Hi! I'm back with the *very* last chapter of "Rolling Fire, Burning Soul" RFBS has been a great help with getting into the Inuyasha world, but I feel that I dragged it out, and kinda ruined it. SO! I owe you all an epilogue. ^____^ I'll bet you've never seen an epilogue done in THIS POV! ^-~ (there's quite a bit of cussing, so if you don't like that, I apologize in advance)


So, you want to take a peek into the lives of our feudal friends? Man, you're NOSY! But that's okay, because I am too. In fact, I'm curious to see what happened myself after my defeat. So, I, Naraku, will you show you what all our, er, your feudal friends have been up to for the past few years.

It's been six years since my defeat. Yeah, stop giving me that look. Yeah, I, the great Naraku, was defeated by a huge group of idiots. Oh! You want to hear about how I.....died? What the-?! This is rip-off.

But whatever.

Well, I was walking around, minding my own damn business, when out of nowhere, a whole bunch of people stepped out. I mean, a whole bunch. I've had time to remember their names. I'm serious! My peep-chick crashed to the ground. Don't say anything. It was Easter, and I found one just sitting there, all lonely-like. I think maybe that fox-kid mighta dropped it, but hey. It was cute and pink. Its beady little eyes stared in horror as I ripped its head off, then, I swallowed and set the half-eaten peep- chick on the ground.

Now, the whole time I was chewing on the peep-chicks head, everyone stared at me. "What?!" I asked all defensive-like.

"Are you sure this is Naraku?"

"What!" I yelled. "Of course I am!"

And of course, any excuse to kill a Naraku is a good one, right? So they all attacked me. The first one to get me was the one with the white hair and gold eyes. Nah, not THAT bastard, the other one. Yeah, the girly one. What? They're both girly. Whatever. The girliest one then. With the make-up. Eye shadow and shit like that. Yeah, him.

He just about ripped my fricking throat out!

I barely had time to dodge his attack when an arrow hit me in the hand. Let me tell you, that hurt worse than someone stepping on it.

But I bet you already knew that.

Anyway, then that wolf prince guy, the one without pupils. Yeah, him. Kouga or something. He just about ripped out my hair! That's a dirty way to fight. Ripping at my gorgeous hair......HMPH!


A few fox-fires to the back, a poison claw or thirty to the arms, A kaze no kizu* or fifty to the face, an arrow or five to my leg, dirty wolf prints on my chest, burned hair, a boomerang or three-thousand, a monk's staff to the back of my neck several thousand times, and some attacks from those two bitchy girls that I, Naraku, created.

Oh well.

Did I mention that the boomerang smashed in my face?

And that I don't have a spider-burn anymore. I'm just one big burn mark.

And that I STILL haven't gotten two of the arrows outta me.


I suppose I deserve it though, cause I was so mean and all. But they didn't even let me attack. I'm surprised that I still have any skin left. Those wolves must've thought that I tasted good or something.

Anyway, they destroyed me, plain and simple. Unfortunately for me, of course, because they didn't like me anyway. *sigh* That's okay though, because everyone else loves me! *dodges tomatoes*

Anyway, after I.....perished, they got that whole damn jewel together. And I was thinking, 'What the hell did I want that thing for anyway?!' Even Kouga forked over his jewel shards. And so did the dead bitch.

Now, this is very complicated. Because that Kagome girl was a priestess, and Kikyo used to be the priestess that guarded the jewel, they got two damned wishes. Why couldn't I have had two wishes?

They had this big-ass reunion where everyone they ever met came. Even Jenenji and Nobunaga showed up. Kouga, Kikyo, Kagura, Kanna, Sesshomaru, Rin, Jaken(who's very ugly, I might add), Sango, Kagome, Inuyasha, Shippo, Kirara, Miroku, Myouga, Souten, and, well, everyone was there. Kagome had the jewel around her neck, and Kikyo chased her around for a few hours.

Now, in my opinion, this was the best part of the whole thing! When Kikyo finally caught Kagome, she whispered something to her I couldn't hear, and ran into the woods. Kagome followed after a few seconds' hesitation. Of course I, Naraku, followed.

Kikyo stopped and told Kagome that she was sorry, SORRY for all she'd done. Now, I personally think that Kagome wanted to faint on the spot. The dead bitch was apologizing. Damn. I almost fainted- and stop laughing.

Kagome accepted and asked her why she wasn't hitting on Inuyasha.

