Chapter Eight:



July 31 2000 - Harry is born

October 31 2001 - James and Lily are killed.

December 19 2001- The Gibbs' adopt Harry

February 28 2003 - Kelly and Shannon are killed.

April 1-ish 2003 - Gibbs joins NCIS (AT THE TIME IT IS NIS)

April 2 - September 22 - An overload of cases occur causing the team to bond faster than they normally would. (bad excuse, I know but hindsight is 20/20 and this is fanfiction so ANYTHINg can happen)

September 23 2003 - Yankee White happens.

November 7 2004 - Bete Noire happens.

November 21 2004- See No Evil Happens

November 30 2004- River comes to visit

September 1 2011 - Harry and CO. go to Hogwarts for their first year

Gibbs would have been around 42 when they adopted Harry.


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Previously on Harry Gibbs:

"Boss! Boss, I found the file. It's a rape case," McGee yelled, drawing the attention of the other three occupants in the room.

"Get the investigating agent down here," Gibbs said.

"I can't. It was Pacci." Gibbs closed his eyes as memories of all of the bombs in that case. How much damage, the amount of fear that had been caused. He and his team could have died that day if he hadn't asked for the day off to take Harry out. If he had died, Harry would have been put back into the system, at least for a little while. That would not happen this time. Opening his eyes, Gibbs nodded to himself. This time, they were going to end this case before anymore lives are lost. He was going to get the antidote and end what had the potential to start a biological warfare. They would do what they did best and catch the 'bad guys' as Harry called them, before they hurt another person, before they inflicted anymore damage or caused any more fear.

They were going to catch this bastard and show him why you never mess with NCIS and why you never mess with a Gibbs.

"Put it up on the plasma, McGee!" Gibbs ordered, whirling around to face his agent.


Gibbs leaned forward and began to read. "Sarah Lowell. Age twenty one. Senior, Vassar. Raped February tenth, oh-one at the Admiral's Bay Hotel in Annapolis."

Ducky laid a hand on the team leader's hazmat covered shoulder. "Surely you remember the case, Jethro. The maid found the poor girl naked, tied to the bed, some, two days after she was raped."

"Duck, contact Cassie Yates in Norfolk. Tell her what happened. I need her help."

"Yeah, good idea." As Ducky walked away, Abby took the old M.E.'s spot next to Gibbs.

"Gibbs! I thought Cassie was working narcotics suppression."

"Four years ago Cassie was Pacci's probie."


GIbbs turned back to the screen. "The victim was visiting Annapolis to register for an advanced study program at Saint John's. Police had the case for three days before they called us in."

"They found a Navy suspect?" McGee inquired, looking up from the computer.

"A dozen of them," Gibbs said, snorting. "Firsties were partying at the hotel the night of the assault."

"Firsties?" Abby asked

"Academy seniors," the former marine answered. "They'd just got their fleet assignments and… are you scanning?" Abby rolled her eyes.

"Gibbs, I can multitask! I can listen to you. I can scan the video. I can rub my tummy and…" She trailed off as Gibbs interrupted her.

"DNA testing cleared them, closed our investigation."

Abby frowned. "But someone wants it reopened."

"McGee! Call Annapolis P.D. I want their file on this case." Ducky walked back in and all three pairs of eyes turned to face the older man.

"I spoke to Cassie. She remembers the case. She'll be here in fifteen minutes." Gibbs eyes widened slightly and his look turned incredulous.

"From Norfolk?"

Ducky frowned. "No, Anacostia. She's working a drug sting."

"Boss. Boss, I can't call." Gibbs turned around to see McGee motioning to his yellow hazmat suit. "They're not going to be able to hear me." Gibbs looked at him blankly. "I'm going to use the computer."

"Gibbs!" The afore-mentioned man whirled around so fast it was a wonder he didn't get vertigo. "You need to talk to your agents about getting about more. They need lives outside of work, you know." Gibbs rolled his eyes at the young goth's words. "Tony came back around midnight."

Despite the situation, Gibbs couldn't help but cracking a smile. "He does his best work at night."

"So he tells us. Here's Tony leaving. That's Ben the mailboy." Before Gibbs could order somebody to bring him in, Abby shook her head. "He didn't do it."

"Why not?"

"He's a Vegan."

Gibbs shot her an incredulous look. "Hitler was a Vegan."

Abby held up a finger. "Hitler was a vegetarian," she corrected. Big difference. Vegans are so against cruelty they won't even use cosmetics tested on animals."

"Abigail," Ducky said, looking up from the letter, "could Y. pestis be altered to withstand irradiation?"

"No way," said Abby who was shaking her head. "Altered or not, it's still a living organism."

Gibbs frowned. "Could the gilding in the envelope protect it?"

"It would have to be at least ten mils thick. This is barely one." Abby tilted the envelope and looked inside it. Her face paled and she looked up nervously at Gibbs. "Uh-oh."

"Abby, I do not want to hear any more uh-ohs."

"Sorry. But this swak didn't bleed through. There's another one inside."

"Gah!" Gibbs threw his hands into the air before he whirled around and poked Abby on the shoulder. "Get that letter out here where you can examine it!"

"Gibbs, I've told you! I have to wait for Atlanta to-"

"Any doubt it's pneumonic plague?"

"No, but…"

"Then no "buts"! Okay? We're losing time, time that Kate and Tony and H-harry don't have! Kill those bugs! Now!"

