Mo x Maccoy [Rated T]

''Why I stopped using my computer? Its great!'' The blonde teen was in a computer desk and typing on the keyboards with shiny stars in his blue eyes. He read a funny insult on the internet and chuckles. ''Hahaha! I'm gonna use that insult to those Glitterati, I can imagine their faces...'' He smirks and go to search reviews in Dance Central.

''Four stars only? It should have been five stars! We we're so cool'' Maccoy said as he click the link to read the review.

He obviously didn't read all of it but he only read the last paragraph.

''Dance Central is great fun, it gets you moving, and it's absolutely perfect for parties. Although it's disappointing to see so few features and unlocks included, the actual song selection, dance routines, and the accuracy of the Kinect implementation is what makes Dance Central worth a look. Dancing is one of my favorite things besides video games, and Dance Central combines those two pastimes beautifully.''

''Wow those IGN people are really serious about our game. They must be professionals on their job'' Maccoy said as he close the review on IGN page and goes to Google.

''Let's see what I can see here...'' He thinks what to search. ''Oh I know!'' He types his name and hit enter then he click images.

''I'm so smokin hot!'' He laugh as he scroll down and saw a drawing of him and Mo. ''What we have here?'' He click on the image and his cheeks turns to pink fastly when he see the image. ''T-The fuck is this?'' He muttered nervously the image was Mo and him kissing.

''This ain't right! Why would da internet do that?'' Maccoy ask to himself this and gasp quietly. ''Unless the internet know that I have feeling for Mo... Oh crap!'' He panic and blushes madly.

''What do I do?! Mo will totally see this on the internet! Can I delete this?'' He look for a setting to delete the image sadly there wasn't.

The blonde panic more and screams. ''Ah!''

''Yo blondie your ok there?'' Mo walks in Maccoy's room.

Maccoy widened his blue eyes and covered the computer screen with his hands. ''Y-Yeah Mo i'm ok!'' He said sounding cheerful like he always was.

Mo raise a eyebrow. ''You sure?'' He didn't believe the blonde he knew Maccoy was hiding something behind him.

Maccoy nodded nervously hoping Mo will go away.

''I don't believe you let me see'' Mo said walking closer to him.

The blonde start to sweat and protect the computer. ''Nu!'' Maccoy was gonna close the page but Mo pushes him.

This might be the end of his friendship with Mo. ''Please don't look at it Mo...'' He beg and blushes.

The chocolate skin man look at the page and blinks his brown eyes seeing the image. ''Is this was been bothering you?''

''Nu but I think it bothers you...'' He whispers.

Mo look at Maccoy and then looks at the computer screen. ''...'' Maccoy didn't want to know what his crush was gonna say to him.

He heard Mo laugh suddenly. ''Why yo laughing?''

''Cuz yo freak out about this, This is normal Maccoy. Fans do that all the time no need to worry'' Mo said.

''But I though da internet know that I have a crush on you'' The blonde realize what he said and put his hand on his mouth.

Mo looks at Maccoy surprise he did notice that Maccoy have been blushing around him lately but he didn't know it was because he have a crush on him. Believe it or not, Mo did like Maccoy not because he was lonely it was his cuteness that got Mo attention. The blonde was terrified he didn't want to stop being friend with him. ''...Mo?''

Mo looks at Maccoy and smile. ''No need to worry I love you too''

Maccoy widened his eyes. ''Y-You do?''

''I have loved you since we dance battle '' Mo said and stretched his hand wanting Maccoy to hold his hand.

Maccoy blushes and holds his hand. ''Now whut?'' The blonde ask. Mo kisses his nose and smile. ''Lets go to a cafe' He winks.

The blonde blushes and smile. ''Hehehe!''

Maybe love was in the air anyway.

PandaLuver14: I'm sorry if this sounded stupid, cliche or boring to you I wanted to make this because this game bring me a lot of memories back then when I used to have this game. Anyway you guys can request me some yaoi pairings if you wish to read more one shots made by me. I imagine Maccoy acting like a child. :3

If you wondering if I can write yaoi lemon: Yes I can... Huehuehue...