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Chuck and Sarah were taking a little R&R for a few days. Chuck decided to fulfil a promise he'd made to Sam so they packed everyone up and went to the beach for the day. They stopped off at Lou's deli on the way to grab lunch sandwiches and drinks. Then as soon as they arrived Chuck and Sarah dove in and went swimming while Mary watched Sam on the seashore. She brought forms, a bucket and a shove to play in the sand. Sarah and Chuck swam back to shore to find Sam had made a sand castle in the meantime complete with a draw bridge and a moat.

"Wow that's nice," said Chuck as he flopped down on the sand next to it tired from their swim. "Did you do that all by yourself?"

"Nana Mary helped me," said Sam as he took a box of toothpicks they'd brought with flags putting them in the four towers and one on the castle keep.

"We should clean up and eat lunch," said Mary. "Sam love, you can come back and finish your castle afterwards."

"Okay but I'm almost done I just need to but the prince and princess inside," she said. She showed two figures she made out of sandwich bag ties to Chuck as Sarah walked up behind him. She kissed him on the back.

"You taste salty," she said as she took Chuck's hand then took Sam's. "Come on let's not keep Mary waiting."

The three of them walked back to a picnic table that Mary had laid out. She tossed Chuck and Sarah towels to dry then they all four sat at the picnic table and ate. Chuck looked over smiling at Sarah next to Sam. The only words that came to mind were radiant because that was what she looked like next to Sam.

"What is it," asked Sarah as she caught Chuck staring at her. "Do I have something between my teeth? I know I look like ridiculous in this two piece as big as I am but…"

"No I was just thinking how lucky I am. We're here and… well I didn't think it would be possible to be this happy. I Love you… I love you all. I know if Casey were here he'd have to say something about female emotions but it's what I feel."

"I'm glad we finally got some family time and Walnut's saying she's happy too," said Sarah as she leaned over and kissed him. Sam put her hands over her eyes.

"Yuck, I think I'm going to be sick," said Sam as she giggled and laughed. She reached over and kissed her on the forehead.

"I think you've been around Uncle Casey a little too much. Do you want to feel Walnut's saying hello to you?" Sarah took Sam's little hand and put it on her stomach.

"I don't hear anything. Wow, that's her moving around? She's really moving around inside there doesn't it hurt? Now you calm down in there miss," said Sam as she waved her finger trying to look stern. She had everyone in stitches.

"No, actually it feels nice most of the time," said Sarah as she wiped away the tears of laughter then pulled Sam close. "You used to move around a lot too."

Everything was going so well too well then two men caught Chuck's attention. They were dressed in black suits with dark Ray Bans and black patent leather shoes. They had agent written all over them.

"Oh no, wait here let me get rid of them," said Chuck as he got up and walked towards them wanting to head them off.

"Agent Carmichael," said the one as he held out his hand. They shook then they started walking back towards the parking lot. "Can you follow us we'd like to keep this talk private? This is really a courtesy call."

"Courtesy call? What's this all about?" said Chuck. "I think this is the point where you show me some identification." They both handed him their badges and IDs, Secret Service. "Okay Agent Gardner you need to do some explaining or my next call will be to your Director in DC."

"Our Director is well aware of this and it's for this reason as well as your special relationship with him that we're making this courtesy call. If not we'd already have the individual in custody…"

"Custody? Special relationship? If you mean by that that I saved his bacon from the fire? Yes we have a special relationship. You people just can't leave my wife alone. Well this time you're barking up the wrong money tree. Yes Agents Gardner and Evans I know you work in the anti-fraud division here in L.A."

"Your wife? No there's been some mistake we're not here about your wife," said Gardner as he looked over at Evans. They both shook their head. "I guess we should've made that clear from the beginning. We read that there was some sort of friction in the past but no we're not interested in her. We need to talk to you about another member of your team."

"Actually we'd like to extend the courtesy of you coming with us as we question the individual," said Evans. "We don't often do this but in this case we can bend the rules a little."