"You're afraid, aren't you?" Kate whispered to Tony, both agents unconsciously mirroring the other's position as they both watched Harry's chest slowly rise and fall, his face relaxed in sleep but his body slightly pinched in pain. Tony scoffed quietly, making sure to keep his voice lowered so as not to wake the sleeping four year old.

"Kate, come on. Me? Afraid? Have you ever seen me afraid?"

Kate sighed. "Well, not when the danger is something that we can confront. But all we can do here is lie around and hope that we're not infected."

"Now who's afraid?" Tony replied, gently teasing her.

"Anyone with half a brain." Kate tilted her head, taking a moment to think over it. "I take it back. You're not afraid."

The room was silent for a few minutes when suddenly Tony spoke up. "You're wrong."

"Excuse me?"

"I'm terrified." Tony pushed himself up on his elbow so that he could see Kate more clearly. "I'm terrified that Harry is going to die. It will be my fault if he does, you know. I was the one who opened the letter. I should never have opened it with him around and if he is hurt it will be all my fault. I don't know what I'm going to do - at the very least Gibbs will take away my ability to have children for putting his kid in danger. I am terrified that I hurt Harry, or you, or Gibbs, or even McGeek by not following procedures when opening that envelope. So don't you dare think that I'm not scared, I am fucking terrified."

Kate's mouth fell open at the end of Tony's monologue. "Look, Tony-"

"Just drop it, Kate," Tony said as he flopped back down onto his bed, letting his arm fall over his eyes. "Harry has the right idea; I'm going to sleep."

In the observation room outside of the containment center, Dr. Brad Pitt leaned over and talked to his nurse.

"All of the blood cultures came back negative except for two." Brad grimaced as he ran a hand through his hair.

Gibbs slammed his hand down on the table. "Damn it, Abby! How much longer?'

Abby turned sharply at her boss' voice. "Gibbs! Patience is not your virtue, is it? Look at the plasma."

"Moldy bread?" Gibbs guessed after looking at the picture for several seconds. Abby rolled her eyes.

"It's a Y. pestis microbe from the powder in the letter. This is the Y. pestis as the human race has known it for a half a millennium. The strain of plague we fight with antibiotics."

Gibbs could feel the dread building in his stomach. "The one in the letter has blue tips."

Abby nodded."It's been genetically altered to resist antibiotics. You catch that, you're stuck in the Dark Ages, which personally I wouldn't mind until it killed me." Gibbs frowned.

"This wasn't whipped up in your local meth house."

"No, this took a hot molecular biologist and a big-buck lab to make this bio-weapon." A beep sounded in the room. "Oh, my baby's calling." Abby ran over to another machine. "I ran a mass spec on the swak."

Gibbs' eyebrows creased. "You're analyzing lipstick instead of the letter?"

"Well, I figured anyone who's into calligraphy has got to wear esoteric lipstick. And since all lipsticks are tested by the FDA…"

Gibbs eyes lit up with recognition. "You'll identify the brand."

"Yeah." Abby smirked If it's as rare as I think it is, I can find out who sold it."

"Yeah, that's good thinking, Abs."

Abby smirked and tilted her head towards Gibbs, "What?"

"Good thinking, Abby!" Gibbs said louder. Abby shook her head.

"I don't know, Gibbs! I can't hear you! It must be the helmet head!" Abby reared back, shocked, when Gibbs signed some very not nice things in sign language. She smirked before signing back. "Not nice, Gibbs. Not nice." The smile slipped off her face when This is weird. All the basics are there – wax, oil, eosin dye, titanium dioxide, but they're in such low levels…" Abby blinked, leaning back from the observation cube. "Whoa!"

Gibbs groaned. "What is that?!"

"The reason the Y. pestis survived postal irradiation. Seventy two percent of the lipstick is pure lead. A lead swak on the outside of the envelope. Lead swak in the inside. In between Y. pestis on a moisture pad." She exchanged looks with Gibbs. "This is one smart bitch."

"Wash your mouth out with purple soap."

Both agents whirled around to see a woman dressed in a tight red dress. "Cassie!" Abby ran forward and pulled the other girl into a tight hug before giving her a once over. "Wow, are you suppressing drugs or selling them?"

"I'm working undercover," Cassie explained, rolling her eyes a bit. "Everything I'm wearing is confiscated even the La Perla underwear."

"Nice," Abby remarked appreciatively causing the (slightly) older woman to laugh before turning to look at Gibbs.

"Gibbs! Is that you playing Tella Tubby?" Gibbs grimaced but was saved from replying when Cassie's attention moved from him to the thing that had started this whole thing. "Is this the anthrax letter?"

"No, it's not anthrax," said Abby. "It's plague."

"Thank god. Anthrax scares the hell out of me." She gestured to the box. "May I?"

"Go ahead," Abby said.

"I know this return address," Cassie said. Abby explained that they had traced the address to one of Cassie's previous cases that focused on the rape of a young women. Before Cassie could reply Ducky came in, his face pale and his hands shaking.

"Ducky," Gibbs said, rushing forward as fast as the suit allowed. "Has there been any news?" Ducky sighed.

"Gibbs, all the blood tests came back negative-" Gibbs let out a breath he didn't know that he had been holding before he tore off the suit, letting it fall down to the floor in a pile.

"That's great! So I can go and get Harry now?" DUcky winced at Gibbs' words.

"Gibbs," the older man began. "All the blood tests came back negative except for Tony's… and Harry's…" Abby's hands flew to her mouth

Gibbs felt numb. "You're wrong, Ducky."

"Gibbs," Ducky said , reaching out to place a hand on his friend's shoulder but Gibbs shoved his hand off and stumbled back a few steps. Abby moved forward, as if to try and hug him but Cassie pulled her back, shaking her head slightly.

