"If I look hard enough into the setting sun, my love will laugh with me before the morning comes."

--Rolling Stones, "Paint It Black"

William Tavington couldn't pinpoint the precise moment he'd lost control of the situation and the advantage had shifted to Benjamin Martin.

He'd never seen the decisive blow coming. Even now, as his eyes bulged in terror and shock to see the sharp bayonet protruding from where it had pierced his throat, he was completely astonished.

"Must...not.....panic," Tavington thought as he felt unbearable waves of indescribable pain reverberating out from his throat down to his toes. His eyes still burned with rage as he glared at Ben Martin, whose eyes coldly returned the hatred.

Even as his mind screamed at him to attack Martin again, he could feel his life force slipping away, as inexorably as the tide going out to sea. ""

It took every bit of concentration he could muster to keep his wits about him. Tavington's vision began going dark around the edges as his breathing had become a labored, thin wheeze.

Desperately, his eyes flicked around, finally coming to rest at a point behind Martin, where he looked hard into the setting sun. As he continued to stare, a glowing face suddenly appeared in front of him. A smiling young woman reached out her hand to him. "William...."

"Katie." Will Tavington tried to say her name, but only a strangled gurgle came from his ruined throat. And despite his horrendous agony, he managed to smile as memories of her and their life together washed over him.

Their first meeting on the streets of Philadelphia in 1777; Will had never before or since seen a woman so lovely .....their secret, whirlwind courtship, hidden from the eyes of her Patriot family...A hasty wedding, just the two of them, after she'd told him of his impending fatherhood. For a few brief, shining years. William Tavington had experienced the only true happiness he'd ever know. Katie had taught him how to laugh and how to love and she'd been the light of his life. He'd lost it all in the blink of an eye, when his beautiful, laughing Katie had died giving birth to their stillborn daughter, who'd had her mother's twinkling, emerald eyes. His heart had died with his beloved wife on that terrible day.

Though fierce combat continued to rage around him and despite the fact that Benjamin Martin still stood in front of him, William Tavington was oblivious to it all. Nothing mattered now but Katie.

"I've waited so long for you, my love." Katie's laughing eyes shone as she reached out for him. "Come with's time."

With his last bit of strength, Tavington slowly stretched out his hand for hers. As their hands met, he knew immediate peace as he passed out of this world into the next. Hand in hand, they moved into the warmth of the morning sun, never to be separated again.