way to a remote part of the world and found the entrance, but only after he paid the guides a substantial amount, for even the natives believed the land to be cursed. Not taking his bribe, he made his way alone, despite their pleas. The tunnel ended abruptly and he came to a large cavern. Dagger-like stalactites hung from the ceiling as he slowed his pace and walked to the wall at the end of the cave. It was painted like a large mural, having different characters and symbols all about it. The symbols were from a dead language that hasn't been spoken in centuries, and the characters were exactly like those from the book; four shapes, looking like great beings, circled one another. One was like a cross between a bird and a bat, another was like an insect, and a third was like a phoenix. They circled around a group of characters, while beneath them was the fourth; a turtle, or something akin to a turtle, was raising itself towards the other three. The figure smiled under his hood and let the satchel drop from his shoulder and to the cave floor. From under his hood a black horn protruded and glowed darkly. The satchel opened with the same colored aura and two objects lifted from the bag. One was bright red in color, looking like a spherical ruby the size of a rock, and the other a precious topaz. The stones were lifted towards one of the slots underneath the painting and placed there gently. When that was done, the ground vibrated softly, then shook, then trembled to where even the rocks on the ground seemed to dance. All the while, the figure laughed maniacally, his mad peals of glee ringing throughout the cavern.

In another part of the World: The jungle shook and trembled, trees falling and their inhabitants screeching in fear as they either jumped or flew to safety. As the trunks fell, the ground split open and fell away as a great cavern laid itself open to the outside world. One of the monkeys that had lost his home inched closer to the edge and fell into the dark void. After shaking his head, he looked and saw several oval-shaped white things. As he crept closer, he saw one of them tremble and then a crack formed. From the edge, the other monkeys looked to see where their comrade fell, but all they heard was an excited hooting, then a fear filled screech and silence, followed by a blood curdling scream that sent every moving thing for miles on the run.

Bottom of the Ocean: The sea floor shook, and then cracked open as magma seeped from the vent and danced upward. However, something else from the vent escaped. A small, almost insignificant object about the size of a tortoise egg floated upwards, red hot from the magma but slowly cooling. It made its way upwards and towards the nearest shore it could find. On the surface, various gulls saw the little thing and swooped down, hoping it to be a morsel, and nearly broke their beaks in the process. Leaving the thing alone, the object floated unmolested towards a small island near Manehattan, Equestria.