Important Announcement!

Right, finally the update! As I promised, I'm posting this on Saturday night while babysitting my little cousins, who are now in bed.

Okay, I know, I know, this update has been a long time coming, but for those who have read the last announcement, you will know exactly why this has all taken so long. I have written all the way up to chapter fourteen, but have only posted up to chapter nine, because chapter ten is not yet complete.

But hey, cut me some slack, okay? I have typed close to 40000 words in the last week or so. And even though almost half of those 40000 words were later deleted because it wasn't quite right, forty thousand words takes a lot of effort.particularly when my chapters always seem to end up taking on a mind of their own, and completely ignoring my intricate story plans! ARGH!


Anyway, good news. My father has finally stopped procrastinating, and disconnected from our crappy ISP, and hooked us up to a new one with unlimited download, as well as unlimited time. Of course, he'll make things as difficult as possible for me, no doubt, because he is a real arsehole sometimes, but my mum seems to be backing me more than backing him, so there is hope yet!

I will update again soon, most likely this coming Thursday at my friend's place when I go over there, that is if my dad is still being a pain in the neck over this.

Please send all feedback to and please rad and review! I appreciate you comments!

Thanks everyone!

Nova Mist