Chapter One

The Hall of Justice Simulation

Dr. Sheldon Cooper sat in Friday afternoon traffic in the middle of June, looking forward to coming home to his girlfriend Rosemary Fox and spending a weekend relaxing after his first week at his new job.

Surprisingly, his first week at the new SpaceX think tank in the Puget Sound went very well, and Sheldon discovered a truth that both shocked and delighted him – he'd been collected. Grant Kirkman, the main administrator of the new campus, made it clear that Sheldon's main focus should be continued work on his new dark matter theory, and Elon Musk would be supportive of all his upcoming lectures, conferences, and continued studies.

"I don't understand," said Sheldon, looking up at Grant from his burger. The two men had ventured to a locally owned burger joint for lunch on Wednesday. "I know our campus is focused on research in long distance and long term space travel. Won't I be working on that as well?"

"Of course," Grant explained, dousing his fries in catsup. "And as we get more people on board, they'll be more meetings and focus groups started. But Mr. Musk has collected you. He's your patron. And in exchange for his financial support, he gets to say you work for him. You're not the first person he's seen a bright future in and snatched up. Although you would be the first theoretical physicist." Grant took a bite, regarding Sheldon thoughtfully. "My advice, take advantage. Enjoy the situation. Not many people get this opportunity. You're a genius and should focus on thinking, creating, imagining. And now you can do that without all that academic nonsense, like applying for grants and dealing with bureaucracy."

So he had a patron, been collected. And he planned on becoming the centerpiece of the collection. He shared his ambitions with Rosemary as they lay in bed that evening.

"Hell yeah, Sheldon," she said. "You got noticed by a billionaire. You have a patron now, so just focus on your theory." She giggled into him, nuzzling into his neck, making him feel warm, peaceful. "You know, you're kind of like Michelangelo. He got collected by the Medici family and the Vatican. Then he could just work on creating. You've been given a great gift. Like Grant said, take advantage of it. And try to score us one of those Tesla cars."

And so he decided to be like Michelangelo and just think, create. He spent time in his office working, planning further lectures, interviews, and conference visits, getting his theory out into the world. He walked around the campus, which was still sparsely populated. He had a fantastic lab at his disposal, equipment Leonard had to beg for back at Caltech. The bioengineering building seemed to be in full swing. Labs abounded, scientists young and old working with robotics and athletes and tiny implanted chips, who were more than happy to explain their work to Sheldon.

His office, attached to a conference room filled with state-of-the-art communication devices, afforded him a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier, towering over the landscape. He often found himself staring at the volcano, his mind wondering, remembering how his disdain of geologists lead him into the arms of his true love, his bright light, his Rosemary. He felt happy to have such a view every day. Plus, he'd be the first to see if it started steaming, and he could enact his emergency eruption protocol.

He'd taken great care decorating his office. He put up a group photo with his friends at Penny and Leonard's wedding. He put up the comic Rosemary's sister Lillian drew of him. He added framed pictures of him and Rosemary, their Thanksgiving adventure at Mt. St. Helens, with Lillian and Yoshi at their wedding, the couple dressed as Arwen and Aragorn at the recent Seattle comic-con. Sheldon looked at the images, not believing all the wonderful things he'd done with Rosemary in the past six months, not the least of which falling in love.

Staring at the license plate of the car ahead of him, Sheldon realized he'd been sitting still on the freeway for nearly five minutes. Rosemary wasn't kidding when she said there were only two seasons in the Pacific Northwest: rain and road construction. His phone beeped, and he glanced down. A text from Rosemary. Since he wasn't moving, he picked up his phone.

Hurry home. I have a surprise for you. Love you.

A surprise? Did she make her chili for dinner, with fry bread? Yum. Or maybe she picked up that new video game he reserved. He hadn't had an opportunity to go to Game Stop yet. He was online gaming with his friends later this evening, and he could brag to them how his woman bought him games.

Almost home, he wrote back. Love you too.

