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Earn Me
Chapter Five

Tanya Denali was fuming and was in serious need of some advice. Regretfully, her little stunt of sending Edward the pictures of Bella and his colleague, Garrett, had backfired in the most unexpected way.

Instead of Edward flying off the handle like she had hoped for, he withdrew from her. Gone were the lavish gifts and the public acts of possession that she loved so much. In fact, all acts of affection were down to zero. Her sex life was non-existent. She could not stand it, so she sought out the help of those who knew about her little scheme from day one.

Seated at in the best seat in the posh, five-star restaurant, were her mother, Carmen, her sister, Irina and Edward's mother, Esme.

"My dear Tanya," Esme Cullen announced loudly and proudly as she pulled the young woman into a hug. "How are you, my sweet girl?"

"I've been better," Tanya sighed as melted into the hug.

"Having problems with my son?" Esme asked as she gestured for Tanya to take the seat next to her.

"Yes. Esme, I think I messed up," Tanya said softly so as to not alert the neighbouring tables that there was trouble in paradise.

"Nonsense," Esme rebuffed, earning nods of agreement from her mother and sister.

"No. I am serious. That night that Irina and I had dinner, I sent him the pictures of that woman, who was also pregnant, wrapped up in Garrett's arms, I thought he would have gone on one of his tantrums, but, instead, he pushed me away. He goes to work and comes home. That's it. No gifts. No shopping sprees. Nothing," Tanya whispered, close to tears.

"There is no need for tears, sweetheart. There is an easy fix for your problem," Carmen said encouragingly.

"What is the easy fix? I've tried everything. I even cooked for him. Me! Cook! But that didn't even fix anything," Tanya whispered.

"Why do you think I had the three of you, Tanya?" her mother asked softly as she accepted the menu from the waiter.

"Because you wanted a lot of children?" Tanya asked with a shiver of disgust.

"I had three children because that is what your father wanted," Carmen explained in a sage like manner. "Rich and powerful men are not stupid and, when they reach certain level of prestige, they care very little for the wife they have home, and more about their image. There is a lot that they will allow to occur without blinking an eye, but you must give them what they want. Your father wanted children so I gave him children. After I had fulfilled his wish, I was able to have everything. It was not so much of a sacrifice. I was able to regain my figure and his bank accounts are wide open to me. I do what I like now, so that is my advice to you."

"You want me to have a child?" Tanya asked. "But I don't want a child. I don't want to be tied down with a crying, filthy human thing."

"Nannies are there for a reason, Tanya," Irina said; with those words, the four women shared a devious smile amongst each other.