Sharp sounds of ink tips scraping against paper was audible, even in a reasonable distance; so fast was the contact that one could inhale the scent of the burnt marks that was left after the impact. The scratches were constant, followed by the occasional tapping to print in punctuation. Someone was furious.

"I hope you're satisfied with yourself," the high-heeled woman sighed as she began filing and writing up sheet after sheet of paperwork, distracting her from thwacking the neighboring oaf and silencing his quiet snickering. "What am I saying? Your face says it all."

The smiling man leaned back against his chair, annoying the restraint assistant from just relaxing in front of her. It was night outside, and only the moon's dull light weakly pushed away the dark. Embracing the moon's color, the room glowed, illuminating his office, and as usual, Ozpin was in his laid-back position, while Glynda, who just so happened to have shown up at the right moment, decided to do the rest of his work pile. He could've kissed her then, tell her how much she meant to him if she was gone from his life, but not without her viciously ripping out his soul from his body and vice versa. It wouldn't simply end with a set of broken fingers like last time.

Over and over again, without missing a millisecond, the amused man sitting across from the workaholic woman replayed a video on his scroll, and on the projected screen was captured from a surveillance camera that recorded the poor Arc and Schnee. He expected things to turn out this way, but he never thought that it would escalate so dramatically, so quickly that even he was amazed at the result of not just Jaune's performance, but Weiss' enlightenment as well.

The growing development between the two, the anger, the joy… and the fear instilled a long lasting ease in him.


Right after that face of horror and regret on the young Arc's face, he pressed the replay button once more, returning to the Schnee's final test – the moment that lit Jaune's uneasiness. Such a peculiar semblance, Ozpin wondered about it, but only to hold back his chuckling as he sees Jaune naturally guarding his most important weak point. To no avail, he was enveloped from top to bottom.

And it wasn't enough.

"It's not necessarily my fault on what happened in the class, it's their responsibility after all. I didn't even have any news from it until I heard it from you. By the way, you have my thanks for the notice."

"You can toss your thanks back to into the trash bin where it belongs," Glynda spat at his recyclable appreciation, leaving Ozpin to shrug off the venomous voice and watch the humor unfold between his hands.


This time he paused the screen at the moment Jaune's distraught was well expressed by his wide eyes, gaping mouth, and his paling surface - all of it in high resolution.

He found his background photo.

"You didn't give them much options," Glynda, growing a little weary, used her innate powers to speed up her work, "you were always one to like the carrot and stick path."

"I wouldn't say I like the method," he chuckled as he screen-shot the abhorred boy – the moment the ice shard flew onto him, "It's just how he works along with the young miss Schnee."

"And from this behavior, we will have to chisel away the room that may as well be a freezer." By the time she was about to lecture the Headmaster, she already finished up his paperwork, content with just Ozpin idly nodding with her retort. His incompetence was no surprise to her by now.

"It wasn't so bad. If anything, it should be melting away as of now."

"It wouldn't be in such a state if you had your attention on them," she warned him, "he may as well leave Beacon's premises and retake the basics, like any other idiot should."

"Everyone's a critic," he sighed with a wave of his arms, grabbing his steaming cup, "you know that he's essential to us (she grunted); it may not show now, but surely even you will have to acknowledge the student sooner or later. After all, if you saw the video, he has done well enough to even handle Weiss' expertise." He pressed his lips against the mug's rim, swallowing his life essence, his precious.

"… you're drinking my tea." She whispered as she clenched the bridge of her nose in irritation. Immediately, Ozpin spat out the tainted water, spluttering and gagging out the remaining fluids from his throat – his face filled with the color green from sickness. He stuck out his tongue like a child who ate his most hated dish.

"Bleh," he whined, "how on Remnant could you stand this accursed concoction."

Exaggerating or not, Glynda smirked at his suffering – one of the few events that appeased her in Beacon. Eyes closed, she swapped the drink back and proceeded to wipe the germs on her cup with a hidden handkerchief. "I don't want to hear that from a junkie like yourself."

"Coffee..." he reached out his black mug and chugged the liquid down his pipe. "Don't you dare leave my side."

"I'm right here, Ozpin."

"I was obviously not talking to you, Glynda," he groaned as rubbed the side of his hot glass with his cheek. "Read the atmosphere for once."

Annoyed by his little outburst, she cut in between his lost obsession. "Jaune Arc is a nuisance, and I don't support your cause."