"Harry is not sick!" Gibbs said, raising his voice until he was almost shouting. "He can't be. I promised. I promised that I would protect him!" Gibbs vision spun out of focus and slowly the people and the room around him disappeared. This wasn't the truth - it couldn't be the truth. Harry was only four years old, he should be eating animal crackers and drawing pictures, not getting infected with a plague that hasn't been seen in a century! And Tony! Gibbs hadn't known him for as long as it felt he had known him, but he cared for the younger agent. He had lost too many people already in his life - he wasn't able to lose more. He couldn't lose any more people! No, no, no, no -


Gibbs' head shot to the side and the room instantly became focused. Somehow he had ended up on the floor, but that wasn't his biggest problem.

Abby was bent over him, her hand raised and her eyes flashing.

Gibbs gently touched where she had slapped him and winced - it was gonna bruise (who knew that she could hit so hard?)

"Alright," Abby began, placing her hands on her hips. "You have had your chance to freak out. You're done, okay? It's time to get up off your ass and go and find the bastard - or bitch - who did this. You aren't helping Harry or Tony by wallowing in self pity on the ground. So get up and let's go!" Abby finished waving her finger in the air. Gibbs blinked twice and was about to respond when she continued with, "Don't make me smack you again."

Gibbs nodded, pushed himself off of the floor and to his feet and turned to face Ducky. ARe they sick yet?"

Ducky sighed again. "Tony hasn't showed an outward signs yet. But the doctor says his temperature is elevating. The Y. pestis is attacking his pulmonary system." The M.E. ran a hand down his face. "Harry's temperature is approaching 100 degrees and the doctor's say that he experiences sharp flashes of pain every once in awhile, centered around his chest and head. Normally, a victim of this strain of plague lives for 32 hours after being infected. Tony is following the schedule as much as can be expected with a disease that is as unpredictable as this one, but Harry is experiencing symptoms all over the place, some not even documented as being related to what he has."

Abby said, "Maybe it's because he is much smaller and younger than Tony - it has to affect him differently, right?"

Ducky shook his head. "He should have the same symptoms as Tony but his body is just reacting differently."

"How far are we into this thirty-two hour window?" Cassie asked.

"Too far," Ducky said. "If the disease acts as we expect it to, they will begin coughing soon. When their sputum becomes bloody, they'll only have a few hours to live."

Gibbs growled. "Abby, get that damn letter out of there!"

"I'm getting it."

Cassie shook her head. "This is too easy, Gibbs. Custom paper and calligraphy that's traceable. A gene-altering bio-attack."

"Do you know who sent it?" Gibbs asked, hoping that they could find this person and get that antidote before this escalates anymore than it has. 'Before Harry gets even more sick,' a voice whispered in the back of his head. Gibbs ignored it, even though he knew that it was right.

"No, but I know who they want us to think sent it."

Harry didn't want to be here anymore. The clear room was scary. He just wanted Daddy to come and take him back home where they would draw and sing songs and tell stories. Uncle Tony and Aunt Kate didn't tell as good of a story as Daddy did, but Harry knew that they tried. Harry just wanted to go home.

Dr. Brad and Nurse Emma rolled in a metal table that had the pieces of an I.V. on them.

Tony eyed them warily. "Bedtime snack, Brad?"

The doctor just smiled. "Oh, IV drip increases the efficacy of streptomycin."

"Well, then hook me up," Tony said as he held up an arm.

"No!" Both men's heads shot to the side where the saw Emma struggling to hook Harry up to his I.V.. "No, no, no, no needles! Daddy's not here, no needles!" Tears of frustration ran down Harry's face, which was slowly turning red. His hands started to shake and suddenly the bag of liquid medicine exploded, making a mess all over the floor. Emma gasped as Harry fell back on the bed and started to shake, as if he was having a seizure.

"Brad!" Emma called, and he placed Tony's I.V. down on the table before rushing to Harry's side. Kate and Tony exchanged looks before they both stood up and ran to the only other occupied bed, the latter having a bit more trouble than the former of getting off of the bed. The two doctors were crowded around Harry's bed but the NCIS agents still had plenty room to see the thrashing boy on the bed. Brad was holding down his arms and legs while Emma was keeping Harry's head still. Kate grabbed Tony's hand and for once he didn't make a comment like he normally would have - he was just as scared as she was.

Suddenly Harry's body stopped shaking and he lay limp on the cot. Emma checked for a pulse and let out a breath. "He's breathing but his heart beat is slow - we need to get an I.V. in him and hook him up to some monitoring machines." She shot the two agents a look. "Tony, you need to get back in bed. Kate, I have to ask you to leave." The two mentioned exchanged looks.

"You mean, I'm not sick?" Kate asked slowly.

"Not beyond your cold, no. Your blood test came back negative."

"But mine was positive," Tony said, swaying a bit on his feet. "And so was Harry's." He looked down at Harry who looked all too small in the bed meant for an adult. His face was covered in a thin layer of sweat and even in the sleep like state he was in he would wince in pain every once in awhile. This shouldn't have happened.

He was the one who opened that stupid letter - he was the only one who should have gotten sick! Damn it, Harry was too good, too young, too pure, to get this, this, this whatever they had.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," Tony mumbled before his body went limp and he collapsed. His mind registered Kate catching him by his arm before he would've landed head first on the hard floor, but that didn't seem to matter. Harry was sick because of him. HE caused this beautiful, smart little boy to catch something that might kill him. What had he done?