Kikyo said it was because she didn't want him anymore. He had too high of a temper, she said.

What the hell?!

Where was the catfight?

Er, priestess's-with-bows-and-arrows fight?

So the two freaks hugged and weird shit like that, and then that Kagome person asked Kikyo who she was gonna go after instead. Kikyo just smirked her brains out.

You wanna know who she picked?


Anyway, stuff happened, and they ate (I didn't get any). Then, they all gathered themselves around the Shikon no Tama.

Kagome stood on a platform and looked around everyone like it was a speech- giving thing. You know what she asked? "Which youkai here will live the longest?"

Now, I was wondering what that was supposed to mean, myself. I mean, it was rather stupid sounding.

You wanna know who answered?

Sesshomaru. See, he claimed that he would live the longest out of everyone there. Of course, Kouga argued. What else is knew?

Then Kagome explained that, because they were all- never mind. I'll tell you in her own words. Things in (....) are my thoughts through the whole thing.

"We're gathered here today to (what is this, a wedding?) wish upon the Jewel of Four Souls. We've got two wishes to use, and both Kikyo and I know what one of the wishes is going to be. The second, is......(get on with it already, I'm bored) Well, we're all friends here, right? (yeah...right, that's what you think) Since we're all friends and such, and there's so many different kinds of us......" she pointed around the woods to the wolf, dog, fox, and cat youkai. "There's humans among us. Youkai, and there are also a few hanyou's. We'll all live our lives (yeah, so what?) and of course, the human will die first. Then the hanyou's. And lastly, the youkai that are here will live for hundreds of years without us.

This isn't the second wish, but I wanted to tell you all something. Kikyo and I have come to an agreement about something. (whoo-freaking-whoo) We both agreed that it would be best if those who wish to......how do I say this?" she asked. "I mean, how many of us want to die before our friends? How many of us want to live through all our friends' deaths? I think that......if we all (what?) get tied together by a priestess's spell, that our life-spans will be equal.

Now, everyone doesn't have to do it. Just those who are willing. (not me!) I want to. And Sesshomaru, we'd all be tied to your life-span so that we'd all live the same amount of time.

Who wants to?"

Most everyone did. Except for Nobunaga. And Souten, who'd live a long time anyway.

Kirara wanted to, because she was getting kinda old, and so did Myouga. Sango and Miroku didn't want to die and leave Inuyasha by himself again, and Shippo didn't want to outlive his new 'family'. Everyone except for a few people agreed.

Kikyo and Kagome stood back to back and did some weird stuff with old Kaede standing there in all her wrinkly glory. She was there too, and she was getting bound together along with everyone else. With any luck, she'd get younger and stuff. Then she could marry or something.

Ha! Yeah right!

I can't really say what Kikyo and Kagome did because it was a SECRET that outsiders can't know. But I couldn't explain it anyway. A big flash and a lightening streak across the sky shook the earth, then all stood still. I was trying to see through the smoke. With any luck, they'd killed themselves. Did I mention that those bastard's killed my peep-chick?

Damn them.

Anyway, when the smoke cleared, (after what seemed like hours, but was, in reality, two minutes, forty seconds, and twenty-three milliseconds later) everyone looked the same. Well, except for Myouga, Kaede and Jenenji's mom. Jenenji looked different too. They all looked.......younger. Well, way younger. More like, in their twenties. Wow, I thought that was pretty good. Jenenji looked more.......human, and smaller. I guess the wish kinda made everyone look more human. Jenenji looked more like his father. His hair was light blue, and he had taken the form of a human, standing at 6'2". He was taller than me, I think. I hated to admit it, but he looked much better than me. Damn.

Anyway, then that Kagome freak spoke up again.

She said that they were gonna summon the spirit of Midoriko. Sounded cool, so I stuck around and stole a peep-chick. Hey, just cause I'm not alive doesn't mean I don't need to eat!

So, they said some stuff to the jewel.

Everything was dead quiet except for my peep-chick. Cause I kept chewing it rather loudly. Not that it was my fault, because the marshmellowly stuff was stuck to the roof of my mouth and to my teeth.

I think everyone heard the chewing, because Sesshomaru and Kouga kept looking around. I saw Inuyasha's eye twitch in annoyance. I wanted to laugh, but because I'm evil, I could only sit there and enjoy my pink peep- chick. That's the only color I'll eat.