Traffic began moving, and about ten minutes later, Sheldon pulled the Camaro into the driveway of their townhome in Tacoma, parking next to Rosemary's Prius. Opening the garage door, he walked in, smiling at the wooden masks Rosemary was in the process of finishing on her work bench. She had a large order of five masks for a law firm office in New York City. Sheldon felt proud thinking about his girlfriend's work hanging up in places around the country.

Something else caught his eye. Hanging over the entrance door to the kitchen was a sign in Rosemary's neat handwriting stating Welcome to the Hall of Justice. Puzzled, Sheldon let down the garage door and entered the house.

The kitchen table was littered with paper featuring the emblems of all the members of the Justice League, along with Rosemary's laptop. Sheldon simply wore a button up plaid shirt and khakis, similar to what he'd worn to work all week, not sure how appropriate his usual t-shirt collection was. Perhaps he should change into his Flash shirt. Was Rosemary planning some sort of party?

He rounded the corner to the living room and saw several pieces of wood on the coffee table. Curious. Turning toward the stairs, he froze in place. Standing at the top was Rosemary, dressed as Wonder Woman, wearing the naughty lingerie she'd purchased at comic-con several weeks before. Sheldon gulped, his manhood almost immediately at full attention. She wore a red and gold bustier, laced together in the front. Her midriff bare, she wore tiny blue panties with white stars, the outfit complete with wrist bands, a gold crown, and knee high red heeled boots that made her legs look long. Sheldon licked his lips, suddenly wanting to put his mouth on her smooth thighs. Her golden skin and long black hair complemented the whole Wonder Woman look, making her absolutely delicious.

Goodness, this was just like the fantasy he'd had months ago, when he shared his dream of her as Wonder Woman, having coitus with him at Justice League headquarters.

"Dr. Cooper," she said in an official voice, walking down the stairs toward him. "I'm so glad you've stopped by the Hall of Justice. Everyone else is out, and I have a problem I need help solving."

"Rosemary…" Sheldon began.

"Who?" Rosemary said innocently, giving him a puzzled look. "Listen, Dr. Cooper. Batman is in Gotham. The Joker got out of Arkham again. You think they would have better security. And Superman is in Metropolis. He had a deadline to meet at the Daily Planet. And Aquaman had to take his sea horse to the vet."


"I don't know why you keep calling me that," she said, grabbing his arm and pulling him toward the kitchen table. Sheldon saw the back of her panties revealed quite a bit of her firm butt, and he felt even more turned on. What was she doing? "I have these math equations I need to figure out. Thirty, but I only have five minutes to do it before all the nuclear weapons in the world go off, destroying the planet completely."

"Oh…I read about this. This is role play, right?" said Sheldon, excited about a new coitus adventure.

Rosemary sighed and nodded her head. "Yes…now hurry, Dr. Cooper, before the Earth is blown to smithereens!"

Sheldon grinned and sat down at the laptop. A giant button said start, and suddenly math equations of increasing difficulty flashed across the screen, a timer counting down from five minutes. This should be easy, he thought.

But it wasn't. Sure, the math wasn't difficult, but Rosemary sat in the chair beside him, draping one leg over the other, her foot rubbing against his calf. He glanced over and saw her breasts, pushed up by the bustier, a simple ribbon holding them together. He gulped.

"Dr. Cooper," Rosemary cried. "Time is of the essence."

Sheldon turned back to the equations as Rosemary put her hand on the back of his neck, caressing him softly, foot still rubbing against his leg. He hands shook because he wanted to touch her, but he also wanted to solve the equations in the time given. He found himself just staring at the screen on one of the problems, completely distracted by Rosemary's presence.

"You stuck?" she asked. "Only three minutes left. Here, I'll get you a glass of water."

She walked over to the cupboard to grab a glass, affording Sheldon a good view of her body. She filled the glass and took a drink, Sheldon watching a drop of water slide down her chin and neck. Goodness, he wanted her now. As she came back, she slid into his lap, handing him the glass. He took a drink and focused on the equations, very aware of Rosemary's scantily clad body on his. Focus, focus.

Amazingly, Sheldon solved the equations with thirty seconds to spare. Rosemary threw her arms around him.

