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Please enjoy this short but final chapter of Haunted Dreams. Sorry it's taken so long.

Chapter Fifteen

How they made it up the ladder and over to Cullen's bed Evelyn didn't know. After the amazing high she had just experienced she wasn't sure which way was up any more, let alone how to make any of her limbs function as they once had. But somehow the Commander had got them both up to the platform above his office, over to the bed and was now staring down at the Inquisitor as she lay sprawled out across the mattress.

"You're so beautiful." Cullen whispered as he cupped one of her cheeks, his thumb rubbing gently back and forth across her skin. While his voice and actions were soft, Evelyn could see the smouldering desire which still shone behind his eyes. The night was not over yet and the thought of what was to come made her stomach flutter and her heart began to race again. How she had wished for this, to finally let go of all concern and indulge in the passion they felt for each other.

The Commander brought their lips together in what began as a soft kiss, a slow caress of lips which quickly built back to the intense breath-stealing kisses Evelyn secretly craved. She parted her lips and let Cullen sweep inside, submitting to his dominance after only a brief dance of their tongues. She spent too much of her day to day life being the perfect leader, giving orders and generally being in charge of people and situations. In this moment she would happily surrender completely to Cullen and she got the impression that was exactly what he wanted.

It wasn't long before she was tugging at the clothes which covered Cullen, wanting to feel the hard press of his body against hers without a layer of fabric or metal in the way. As he freed himself from his armour and underclothes, Evelyn discarded what was left of her own clothes. The cool night air which whispered through the gaps in the tower's roof brushed over her skin, raising goosebumps and turning her nipples to hard buds once more.

Once Cullen was free of his clothing, he returned his focus to the Inquisitor, settling himself back between her legs and using one arm to support his weight above her so she wasn't crushed. She could feel the force of his desire pressing into her, the sensation pulling a gasp from her lips as she realised the size of the man.

Skimming a hand down the expense of his chest and lower, the Inquisitor caught her bottom lip between her teeth as she inched closer to her prize. As much as she had enjoyed being teased and pleased by Cullen, she relished the idea of returning the favour. A hiss rose from the Commander as her hand finally encircled him, hot flesh pressed into the palm of her hand as she gave a tentative stroke. This was not the first time she had laid with a man, but something about being with Cullen made Evelyn feel like a young woman again, unsure yet thrilled by the idea of what was to come.

Starting slow, she drew her hand to the top of him before running it down his length, watching the way the Commander's eyes rolled back into his head at the sensation. His teeth were biting into his bottom lip, pulling the scar taunt and making her want to run her tongue over the white line. After a time he opened his eyes once more and brought his head down to rest their foreheads together as Evelyn worked her hand up and down his length.

While she was using her hand to pleasure him and after he had taken a number of deep breaths to regain control over himself, Cullen used one of his own hands to swipe over her chest and lower. Her legs parted readily for him, eager to have him return his clever fingers to the spot which brought most pleasure.

However he didn't give her want she wanted straight away. To begin with he only ran his hand along the inside of her leg, his callous fingertips grazing her skin as he drew patterns from her knee up towards her sensitive core. His actions distracted her from what she was doing and caused her to stop her movements for a moment as she squirmed against his hand, trying in vain to bring it closer to where she wanted it most.

When he wouldn't give her want she desired she refocused her attention to the task at hand, tightening her grip on him and quickening her pace. Cullen groaned loudly at that, stilling his hand on her hip and muttering something about the Maker. The reaction only served to encourage her further, not slowing her pace as she drew him closer to his own climax.

"Evelyn." Cullen whispered, the word a warning that if she wasn't careful she would drive him over the edge. While she wouldn't have minded seeing him come undone because of her hand, she knew that wasn't what either of them wanted in this situation. There would hopefully be plenty of opportunities in the future for Evelyn to have her way with the Commander but now was not the time.