Midoriko came out and stuff, which was really boring, and Kagome asked her if after the jewel was gone, if the well would still work. Midoriko said that it would. That was cool, I guess, because I suppose the Kagome freak would want to visit with her parents and stuff.

Little Shippo, who wasn't so little (maybe it was the spell that made him taller), ran around in circles chasing Rin, who was chasing Jaken, who looked slightly less ugly. I wonder if that had to do with the spell too?

Anywayz, when everyone was bound together, Shippo, who was older than he looked, turned into the human-sized equivalent. Rin, who looked way younger than she was, filled out a little. So, everyone either got younger, older, or in Sesshomaru's case, stayed the same.

Kanna actually got TALLER. I think I accidentally made her too short when I created her. Oops! (not)

After all that, Kikyo stepped forward to make her wish. Being the original protector of the jewel, she was the first to make her wish.

Her wish was selfish- in my opinion. But that's what I would wish for too, if I were her.

"Oh Midoriko, and the jewel of four souls, I wish to return to life once again, in this body I wish to stay."

"Your wish is granted to you Kikyo, the protector of the Shikon no Tama."

"Thank you Midoriko-sama," Kikyo smiled happily, having a complete soul free of hatred and full of warmth.

"My wish is........" Kagome whispered to Midoriko so silently that not even the youkai with the best hearing could hear. The only other person who knew what her wish would be was Inuyasha.

"Sis!" a young voice called from outside of the clearing.

Damn, I wasn't expecting that, I can tell you. I thought I killed that brat. But it seems that Kagome has brought him back with the Jewel.

"K......k..........Kohaku?" Sango turned around slowly, doubt and disbelief written all over. It was......her brother. Kagome had used her wish to bring Kohaku back. She turned around slowly, heart thumping, and saw her beloved little brother run towards her. It had been almost two years since he'd died. He'd grown so much........

She rushed towards him and gathered the now-13-year-old to her. "Oh Kohaku! I missed you so much!"

"Me too sis, me too....." Kohaku looked up at her with shimmering eyes. "I thought I'd never come home......"

Okay, that's enough with the mushy shit. Blah, blah, blah. Kagome wished Kohaku back, and Kikyo wished to live again without stealing Kagome's soul. They were all happy. What else do you want to know?

Oh yeah, what the whole lot of freaks are doing now. Well, ya want to see?

It's been, (like I said before) six years since I've died, and almost 8 years since Kagome came through that well of hers. Miroku is 27, Sango is 24, Kagome is 23, Inuyasha is 25, Kikyo is 24, Sesshomaru is in 29 (translated to human years), Rin is 18, Kohaku is 19, Souten is 17, Shippou is 18, Kagura is 28, Kanna is 31, and Kouga is 26. Wow, they're old.

Anyway, here we are, sneaking up on a decent hut on the far end of the village. Remember to be quiet so you're not spotted.

"Come on koi, don't pick up that heavy bucket," a man with long black hair told a woman with the same color hair. "You shouldn't be lifting such things in your condition and all."

"My condition? You're the one that's so nervous Kouga!"

"Kikyo! I, how could you? I'm just worried about my wife....." he pouted. "Come on love, can't I at least help you carry that?"

"You'd be more help if you'd take all the vegetables in from the garden."

"Yes koishii, I'll do that."

"You'd better, or you won't have anything to eat this winter."

As you already know, we're behind Kikyo and Kouga's house. They've been married for three years. Yuck, mushy stuff. Ew......they're kissing....

"Mommy!" a little girl with pale skin and long black hair looked up at her. "Mommy, auntie Kagome said that she wants to talk with you tomorrow about something."

"Okay honey, what is it she wants to talk about?"

"I dunno, something about woman stuff."

"Okay Kiya, I'll be down there tomorrow. Come on, mommy needs help getting those veggies into the house before it starts to get cold."

"Okay mama!"

And did I mention that they had a daughter named Kiya?"

Now we're gonna leave this 'adorable' couple and see what some of the other members of our group are doing.

Here's a tiny little cabin near the one that Kikyo and Kouga live in.

"Auntie!" a little voice yelled, rushing into the yard to hug a short white- haired woman. "Auntie Kanna, Auntie Kaede wants to speak with you about something!"

"Surely," she stood up from picking the carrots from the ground. "I'll head down after I get these picked up, Kirei. Will you help me?"

"Okay!" the little girl smiled.

"What's this all about?" Kanna asked her.

"Well, I think it's a girl thing, because Aunt Kaede doesn't want the guys to hear it."


"What is it, Kaede?" Kanna asked the older woman who was now rather young- looking. "Is something wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, someone's getting married!"

Okay, because I don't want you to see who's getting married. I know, because I'm cooler than all of you. But that's their personal business, and you have no right to pry into it.

Now, to the left of Kanna's house is a bigger house. See it? Now let's see if they're home.

"Honey, who's getting married, tell me!" a young man asked a young woman with short dark hair.

"Sorry Kohaku, I can't tell you," the woman smiled mischievously at him.

"Rin, please tell me! I won't tell a soul. I swear it."

"I don't care, Kaede told me, and I'm not telling you a thing."

"But we're married, we're supposed to tell each other things."

"I'll tell you after the wedding takes place."

"Okay- hey! By then I'll already know."

"That's the point."

Whoo, looks like everyone wants to know who's getting married. Geez, by dusk everyone in the little circle of friends will know.

Literally, they are a circle of friends. Their houses are arranged in a circle around the well.

The next house was larger than all the rest. It was well-constructed, and huge compared to the rest of them.

Shhhhhhh......now peek in the window, and be quiet. You really don't want to make these two mad.....

Inside the window, a white haired man sat with a black-haired woman, and a little brown-haired girl sat beside the fire, playing with her doll.

"Kirei, it's time for bed dear," the woman said. "Okay mom. Goodnight dad," Kirei whispered, kissing her dad's cheek. "Goodnight mother," she kissed her mother's cheek also and headed off for bed.

"She's such a sweet child."

"Yes, she is Kagura. You're a great mother too."

Kagura's cheeks colored. "Sesshomaru, don't be so......weird."

"Well, I'm going to be a dad soon."

"You already are a father."

"I know dear, I'm just excited."

"Is it a boy or a girl?"

"A boy."

"That's good. I wanted a boy."

Now, we have to leave them, because they're starting to get all mushy and stuff. And I, Naraku, don't like mushy crap.

Now the next house down is a little cottage-type place. You can whisper quietly because they won't hear you anyway.

"Koishii, how many are there now?" Miroku asked his wife.

"Dear, there's three of them, and a fourth on the way. Why do you keep asking me that?"

"I'm just still amazed that I have two girls and a cute little boy!" Miroku grinned. "Say Sango, Whaddaya think it is, a boy or a girl?"

"A boy," she said automatically. "But don't worry Miroku, we'll find out in a few months."

"So soon!"

"Yeah, I'm getting anxious. But after this, no more kids."

"Sure koishii, whatever you say."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Whatever you say, goes."

"Alright," she smiled, tilting her head up to kiss him.

"Mommy and daddy sitting in a tree, KISSING!" three little voices rang out.

Three children, one of which had to be at least 5, the others younger, stepped up to tease their mother and father.

"Koiya, Sora, Tsukai, what are you doing?" Sango asked, pointing to each of the kids in turn.

"Nothing mommy!"

"We're ready for bed daddy!"

"Will you tell us a bedtime story?"

"Yeah, the one about the evil Naraku and how you and Uncle Inuyasha and Aunt Kagome and Uncle Sesshomaru and them beat his......."

Okayyyyy, I think that's enough of that house, don't you agree? Good, cause I do too. Besides, I hate that story, it's entirely made up.

Now here's the little house in the back of Sesshomaru's and Miroku's. It's kinda like a cave, but you can't see inside very well. Guess who lives here?

"Jaken honey, could you go fetch me some vegetables?" called a croaky voice.

"Sure Margaret dear, I'll be right back!" A cheerful-looking Jaken exited and ran straight into a tree.

Love is blind. ^___^

Margaret stepped out to see what had happened to her husband. "Oh Jaken!" she cried, rushing towards her love's aid.

Margaret was a little shorter than Jaken, and, unlike Jaken, she had hair. Blonde, curly hair. She wasn't ugly, but then again, ever since that wish, Jaken hadn't been all that ugly either. And the rest of the group actually got along with him.

OKKKKKKAYYYYYYYYY Toad love. Is there anything so cute? I tell you that there isn't. Anyway, let's get on with this. My brain hurts, and don't you even say I don't have one.

The next house is, of course, Kagome and Inuyasha's. Yeah, they're married, have two kids, a boy and a girl. They look just like their idiot parents. Not really, but they're about as annoying as Jaken used to be.