"Oh Dr. Cooper," she said. "I knew I could count on you."

Sheldon felt it was time for his reward, and he grabbed her breasts, loving the satin fabric against his hands, seeing and feeling her nipples go erect. He loved watching and feeling the changes in her body which he could bring on through his touch. Unfortunately, she jumped up.

"No Dr. Cooper, what if someone walked in?" she said. "Listen, I need help with one more problem."

She pulled him to sit in his spot on the sofa, in front of the wood blocks on the coffee table.

"Alas, I broke the Wonder Twins' magical box," she sighed dramatically. "They will be so upset. Can you put it back together for me?" She leaned into him, her lips moving against his cheek as she spoke. "I would be so grateful."

Math, puzzles, Wonder Woman lingerie. Sheldon was in heaven. He began working with the pieces, putting them together to form a box, but once again his eyes shifted to his girlfriend. She watched him, her fingers running across the top of her breasts. She began to untie the little bustier. Sheldon dropped the piece he was working with, the whole puzzle falling apart.


"Dr. Cooper, I don't know why you keep insisting on…" she began but never got to finish.

Sheldon pounced her, pushing her into the sofa, hands all over her, upsetting her crown.

"I don't want to do puzzles," he moaned. "I want to do you."

Rosemary laughed. "But what about the Wonder Twins?"

"Yes, yes, if they walked in, they would see us," Sheldon said, finally understanding how to play along. "Take me to your room, Wonder Woman."

Rosemary giggled at him, jumped up, and ran upstairs, Sheldon fast on her heels. When he entered their room, she pushed him onto the bed, and climbed on top of him. Sheldon untied a bit more of the bustier until he could push the fabric aside to suck on her nipples. He enjoyed her salty taste and already mounting moans. She rolled off him and took a moment to remove her boots and wrist bands. Then she went to work unbuttoning his shirt, Sheldon flashing back to that December evening long ago when they'd first made out in his bed in Pasadena, Rosemary so gentle and understanding, now his wild woman dressed like a superhero. He was truly lucky. Rosemary made quick work of disrobing Sheldon, and he slid off her little panties, kissing her thighs as he pulled them down, sending her into a squirming, moaning wreck. No, now was not the time for slow, soft coitus. Sheldon needed to get into her now or he'd make quite a mess of himself. Puzzles. Equations. The Hall of Justice. He was completely sprung.

He pulled Rosemary back onto him, fingered her vagina for a moment, and guided himself inside, her moving around to adjust.

"Dr. Cooper," she let out a deep groan, Sheldon knowing from the sound in her voice she was going to climax soon. He was on the very edge himself.

"Rosemary…I mean…Wonder Woman…no, no…I want Rosemary," he said.

"You have her, baby," she sighed.

He throbbed into her as her walls clutched him, both of them quite loud in their pleasure, Sheldon thankful they had a house rather than an apartment. They didn't take long, and soon both lay still.

"Just wanted to give you a treat to celebrate your first week of work," she said lying on his chest.

"Thank you," was all he could get out, so deep in the afterglow.

"Hey," said Rosemary suddenly, sitting up to look at Sheldon. "Since I got home early, I mixed together some chili. I put it in the fridge because I didn't know how long we would be. Let me put it on the stove." She leaped out of bed and walked over to her dresser, grabbing out a pair of pajamas. "Oh, and I went by Game Stop on the way home to pick up the game you reserved and a new one for my 3DS."

Sheldon stared at Rosemary. He stood up as she turned back around, placing a new pair of panties on the bed. They stood facing each other, and Sheldon surprisingly felt his erection growing again.

"Rosemary," he breathed, his body shaking. She looked at him wide-eyed, noticing his aroused state, probably surprised he was ready to go again. But good lord, she turned him on. The Justice League game, the puzzles, the bustier, which as still around her, her breasts still pushed together showing a deep reservoir of cleavage. "Rosemary, you're perfect."

She raised her eyebrows and laughed. Sheldon reached for the lace holding together the bustier and pulled it out, finally releasing her breasts and plunging his face into them. He tore the piece from her, picked her up, and threw her back on the bed, falling down on top of her, entering her again, both still wet from before.