Cocking his head, he pondered about that statement. "I'm sensing a little bit of déjà vu here. Am I missing something?"

"Your brain?"

"Right, that's one of them," he nodded jokingly, "but whether he's a nuisance or not, he's growing in rapid speeds, unbelievably so. Potentially, in only a few months, he can stand equal to our top ranked students, both physically and mentally."

"Yet he barely puts the effort into the classes he's assigned with."

"Well, you have to admit that there are not that many incentives for the boy. After all, wouldn't you be lost in imagination land too if your teacher started with," Ozpin coughed and massaged his throat – his chest puffed…

No, he wouldn't. She dreaded the outcome.

"Monsters! …Demons… Prowlers of the night-!" He bellowed, imitating the proud story teller.

"I'd suggest you stop that act if you know what's good for you," she let out a snarl and whipped the air with her instrument, damn close to shoving her crop down his throat. How many years did she suffered from hearing that introduction over and over again from her peer, Peter Portman? Almost every single time for countless semesters, the conversation with the man always led to his practiced tales, and in less than a few minutes, she was rapt by thoughts of genocide, murder, comradery, and so on and so forth. Recognizing the sly smirk from Headmaster Ozpin, she turned red and went back to looking at anything but him.

"And that's just the one misfortune to be concerned about," he began his count with one raised finger, "then there's Oobleck, the hyperactive mass of confusion to deal with; there's you, the sadistically twisted disciplinarian she-dev-"

"Watch it," she snapped, "I'd advised not finishing that sentence."

He definitely knew better than to do that. "And then there's me, of course - the Headmaster trying to keep everything together. Obviously, there's the other professors with a broken psyche, but you should get the gist of it."

"Yes," she sighed, "the Headmaster who fixes the mess he made; truly, you are a miracle worker amongst us mortals."

Hypocritical ass, she held back from making her break composure any further.

"Ah, your sarcasm, it holds so much truth to it," Ozpin applauded as she rolled her eyes. He leveled his wrist at head's height, presumably checking his nonexistent watch. "And now that you've met your quota, I bid you a good night's rest. I don't want you don't want you to oversleep and miss out on your daily whipping spree."

Luckily for him, with the combined stress of Ozpin himself and the overloaded delinquents she had to put down, she was indeed exhausted from today's activities, and the last thing she would want to do is stay by his side and suffer from his discouraging personality. Had she decided otherwise, she swore her eyelids wouldn't last much longer, and to leave her vulnerable in his presence would make her an easy target to his unorthodox behavior.

"We don't have much longer until you finally break your 'boy toy' anyways," she said as she stood from her table and began to stroll towards the elevator with her cup and ceramic coaster floating steadily in the air. "And just so you know, if there are any more outrageousness from Jaune Arc or whoever guides him, you'll empty your pockets faster than you can spit out my refreshment."

Ozpin raised one brow, his lips stretched into a straight line. "Did you really have to call him a 'boy toy'?"

"I call them as I see them," she sassed back, standing in the elevator. As the sliding walls almost closed, she ended the conversation. "And I have too many to name for you." The doors snapped shut against each other, and the sound of wires pushing down the box was muffled by Ozpin's long sip of his hopefully "real" coffee.

He strolled back into the center of his desk, opening up his scroll once more and contemplate the next person to make "chemistry" with the blonde knight.

"Hmmm, he's certainly not my boy toy, but for others," he mused, the brightness of the screen reflected from his glasses, "that's another experiment to test."

In the dorm room of team RWBY, the commotion within was luckily out of reach from even their neighboring classmates; thank Oum for insulated walls and floors. And in between the four walls, interrogation ensues, and the torture was much like a double sided sword… It went on for an hour.

"Come on," a cheery and determined fist fighter begged as she shook the princess wrapped with a thick blanket, her smirk still evident, "what's with you giving us the 'cold shoulder'." Resounding groans came out of her three friends, their distaste of her puns never died during their time together as huntresses in training. Apparently, rumors spread blindingly quick, so quick in fact that before Weiss, the ever fuming ball of fire, could comprehend what she had done to Jaune, her teammates got hold of certain information that she was responsible for bringing the dropping temperature from the deepest layers of hell. And Yang, being the curious sort, wanted the word directly from the source.

"Please Yang," the feline Faunus lying on her bed grunted as she placed her explicit book on her face, "the last thing any of us needs are your deadpanned jokes."