The moment she released him her mouth was caught by his in a bruising kiss, her breath quickly stolen. Hands snaked back up into the Commander's hair, and her fingers gripped the golden strands in an attempt to keep him exactly where he currently was. Their teeth bashed together, each trying to deepen the kiss by slightly shifting positions. It was the sort of kiss she didn't want to end but knew it had to at some point otherwise she was going to pass out from lack of oxygen.

When they did break apart, both Evelyn and Cullen spent a few moments trying to catch their breath, each staring at the other. All the false starts and interrupted moments seemed worth it now they were finally able to enjoy an evening of each other's company. All the missed opportunities meant neither one of them seemed to be holding back in what they gave the other.

Evelyn understood the look the man was currently giving her, silently asking her if she wanted to continue. The uncertain side of the Commander was showing through in the moment, a side she could relate to at times. He had been through so much she couldn't blame a small part of him for being sceptical at what was happening. She wanted more then anything to rid the man of any doubt but she knew such a wish would take time to achieve. For now Evelyn gave a nod of her head and hooked her legs around him, nudging him closer to her centre to show him she wanted this just as much as he did.

Not needing any more encouragement, Cullen positioned himself at her entrance before slowly thrusting in. The feeling of satisfaction which ran through her at being filled by the Commander was overwhelming. This is what she had been waiting for. For a few seconds neither one of them moved as they enjoyed the feelings which ran through them. Cullen had his forehead pressed against hers as he took a number of deep breaths, his eyes closed as he appeared to take a few moments to collect himself.

When he had calmed himself slightly, the Commander opened his eyes, golden orbs running over her face as he held himself above her. She assumed he was looking for signs of discomfort from her, but all she gave him was a smile and a wriggle of her hips, earning her a smirk in response before he moved. He set a slow pace to begin with, delighting in pulling almost all the way out before thrusting back in, being rewarded each time with a groan of enjoyment from Evelyn. The normal worry of being heard or found out had abandoned her, resulting in her freely expressing exactly how she felt. Cullen on the other hand kept his noises to a minimum, teeth digging in to his bottom lip as he tried to hold in the sounds he naturally wanted to make.

Once he had built to a pace he could maintain, the Commander snaked a hand down Evelyn's body, keeping himself supported with his other arm. The Inquisitor had to admire the man's strength and found that her own hands instinctively ran over the taut muscles on his arms, liking what they found. The man began by teasing her nipples, pinching the hardened buds and drawing hisses from Evelyn as she was enthralled by the mixed sensation of pleasure and pain.

He worked at her until he had her thrusting back against him, mirroring his pace in an attempt to bring herself closer to the edge she knew he was driving her towards. A devilish smile pulled at the edge of the Commander's mouth and he leaned in close enough to pull on her ear and whisper.

"Not yet Evelyn." His desire filled tone made her shiver in ecstasy, her mind thinking of all the things she would let him do to her if he used that tone. As he finished his sentence, his hand slipped away from her and returned to it's original place on the bed, going back to keeping him propped over her.

Without warning Cullen pulled away from Evelyn, causing a disappointed mewl to tumble from her lips. She had been racing towards the edge and his sudden withdrawal left her body humming with desire, desperate to find release but finding it slip away the longer she lay there. Before she was able to question what was wrong, she had been flipped onto her belly, strong hands pulling her hips up until she was positioned on her hands and knees.

With fingers digging into her hips, Cullen sheathed himself to the hilt, groaning loudly once he was back inside her. Evelyn released her own moan of contentment, enjoying the new sensitivity which came from the different position. The Commander wasted no time in starting up his pace again, drawing out each thrust once more and no longer stifling the noises of pleasure he unconsciously made.

With her face pressing into the bedsheets, Evelyn could be as loud as she wanted, the mattress soaking up most of the sounds she made as Cullen drove into her. Together they were racing towards their climax, the edge drawing closer the longer and harder they went. If she had been wanting gentle she had come to the wrong man. She was completely at the will of Cullen, his grip effectively pinning her in place, his pace becoming brutal as he pounded into her. The sweet, sometimes shy Commander, that people at Skyhold had come to know and love, was gone now. Instead being replaced by a dominating man who was taking just what he wanted and giving her one hell of a ride.