"Oh my God, Sheldon," cried Rosemary. "What…ohhh…are you doing?"

She thrust up to him, and he frantically plunged into her hard, worried for a moment he might hurt her. But Rosemary moved with him, laughing, saying his name, and he found himself simply grunting, occasionally getting out a weak "Rosemary" or an "I love you," but enjoyed once again simply losing control. His girlfriend made him safe and comfortable, allowing Sheldon to embrace his base urges. And enjoy those urges he did as he came a second time, sighing deeply, sitting up on his knees to prop her onto his lap as he released into her once again.

She lay over his shoulder breathing hard. "Damn, Sheldon," she finally said. "That was…just…"

"Rosemary," he said into her hair. "You are…I'm just glad I moved here with you. My new job is great, but coming home to you is…is…"



She hugged him with both her arms and her legs, and leaned back to kiss him softly.

"I need to get dressed…" he began.

"Yes, yes, and solve the box puzzle," she laughed, leaping off him and moving toward her pajamas. "Can't leave anything unfinished. I do like taking advantage of that."

They quickly got dressed and moved downstairs to continue their evening.

About 9 p.m. Sheldon sat at his laptop in the living room on Skype, looking at the faces of Leonard, Raj, and Howard, gathered together in his old apartment, now home to Penny and Leonard, ready for video game night. Rosemary lounged on the couch beside him, reading some essays from her comparative religion class she was teaching at the community college, a three-week intensive course now a third of the way through.

"So how was the first week at SpaceX?" asked Howard.

Sheldon filled them in on everything happening at the campus, having texted pictures of his office earlier in the week to everyone. He talked about having a patron and the freedom it afforded.

"And today was the best day of all because when I came home, Rosemary picked up a new game for me, made one of my favorite dinners, and we played Justice League," he said.

"How do you play Justice League? Is that a new board game?" asked Leonard.

"Oh no," said Sheldon excitedly. "Rosemary set up this math game on the computer and dressed up like Wonder Woman, and we…ouch!"

Rosemary had kicked him hard in the leg and suddenly leaned in to look at the men on the screen.

"Hi guys. Sheldon is in a little trouble. He will call you right back," she disconnected and turned to her boyfriend. "Sheldon! You can't tell people about our little…sexcapades."

"But Rosemary, I'm just so happy. Things like this…you, my work…they don't happen to me. Everything is just so…good," he said.

Rosemary smiled briefly, but her anger was soon back. "I'm glad, Sheldon, but we need a little privacy. Or at least don't tell them about it when I'm present. I understand guys talk, but have a little discretion. Please. And you might want to tone down the bragging. You have all these cool things at your new work, but they don't."

"I know. Isn't it great!" he said smugly.

Rosemary rolled her eyes. "All I'm saying is kindness first. Not everyone has everything. And don't talk about our sex life!"

Sheldon dialed Leonard again and was greeted by all his friends grinning broadly at him.

"Trouble in paradise?" leered Howard.

"No, just a misunderstanding," Sheldon said formally. He glanced over to see Rosemary smile as she returned to grading papers. Yes, he needed to be a good friend. He'd been working on that since his break from Amy over a year ago, and it ultimately lead to many good things, like his book project with Raj and Lillian, meeting and getting to know his new mentor Glenn, learning to play basketball with Amy's husband Erik. "So, enough about me. What's going on in Pasadena?"

A little bit after midnight, Sheldon turned off the game and disconnected from his friends. Looking over, he noticed Rosemary curled up asleep, the papers she finished reading in a neat stack on the ground. He put her things away, turned off all the downstairs lights, checked the door, smiling at his replica of Aragorn's sword hanging near the entry, thinking about the Game of Thrones sword by Leonard's door. Waking Rosemary, he guided her into the bed, where she immediately went back to sleep. After his nightly routine, Sheldon slid in next to her, watching her sleep for a while before dozing off himself.