Tony wasn't sure how much time had passed since his mind shut down, but the next thing he knew, he was back lying on his previous bed, an I.V. hooked into his left arm and a heart monitor beeping steadily beside him. He blinked and rubbed at his eyes, looking blearily around the isolation room.

"What the hell happened?"

"You freaked out and collapsed, that's what happened." Tony looked up and saw a scowling Kate standing next to him, a white mask around her lower face.

"You would've - " Tony coughed into his hand. " - would've done the same."

Kate didn't respond and Doctor Pitt (~Brad~) walked over to check on Tony's I.V.

"So tell me,," Tony began. "What have I got?"

Brad let out a sigh. "Pneumonic plague."

"Plague?" A beat passed during which Tony was hoping that someone would tell him that 'no, it was only the flu, no need to worry', but no one did. "Plague." Tony felt his heart sink.

"Yeah, Tony. Plague!" Kate croaked out, slightly hysterical. "Because only you would go off and get a disease from the Dark Ages!" She glanced at the bed at the other side of the room. "And give it to another person as well," she finished, whispering.

A pregnant silence fell over the group and after he had made sure that the medicine was working as good as it could, Brad began to walk away before he stopped, and then turned around.

"This strain has been genetically altered to resist antibiotics. Do you realize what that means?"

Kate and Tony exchanged a look. "Then the IV in Harry's and Tony's arms are useless. So why do it?"

"Well, it can't hurt." Brad paused. "And it gives them…"

"Hope," Kate finished.

"It's the only thing stronger than fear," Brad said. "I'm hoping that you both survive this."

"I'm hoping that Harry does," Tony said, grimacing as a particularly wet cough wrenched itself from his throat. "'Cause if he doesn't, and I do, then I'm as good as dead because Gibbs is gonna kill me."

Kate watched as the doctor walked away and thought that it wasn't worth mentioning that if Harry died and Tony lived, she didn't think that he would be able to live with himself.

Then Gibbs wouldn't need to kill him.

Gibbs glared up at the huge glass building, hating it already. This was the place that some guy cooked up the disease that was infecting one of his agents and his son.

Seeing as Cassie wasn't stopping to glare at inanimate objects, he walked in as well.

Cassie cast him a side glance. "How do you want to handle this?"

"Subtle approach." Gibbs said, grinning maliciously. "You serve the warrant. I'll shove my Sig in her face," he finished, patting the holster that rested on his waist. Cassie rolled her eyes.

"Gibbs, Hannah Lowell has been arrested at more protests than Jesse Jackson. She won't be intimidated."

Gibbs nodded and tilted his head as if he was thinking particularly hard. "Okay, then I'll shoot her and then I'll go after whoever made the damn bug for her."

"You're not going to kill her.

"I said shoot, not kill."

"There are dozens of microbiologists here. It would take days to interrogate them. The boys don't have days," Cassie said meaningfully.

Gibbs ignored her.

"Do you know where her office is or should I ask the receptionist?"

Cassie sighed before pointing up. "Boss always has the top floor office."

Gibbs noticed the receptionist motioning to a guard but didn't think much of it until said officer approached them raising his hands in a placating manner.

"Excuse me." The pair of agents ignored him and kept walking. "Excuse me." Cassie stopped and turned, and, grudgingly, Gibbs did so a second later. "You have to check-in with the receptionist. Do you have an appointment?"

"No. We have a federal warrant," Gibbs snarled out, before turning back around and going into the elevator.

Cassie had already pushed the button for the top floor and the two rode the way up in tense silence. When the elevator doors opened, Gibbs stormed out and went directly into the only office. A woman sat in a chair behind a desk, hands folded over each other.

"It's about time you got here," The woman, Hannah said, uncrossing her hands. "I left enough cookie crumbs."

Gibbs glared at her. "You left more than cookie crumbs, lady." sighed.

"I regret I resorted to such a dramatic act, but you people at NCIS left me no choice when you lied to protect the Academy. Now, you admit that a Midshipman raped my daughter and this will all be over."

"The DNA testing cleared -" Cassie began, only to be interrupted.

"Oh, stop it," Hannah said. "I know how easy it is to dope a DNA test."

"You love dramatic acts."

Hannah shrugged. "They can be very effective."

Gibbs gripped the front of the desk, his knuckles turning white. "The effect of this one is going to imprison you for life." Hannah cocked her head.

"That long, hmm?" Gibbs narrowed his eyes at her words.

"You're dying."

"Rather rapidly." Hannah smiled. "Which makes incarceration highly unlikely." She pressed her hands into the desk and rose to her feet. "My daughter never recovered from the horror of that weekend. The truth will help her heal. Please! Please, give it to her. You won't get that antidote until that Midshipman comes-"

"We don't need it," Gibbs interrupted, his own words slicing a knife through his heart because they did need it, he needed it badly, because Harry - and Tony - needed it. "The post office went postal on your plaque. Zapped it right through the lead swak. No one was infected."

Hannah fell back in her chair before glaring up at Gibbs. "Oh, I don't believe you." Gibbs slammed his hand down on her desk.

"I don't give a damn whether you believe me or not. You are under arrest for a biological attack on a Federal agency." He turned to Cassie. "Take her to interrogation." He looked around the room. "I'll wait here for the task force to arrest the others."

As Cassie began to tell her her rights, Hannah freaked out, looking wildly around the room. "There are no others. I acted alone."

"You are not a microbiologist."

"I stole the Y. pestis!" Hannah shouted. "Doctor Pandy doesn't even know it's missing."

