Title: Destiny

Author: Geri K.

Type/Timeframe: A re-write of one of my stories. AU The destiny of young Obi-Wan, age 12 – 20

Characters: Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and a few others including Oc's all known characters are now owned by Disney. Lucas and Watson gave me ideas, I'm just having fun with their characters.

Summary: Obi-Wan's worst nightmare comes true.



"Well, well, if it isn't Kenobi!" Bruck snarled as he stood over the object of his disdain.

A feral grin lit his face. "Not very observant are you; didn't you see my foot in your way? I always knew you were clumsy and now blind as well?"

He felt satisfied seeing Obi-Wan flat on the floor; it was part of his plan. He'd overheard the Master of supplies ask Obi-Wan to deliver a package to none other than Jedi Master Jinn, the man that Bruck would do anything to be certain that Obi-Wan would never be his apprentice. Bruck was determined to be Jinn's padawan whatever it took.

Hearing the sound of china breaking, he felt assured that whatever was in the cylindrical parcel was damaged beyond repair.

Obi-Wan fell hard, not expecting to be tripped and with his mind on delivering this important package, he hadn't sense his nemesis Bruck Chun hiding around the corner.

Twisting around to glare at his age-mate he said. "Bruck! Why did you do that?"

"Do you think I would want you to deliver a parcel to Master Jinn in one piece and listen to him praise you?"

"How did you know I was taking it to him?"

"I know everything, but now he won't be pleased that you broke it, will he?"

Obi-Wan's anger flared, it was hard to release it to the force and he gritted his teeth. "Why do you hate me so much?"

"Why? I'll tell you why." Bruck said.

He leant in close. "The light side, it fills you. I struggle to find it in me, and I need Master Jinn to help me purge the darkness. You won't have him I will!" Bruck said as he heard footsteps coming their way.

He tackled Obi-Wan bringing him back down to the floor, punching him. As they rolled around Bruck sensed Jedi hurrying to put a stop to their fight.


The fight was over as quick as it began when both boys were grabbed by their tunics, and hauled apart.

"What is the meaning of this? You are Jedi initiates and we do not tolerate fighting in the Temple…this is a place of peace!" the Master berated.

Obi-Wan peered into the eyes of Master Plo Koon who held Bruck tight.

He turned his head to the side to see the owner of the voice; he knew it was Master Windu. He closed his eyes for a moment thinking nothing could be worse than being caught fighting by two Council members.

Obi-Wan's annoyance at him self swirled in his mind for losing his temper, but before he settled his emotions, Bruck spoke.

"I'm so sorry Master Windu…. I couldn't help crashing into Obi-wan; he was running around the corner, and I didn't see him until it was too late. He dropped the package he was carrying and I said I was sorry; I offered to help him up, but he attacked me." Bruck said calmly.

"That's not true Master Windu...He deliberately tripped me! Bruck knew that this package was for Master Jinn and he wanted me to break it and tripped me on purpose!" Obi-Wan said with irritation lacing his words.

Master Windu held up his hand to Obi-wan. "You 'will' control your temper, or I shall put you on detention."

Obi-Wan knew he'd fallen for Bruck's scheming again, he had to reign in his anger, but this was the seventh time in the last year that the arrogant and devious Bruck, had caused him problems.

Obi-Wan took a deep breath and released his anger to the force. "I am sorry for my disrespectful attitude Master. I have no excuse for losing my temper. I was upset, because whatever is in the package is now broken." Obi-Wan stated in a calm steady voice.

"That is much better initiate Kenobi!" Master Windu exclaimed as he let go of Obi-wan.


He bent down and picked up the parcel, just as Qui-Gon came around the corner. Both boys looked his way, and once again Bruck jumped in and spoke first.

"I'm sorry Master Jinn, Obi-Wan 'was' running and he crashed into me. He has broken your parcel." Bruck said in a calm manner.

Master Windu glared at Bruck. "We have yet to confirm the circumstances, Bruck!"

However Qui-Gon wasn't listening to Mace, he was looking at his package. "What…Is that my Lamp?" He said glaring at Obi-Wan.

"That was a Setla Lamp! They are very rare and I've searched a long time to find this one." Qui-Gon said.

"You were running? You know the rules about running in the Halls. I think you delight in disobeying the rules, initiate Kenobi."


