Chapter 1: Prick of a Lightning Bolt

Her name is Arianna Barton and this is the story of how she died.

A lighting storm. It had never looked so beautiful or ominous. It was caused undoubtedly by the particle accelerator that was finally switched on tonight. A pioneering idea, a grand vision for the future realised by a great man who she deeply admired; Harrison Wells.

She would have been more impressed but she was too busy being struck by a lightning bolt.

Her day started off as any normal day. Being a CSI in Central City, always running late no matter her best efforts to get to work on time. Or anywhere really. In her busy schedule she even managed to see her best friend Iris West, rambling on about how awesome the particle accelerator was going to be.

They'd gone to the grand opening, joined the crowd. Arianna holding a copy of Harrison Wells' autobiography, hoping for the off chance she might get the chance to meet him. Even get him to sign her book and even ask him questions she's been gathering for years.

Unfortunately a scumbag decided to steal Iris' laptop and Arianna being driven by an overwhelming need to do the right thing chased after him. It didn't go very well. She managed to catch up with the guy but she got smashed in the face by the laptop bag as she turned a corner and then knocked to the ground.

If things couldn't get any worse Iris herself managed to catch the guy with the assistance of the new officer on the force; Eddie Thawne. Heavily embarrassed she decided to go back to her lab to help quicken the processing period of evidence so Iris could have her laptop back sooner.

"But you're going to miss the particle accelerator! You may even get the chance to meet Dr Wells! The guy you've been obsessing over since middle school!" Iris drawled placing her hands on her hips.

Arianna felt her cheeks burn slightly "I'm not obsessed with him!" She practically shrieked. "I just admire his way of thinking. He's a role model nothing more." She said defensively, crossing her arms.

Why oh why, hadn't she just stayed with her friend? Oh right because she was obsessed with her job and fighting crime and trying to bring truth and order to Central City in her own way.

She had been reaching for the chain to close the ceiling window as the rain started to pour in. She was certain she had already closed it on her way out earlier but evidently not. The rain had drenched her within seconds and the lightning bolt hit her instantly afterwards . She went alight and the searing pain enveloped her, embracing her in certain death.

Vaulting backwards she did not know what she collided with. Shattering and more liquids soaked her already sodden clothes and skin. Some burnt, some soothed and she was sure she felt the faintest sensation of electricity race through her. Then she felt numb and everything went dark behind her closed eyelids.


So the day had finally arrived for him to activate the particle accelerator and take his first step to achieving his goal. He was going to create the Flash. Then use the Flash's energy to get himself home. Simple really.

Except that he hadn't expected to see her at the opening ceremony as he made his speech at S.T.A.R labs. He had forgotten what it felt like to be in the same room as her. He could feel his whole body come alive by the mere sight of her.

"We're opposites, you and I. Two sides of the same coin."

The way she was looking at him. Idolising and admiring, as if he could do no wrong. He had looked at her that way once. But now he knew better. Now he hated her for everything she had caused.

"Everything leads back to you! All that I am, all that I've done is because you..."

Those blue eyes of hers were truly remarkable. The colour of the ocean. How many times had he gazed into those same eyes? Countless. An eternity. They haunted his dreams and his nightmares. He wanted to narrow his eyes, how was it that she looked all innocent and pure? Openly staring at him like that, it was almost distracting.

He took a step forward and began to speak, trying in vain to ignore the way her eyes light up as she drinks in everything he says. He savours the feeling of power he has over her, the knowledge that right now she is merely a puppet on his string.

But then she's racing off though not in a blur as she chases a thief and he knows exactly where she'll end up in just under an hours' time.

Later he's watching the video screen, observes as she is blown away and her life is forever changed. His chest is suddenly heavy with guilt, he had been hoping to avoid all of this pain. To save them both the tragic story of their eternal struggle throughout time. He knew what being the Flash did to her; what it cost.

She's lying is his arms, blood everywhere. Some of it is his, most of it is hers. He's knelt down, knees buried in the dirt and he's crying. He cradles her face in his left hand and gently caresses her cheek.

"Why?" He asks her. Deep down he knows the answer. This is a dance they have played many times before.

She just smiles up at him weakly and reaches for him, her gloved fingers tracing over his lips. "Eobard" She whispers and then the light leaves her eyes and she is gone.

At the very start they were friends once but that was a very long time ago. Most of the time they are sworn enemies. Yet no matter how long or how hard they fight each other the outcome is always the same. She dies.

Yet this time he had done something so terrible in order to prevent that from happening that he had ended up needing to create the Flash himself. He just hoped that it was all worth it. That this time he would finally succeed after countless attempts.

For every once in a while, in very rare timelines they are also lovers.

A/N: Hey everyone! So I hoped you liked this first chapter. I have only just finished watching series one and this is based off a dream I had. I love the idea of a female Flash and that Reverse Flash would be her arch enemy but also someone she could potentially love. So messed up but that's my brain for you!