Gibbs swung around and ran out the door, stopping at the receptionist's office. "Where's Doctor Pandy's lab?"

"North wing, ground floor, B-L-Alpha," the receptionist stuttered out, rising to her feet. "But you need authorization to enter the North wing!"

"Someone was infected," Hannah said, smirking. "I hope they die."

Gibbs froze before turning around and marching over to Hannah. "If they die, I don't care if you are already dying, I will kill you myself."

Gibbs held his gun against the glass, pointing it at the man in the lab coat within. "Where is the antidote?"

"There is no antidote," Dr. Pandy said, his voice wavering as he held his hands out in front of him. "I developed a vaccine, not an antidote. It's of no use once the victim is infected. Hannah misunderstood."

"She understood," Gibbs growled out.

"No, it's the brain tumor." Gibbs filed the doctor's words away in his mind, but he didn't say anything, allowing the other man to continue speaking. "t's inoperable, obviously affecting her mind. Why else would a woman who fought to ban biological weapons use them?"

"Why is Lowell Pharmaceutical making them?"

"We're not."

Gibbs glared at him. "You didn't create this beast?"

"Yes! But only to develop a defense against it. Antibiotic resistant diseases are potential terrorist weapons."

"A terrorist isn't killing people with this, you are!"

"I understand your anger-"

"No, you don't!" Gibbs brandished his gun at the doctor. "But if you don't save them, you will."

"It has a suicide gene that stops it from replicating after thirty two hours….as a security precaution."

"It dies?"


"It's dead now?"

"If it's over thirty two hours since the specimen has been infected, all of the Y. pestis is dead." Gibbs began to lower his gun. "However, the damage will have been done." Gibbs raised his gun again.

"The specimen is going to die?!"

"No. No, not necessarily. They have the same chance of survival as those infected in plagues of the past, probably better since they will be healthy and young."

"What was the survival rate of the past?"

"People were weakened by depleted crops, bad nutrition-

"Damn it!" Gibbs cocked the gun. "What was the survival rate?!"

Doctor Pandy sighed. "Fifteen percent."

Ducky walked into the large room that housed the isolation cube. He went over to Brad and stood next to him, looking at the two boys in the beds. Tony was lying still on the bed closest to the door, a blonde nurse wiping at his mouth after he finished his latest bout of coughing. Kate was next to Harry, hovering as if she wasn't sure what to do. Harry looked worse than Tony did. HE was lying on his back a thin sheet pulled over his legs. His face was pale, and small spasms wracked his body every few seconds.

"It looks like pneumonia," Ducky whispered.

"Worse, I'm afraid," Brad said. "They are showing signs of cyanosis. Their fingernails and lips are going blue."

"The Y. pestis is starving their bodies of oxygen." Ducky cast the doctor a look. "It's too late to reverse, isn't it?"

"It's never too late."

"Until I get the body," Ducky remarked, a dark look crossing his face.

The two doctor's attention was drawn to Tony when he a particularly horrible bout of coughing wracked his body.

"Tony! Tony! Sit up!" Kate said rushing to his side.

Harry started to shake seconds later, and Doctor Pitt ran in to try and still him.

"Kate, you should leave. Now!"

Kate stumbled out of isolation. Ducky caught her right before she fell.

"You were brave to stay with them, Kate." She cried into the older man's shoulder.

"They're dying, Ducky!"

Gibbs stormed past them, pushing them gently to the side. "Not on my watch." He walked into the isolation room.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Brad said. "Who the hell are you?"

Gibbs glared at him. "I'm Tony's boss. And more importantly, Harry's father."

"Still, I can't permit you to come in -"

"The bug has a suicide gene," Gibbs said, cutting the doctor off. "It's dead. It's been dead for over an hour. They are no longer infectious." Gibbs stopped at Tony's bed, even though his entire body was aching to go be with his son.

"Tony, listen to me." Gibbs crouched down to his agent's ear. "Are you listening?"

Tony gasped weakly. "I'm listening." He coughed loudly. "I'm listening, Boss."

"You will not die, you got that?" Gibbs whispered. "I said, you will not die." He reached up and lightly tapped the top of Tony's head.

"Okay, I got you, Boss."


Gibbs turned away from the other man, walking down to the other side of the room, where a too small figure laid on a too small bed. He grabbed the closest chair and pulled it up to the bed's side, getting as close as he could without being on the mattress itself.

Harry was laying completely still on the bed, his fingers twitching. His body wracked with spasms every few minutes, and he coughed up blood with every movement.

Gibbs reached forward and ran his hands through his son's sweaty hair, using his other hand to damp at his forehead with a towel. Harry's nose crinkled up and despite the situation, Gibbs smiled.

Shannon had always said that a sick Harry always made the cutest expressions. His nose would crinkle when he coughed, his cheeks would puff out a bit when he sneezed.

What would she think of Gibbs now, after he had let their boy catch the plague?

Suddenly flames sprouted in Harry's hand, and Gibbs fell back out of his chair in shock. The others looked over as to see what was wrong and gasped when they saw the flames licking Harry's arms. Gibbs grabbed the cup of water that was next to the bed and gently poured it over Harry. The fire slowly went out, and, reluctantly, he turned to face the others (minus Tony, who was currently asleep.)

"What the hell was that?" Brad said, careful to keep his voice low so as not to wake up his patients.

"There's more going on here than any of us can understand," Gibbs said. "But I know who can help."