Master Windu tried to calm Qui-Gon. "Qui-Gon this is not the place to discuss this! We don't know the whole story yet!"

Out of the corner of Obi-Wan's eye, he could see Bruck smirking, and that made him feel worse. He had played into Bruck's hands.

Qui-Gon's annoyance was directed at Obi-wan. The man seemed to intimidate him, and he felt inferior, and unworthy, and now he'd proved it.

Obi-Wan felt apprehensive, and he could hardly get the words out of his mouth. "N…o Sir, I wasn't running." Obi-Wan insisted.

However Qui-Gon was already leaving the scene with his broken Lamp and didn't hear a word Obi-Wan spoke.

"I'm sorry." he said to Qui-Gon's retreating form.


"Qui-Gon..wait!" Master Windu called. He wanted Qui-Gon to hear both sides of the story. Nevertheless, Qui-Gon hurried down the hall, leaving him to sort it out.

Mace turned back to the boys. "I have my suspicions initiate Chun, that you did more here than what you are telling us."

"I didn't break the package Master Windu, Obi-Wan did!"

"Initiate Kenobi, were you running through the halls?" Mace asked.

"No Master Windu I wasn't. Bruck put his foot out as I turned the corner."

"Well the damage is done, but be assured I will speak to Master Jinn and give him my thoughts on the matter… Bruck, I am warning you to keep away from Obi-Wan and I expect you both to be on your best behaviour."

"Yes Master." Both boys said in unison.

"The padawan tournament is on tomorrow and it is the place for you both to show what you are made of, not here in the halls."




Obi-Wan dressed early and headed toward the arena. He wanted to practise before the event. He had hoped Master Yoda might have delayed his sabbatical trip to Dagabah until after the tournament, but the old master left explaining to Obi-Wan that he was confident that he would be chosen and said that he knew a master would choose him and not to worry.

The sound of his boots echoed in the empty hall as he walked, but from an alcove on the side Bruck stepped out.

"You have no hope of being Master Jinn's apprentice, Kenobi! I overheard him say that he would take the worst initiate in the Temple, rather than take you!"

Obi-Wan looked sideways at Bruck, and smiled. "Well then, I guess you can be proud to know, that if he chooses you today, everyone will know that you are the worst initiate in the Temple."

That made Bruck angry, and he swung his fist in Obi-Wan's direction, except Obi-Wan ducked and brought his own fist up, hitting Bruck in the mouth, splitting his lip.

"Oww!" he spat out, but Obi-Wan didn't wait and took off.

"You just wait Kenobi, you'll be sorry!" Bruck said.

Obi-Wan calmed down and did a few warm up Kata's until the masters arrive and the tournament began.

He thought it strange that Bruck wasn't in the arena and when his name was called out he stepped quickly to the centre.

It wasn't long before Bruck came in, and from the stands Obi-Wan heard gasps of disbelief. He turned and looked at Bruck, who not only had a split lip, but he had scratches on his face as well.

"What happened to you Bruck?" questioned the Master referee.

While they were waiting for Bruck to speak, Obi-Wan realised what was going to happen. He knew that it was over for him, and silently berated himself for being so stupid.

Once again he had fallen into Bruck's trap. There was no way he would be chosen as an apprentice now and he resigned him self to his fate in the Agri corps.

"I was coming here earlier and Obi-Wan hit and punched me and told me I was too stupid to be an apprentice. I wasn't going to come because I felt humiliated." Bruck said sadly.

"Initiate Kenobi, did you hit initiate Chun?" Master Windu asked.

"He taunted me on the way here and swung at me, but I ducked; I was defending myself and my fist connected with his mouth. I didn't scratch his face Master." Obi-Wan said honestly.

Master Windu sensed Obi-Wan was telling the truth. "We will postpone the trial, until Bruck's face is checked, and we find out what really happened." he said.


However, a baritone voice called out from up in the stands. "Wait…..I do not need to watch them spar. I have made up my mind."

Everyone turned to look at Qui-Gon Jinn. "I have seen enough over the past few weeks, to know who the deserving Padawan is. I have had enough experience with hot-tempered and angry initiates, and I do not intend to take another angry young man, so I choose initiate Bruck Chun as my apprentice."