Being on his knees meant that Cullen's hands were free to do as their pleased and he was more then happy to make use of them. While one hand gripped tightly to Evelyn's hip to stop her from going anywhere, the other slipped from her waist down to between her legs. Expert fingers found her sensitive bud and began to work it, causing her to arch her back as small ripples of pleasure run through her body. Her own fingers dug into bed sheets, anything to keep herself grounded and stop her from slipping completely over the edge.

Cullen's hot breath fanned over her shoulder as he leaned over her body, his larger frame easily covering her smaller one. Evelyn's red hair had fallen to one side, leaving her shoulder and neck exposed to the Commander, who took the opportunity to nibble his way to the one spot which made her melt under his lips. It was all becoming too much for Evelyn, her body beginning to shake with need. This was just what she had been hoping for when she had slipped into his office at the start of the evening and now she didn't want it to stop. The problem was her control was slipping and once it had started to go there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Before she had a chance to warn him, Cullen's name was ripped from Evelyn's lips as she tumbled over the edge, stars dancing in front of her eyes as her body was rocked with waves of pleasure. She felt Cullen give a final thrust before he too joined her, his body shuddering above her and his teeth sinking into her neck. If she had thought that what she had felt down on the Commander's desk was good, it was nothing compared to what she was experiencing now. Her whole body seemed to tingle, the feeling of Cullen pulsing within her heightening the feeling the longer they stayed together.

Finally, once they had both regained the ability to breath evenly, he slipped from her and fell to his side on the bed next to her. Evelyn's legs quickly gave out under her, causing her to slump down by the Commander. Silence fell between them as they lay taking deep breaths, both of them looking up at the cluster of stars which could be seen shining through the gap in the tower's roof.

"Now we can fall to sleep on each other." Evelyn said with a smile, snuggling back into the warm embrace of the Commander. He chuckled against her ear, throwing an arm over her body to pull her tightly against him. It felt right to lay within his arms, exhausted but satisfied, the woody smell of Cullen wrapping itself around her and soothing her. She knew she should try to stay awake instead of falling to sleep straight afterwards, but she couldn't help it. If this was the best sleep she had ever had, then she would have to visit Cullen in the evening more often.

The call of the morning birds woke Evelyn, drawing her out of what had been a pleasant dream for the first time in ages. Stretching out, she couldn't help the smile which pulled at her lips when she felt the weight at her back. For a moment, as the memories of the night before had come flooding back to her, she had been worried that everything had been a dream. A new cruel way for her mind to torment her as she slept. But that fear evaporated the moment she turned in place and laid eyes upon the sleeping form of the Commander at her side.

Even when he was sleeping he was beautiful. Tussled blonde hair spilling over his pillows, bedsheets having slipped down to rest dangerous low on his hips, revealing the muscular body she adored. The Inquisitor spent a few minutes just watching him, wanting to drew out their time together for as long as possible. The night before had been perfect, more so then she could have hoped for. She had pictured having some fun and instead she had had her world rocked. It was enough to make any woman want more. Finally she dragged her eyes away from Cullen and climbed out of bed.

While the Commander was still sleeping, Evelyn made her way down the ladder to collect up some of the items which had been discarded in their haste the night before. She looked towards the locked door and wondered whether it would be better for her to leave before the Commander woke up. She knew the longer she left it the more likely she was to be spotted by someone as she left the tower, but she couldn't bring herself to leave just yet.

After what they had done there was no going back in their relationship and even if there was a way, she didn't want to. Cullen was the man for her and the whole of Skyhold knowing that wasn't going to change anything. After redressing, the Inquisitor climbed the ladder once more and collected up the final items she was missing. Setting herself on the edge of the bed, she pulled on a sock in turn before reaching for her shoes. Cullen loudly huffed out a breath before shuffling in his spot, muttered words tumbling out of his mouth as he slept.

Evelyn ignored the shoe she had been reaching for and instead turned to better hear what was coming from the Commander. His head turned this way and that on the pillow, eyebrows drawn together as words tumbled from his mouth.