Gibbs pulled out his wallet and grabbed the small stone that resided in it. River had given him it and told him to throw it at his feet if he needed her for anything magical related. Feeling incredibly foolish, he tossed the stone down. The small rock glowed blue for a second before it sunk into the pavement. A minute later, a loud CRACK filled the air, and all of a sudden River was standing next to him.

"You rang?" She said, jokingly. "Hey, where's the little man?" She asked, looking around.

"Come with me," Gibbs said before walking back into the building. River followed, albeit with a confused expression.

When the two got back into the isolation room, River stopped and grabbed Gibbs by the arm.

"Alright, what is happening?"

Gibbs sighed. "Harry (and one of my agents) caught a plague that resists antibiotics because an idiotic woman decided to go on a killing rampage because her brain tumor made her lose her morality. Now, Harry's ma- um you know," Gibbs said, dancing around the word magic, " is acting crazy. So I called you."

River ran a hand down her face, and glanced at the other people in the room. The two doctors were sitting in front of a control panel, talking in hushed tones. "These other people," she said, gesturing to Kate, the now awake - but groggy and confused - Tony, Ducky, McGee and Abby (the last two who had left work as soon as they were allowed to leave so they could be here for Tony and Harry). "Do you trust them?"

Gibbs looked around. "With my life." He paused, and then looked behind him. "I'd trust them with Harry's."

River nodded. "Okay." She flicked her wrist and her wand shot into her hand. She waved it over at the doctors and they immediately slumped down, fast asleep.

"Alright so, hello! My name is River Dalton. I am a witch. Harry is a wizard. In case you don't believe me, I just made two adults fall asleep with a wave of my wand. If you still don't believe me, I don't really have time to convince you so you'll just have to trust me!" She looked down the room. "I have to go and see what's wrong with Harry. You may converse amongst yourselves." With that, she walked to the other side of the isolation cube, only stopping at Harry's bed. The others turned to Gibbs.

"What just happened?" McGee asked.

"Honestly, Timothy," Ducky said. "It's quite self explanatory. Ms. Dalton is a witch, magic, wands, brooms, all of that, and Harry is a wizard. They both have magic, and Ms. Dalton is going to see if there is anything she can do to help Harry."

Gibbs looked at the older man, shocked. "How did you know all that, Duck?"

Ducky smiled, sheepishly. "Mother and I are squibs," he said.

River knelt near Harry's head. Raising her wand, she carried it over his body, murmuring a spell under her breath. A light fog appeared over Harry before turning a dark red. River grimaced.

"Why is he worse than Tony?" Gibbs asked.

River sighed. "Normally, in instances where a wizard catches a deadly mundane disease, their magic usually works together with the medicine to fight off the sickness twice as fast. In Harry's case," she said, waving her hand, "something is keeping his magic from fighting against the plague. It's tearing down his natural defenses." She frowned. "If it doesn't stop then Harry will die."


Harry wasn't sure where he was. The last thing he remembered was being with Uncle Tony and Aunt Kate in the plastic room. Standing up, he began to take in his surroundings.

He was standing in what appeared to be a large field. Small purple flowers decorated the ground fading away when they reached the sand that was around a large lake. In the distance, he was sure that he saw his castle - the one he had drawn only a couple days ago. Before he could make his way over to the building, the silhouette of a large figure, at least as big as Daddy, caught his eye.

"Daddy?" He called.

There was no reply.

"Uncle Tony?"


"Aunt Kate? Tim? Aunt Abby?"

The figure suddenly appeared right in front of him, and Harry screamed, falling back on his bottom.

The figure was a man. He had brown hair, pale skin, and red eyes. He bent down to Harry's level, a concerned look on his face.

"Are you okay?" Slowly, Harry nodded, reaching up to grab the hand that was extended to him.

"Who who are you?" Harry asked, stuttering a bit.

"My name is Tom."

"I'm Harry." Harry said, smiling up at Tom. "Harry Gibbs. Do you know where we are?"

"I haven't the slightest idea. But I can find out." Tom pulled out a piece of wood and Harry's eyes lit up.

"That's a wand! Are you a wizard? I'm a wizard, too!"

Tom smiled. "Of course I'm a wizard, Harry. All the best people are."

Harry scrunched up his nose. "But my daddy isn't a wizard, and he's the best daddy in the world!"

Tom looked like he wanted to say more but he just smiled. "Of course he is." Tom waved his wand and the tip turned blue for a second. "Hmmm… strange."

Harry looked up. "What's strange?"

"We aren't anywhere. We are existing in a place that isn't real." Tom frowned and Harry, mimicking the older man, frowned as well.

"Curiouser and curiouser," Harry said, quoting the book Gibbs had read for his bedtime story a few days ago.

"Yes," Tom said. "It really is." He glanced down at the young boy. "Since you're a wizard, will you show me some of the spells you know?"

Harry blushed. "I haven't actually gotten to learn anything yet. I'm only four."

Tom gasped dramatically. "Well we can't have that! I shall teach you immediately!"

Harry smiled. "Really?"


The two continued walking until they were standing next to the pond. "Water," Tom began, "Is the hardest element to control. It is constantly churning constantly moving, and it is rarely in the same place twice. Because of this we will start with it." Tom knelt down and grabbed Harry's hand.

"Your magic comes from inside you; it's a part of you very being. You don't really need any instrument to use that magic, but the wizards of Europe are lazy and chose to bind themselves to a piece of wood. Force the magic out through your hand and then bend it to your will. If you want to make a water castle appear, then you have to be stronger than your magic so that it will carve the water for you. Understand?"

Slowly, Harry nodded. "I think so."

Tom pushed himself up and took a step back. "Then go ahead."

