I want to point out that Jay and Ben are really good friends cause they look like they'll get along due to their loyalty. There will be a lot of reference from the book because it has more info. This chapter is how it starts and mostly being about Jay. Next chapter is about Carlos and how he reacts to reading Jay's letter. Tell me what you think!?




School was sometimes extremely boring and not to mention lame, although there was a certain student who hated school. His name was Jay, who can't take nothing seriously or even bother to pay attention in class.

His friend, Ben, who was also the captain of the tourney team, was trying to keep him at bay. "Jay, you have to pay attention." Ben whispered in front of him. Jay snorted. "What's the point of school? It's so boring. Hurry up and become king so we don't have to have class anymore." Even though Ben was next in line to a throne, he has duties to do and can't be fooling around like Jay.

Ben sighed, "Don't you have anything to look forward to?" Sometimes he worried for Jay because he was distant and often unfocused. They've been friends since they arrived at Auradon Prep school. Both were practically opposites but they respected each other. Jay respected that Ben was a relievable and kind friend, while Ben respected him because he was an honest and loyal friend and member of the tourney team.

Pausing for a second Jay quickly answered, "Nope!" Rolling his eyes, Ben turned around as the teacher entered the room, indicating that class began already.

"Hello, students!" The teacher, Fairy Godmother, said in cheerful voice. "I have a special announcement to make. Today's lesson we're going to learn that not everyone is the same, whether good or bad we must see how different a person can be." Jay blinked confused. What was his teacher talking about? "Sometimes being different is good for everyone, but sometimes it can lead to confusion and misunderstanding about yourself and others. So I decided to talk to a teacher from the Isle."

The whole classroom gasped and whispered to each other. Everyone feared the Isle. "Settle down!" Fairy Godmother exclaimed as she tapped the chalkboard with a wooden stick. "Each of you will get a pen pal of a student from the Isle. You'll write a letter each day and I'll deliver them to the other teacher. And, we will be doing this for a while. Now, any questions?"

Ben raised his hands, "Will we be able to see them?" The class went silent by his sudden question. Who would ever want to meet a villain?

"I'm afraid that's impossible," she answered, "You are not to see them, give them anything, or even make contact with them. These children are not to be trusted so easily so I advise you all to be careful and be kind about it." She walked towards her desk and grabbed a set of papers and envelopes. "Each of you will talk about yourself in: hobbies, personality, interests, etc."

Jay was already somewhat hooked, the thought of having a villain as a pen pal was quite exciting, yet he knew villains aren't supposed to be trusting and are downright evil. As soon as he got the paper and envelope he began to scribble on it, but stopped when Fairy Godmother spoke again. "Oh, before I forget! You guys get to choose who you want as your pen pal. Here are the names of the students from the Isle." She wrote their names on the board.

Another student, Audrey, raised her hand. "Can we know who their parents are?" She wanted to make sure she didn't get someone insane or just plain rude. Fairy Godmother hummed, "It's better not to, dear."

Jay stared at the board, glancing through all the names. "Who are you picking?" Ben asked as he turned. "I don't know yet. You?"

"I'm picking Mal," Ben declared with no hesitation. Jay raised his eyebrow in surprise, the answer was too fast even for him. There were at least twenty names on the chalkboard so how can Ben choose so easily? Suddenly he smirked upon realization, "Oh, I see. You know who they are already!" Jay stated, which made Ben shush him.

"Don't say anything, Jay. I could get in serious trouble." He murmured, slightly glancing beside him to make sure no one heard Jay.

"Abusing your power? You just made me so proud!" Jay congratulated and then jabbed Ben on his shoulder. "What would Audrey think of her Bennyboo after all this?" He playfully teased. There was no mocking behind it just playful joking, and Ben knew it.

"First of all, she's not my girlfriend, and second of all, promise me you won't tell anyone about this, Jay." Ben trusted Jay, he's not the type to rat out on people he trusted the most, but he just wanted to hear him say it anyway.

Nodding, "I won't. Just tell me who's the hottest girl on the list?" He grinned as he crossed his arms in victory. Ben frowned but reluctantly answered, "There's only eight girls and I don't think you should pick someone just for that. Pick someone that you can communicate and get along with and- Jay! Quit laughing!" Ben exclaimed as Jay burst into laughter, just thinking about getting along with someone from the Isle was certainly amusing.

"You crack me up, like I'll get along with a villain!" Just like most members of tourney team, he had a reputation to keep and disliked the villains, only Ben was the kind hearted one.

"You could," Ben declared, trying to calm himself because sometimes Jay can be a handful and an immature person to deal with. Honestly their friendship was odd and mysterious, it's a shocker that they're still friends.

"Whatever." Jay pretended to wipe a tear away after all the laughter, hearing Ben's nonsense about villains turning good was funny every time. His captain can sometimes be naïve and airheaded in his opinion. "I suppose it doesn't matter anyway." It's not like he's ever going to see them.

Ben pondered, then replied without looking at the board, "Carlos De Vil."

Jay made a stern expression, "A guy? Really? I was hoping for a female!" His furrowed his eyebrows, with a mixture of confusion and disbelief. "No way!" Ben shook his head as he was tempted to scold Jay but decided not to. "You said it doesn't matter, right? So give it a try."

Jay made another realization. "You didn't hesitate on this one either! Just who did you spy on?" He understood that Ben was going to be king soon but that didn't mean he had to know everyone, especially from the Isle. Or the thought that he spies on people.

"I didn't spy, I just observed on a couple of them." Ben corrected, then added, "You'll get along with this guy." Jay didn't want to ask how he would know because he'll probably receive a boring lecture from him. He just let slide.

"Fine," he grumpily agreed. He started writing on the paper for this 'Carlos' guy. Doing a simple introduction of himself and wrote other random stuff about himelf. Ben smiled and turned back around so he can make a letter to Mal.

Once everyone finished, they told Fairy Godmother who they picked. "Now that everyone is finished with the letters, please put it inside the envelope and pass it forward. I shall send this by the end of the day, and tomorrow your pen pal's letters will arrive to tell you about your responses."

Doing as instructed he sealed the letter shut, and then Jay wrote his name on the corner of the envelope. And lastly, he wrote Carlos De Vil in the middle with a few sloppy scribbles.

Jay passed it forward to Ben, who gave it to Fairy Godmother. "I really hope I don't get a lame person." Was all Jay could hope for. Now, it was Ben's turn to laugh, "Trust me, you didn't."