"Yeah," the leader of the team tiredly agreed with Blake as she shook the sulking princess in sync with her sister, "I get it that she nearly froze Jaune to death, but even you have to take a break."

"Pshh," she dismissed their comments, "I'm just trying to 'break the ice'-!"

"Ugh!" an irritated voice finally passed through the fabric from Weiss, "make her stop. Any more of this and I might start tolerating her juvenile sense of humor."

"Ha!" Ruby cut in with a tear in her eye and clutching her stomach, "That'd be the day! If you can ever enjoy whatever Yang dishes out, then I'd be the next in line for your family inheritance."

"… That's a low blow, lil sis," Yang menacingly smiled. Seeking revenge, Yang did what a responsible older sister would for her naughty siblings. "And with that, you get your honorary hug from yours truly!" she got Ruby in a tight bind as she faced her sister's wrath before she could even make a grimace.

"Nononoono! Mpphmpphh!" An embrace is done face-to-face, but to her dread, Ruby was buried in Yang's all natural pairs of fan service– the suffocation was all too real and intense as she sinks deeper in Yang's chest. On Weiss' mattress, the little red began smacking her hand on the sheets, showing her energetic submission.

Blake gently lowered her opened book, taking in the image of the mismatched siblings. How she got dragged into this kind of activity every single day left her speechless; however, it's nice to know that she could mainly seat herself as an audience than to be part of the show.

… Idiots, Blake said in her head, deciding it's best to resume reading and out of harm's way.

"Quick Weiss-cream! If you don't tell me what's up with you and Vomit Boy, your partner will be cuddled to death!" Hearing that, Ruby pushed away from Yang as hard as possible by forcing her feet against Yang's iron abdominals, but to no avail, her body remained where it was – dangling in the air.

"Go ahead," Weiss responded by rolling against the wall, "make my night."

Reluctantly, the gauntlet wielding teammate loosened her grip, knowing well that Weiss would get a kick out of that more than she could predict. Yang stuck her tongue out at her, letting go of Ruby who gasped for air soon after. "Whatever, I'll just go ask Vomit Boy when he's not so out of it," her challenging comment made the princess visibly twitched. "He'll definitely spill the sweet tidbits between you and him."

"Oh yeah? What makes you so confident he'll tell you anything? At best, he'll stutter enough to get you bored out of your mind," facing Yang, she in turn stuck her tongue out, even if it was a little immature for her taste, but screw her anyways.

"Well duh," her tone was condescending, cocking her head as if everyone should know why, "Jaune's a guy! He's at least a guy on the outside… Well, I'm assuming. Who wouldn't want to brag about tangoing with his Snow Angel," this earned her getting a pillow flying from the raging white haired teen, but with her insane reflexes, she bent her back away, avoiding it by a thread, and guffawed at her minor tantrum. "Ya got to do better than that to shut me up. Put up your dukes!"

"It's getting late Yang," Ruby recovered from her punishment, "so I think we better get some shut eye." They had plenty of energy that could last a whole day, but from Ruby's perspective, she can notice the insecurity her partner is feeling, and if she doesn't want to say anything, then it's her responsibility as leader to give everyone some space. Of course, she was still wondering why someone like Weis was angry. Well, she was always a walking time bomb, but even more so than whenever she does something to annoy her. "And like you said, we can ask Jaune tomorrow morning."

Yang shrugged – she could read the mood enough to know when she's overdoing it, even though she was still packing with jokes in her arsenal. "Kay, but don't think you'll get away with it Weiss."

"Leave me alone you tainted ape."

Already crawling beneath her blanket, Yang was way ahead of her demand, but not without swinging her own cushion at Weiss's face dead-on. "Go choke on feathers."

Before she could reconsider pinning the party-hard to a wall with her Myrtenaster, Ruby gently patted her on the head, making her consider shish kabobing her inadequate leader instead. "What in all of Vale are you doing?!"

"I'm trying to calm you down," Ruby earnestly tried to make her comfortable. "This works on my dog. That's a good girl."

If only she could grow fangs and claws, she'd show her what a real dog would do. "I'm not your mutt, you twit! For the love of Oum, stop petting and go to sleep before I bite your hand off." She playfully nodded and leapt back on her top bed, but her head was upside down under her spot, staring at her stubborn friend with great observation.

"Hey, Weiss," Ruby whispered, "I don't want to make a demand, but can you go meet up with Jaune and… this may seem like a bad move on my part, but can you apologize to him?"

"And why should I?"