Harry, his face scrunched up in concentration, stared at his hands. They seemed small to him - they couldn't possibly be anything special about them. But Tom said it was possible so it must have been. Harry tried to force magic out of his hands, he really did, but no matter how much he tried, nothing happened before the occasional twitch of his fingers, which he doubted was magical.

"Why isn't it working," Harry whined. He yelped when a sharp slap landed on his head.

"Do not whine. Do not fail. If you can not even conquer water, how are you going to do anything else in this world." Tom sighed. "I don't know why I expected anything more of the incompetent son of a mudblood."

Harry, who had been folding in on himself because of the hurtful words thrown his way, suddenly felt something hot ignite in his chest. No one was allowed to insult his daddy.

"Don't call my daddy names, it isn't nice!" Harry screamed. "I'm little, I can't be expected to get everything right the first time! I don't think you did it perfectly your first time either!"

Tom bowed his head. "Look," he said, pointing behind the four year old.

Harry turned towards the water and gaped. A large ball of liquid floated over the now half-empty lake. Even as he watched, the water started to bend and twist, until, finally, a water castle appeared, complete with spires and battlements. Harry's eyes widened and he turned back to the older man. "I did it!"

"Yes, you did, Harry!" Tom praised, the cruel version of the man who had insulted Harry completely gone. "Now try to change it's form."

Harry complied, but even as the water changed to whatever he wished it to become, whether it was a roller coaster, a merry go round, or a spaceship, it felt wrong, somehow. He could feel his magic now, that wasn't the problem. But it wasn't how it should have been - how Harry knew that, he didn't have the slightest idea. He did know that this wasn't how magic was supposed to be used.

He turned back to Tom, with a confused expression on his face. "It doesn't feel right."

Tom just smiled indulgently at him. "Of course it doesn't, Harry; you're just starting to use your magic - it's not natural to you yet." He walked up and placed his hands on the boy's shoulders, his grip just a bit too tight to be comforting. "Now," he said. "How about I show you some more tricks?"

Harry nodded, slowly, and his hesitance, the tingling feeling that something was wrong, ebbed away, until it was only a nagging sensation in the back of his mind. "Okay," he said, reaching out and taking the hand Tom offered him.

The two walked until they were back in the field Harry had woken up in. Tom sat down in the grass and patted the spot next to him. Harry sat down and crossed his legs, rocking slightly back and forth. "What are you gonna do next?" Harry asked, eagerly.

Tom smiled and held up his hand, his fingers clenched in a fist. Slowly he opened them and, to Harry's shock, flames licked around the palm of Tom's hand.

"Woah…" Harry whispered, leaning forward until he was on his knees. "Doesn't that hurt?"

"Why would it?" Tom asked, allowing the flames to travel all the way up his arm until the entire limb was encased in bright light.

"Well, my daddy says that fire is good when you can control it, but if it gets out of control it can be dangerous - it could even kill people!"

"Harry, Harry, Harry," Tom said, shaking his head patronizingly. "We are wizards! Things that kill those that do not have powers like we do, can't touch us. We are better than them! They can not," Tom looked down at the flames that raced across his skin, "hold a candle to the things that we can do." Harry's brow creased - that didn't make sense to him, no one was any better than anyone else. But before he could say anything, Tom said, "Now you try."

Harry looked at him, skeptically. "Tom, I don't think that I can-"

"Don't"," Tom said, letting the fire go out. "Don't say that you can't do it. You're a wizard - you can do anything you put your mind to." Tom leaned forward, causing Harry to lean back. "Now, do it."

Harry shivered, suddenly cold. "O-okay." He looked down at his hands and tried to get fire to appear on them, just like it had for Tom. It didn't work. He tried to make the feeling appear like it had when he had made the water change but he couldn't. He tried to force it out, like Tom had told him, and he could feel the magic. It was bubbling just under the surface, he knew it was there, but nothing he did could make it come out.

"I can't do it!" He cried out, looking back up at the older man. Tom glowered down at him and Harry swear he growled at him.

"You worthless little boy!" Tom shouted, drawing his wand. "You are a disgrace to wizardkind! If you can't even do a simple fire spell, then how could you ever amount to anything?" He flicked his wand, and Harry winced, his face feeling like it had been slapped.

Tears started to roll down Harry's face, and he looked up in time to block the blow that would have landed squarely against his face. Crossing his arms over his body, he screamed.

But no pain came. Harry opened his eyes and saw that fire was licking across his hands and that Tom had disappeared. Harry lowered his hands, and to his dismay, the flames refused to go out. He tried to put it out but it spread down from his fingertips and onto the grass he had been sitting on.

"Help!" Harry screamed, stumbling back several feet. "Please, somebody help me!"

"Here!" A voice yelled and Harry whirled around to see Tom standing on a far away hill. Harry could have cried in relief. He ran as fast as he could and suddenly he was beside the older wizard.

Tom bent down and grasped Harry tightly. "Are you okay?" Harry nodded, despite the fact that tears were still rolling down his cheeks and he was shaking. "Good - it will make this so much easier." Tom shoved Harry back and a cage appeared around the younger boy.

Harry slammed into the bars and his small hands wrapped around the metal. "T-Tom, what are you doing?"

Tom smiled, the skin on his face pulling too tight for it to be natural. "You see, dear Harry. This is your world, not mine. I'm going to kill you, and take over, so that once again, the universe shall tremble at the mere mention of my name." He began to walk away, before he stopped and looked over his shoulder. "You seem a bit cold." He raised his wand. "Here, let me remedy that." Tom waved the piece of wood and the flames that Harry had created multiplied, coming up to reach the top of the hill, only inches from Harry. "Goodbye, Harry Potter." Tom took a few steps away and disappeared.