Morgan couldn't believe his eyes. Standing in front of him was Mr. Rainbow himself and worse he seemed to have something again him like he'd done something wrong. Then he remembered Alex was out with Casey and Kat for lunch but they'd be coming back soon so he wanted to get rid of Dale right away.

"Morgan this gentleman needs to talk to you," said Fernando. "He wants to return this printer but he lost his receipt."

"You guys know the Buy More return policy no cash returns without a receipt. I'm sorry but what's wrong with the printer maybe it can be fixed?" said Morgan trying to be civil. He wondered if Dale even remembered him.

"You stole my girl now you're stealing my money," said Dale. Any hopes he didn't recognize or remember him went out the window and worse he seemed to have an attitude.

"Dale, I didn't recognize you," said Morgan lying but he still wanted to try to keep it civil if he could. "So what's the matter with your printer?"

"It's from the Buy More where people steal other people's girlfriend. Is it true Alex's father works for you?" Both Fernando and Skip nodded their heads. "I see is that how you stole her from me by threatening to fire him?"

"Yeah he does work here," said Fernando. "And you want to know something else Morgan won't give us an advance on our break time. He's a real slave driver is what he is he even has a whip and puts us in a hot box."

"I do not and I'm not," said Morgan. "I used to be like the rest of you just now I've got responsibilities and speaking of responsibility. Dale that's what you need to do take responsibility and move on with your life."

"Is there a problem here," said Big Mike. He saw everyone standing around Morgan so he came to see if his son needed help.

"And this is his step-father," said Skip. "His best friend who hardly ever shows up for work is in charge of the Nerd herd. I think you can see how the store is run. I think the word nepotism is appropriate here."

"Shut up I'll deal with you two later. Dale you want your money back. Here," said Morgan as he handed Dale money from his wallet. "There's your refund and don't let the door catch you on the way out. And as for you two you'd better start giving me a reason not to fire you. Fernando, take that printer and put it in my office. Move it!"

Dale took Morgan's money from him put it in his pocket. He looked at him like he wanted to say something then pulled it back out.

"Here I don't need your dirty money," said Dale as he threw it back in his face. Big Mike picked it up then they both stood there watching Dale making sure he left. Deep down Morgan was hoping for the doors to malfunction and cut him in half but no such luck.

"Who was that guy," asked Big Mike as he handed Morgan back his money. He'd never seen Morgan that worked up before.

"Thanks," said Morgan as he took the money back in his wallet. "Who him? He's the rainbow maker. He and Alex had a thing after I… well dump d her. She told me she was acting out but she dumped him when she came back to me. I thought by now he'd be over her."

"Well I guess you're wrong but the question is not so much if he's over her but is she over him?"


Sarah and Mary watched Chuck talk with the two men in the distance. They didn't need to be able to read lips to figure out something was wrong. Chuck started walking back but the men in black didn't go anywhere they just stood there like they were waiting on Chuck. Sarah knew that look on his face it said their day at the beach was over but she waited for him to say it. He walked over to them with a long face.

"I'm really sorry but I'm going to have to go into the Buy More to take care of a situation that just came up. I'm going to ride in with those two agents so you guys can stay here and spend the rest of the day on the beach. I'd like some photos of Castle Sam once it's done."

"Do you have to go," said Sam not trying to hide she was disappointed. "You promised you'd spend the day with me and now you've got to go. It's not fair."

"And you're right Sweet Pea I wish I didn't have to but I do. There's been a big mistake and I've got to go or those men are going to arrest Uncle Morgan and take him to jail. We wouldn't want that would we?" Sam reluctantly shook her head.

"What does the Secret Service want with Morgan," asked Sarah. Chuck looked at her puzzled she guessed what he wanted to ask. "That's what happens when you grow up a conman's daughter. I can spot law enforcement a mile away and tell you what agency they belong to by the way they're dressed. So why do they want Morgan? Do I need to contact Casey and the General?"