Ruby closed her eyes and planned the right choice of words to make her argument sound. "I don't think that, you know, what he did should get him… well, hurt. You also look guilty about it too, like it's your fault," Ruby got the bullseye when she saw Weiss' flustered face, but she still couldn't understand why she would act like that. "Not that I think you're the one to blame, but I think you're overreacting. I mean, Jaune's cool, and you're cool, so cool people should settle this like cool people should. Ya know?" Right… cool. She should work more on her speech skills, but that has to have gotten across somehow.

The sulking princess sighed because she knew that she was definitely the one to blame, and denying it in to Ruby would add in the guilt. But if she had to add in one reason that she shouldn't, it'd be because of her pride as someone who is superior – superior to Jaune. She's a damn Schnee, and she should be the one to be apologized to; it's to never be the other way around! Jaune was just a stupid genius in his own right, yet with just a little, uh, touching, she got all hot and bothered with a sickening passion for no freaking reason! It hit her like a brick out of nowhere, and she as a whole crumbled, collapsed, and weakened before someone like him. The humiliating sensation infuriated her, agitated her, made her feral and seek out the taste for blood – his blood… but it was undeniably comforting. It felt right, but it appalled her, as if the idea on embracing the love-struck idiot was forced into her very psyche, to meet his wants and needs. And like the opponents and enemies that fell before her, Weiss forfeited her pride and goal in life to Jaune. Did she really wanted to lose herself in his presence, his lackluster charm and hick-like perspective? Just what the hell did he do to me? She'll figure it out by every means necessary, especially if it results in him suffering for it. Yes, the sadistic persona in her came to mind, enforcing the notion.

Weiss clicked her tongue, but she agreed nonetheless. "I will… Good night."

"Good night! Blakey, mind turning off the lights? I know you're going to stay up and read you bibliophile."

Blake visibly smirked as if she expected this. That's her captain for you. "You're being quite acquainted with me," she jested as she threw one of her pillows at the light switch next to the door, making the room completely engulfed in darkness. "Good night, Ruby."

"Good night, everybody!" Ruby unintentionally shouted before lightly snoring, counting sheep in her dreams. Yang followed her example.

Yes, Blake will be up for a while, for it was natural for an ex White Fang member to preserve the minimum requirement for naps. It's a hard habit to kill. And the human eye cannot sense or see in the lightless environment, leaving Blake to resume her usual routine… if it wasn't for the faint curses, giving her an earful of what Weiss was going through. Like chanting a spell, it was powerful, and ominous. Even if her eyes were locked onto the pages, the nocturnal bookworm hesitated with each passing paragraph when those two insidious filled words pitched into her eardrums.

"Die, Jaune, die, Jaune, die, Jaune, die, Jaune, die…"

… Maybe I should sleep after all.

"ACHOOO!" Jaune sneezed harder than he ever could; his snot blew out like a flying net and latched onto nothing but air, dangling. It was as if a whiplash of his brain nearly made contact with his skull. "Damn it, that one hurt!"

"Maybe someone was talking about you," Pyrrha chuckled as she laid down on her bed in a relaxed form, finally able to communicate with the whole group without troubling her thoughts, so long as she doesn't let herself too close to the blue eyed leader, everything should be stable.

"Please, none of those superstitions," Jaune sighed as he regained his wracked brain, "but seriously, I thought that would've kill me."

"Like how you would've died today?" Nora childishly teased him as she wrestled with her mattress and winning by body slams and elbow drops.

"… Yeah, like that time."

"You haven't fared well with Lady Luck it seems," Ren drank his tea, his typical procedure before his scheduled snooze. "With that cold, it should last for around a week. You're simply lucky enough to not die from it."

Yes, I was lucky, but just what the hell did I do wrong?! Still clueless and lost, Jaune contemplated about it on multiple occasions, but he just couldn't put his finger on it. If she's calling him a pervert, the very least she could do was explain why. If anything, she as the one frisking him! No, he couldn't blame her, but there was obviously something that Ozpin must have known about this.

"I'm gonna regret this, but there's no way this could possibly get any worse than this."

The three halted their activity, looked at each other and asked in unison, "What could make this any-"

"ACHOOO!" this time, the frontal lobe smacked against his cranium, knocking the sick knight out as he laid face down on the floor, nearly shocking his friends. Either than Nora, they feared this maybe a disastrous week.

And oh, so close did the Ice Queen's incantation came into fruition - so close.