Only later would Harry wonder why he knew his last name - a name that he rarely ever used.

But at the moment, Harry was a bit too terrified to figure that out.

The fire was rising, and soon it was biting at Harry's ankles. While the fire he had created didn't hurt him, the flames Tom made burned.

"Please," Harry sobbed, hands clenched around the bars. "Please, come back! I'll be good - I promise! I'll do the spells right the first time! Just please, let me out!"

No one came back this time.

Harry backed around from the bars and sat down in the middle of the cage, his legs pulled against his chest. "Please," he whispered. "Don't leave me here."

River slipped off her jacket and slung it over a nearby bed before turning to Gibbs and the others, all of whom had questioned Ducky enough that they had at least and idea as to who she is.

"I'm going to need to enter his mind," she said, keeping her eyes focused on Gibbs. "Whatever is hurting him is internal and he can't deal with it alone. I need your consent to perform legilimency on him." Gibbs' eyebrows scrunched up.

"Will it hurt him?"

"It might," River replied. "Everyone reacts to legilimency differently, so I couldn't give you a definite answer. But I can tell you this," she said, taking a step closer to the older man. "If I don't help him, Harry will either die or be stuck like this forever."

Gibbs closed his eyes. Possibly cause his son pain or lose him to his own mind. He opened his eyes. "You have my permission to use legilimency." River nodded and moved to sit in front of Harry. Abby leaned over to Gibbs.

"What is legilimency?" She whispered.

"I don't know," Gibbs replied. "But I'm trusting that River isn't about to kill my boy."

That caused the others to pause in their whispered questions to Ducky and to look over at the only magical woman in the room.

River had leaned forward and placed her hands on Harry's forehead. "Alright, Harry," she said. "Please don't kick me out." She closed her eyes, and suddenly both bodies (River's and Harry's) lurched back and smoked a bit before going still.

Gibbs turned to Ducky. "What did she do?"

"I'm not sure."


River appeared in an inferno. She looked around wildly, hoping to get a glimpse of Harry, but the flames were too tall and the smoke was too thick. "Harry!" She screamed.

There was no reply. "Where are you?" she whispered to herself.

Harry was terrified. The fire was getting closer; it was almost taller than him, and no one had come to save him yet. He had tried to get out, but the bars were too thick and nothing he did broke them. Tears streamed down his face as he tried to get away from the flames.


Harry whipped his head around at the sound of his name, trying to figure out where it came from and if it was actually there.


There it was again. He pushed himself to his feet and rushed to the bars, forgetting all about the flames that surrounded him. "Help!" He screamed, his voice cracking.

"Where are you?"

"Over here!" He cried, and just for a second, the smoke cleared and he caught sight of a women looking at him. "River, please get me out!" The smoke came together again, and Harry cried out, but seconds later, River appeared just feet from the cage.

"Oh, Harry," she whispered.

"Please," he pleaded, "Let me out! I'll be good, I promise!"

River rushed to the cage, the fire clearing a path for her as she walked, and she reached through the bars and cradled Harry's small, soot covered face in her hands. "Shh, you are already good. Who put you in here?" She asked as she began to study the cage.

"Tom," Harry choked out. "He got mad."

River sighed. "Harry, I can't get you out." Harry's eyes widened and tears once again poured down his cheeks.

"No, don't leave me here! I can't breath and I'm scared!"

River grasped his hands tightly in her own. "I'm not going anywhere," she said, trying to calm him down. "But I can't get you out of here. Only you can."

"I can't!" Harry cried.

"You can!" River insisted. "This is your mind. You can do anything here." She would never know how similar her words were to Tom's. "Just close your eyes and imagine the bars disappearing."

Harry did as he was told, but his breathing was labored and it wasn't soon before he opened his eyes, fear etched on his face. "It's not working! Why isn't it working?"

"Calm down, Harry! Look at me - only at me!" Harry's green eyes locked on River's blue ones, and, ever so slowly, the rest of the world ebbed away. "Okay, now take a deep breath and let it out slowly." Harry did, and soon his breathing evened out. "Close your eyes," he heard River say, her voice sounding so far away. "And imagine the cage disappearing." In his mind, there were no cages, no fire; everything exactly the way it was when he first arrived here.

Harry kept his eyes closed and didn't open them until he felt a pair of arms wrap around him. He wrapped himself around River and didn't protest when she picked him up and started to walk away. His vision was blurry, but his eyes were focused on the hill that he had been trapped on. The cage was gone, and there was no impression of any fire ever having been there. His eyes started to droop shut, but they shot open when they heard a familiar voice.

"And who might you be?" Harry lifted his head out of the crook of River's neck to see Tom staring at the woman that was holding him.

"I would ask the same of you," River said, putting Harry down and stepping in front of him. "If I didn't already know the answer." River gripped her wand tightly as the other grown wizard chuckled.

"Of course you've heard of me, I'm the greatest wizard to ever grace our world," He gloated.

"Is that so Tom?" River asked, tilting her head. "If that was true then you wouldn't be here, now would you?"

Tom glowered and pulled his own wand out, his eyes darkening. "Don't call me that wretched name."

"Oh, I apologize, Tom, but it's the only name I know you by."

He growled, causing Harry to whimper from behind River's legs. "You don't know who you're messing with, girl."

"Neither do you," River remarked. "And I think it's time for you to leave."

"I was thinking just the same thing about you." