AN: Takes place before Older and Far away.

Buffy Summers sat in the office of a local therapist. 'I can't believe this!' she thought, 'Why do I have to go to a therapist. It's not like I'm crazy or anything.'

Social Services was making her however. They wanted to have someone with a degreel check on her mental state and tell them whether or not she was sane enough to take care of Dawn.

"Ms. Summers,"The reseptionist said "the doctor will see you now." "Thank you."Buffy told her, and then she went in to the room trying to look as happy as she could.

On the desk was a plauqe that said: Dr. Ceceila Monroe in fancy writing. "Dr Monroe?"Buffy asked quietly. Her slayer senses told her that something was up, but she pushed them aside, not listening to them. It was just nerves. "Ahh, Buffy Summers."Dr. Monroe said turning around in her chair to face Buffy. "Hello ma'am."

Dr. Monroe was younger than most doctor's she'd ever been to, she was in her mid thirties at best, with curly auborn hair and dark eyes and around her neck was a gold neckless with a weird looking charm on it.

"Take a seat Ms. Summers." Buffy did so and the doctor continued talking, "Social serveses told me that you're mother died last year, and now you're raising you're sister alone. Is that currect." "I'm not raising her totally alone. I have friends who help me alot." "Friends. That's great. Tell me about them." "Well, umm, there's Xander and Willow, they're my best friends. Have been since my Sophmore year of high school." Buffy felt weird telling a stranger all of these things about her friends, but once she started talking she couldn't stop. "And there's Anya, she's Xander's fiancee, and Tara. And also Spike. We, we used to not be able to stand each other. But now, I don't know. It's diffrent somehow. He's showing some real human qualities. Plus I can tell him stuff that I can't even tell Xander and Willow. " "You said that you, Xander and Willow have all been friends since you're sophmore year. Who else did you hang around with back then?" "This girl named Cordiella. She dated Xander for a while and she reminded me alot of myself, back when I used to live in L.A." "How so?" "Well, I was a cheerleader. She was a cheerleader. All I cared about was clothes boys and popularity and she cared about the same things for a while." "Anyone else besides Cordiella?" A slight smile grew on Buffy's face while she thought about Angel. "Yeah. Umm, one person. His name was Angel. He's my first love." "Where is he now?" "He lives in L.A. and runs a p.i. agency with Cordiella." "What is your biggest wish, Ms. Summers?"

Buffy didn't have to think long to answer that question, "I wish I could go back to my Junior year of High School, when everything was easier."

(Cut to Buffy's home later)

"Oh my god!"Dawn said, picking up some french fries "And then the stupid judges gave the gold metal to the Russians! They totally cheated! And you could look into the Russians eyes and they were all like, 'You suck Canada!'. Can you believe that?" Buffy,Dawn and Spike were all seated around the dinning room table eating dinner from The Doublemeat Palace and talking about current events. "It's a horrible, horrible thing." Buffy said turning to Spike, "So, what did the two of you do today while I was gone?" "Well, we rented Bring It On." "Again?" "It was a very educational movie about Cheerleading---" "Oh please!"Dawn cut in "You just wanted to watch it because of the car wash scene." "Okay that too." "So, William the Bloody watched Bring It On. Didja enjoy it?" "Yes I did. I really liked the audition scene. Very good gymnastic moves." "He thinks Missy's hot." "She's got spunk. You know when she did the audition, and she was all like, 'I transerfed from Los Angeles, your school has no gymnastics team this is a last resort'. She was very spunky there."

Dawn and Buffy started laughing hard from their guts. "What?"Spike asked confused.

(Cut to the graveyard)

Buffy and Spike were on their nightly patrolls but not much patrolling was going on. They were seated under a tall tree making out. Buffy was wearing a red hankerchief top with a leather jacket over it and faded blue hiphuggers and high boots. Spike was in his usual all black. Buffy pulled back and looked at him.

"I should go."She told him. "Come on Buff, it's only 11." "I should be at home. What if something happens to Dawn?" "Sweetheart, Red's there with her. Everything'll be fine." Buffy got up from her seat under the tree "What if everything isn't fine?" "Why do I get the feeling that you're not talking about Dawn anymore?" "Spike, Tara knows about everything." "What do you mean everything?" "Everything. You, me. You being able to hit me. Everything. And she ran some tests and stuff on me and it turns out that I'm fine. I didn't come back wrong." "That must be good for you right?" "No! Spike, it's horrible. I wanted something to be wrong with me. But, there is nothing wrong. And that makes everything that we're doing and how I'm feeling even worse." "Fine. If that's how you feel I'll just leave."

Just at that moment Dr. Monroe appeared behind a bush watching Buffy and Spike fight. But she didn't look like herself. Her face was all disfigured and making her normally pretty face look ugly and hidious.

She quietly whispered,"Wish granted." and the charm on her neckless glowed.

"God!"Buffy yelled turning around."You are so annoying!" And she closed to eyes so she wouldn't have to bother trying to watch him leave. And at that exact second Buffy and Spike dissapeard into thin air.