Inside the house sat Kagome with a little girl on her lap. The little kid had long white hair and violet eyes, she was wearing a pink, purple, and white kimono, and she had bows on her forelocks. Two small dog-ears stuck up from her head, and her hair was arranged in a low ponytail.

Inuyasha sat beside Kagome with a little boy in his lap. He had black hair and amber eyes. His ears were as dark as his hair, and he was wearing a dark red hakama and gi. He looked so much like his dad.

"Daddy, Seseru and I wanna hear the Naraku story again."

"And mom won't tell us...." The little boy pouted. "Kitaya and I wanted to hear about it again."

"Okay, here," Inuyasha agreed, shifting his son's weight. "Inuyasha: A feudal fairytale, the short version."

"Once upon a time, a hanyou loved a girl named Kikyo. Kikyo was a human, and the hanyou was a half-breed. The two fell in love. The hanyou learned of the Jewel of Four Souls, and wanted to use it to become a full youkai, but when he met Kikyo, he agreed to become a human for her.

Kikyo was bringing the jewel to the hanyou to wish upon when she was attacked. The person was someone who looked like Inuyasha, and she thought he was. He took the jewel and ran.

Meanwhile, Inuyasha was waiting for Kikyo to come with the jewel, and she came, holding a bow and arrow. It looked just like her, and she shot at him. He dodged them, and ran. He had thought that they had something special together, but here she was, betraying him.

He ran back to the village to steal the jewel, and he grabbed it and ran. On the way out of the village, he ran into Kikyo again, and she shot him to a tree. For fifty years, he slept dormant, until a teenager from the future pulled him free.

A long time later, there was a girl who lived in the year 1996. She was happy with her life when, on her 15th birthday, she went to get her cat out the well. Sota, her brother, went to fetch the cat, but was too afraid to go into the well. A centipede demon got the girl, and she ended up somewhere in feudal Japan.

She freed a white-haired hanyou from a tree, and broke the Jewel of Four Souls. Inuyasha, the hanyou, and Kagome, the girl, went to fetch the shards of the jewel. Along the way, they met a fox-youkai named Shippou, who had lost his parents. Inuyasha and Kagome helped him get revenge for his parent's deaths, and they continued on together.

Inuyasha's old lover, Kikyo, was brought back to life by the evil witch Urasué. Kikyo hated Inuyasha with all her heart, she was so consumed for the hatred she felt for him.

They came upon a monk named Miroku, who was after a demon named Naraku. Naraku could disguise himself as others, and Inuyasha realized that Naraku had to have been the one that attacked Kikyo, and tricked them into believing that they had betrayed each other.

Miroku joined them, and along the way, the met a demon exterminator named Sango. Sango was called to a duty, and her brother died there. She was almost killed, but Naraku gave her a shard of the jewel of four souls to ease her pain. He told her that Inuyasha was the demon that had destroyed her village, and to kill him for revenge of her family and friends.

Sango found out that Naraku had been the one to attack her village, and she joined up with Inuyasha and co, along with her pet youkai, Kirara.

The group found out that Naraku had once been a man named Onigumo. Onigumo had fallen in love with the kind-hearted priestess Kikyo, and harbored feelings for her. He couldn't have her though, because he was burned completely from head to toe. Nobody would ever want him. Kikyo cared for him anyway, and one day, from the cave where he dwelt, he saw Kikyo walk away with the hanyou Inuyasha. He became jealous, and plotted to destroy them both. He told the demons to devour him and feast upon his flesh, and he became the hanyou Naraku.

Along the way, they met up with Kouga, the prince of the wolf tribe, who kidnapped Kagome and fell in love with her. Nobunaga, the man with the monkey who pined after his princess, and Jenenji, the hanyou who no one liked. They also met Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's older half-brother.

Sesshomaru took in Rin after Kouga's wolves killed her. He revived her with the Tenseiga, and she became like a daughter to him.

Miroku eventually proposed to Sango, and she accepted, but she wouldn't marry him until after the evil Naraku was defeated.

Inuyasha loved Kagome, but he couldn't admit it, he was too stubborn.

Naraku brought Kohaku to life with a Shikon shard, but without the shard, the young boy would die.

Two years after their quest, Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, and Shippo went to fight Naraku. They had as many shards as they could possibly have, and they were ready to take the evil demon on. On the way to where Naraku hid, Sesshomaru joined them, and so did Naraku's minions, Kanna and Kagura. They wanted free of Naraku for once and for all. Kouga and his wolf tribe joined also, and together, we beat the evil called Naraku.