Mace Windu glared at his friend. He had spoken to Qui-Gon earlier about the Setla Lamp and he thought he'd convinced Qui-Gon that Obi-Wan didn't do it. However, as usual his friend was rushing in blindly. Mace was sure that Bruck had set Obi-Wan up, now it was too late. He had announced his decision in front of everyone.

Obi-Wan didn't move and didn't look at Qui-Gon or Bruck, it was his own fault and he deserved to go to the Agri-corps. (I have no one to blame but my self, Master Yoda was wrong I will never be a Jedi.)




Subdued and ashamed Obi-Wan stood before the council receiving his assignment to the corps. He'd elected the Agricultural Corps and had chosen Thyferra where he would join the ranks to assist at the Bacta processing plant.

Thyferra, a green blue planet made up of a green hued landmass mountains and a blue ocean. He gazed out the view screen as the ship came in to land. A towering mountain shaded the Agri-corps complex and he noticed white smoke billowing out of a crack at the top.

As he walked down the ramp the heat hit him. A hot gusty wind blew and his first thought was that he hoped the hall of residence had some sort of cooling system.

He was greeted by the Administrator of the corps Master Jacob who noticed his interest in the smoke. "Hello Obi-Wan, welcome to the corps. I'm Master Jacob your advisor."

"Hello Master Jacob, I didn't realise how hot this place would be."

"You'll get used to it and I notice you looking at the smoke. Have you ever seen a volcano before Obi-Wan?"

"No Sir…Why is there smoke coming out of it?"

"It's what they call an active volcano although it hasn't erupted in over a two hundred years, but every so often it sends up a spiral of smoke. Don't worry, it won't erupt! Come with me and I'll show you to your dormitory to settle in."

He nodded, but something about that volcano made him feel uncomfortable.




At first he thought it would be interesting, knowing how Bacta was produced. However, as weeks stretched into months it lost its appeal.

Obi-Wan's task involved checking the containers that held the living organisms. He was to assist and check that the Alazhi plant and the Xoorzi fungus remained in a healthy state as they grew. Any changes in the environmental condition would cause the fungi to release its spores too early and wither and die if not properly controlled. His job was to use the Force to guide him, and check for disease and disturbances.

The last conversation he had before he left the Temple was with Master Windu. Telling him how disappointed he was that there weren't any prospective knights available to take him and unfortunately, there was nothing he or Master Yoda could do at this present time. Master Windu hadn't said it in so many words, but he knew the master was disappointed in him as well.

He wondered if Master Yoda knew that he'd been re-assigned and was disappointed in him too. He presumed so because in the months he'd been on Thyferra, he'd had no communication from the temple at all.

However, his dreams and visions told him of a different destiny, one where he was a Jedi. So he worked diligently, and made sure he was ready. He meditated regularly; releasing his anger and worries to the Force. He wouldn't give up his dream no matter how long it took.


One very hot night, he woke wondering who was shaking his bed. A touch of fear filled him as not only the bed, but the walls of the dormitory vibrated and a mirror on the wall crashed to the floor. A loud rumbling explosion rocked the building as everyone ran for the door in confusion, not even thinking to grab shoes or cloths.

Obi-Wan didn't know why, but for some unexplainable reason, he'd worn his clothes to bed and he grabbed his boots as he followed the other residents out the door.

The ground beneath him shook violently and a bright glow lit the sky as molten rock showered down on the dormitory where he had been sleeping.

This phenomenon took him by surprise; he'd never felt the ground shake so violently. There was a great disturbance in the Force and the smoking mountain was spewing out liquid flames and large flaming rocks were hurtling down upon the compound.

Residents were disorientated and ran in all directions as fires consumed the buildings and people were screaming for help. Black sooty smoke settled all over Obi-Wan and it was hard to breathe as cracks opened up in the ground.

His eyes were stinging as he headed to higher ground away from the volcano through some trees to a clearing overlooking the disaster area.

The darkness of the night closed in around the survivors as some huddled together crying and others gazed down at the devastation below. He knew there was a water tank at the edge of the field and he stood in line as people took a drink and washed the soot off their faces. He didn't know what to do and without medical supplies there was little he could do.

It seemed like hours before help arrived and by that time orange glowing lava covered the ground where the complex once stood.