"It's just a big mistake. Let me handle this and if it gets out of hand I'll bring in the heavy hitters but considering our past run-ins with them I'd like to try a soft approach. I'll keep you looped in and I did promise Sam a day at the beach I just wish I could've spent more of it with you Sweet Pea," said Chuck. He kissed her then kissed Sarah.

"Chuck, don't trust them," said Sarah. "Take whatever they promise with a grain of salt. You know how they treated me and what we saw of them in Yosemite."

"You should go Charles," said Mary. "Your friends up there are starting to look nervous. If you need anything let me know Morgan's family. I can make him Rice Crispy treats with a file in it if need be and I've been known to spring people from time to time."

"I'm sure Morgan would appreciate the treats. But if I have anything to do with it they're going to go away empty handed," said Chuck. He walked back up got into a dark Escalade with the other two agents then left.

"We'd like it if you didn't call and warn Grimes we're coming. We'd like to do this on the down low consider the sensitivity of your operation here," said Agent Evans on their way in. "We'd also like for you to bring Grimes over to Orange orange where we can talk to him."

"That's Agent Grimes. Now that's a reasonable request," said Chuck. "But there has to be some sort of mistake. I've known Morgan since Elementary school and there's no way he'd be involved in anything like this."

"We're just following up on an anonymous tip. There has been a marked increase in our type of criminal activity in the L.A. area enough to warrant our attention in this."

"Well once this is over I expect an apology," said Chuck as he looked out the window. Chuck didn't like the agents' attitude one bit. They'd already prosecuted Morgan and convicted him before even meeting him. He also didn't like the story of an anonymous tip either this had all the earmarkings of a setup. But who and why? It just didn't make sense.


Morgan was sitting in his office looking at the printer when he heard Alex come back with Casey. He resisted running out and grilling her about the last time she saw Dale. Instead he decided to play it cool. If Chuck could do it so could he but this was all new for him. He just sat there staring at the printer when Alex came in.

"Morgan, here you are," said Alex. "I was looking everywhere for you. I thought you'd be out front when we got back. Do you want to go out for lunch?"

"I thought you went out to eat with Casey and Kat?" said Morgan wondering if she hadn't just told him that so she could see Dale on the sly.

"Yes but I can spend time with you while you eat. Morgan, you're acting funny are you coming down with something?" asked Alex. She walked behind his desk and put her hand on his forehead. "You don't feel like you have a fever so what is it? Don't say nothing because something is going on?"

"Oh I'm just being silly is all. Hold me and everything thing will be better," said Morgan. Alex wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned over the top of him.

"So what is it?" asked Alex. "Don't make me torture it out of you. Morgan Grimes I want your intel resistance is futile."

"Okay I'll tell you. Dale stopped by a little while ago and seeing him got me thinking… He hasn't gotten over you and well… I know this is going to sound bad but you haven't seen him since you guys broke up right?"

"He came by here in person? He promised me he wouldn't do that anymore. What did he want," asked Alex. It didn't escape Morgan that she didn't answer his question. "You're sure it was Dale?"

"It wasn't his ghost although if I tell John about rainbows he could make it happen," said Morgan. He saw Alex's look. "Okay that was my attempt at humor. He came to bring a printer back although it seemed more like he wanted to try to intimidate me and when it didn't work he huffed off. But you never answered my question. Have you seen him since we've been engaged?"

"You're going to have to define 'seeing each other'," said Alex. Morgan made a face but she came clean before he could speak. "Okay I might have bumped into him a couple of times and we've had coffee but I was trying to get him to move on. Don't turn me into Desdemona I though he had moved on but the other day he dropped by our house…"

"He dropped by the house and why am I only hearing about it now? Does Casey know he dropped by? Alex, why didn't you tell me he dropped by?"

"For the way you're acting right now. Listen he dropped by I told him I wasn't interested he used the bathroom then left. It's that simple and no Dad doesn't know because he would kill him. Morgan you can't tell Dad. Where's all this insecurity coming from anyway? Morgan, I chose you and you're the one I want to be with," said Alex as she kissed him on the neck.

