Yep. I'm insane. I mean, I have to be, to keep making rods for my own back. But this is one of those ideas that wouldn't go away. A Harry Potter and Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfic. One of my stranger ideas, but we'll roll with it.

I've been pondering such a fic for a while. It was Gregg Landsmann's entertaining Evangelion fanfic Nobody Dies that got me hooked into fanfic in a big way, and without that work, I wouldn't be writing fanfic at all. In addition, Neon Genesis Evangelion remains one of my all-time favourite anime franchises. I had considered a fic where the pilots end up at Hogwarts (post-Third Impact and de-aged), and then one where Rei alone does so, but I eventually discarded those fic ideas. But the idea of such a crossover wouldn't go away, and there's surprisingly few, given how popular Harry Potter crossovers are. And frankly, I wanted to do a bit of exercise in Rei-shipping.

Rei is my personal favourite out of the Evangelion characters. Gentle, exotically beautiful, and her apparent emotionless nature is merely because she doesn't quite know how to express emotion properly. And she gets a pretty lousy deal at the end of the series. Well, so do the rest of the Evangelion characters. Which is why there'll be Rei/Harry shipping, albeit of a strong friendship kind. That being said, no lemon or lime or slash or anything of the sort. Yes, there'll be sexual references and scenes of an uncomfortable nature, but that's what you get with Evangelion's fairly dark nature. I considered having this starting in the Evangelion universe, but I've decided to start in the Harry Potter universe, with flashbacks to what happened in the Evangelion universe.

Now for the usual disclaimers. Firstly, there will be annotations up the wazoo. You don't like it? Well, there's the door.

Secondly, this is an M-rated work. Violence, language, and sexual references will be present. You have been warned.

Thirdly, there will be spoilers for both Harry Potter and Neon Genesis Evangelion, especially the latter. Again, you have been warned.

Fourthly, there'll be little to no bashing of the characters. Well, save for some who really deserve it. But Ron and Dumbledore won't be.

Fifthly, I am not slavishly using Japanese honorifics or words. You Weeaboos don't like it, then too bad.

Finally, the following is a fan-written work. Harry Potter and Neon Genesis Evangelion are the properties of their respective owners. Please support the official release. Otherwise…Tang.