The group took the jewel and wished Kikyo to stay alive, and for Kohaku to come back to life. They were all tied together with a priestess's spell, so that they would all live the same lifespan.

Sango and Miroku were married soon after.

Then, Inuyasha proposed to Kagome, she accepted, they were married a few months after Sango and Miroku, and then you were born."

Cause we're twins!"

"Yes, but we don't look the same."

"Not all twins look alike dear," Kagome said, running a hand through her daughter's hair.

Wait-" Inuyasha held his hand out. "I'm not done.

"After we were married, Kouga married Kikyo, Sesshomaru married Kagura, and they had little Kirei. Then Jaken married Margaret, and Kohaku and Rin were married four months ago. And Shippou and Souten are getting married in two weeks."

"Really?!" Seseru asked.

"Yay!" Kitaya clapped.

"Hey, how'd you find out?" Kagome asked incredulously.

"I have my ways," he smiled secretly. "Now it's time for the two of you to go to bed."

"Goodnight mother, father," the two children said, kissing their parents' cheeks.

See what I mean?

They left out the part of my peep-chick, and the fact that they killed it. What the hell is wrong with them?

Aw well, anyway, now you know what happened to your loser, I mean, awesome friends. Heh, heh, heh. I changed my laugh. See, after I died, I couldn't go to hell, because they didn't like me, and God didn't want me in heaven, so they assigned me to be the tour guide to Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairytale. I see that someone recreated it into a book and a show even! Which is cool, because I'm in it. I get to show people around where Inuyasha and Kagome lived, and- hey! Stop laughing at me!!!

Geez, doesn't anyone have any respect for tour guides anymore?


So whatever, anyway, go home and have fun, cause I gotta go home too. My house? Er, I don't have one. Home is right here. I don't go any farther. Yeah, my life sux, but I suppose I deserve it, because I was so evil. Now hurry up, the next group of people is coming, and I gotta show them around before it gets completely dark and cold.

Besides, I have a pink peep-chick in my pocket that is screaming for it's head to be ripped off and chewed on *drool*.

OWARI (for real this time)

* Kaze no Kizu :: Wind of the Wounded. Inuyasha's attack.


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To Nghi:: No, I'll continue reading Inuyasha fanfics. Well, the one's I've already started, but I'm not starting any new ones. *sigh* I read ur new chapter, and I'm kinda confused. But before I get to that, I need to tell you something. When you put one chapter over another one, like you put your chapter over your author note, the people that reviewed the chapter previously can't review it again. Since I reviewed your author note, which was what, chapter 5? I can't review Part Two. ^-^;;; But I'll review it here. First off, I'm kinda confused. Did she really meet Shippo, or what? I mean, I'm *really* confused. Cause, at the end, she runs over her cell phone and stuff. The part with Shippo being the dog was creepy as hell, I hafta admit. ^-^' *scratches head* But anyways, I didn't understand the ending. Was everything just a dream with Shippo and stuff, or is she leaving the town where Shippo lives? @_@ Help me! If you'd email me, that'd be cool. I think I was going to email u, but you didn't have an address written or something. Hm, maybe that was it. ^-^ Anywayz, update whenever you get a chance, and next time, don't load chapters over author notes, okay? Anyone who reviewed your author note won't be able to review that chapter. ^^ And keep up the great chapters, and keep getting those good grades! ^-^ I was wondering, what's ur favorite class at school? Mine is computers (we fix them), and CP English 11. ^__^ Our English teacher is easy, because she gives you an A if you just do your work. Your work doesn't even have to make sense. -_-; So I probably don't really deserve an A+, but whatever the heck. I've got a B- in Algebra II now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brought it up from a C+. Well, I hope that cleared up some stuff. Anyways, one last thing. There's SO many new Inuyasha fanfics out there, I can't read them all, so as soon as the one's I'm reading right now end, I'm gonna only read one or two at a time. Besides, right now I'm into G Gundam and Kenshin too. And yeah, it's because Toonami hasn't been showing any new episodes. It makes me so mad. I can't stand the reruns anymore. -/..\- And Kenshin's just so CUTE~! *squeal* And Domon's one sexy guy! =^-^= But don't worry, I'll definitely finish YOUR fic! ^______________________^ Sayonara friend!

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