It was a dark night and a dark corner of Daein where the Begnion soldiers roamed. They held up torches in search of someone or something.

"Find anything?" one of the Begnions asked his companion.

"Not yet, sir. No," the Begnion he addressed responded.

"…Someone's gotta be here. Keep looking!" the first Begnion said. The second nodded, and they fanned out. Behind the place they abandoned, a silver-haired laguz girl, Micaiah, scanned her surroundings.

"We're wasting our time. No one's here," a Begnion said.

"I know I heard something," another insisted.

"Hush, Yune. If they hear you, you'll give us away," Micaiah said to her pet bird.

*Tweet!* Yune responded.

"Who's there?" a Begnion asked. Micaiah had a brainwave, and let go of Yune. Yune went flying far away.

"Is it the Dawn Brigade?" a Begnion asked.

"Nah. Just a bird," one of the nearer Begnion responded. Micaiah let out a sigh of relief, before feeling a gauntlet on her arm. She was dragged into the light of the moon, facing a number of Begnion.

"Ha ha! Thought we didn't see you?" the Begnion with a hand on her arm said. One of the Begnion approached her, and drew her face up to look into his.

"Silver hair… if it's the fortune teller, we'll be heroes. Without her, the Dawn Brigade is nothing!" that Begnion said.

"Oh, the general's going to love this… Bind her," a Begnion said. A Begnion pulled out some rope, and he and the Begnion holding Micaiah's arms got to work on binding them.

"Listen up, lass… if you don't want to get hurt, don't struggle," one of the Begnions said. He let out a gasp of air, and dropped to the ground. A rogue, clad in the green of heroes, drew another knife from his bag.

"She's not alone!" the Begnions shouted. Sothe jumped from his advantageous position, and descended to slice all three remaining Begnion in half with one stroke. He sliced upwards, and the ropes binding Micaiah fell to the ground. It helped they were poorly tied to begin with. Micaiah scooped up her book, and looked around. A horn sounded, and more Begnion surrounded them.

"Got you now!" one of the Begnion boasted.

"Light of the goddess, blind my enemy!" Micaiah recited from memory, causing all of the surrounding Begnion to drop to the floor, massaging their eyes.

"Good job, Micaiah. Let's go," Sothe said.

"Right," Micaiah said. She let out a soft whistle, and Yune appeared beside her.

A few days later, in the streets of Nevassa, Micaiah was meeting with someone else. Edward was fidgeting around impatiently.

"Something must have happened to him," Edward said.

"Don't worry… he'll be here…" Micaiah said, looking around the corner cautiously.

"Hey… I have an idea. Micaiah, use your foresight to see when Leonardo will arrive!" Edward said.

"Edward, that's not how it works. I foresee some things, but not all things," Micaiah said.

"I was teasing… still, he's never late!" Edward said. He looked around the corner a lot less carefully than Micaiah.

"Help! Someone… Bandits! Bandits are attacking the town! Run away… if they catch you, who knows what they'll do?" a lady asked, before getting a good look in at Micaiah.

"Where is the Imperial Occupation Army? How can they keep the peace if they don't show up?" Micaiah asked.

"Begnion? They don't care a lick about us… we're losers of war. We're nothing. They're only interested in chasing down that Dawn Brigade. They let the real scoundrels run wild," the lady said.

"*Shriek*… they're worse than useless. We'll be glad to help you. Find someplace to hide, and leave the bandits to us!" Micaiah said, sliding her headband down to cover her face.

"And don't you worry about us. We happen to be members of the Dawn Brigade that the Begnion troops are so interested in!" Edward said, raising his sword.

"What? You guys are in the Dawn Brigade? Neat! I've got all your collector cards!" Nico said.

"We have collector cards?" Micaiah asked, looking at Edward. He sheepishly grinned.

"…Thought it was funny," Edward said.

"You? But you're just children… oh, how Daein has fallen… forced to count on a sub-human to fight and steal for the good of the poor. But we can't fight bandits, so we'll take your offer. Please be careful, though… they'll slice you clean if they can!" the lady said. Micaiah nodded, and ran through the streets to the bandits.

"Listen up, you louts! This town's just idiot kids and drooling greybeards. Steal everything not nailed down!" one of the bandits said. Micaiah softly cawed. She emerged from an alley, and approached one of the bandits.

"Heh heh heh… a pretty girl sub-human like you'll fetch a pretty penny. Now, be a good girl and come to papa," the bandit said.

"Foul human monster! May the light of the goddess strike you down!" Micaiah said in an ancient tongue. The bandit was able to let out only a few words of confusion before dropping to the ground thanks to Micaiah's light. Edward charged forward, and chopped down a pair of bandits.

"Micaiah!" Edward's archer companion Leonardo called out.

"Leonardo!" Micaiah cried out. "How did you find us?"

"A little birdie told me. Yours, in fact," Leonardo said, allowing Yune to fly from his fingers to hers. "Now what were you two thinking, taking on these bandits alone?"

"Sorry, Leonardo… we couldn't just leave the villagers, though… could you please help us?" Micaiah asked. Leonardo sighed, and loosed a single arrow, hitting his target. Micaiah stepped forward, and used her light magic to clean off a few more.

"Fantastic! We won! They were no match for us!" Edward boasted. Micaiah slid her hairband back up to sit on her head.

"You did it!" a boy's voice cried out, as Nico ran up to the three.

"Thank you so much! We owe you our lives…" his mother said.

"You there! What are you doing? Stop that immediately!" a Begnion cried out, looking down from a higher alley.

"Well, well, well… Begnion soldiers. Didn't they just take their time?" Edward asked.

"We mustn't be caught. Micaiah, Edward… you'll have to run! Now!" Leonardo said. The three shot off before Nico could say anything else.

"Hold it! Stop right there!" the Begnion said. "You are in flagrant disobedience to your proper superiors!"

"Who are you bellowing at, soldier?" the Begnion's superior, General Jarod, asked.

"General Jarod! When… when did you get here?" the Begnion asked.

"Answer the question, maggot. Who were you yelling at? And, more importantly, why did you do nothing but yell at them?" Jarod asked.

"Sorry, sir… we suspect they might be the Dawn Brigade, a band of thieves that targets goods levied from the towns. People claim they give what they've stolen back to the villagers, and strut around like heroes. They're said to be led by a sub-human witch called the Silver Haired Maiden. They say she can heal wounds instantly simply by touching the injury. She's hailed as a saviour… ironic, isn't it?" the Begnion said, adding that last part with a nervous giggle.

"And? What have you done to deal with this band of fools?" Jarod asked.

"A few days ago, we stormed their hideout. We found a sub-human matching the description of the Silver-Haired Maiden… but the gang was cunning and cautious, and we lost them," the Begnion said.

"I see. I'm beginning to understand," Jarod said. The Begnion smiled a smile of relief.

"I'm beginning to understand exactly how incompetent you all are!" Jarod said. He slammed his lance down onto the Begnion's head, picked up his body, and threw him down the streets a level.

"You lot. Make the villagers talk. I want to know who these bandits are and where they hide," Jarod said.

"Yes sir! Understood, sir!" the Begnion he addressed said, running away.

"I don't care who they are. The more kick they have in them, the more fun for us, don't you think?" Alder asked.

"Precisely. Overseeing this dusty old town wears thin. A little fresh game is just what I need," Jarod said, turning around, and throwing his lance into the nearest wall.