"No... Leave me. Leave me..." With a start the Commander woke, eyes shooting open and rapidly scanning the room as he slowly came out of his dream. The sudden start had caused him to lift off of the pillows as his body had jerked awake, and it was only as he came back to reality that he began to lay back down.

"Bad dreams?" Evelyn asked as she looked down at Cullen for a moment before returning her attention to the task at hand, grabbing one of her shoes and tugging it onto her foot. She didn't want to overwhelm him, knowing first hand how helpful a little space was after waking from a horrible dream.

"They always are. Without lyrium, they've worse." Cullen sunk back onto the pillows as he spoke, closing his eyes for a moment and taking a deep breath. Only after he seemed to calm a little did he allow his eyes to open and turn to her. Slowly he moved on to his side and propped himself up on his arm, causing the sheet to fall away completely. Neither one of them seemed to notice as they looked into each other's eyes.

"I didn't mean to worry you." Cullen brought a hand up and gently caressed the Inquisitor's face, a small smile playing on his lips as he looked at her. She couldn't help but melt into his touch, enjoying the warmth which radiated from his skin. Even after having a bad dream he was worrying about her. The man really was too good for her.

"You can let me worry about you a little." Evelyn replied, her own lips pulling into a bright smile as she returned the gesture and cupped the Commander's cheek. This was what normal couples did. Woke up together, shared what was bothering them, looked out for each other. The thought that maybe they could be just like a regular couple made her heart flatter uncontrollable.

A laugh left Cullen at her words, his hand falling away from her face and coming to rest on her shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze as it did. The worry which had been pulling at his features when he woke had disappeared now. "All right." He said before gently pulling her forward slightly so their foreheads could touch.

"You are... I have never felt anything like this." The Commander's voice got quieter as he spoke, as if he was trying not to scare her away. The thing was, Evelyn couldn't think of anything that Cullen could say that would scare her away. She had faced monsters, demons and even her own worst nightmares. Nothing was going to stop from her having what she wanted in life and he was exactly that.

"I love you. You know that, right?" There, she had said it and there was no taking back the words now they had left her lips. A tiny voice in the back of Evelyn's mind tried to cast doubt on the situation, trying to make her think that the Commander wasn't going to return her feelings. But she was quick to stamp out such thinking. Her brain could try to be as logically as it wanted, but her heart knew that she loved the man before her and he loved her too.

"I love you too." There was no hesitation in Cullen's voice as he spoke, just pure unwavering honesty. The happiness which filled her was overwhelming and so she was happy that the Commander took the lead and pulled her in for a kiss. It was a slow yet deep kiss, one which drew her in and reignited the desire which had burned through her veins the night before.

Slowly they broke apart, taking a moment to regain their breath and bring their heartbeats back to normal. Their hands slipped away from each other as the Inquisitor sat back up straight. She knew that Cullen wasn't a mage but he had to have weaved some sort of spell to cause her body to react so strongly to his touch. A simple kiss and she wanted to jump his bones again. It was startling but amazing all at the same time.

"Whatever happens, I'm here for you." Evelyn said after a few moments, grabbing up her other boot to put it on and looking back at Cullen once she had. He had settled himself back onto the pillows, smiling as he watched her. The faint sound of activity around Skyhold reached them through the open roof, signalling it was time to get up and return to being the official Inquisitor. She would have happily spent the rest of the day in bed with Cullen, maybe going a few more rounds, but sadly duty always called.

"As I am for you." Cullen replied, placing an arm behind his head as he rested. He looked so content with life and she couldn't blame him. Giving a small laugh, Evelyn leaned forwards to place a quick kiss to the Commander's cheek before standing up and walking over to the hatch which lead back down to his office below. She took a moment to look back at the man in the bed, happy to see him smiling at her. Whatever happened now, they were in it together and Evelyn had to admit she wouldn't want it any other way. Her days of having haunted dreams were over and she hoped that together they could make it so Cullen could too enjoy life with peaceful sleep.

The End