I'm going to do a series of drabbles based on the songs that come up on my shuffle. I have a few written but I'll be posting them once a day and they'll be on my tumblr and tagged with #sing with sarah. Most of them are going to be musical theater (because I'm theater trash) but if you have a song you'd like me to check out I'd be glad to oblige.

This is the first one

What Have I Done- Les miserables

I missed.

Without a second thought he jumped off the building to save the child plummeting to their death from this stupid airship.

And then he was falling and the kid in his arms was falling with him. His eyes close and he fears the worst. Fear might be overstating it, but he certainly doesn't want to die. Not while chasing after a common kidnapper.

Time passes all too fast and in slow motion. The child (he sees now it's a little girl) screams louder the longer they fall. He's almost ready to scream with her, to fall to his untimely death (well he probably should have kicked the bucket years ago but that's bedside the point).

He runs through his inventory once more even if he knows it's a moot point. His grapple is useless, the blimp is way too far away. They're traveling too fast to use his cape to slow them down, and he didn't have any of his other flight equipment on him.

He thinks of the league and how they'll go on. Alfred and Lucius will keep the funds going to the right places, and Nightwing can take his place as the tactician. Superman will miss him in earnest and Lantern will mourn the loss of a confidant about his love life. Flash will miss joking with him but probably just make jokes about him to lighten the mood. J'onn and Hawkgirl didn't know him enough for it to matter in the grand scheme of things. Diana-


He wants to just scream into the com link that he loved her. There wouldn't be a consequence because he'd be a bit too dead to peruse a relationship. The beautiful Amazon made a mark on his heart, even if he was loathe to admit it. Her shining smile burned into his soul the first time he saw it.

He almost wants to say goodbye.

"Goodbye Diana. I love you."

At least he said it once.

The ground gets closer and he tugs the girl tighter to his chest. All his muscles tense as he prepares for impact.

An impact that doesn't come.

"Wonder Woman!"

His jaw drops and Diana chuckles.

"Hands full Batman?"

He remains silent.

The princess places them on the ground. The little girl hugs her and bounces on the balls of her feet. Bruce is still as a statue. She very well could have heard him and it could lead to disaster.

After the girl is reunited with her parents and the kidnapper is in handcuffs Diana stands beside him stares straight ahead.

"I feel the same Bruce."

Oh god what have I done?