"You know Casey's going crazy down in Castle right now," said Morgan as his phone rang. "This is probably him right now. He's calling to threaten me with grave bodily harm," he said as he answered it but instead of Casey it was Chuck.

"Oh Chuck I thought you were Casey because I… well we... Oh never mind what do you want? … You want me to meet you in Orange orange sure I'm on my way over. … Come alone? Why is something up? Why aren't you at the beach with the family? … Okay I'm coming," said Morgan. Then he hung up but stared at the phone.

"I thought Chuck was out today. He was going to take everyone to the beach. Sam was looking forward to it and now he's here. She's not going to be happy."

"Yeah something isn't right he wouldn't disappoint Sam unless it was an emergency. I have to go over and meet him in Orange orange so why don't you go down to Castle and check out the CCTV feeds. Chuck might be in trouble and we need to help."


Dale left the Buy More then drove to the nearest internet point. He paid to use a computer then connected with the Treasury hotline for whistle blowers. Typing up an anonymous tip he laid out all the details implicating Morgan as the ring leader for a money counterfeiting ring then he sent it. Happy with himself he got up and left the café. However, no sooner than he stepped out on the street then a beat up black van cut him off in an alleyway two men jumped out then shoved him inside.

"Dale, Dale, you've disappointed me," said an oriental man with a scar running down one side of his face. "The package you delivered for us was light by about twenty gran. I suppose you can tell me where it disappeared to? Do me the courtesy of not lying because I might have to break something and that something could be important."

"I just borrowed it… Yes that's it I just borrowed it to try and win back my ex. She's going out with this loser and I needed it to show her what kind of man he is."

"The stupid kind that would double cross the triad and think they could get away with it? Or the idiot kind who'd drop a tip on the Treasury hotline and not think we'd find out. I'm having a hard time figuring out why I should keep you alive."

"No, no it's not like that I didn't rat on you. You have to believe me I told them where they could find the money I planted on Grimes. That's the name of the guy that's going out with my girl. I'd never snitch on you. Honest I'm telling the truth I swear to it."

"That just proves you're not that much of an idiot. So Mr. Genius you still stole from us what do you think I ought to do about that? You had to realize that I couldn't let that slide."

"I'll make restitution I promise I will. My parents have money... I'll sell my car. I'll buy the money from you like any other buyer. I hear you're getting twenty-five on the dollar I'll give you fifty."

"You hear? Someone is doing too much talking. No Dale you're going to give me the full twenty gran dollar for dollar or you won't have to worry about who your ex is dating. You won't be worrying about much of anything because you'll be floating face down off a pier in San Pedro. You've got two days to come up with the cash or we go with the San Pedro option."

"Two days isn't much time," said Dale. "If you gave me a week I'd have no problem coming up with it. Two weeks would be even better."

"You've got forty-eight hours. Jack Bauer saved the world in forty-eight hours so I think you can come up with twenty gran in cash. Get this rubbish out of my sight."

"You heard the Boss," said one of the men who grabbed him. The other opened the side door then they both tossed him out without the van slowing down. Dale heard them laugh as he went out the side. He groaned and moaned as he rolled to a stop.

"Boss you don't expect him to come up with the cash, do you?" asked the one man as he closed the door. "Why don't we just put him down now?"

"Because he just might then once he gives us the cash we take him on that trip to San Pedro," said the Boss as everyone laughed. As they were laughing the man received a phone call. "Shush hold it down. ... Yes this is Wan. ... we found the source. Dale our delivery boy skimmed the cash off but I just talked with him and he's making restitution. ... Hey it's not our fault the collective send this kid over so... How am I supposed to do a background check? ... Yes I know he said he framed some guy with the money... He's what! CIA. I'm sorry..."

There was a loud explosion in downtown L.A. as a nondescript black van erupted in a fireball. In the distance a man walked away sporting a RPG. He walked back to a black Escalade climbing in the back he stowed away the weapon. The man in front hung up his phone then put it away in his jacket pocket.

"Apology accepted. We have to find a guy named Dale the collective recommended. Turns out he's our weak link."