At noon the next day, Rosemary drove Sheldon to the Meadow View Retirement Center, where she played piano two Saturdays a month during the seniors' lunch time. Looking over at Sheldon as he talked about the recent episode of Doctor Who they watched over breakfast that morning, she felt happy to see him back in one of his superhero t-shirts, after seeing him dressing in business casual all week. He wore a navy Batman shirt that brought out his intense blue eyes. She thought back to the moment she first saw him, standing awkwardly in the doorway of her room at the McCarthy's bed and breakfast as she played the piano. They started with a simple "hi," and now they were living together, taking on the world.

Walking into the retirement home, Rosemary could see the seniors heading into the dining room. Sheldon insisted on carrying her piano books, and he looked slightly uncomfortable as they walked in.

"You okay?" she asked.

"Yes, it's just that other than Meemaw, I don't usually associate with the elderly," said Sheldon.

"These people are very nice, Sheldon. And you will…"

"Rosie Fox!" exclaimed an older man approaching the couple with a walker.

Rosemary smiled broadly. George, the ninety-year-old flirt of Meadow View, always seemed to greet her first. He took her hand and kissed it, and Rosemary noticed Sheldon's hackles rise.

"Rosie, my sweet dear, you've come today to accept my marriage proposal, haven't you?" he asked with a wink.

"George, I told you before. My boyfriend won't allow me to marry you," she turned to Sheldon and continued playfully. "In fact, he's here today to protect me from the likes of you."

George extended his hand to Sheldon, who shook it lightly. "Well, we'll just need to engage in an old-fashioned brawl to win the lady's heart, shall we Mr….?

"Dr. Sheldon Cooper."

"Ohhh, a doctor? Used to work in pharmaceuticals. Long time ago. Where do you practice?" asked George.

"I'm a physicist," Sheldon explained.

George nodded and leaned slightly to Rosemary. "The offer still stands, sweet Rose, when you bore of the scientist. And you…" he said to Sheldon. "Brawl in the courtyard after lunch. Gives me a chance to take my back pill."

George smiled brightly, and Rosemary laughed as he sauntered away.

Sheldon glared in his direction. "I don't care for other men flirting with you."

Rosemary looked surprised at Sheldon. "Seriously? You're worried about George? Well, I'm going to need to be okay with other women flirting with you. The residency of this place is about 75% female. And I just brought a tall, handsome stranger through the door. Be prepared, Dr. Cooper, to be the object of desire."

Sure enough, as Sheldon helped Rosemary set up at the grand piano at the front of the hall, a group of little old ladies approached, asking if Sheldon would like to join them for lunch. Sheldon admitted he was going to sit near Rosemary, but she winked at him and insisted he join the women at their table. Sheldon gave her one final worried glance but went to sit with them.

As the group sat and the wait staff began serving drinks, Rosemary approached the microphone.

"Last time you all requested some Gershwin and Bernstein, so I have a nice, lively selection for everyone today," she said. "But let's begin with something slow, because it's summer, and the livin' is easy."

Delighted exclamations went out through the audience along with small applause, and Rosemary launched into "Summertime." Her decision to begin playing at the retirement center years ago was mostly selfish. They owned a beautiful grand piano, a high-end elegant piece that put the upright in her house to shame, although she felt deeply attached to her own piano since that one belonged to her late grandmother. Rosemary got lost in her playing, her mind swimming with the music, happiness enveloping her.

Between sets, she glanced out at the assembly. Everyone was eating the entrée now, and Sheldon sat surrounded by seven elderly women, all leaning over, looking to be asking him questions, engaging him in conversation. Sheldon and Rosemary locked eyes, and he gave her a desperate look. She simply mouthed, "I love you," and returned to her playing, delighting in seeing such an awkwardly cute Sheldon.

After dessert, several of the more mobile seniors moved to the small dance floor as Rosemary began playing the suite from West Side Story. She looked over during "America" to see Sheldon dancing with one of the women, a look of absolute joy on her face. Surprisingly, Sheldon seemed to be enjoying himself as well, and Rosemary noticed he had several different partners over the final fifteen minutes she played.

