Alright everyone, I'm back again. I've got another story for you and I'll take care of a few house cleaning items here before getting to it. First, the story is about %95 complete. I've got some stuff to clean up towards the end but as in the past you can expect regular updates from me.

Of course the basis for the story comes from our beloved JKR. Without her, all of us addicts wouldn't even know what we are missing. Other aspects of this story come from things I've read in other fanfics that got me to thinking I'd like to try something like that. I can't possibly call all the various authors out who might have inspired me because I've read far too much fan fiction to remember where everything might have come from. Sometimes I'm not even sure if a particular idea is totally original to me or if I read it somewhere else so long ago that I've forgotten. I'll thank all the author's for the inspiration they provided here and hope that is enough. Really though, can any of us complain? Every one of us is playing with JKR's creation and she isn't complaining, so we shouldn't either.

What else? I'm posting the story in three different books called the, Children of Fire Saga.

I'm mostly working without a beta. About the first ten chapters of book one have had the benefit of an extra set of eyes. Thank you again to Strangeways for his efforts. I'll do my best after that, but apologize now for the inevitable failings to occur.

The only canon change I think I need to call out is that Ginny is a backup Seeker and Chaser on the quidditch team.

Nope, gotta call out a second one. I'm adding a prank played by Ginny a couple weeks before Christmas where she levitates a niffler through the window of Umbridge's office. And gets away with it. I've gotta be honest, it's been a seriously long time since I read the books and I think a prank like this is actually played only it's the twins who do it. Whatever, I'm giving it to Ginny. This became necessary to do after a rather large mistake on my part was pointed out by WriterShwin. Credit where it is due and thanks for pointing it out.

The story begins over Christmas at Grimmauld Place. Other than called out canon changes, it should be, and I'm fairly certain is at least %99, canon compliant right up to Ginny's telling off of Harry for forgetting about Tom Riddle possessing her during her 1st year. After that point we go AU.