As I lay me down ch. 2-Old School

Buffy opened her eyes and she was suddenly outside the Bronze. She was wearing the exact same outfit she was wearing with Spike. Her hair,everything was the same, but somehow Buffy knew something wasn't.

"This is to weird."She said to her self walking through the door.

She looked around and definetly knew something was wrong. The way the place looked was the same as it did back in High School. Her mind went back to the wish she made. 'I wish I could go back to my Junior year of high school.'She remembered saying. 'It came true'she thought. 'It really came true.'

Suddenly someone called out her name and she turned around. Her eyes caught sight of Willow and Xander waving to get her attention.

"Hey guys."Buffy said smiling trying not to look as if anything was going on. "Hi."Willow said taking a sip of her Coke. "Hey Buffy. I like you're hair."Xander told her. "Thank you."She told him and then she took off her jacket and put it on the back of her chair. Both Xander and Willow were a little shocked by her top. "Wow, Buffy. Nice top you almost have."Xander joked. "I like it."Willow told her and then asked "How'd you get passed your mom with that on?" "Uhm, well, she wasn't paying attention and I just told her that I was going to go to the Bronze and she told me okay so I left."Buffy told them very nervously. Her mother was still alive. That made her whole body tingle. "Okay, Buff. I don't want to sound gay or anything but there is a totally hot guy checking you out at the bar.And he has been since you walked in."Xander told her. Buffy turned around not trying to make it that ovious and her eyes met with a certain blonde vampire's eyes. "Spike."She whispered. "Who?"Xander asked confused. "Nothing. You know I think I'm going to get a drink."Buffy said getting up making sure that she had a stake in her back pocket. She walked up to the bar and ordered a Sprite. She then took a seat next to Spike, and said "Hi." He said "Hi." back.

The bartender gave her the Sprite she ordered she payed and then turned to go back to her table and Spike grabbed her arm. "So you came back too." Buffy was shocked by what Spike just told her. "You too?"she asked "Yep." "How?" "Hell if I know." "God. This is just my luck." "You're luck! What about me. I still have the sodding chip in my head." "That's not my fault." "No,but it's captin Cardboard's" Buffy threw her hands up. "You are so annoying!" She exclaimed. "I'm annoying! What about you?" "Great comeback."Buffy said sarcasticly "So, you know pet I've got my car parked outside." "Real smooth Spike. Real smooth." "Is that a yes?" "Of course."

Later Cordelia walked up to Xander and Willow who were arguing over who the best Power Ranger was. She was wearing a tight black tee-shirt that said 'I am the band...' on the front with the words ' Caritas' on the back, and a denim skirt with flat sandles and her hair was cut to her chin with light blonde highlights throughout.

"Sorry to interupt this oviously life altering conversation,"She said putting her hands on the table "but I gotta talk to Buffy." "God! What is it with everyone getting their hair cut?"Xander asked with frustration. "Xander. Where. Is. Buffy?" "Sorry Cordy. I don't know where she is."he told her "Willow?" "She left like fifteen minutes ago to go talk to some guy and we haven't been able to find her since." "What did this guy look like?" "Blonde, he had a Billy Idol-wanna be look goin' on." "Spike." "Is that like some code word or something?"Xander asked,"'Cause Buffy said that too when she saw him."

Cordelia turned and walked outside in a hurry ignoring Xander, hoping that Spike hadn't done anything to hurt Buffy. Because if he did then that would mean that there was no possible way she could go back to 2002. Just then she heard a noise comming from behind her. She spun around on her heels and saw Buffy walking with a very pissed off look on her face followed by an even more pissed off Spike.

"Well, well, well. Just the person I was looking for."Cordelia announced crossing her arms. She then saw what Buffy was wearing and exclaimed, "I have those jeans!" "I doubt it." "You bought them at the Deb right?" "How did you know that?" "Like I said I have those jeans." "You came back too." "As did you." "Yep." Spike coughed loudly letting the two of them know that he was still there. "And the bleached wonder back there,too." "How?" "We're still trying to figure that out." Spike told her lighting up a ciggerette. "Give me one too."Buffy told him holding out her hand. "Since when do you smoke?" Cordelia asked shocked. She never would have pictured Buffy as the smoking kind. "Couple months now." Buffy told her taking a puff.

(Cut to the School library the next morning)

"You're telling me that the two of you, and a vampire with a chip in his head were all sent here from the year 2002?"Giles asked rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Correct."Buffy answered as she finished putting her hair into two pigtails. "Wow." "You can say that again."Cordelia quirked.

Just then Xander, Willow and Jenny Calender walked in laughing about something that Xander said. Both the girls sat strait up in their seats looking nervous, seeing how Ms. Calender had been dead for the last 4 years.

"Hey there you are. Where'd you go last night?"Willow asked sitting down. "Vamps. Oh, and then I ran into Cordelia and she had to talk to me about something."Buffy told her. It made Buffy feel bad about lying to Willow, but she couldn't tell her what was going on. "Well, we brought your jacket."The future witch told her. "Thank you." "Come on blondie,"Cordelia said picking up her bag "we've got class." Buffy let out a groan and gathered her books. "Whatever."she said.