Before leaving, the couple played a game of billiards with some of the old men and a couple of the employees in the game room, Sheldon schooling them all. Rosemary knew the conversation on perhaps letting people win would be a failed attempt on her boyfriend. As they left and headed to the car, Sheldon once again carrying her books like a schoolboy, he turned to her, a genuine grin on his face.

"That was a very enjoyable experience, Rosemary," he said. "Thank you for including me."

"You didn't mind all the attention and flirting?" she asked.

"No in the least. And of course who could resist this," he said, making Rosemary giggle.

Rosemary stretched. "Hey, let's walk for a bit. You got to be up getting your groove on. I had to sit for 90 minutes."

The couple headed down the street, enjoying the pleasant June day, Sheldon taking her hand.

"I did not realize you lead such a busy life, Rosemary," said Sheldon as they sat down for ice cream at a shop down the street from the retirement community.

"What do you mean?" she laughed as she took a bite of her cookies and cream.

"Well, you work at the museum, teach, and volunteer. And soon you'll be working on your doctorate. You are quite an impressive person," he explained, concentrating on his cone.

Rosemary smiled broadly. Impressive? How sweet. "Well, when you would visit it would be all about you. Sorry it's not that way now. Life gets in the way."

"No, I like this, Rosemary," he said. "I think we are very compatible. We go off, have our own adventures, and then have some together. Like a relationship."

"Yes, good old Yoshi's intellectual, emotional, and physical intimacy," Rosemary laughed, thinking of her new brother-in-law.

"I enjoy being in a relationship with you," Sheldon continued. "It feels nice, comfortable, exciting. I have support like I haven't before. And the coitus is a nice touch."

Rosemary began to laugh at Sheldon's matter-of-fact assessment of their romance. She loved him, how different he was from everyone else. The way he processed things, the way he talked to her. And she loved sharing her life with him.

"I love you, Sheldon," she said.

He looked up, and regarded her. "I love you, Rosemary."

They fell into a comfortable silence as they ate. Rosemary glanced across the street and scowled at a sign in the window of one of the shops.

"Ugh," she groaned.


"Oh, just a sign for Chuck Livingstone, that stupid senator from our area that keeps winning," she sighed. "Nobody ever runs against him, and he never represents our issues in the state senate. Always siding with corporate dealings, never helping with the poverty problem, which is a growing issue in the Sound not to mention the state. Homeless families, unlivable wages."

"You should run against him, Rosemary," Sheldon said excitedly. "I could organize your campaign. I'm very methodical. I'll make a flag! We can develop a strategy to bring down the evil Mr. Livingstone and take over the state. Then the country. Then the world. The Cooper-Fox era shall begin with this conversation over ice cream and soon progress toward world domination. But an era of peace, of hope, of justice. And of capital punishment for those who defy us."

Rosemary laughed at Sheldon's ridiculous comments. "This isn't like some political thriller. He has a lot of backing from area businesses. Money. Who am I?"

Sheldon shrugged. "You're Rosemary Fox, who I'm discovering more about every day. I know you say you're quiet and awkward, but when I see you around others, people listen to you. People like you. And you're kind and have compassion. Isn't that what we need for leadership?"

Rosemary felt herself blushing. "You're very sweet, Sheldon. But I think all the propaganda of the current presidential election is getting to you."

Sheldon refocused on his ice cream, and the couple sat for a bit longer before heading to the grocery store. Rosemary enjoyed her life with Sheldon, having never lived with a man before, much less been in love in this way, she felt simply wonderful. Adored, taken care of. And she enjoyed making him happy as well.

Little did she know the coming weeks would bring complications to their relationship neither could see coming as they walked around the diary section arguing playfully over strawberry versus chocolate milk.

Author's Note: Welcome to my new story! Hope you are enjoying it so far. Follows, favorites, and reviews appreciated.

If you haven't read The New Beginning Experiment, I highly suggest doing so, since that story explains Sheldon's current character, career, and romantic developments.

Next time, Rosemary reflects on living with Sheldon, and the couple head to Rome for the international physics conference, Sheldon preparing for the presentation of a lifetime and a week with Penny and Leonard.

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