Thanks everyone for the reviews on that very long second part! I loved reading them! I know the story was over, but there was this one part, this one idea that kept bugging me.. so I had to write an epilogue for this story. This really is the last part though. I hope you enjoy it, and maybe leave a review? x


A wave hits him and his head goes under water, his eyes automatically closing as the darkness surrounds him, a shiver running down his spine. His arms making a circular motion in front of him, pushing himself up until his head resurfaces. Spitting out some salt water, his eyes opening again and he looks around him. But she's nowhere to be seen, and he doesn't hear her either.

He circles around again, but there's nothing. Nada. His lips parting in slight panic as he takes a deep breath before he lets himself sink again. This time with his eyes open and he scans the blue ocean around him, but apart from his own body and the white hull of the boat, there's nothing to be seen.

He can still feel her fingers scraping his skin, how she was swimming next to him. How she'd dive under water, swim closer to him. How her fingers would tickle his side, how she'd place kisses against his torso until she'd face him again. Wrapping her arms around his neck, holding him close. Her lips nearly touching his as she'd whispered she loved him.

How he wanted to kiss her, to hold her and never let her go, but she didn't let him. And now she's nowhere to be seen. He looks around again, but closing his eyes again as the view hasn't changed. Wanting to call out her name, but the words never leave his lips.

His thoughts are interrupted and his eyes pop open as he hears a voice calling for him. "Dad! Catch me," the six year old boy exclaims as he jumps from the platform, making another wave cover his head. Harvey smiles as he sees his son swim towards him and he brushes his hand through the boy's brown hair, just like his mother would do. "Hey, buddy," he greets Gordon as the boy is trying to climb his back.

He feels the little hands on his shoulders, before the arms wrap around his neck as the boy gives his father a hug. He looks over his shoulder to his son, telling him he loves him in the process and the boy just smiles back at him before letting out a loud laugh. "What's wrong?" he asks the boy and he feels his son's fingers press against his moles. "You made them move again," the boy giggles as Harvey wiggles his eyebrow again, letting out a laugh himself.

He now reaches for the inflatable basketball that's drifting next to him and he throws it over with the boy as his mind wanders off to that conversation he once had with her. The conversation he once had with his grandfather. How he'd bring his own kids to the boat someday; it all sounding very surreal the first time he heard those words. The second time, the time he told her about that conversation, being a bit premature. But all he could do now was think about how right both of them had been; how he'd indeed take his kids sailing and how he'd cry the first time he saw them. And he smiles as he watches his little boy throw the ball towards him again.

His thoughts being interrupted again, this time as he hears his wife call for them. For him more specifically and he tells Gordon to swim back to the boat. He follows the boy not long after that, helping the six year old climb back on the platform. He lifts himself out of the water next, bringing his hand through his hair shaking some droplets out of them. "Dad!" the boy exclaims as he gets them in his face, reaching for the towels that where already laying there.

Harvey wraps the towel around the kid and sends him ahead, now bringing his own towel towards him. Quickly drying himself and his hair, tossing the towel back on the platform and he lets his hand brush past the wooden sign above the platform. His fingers lingering on the five engraved letters, her voice on repeat in his mind.

"Donna?" she read, shaking her head as she looks over her shoulder at him, "you named the boat after me?" she laughs and he smiles wrapping his arms around her stomach as he pulls her closer. His lips placing a kiss on the top of her shoulder, before the kisses move up her neck until he reaches her ear. "I did," he whispers and when she asks why, he just tells her he loves her. She lets her head rest in the crook of his neck, answering with the same three words before she kisses him, turning around in his arms.

She pulls back, placing one small kiss on his lips again before she lets her head rest against his chest. Her gaze focussing on the wooden sign above the platform again. "You do know it's bad luck to rename a boat," she whispers, and he can't help but smile as he shakes his head. Pressing his lips on top of her head, mumbling they've already had their fair share of bad luck.

His pauses for a second shaking his head. His index finger tracing the letter D now, thinking about all the times his wife asked him why he named the boat that way. His answer still the same and never changing as she questioned him about it every time they spend a day on board. Because he loved her, loves her.

"Harvey," he hears again, making him snap out his day dream once more and he looks up. Climbing the few steps, he enters the cabin, his feet quickly taking him down the stairs, just like the first time he was on this boat. He faces the kitchen cabinets, his finger tracing the scratches she had made with her nails that afternoon. That one moment they really needed.

He continues, his hand pushing the door he once had her pinned against open and he looks at the view in front of him. His breath being taken away every single time, remaining silent he just smiles. His hands resting on the matrass as the grin on his face grows. The way they're looking at him, those three pair of brown eyes.

He smiles at the way his little boy was nearly jumping up and down, the way she pats on the bed signalling him to come join them and his heart melts as his little girl crawled to him. "Daddy," she calls him as her little hands reach for him and he lifts the young girl up. Her strawberry blonde hairs tickling his face as she wrapped her arms around her neck, he's now climbing on the bed himself.

Evelyn lets go of her father again as he lays himself next to his beautiful wife. His smile only increasing as his eyes lock with hers, both of them listening to the kids singing a song for him. Handing him the gifts they crafted and he feels a form of happiness surround him he didn't think was possible, the tears forming in his eye being the proof of how much he loves this part of his life. A feeling of warmth and love he didn't think he'd ever be able to experience, yet they gave it to him.

She was the once who had given that to him, his heart skipping a beat as he felt her lips near his ear. She still had that effect on him, even after all those years. Her auburn locks tickling his skin as she lay her head down on his chest, her hand reaching for his and her fingers traced his wedding band before she made their fingers interlock. He slightly lifted his head, his eyes locking with Donna's and he could only smile at her.

"Happy Father's Day, Harvey."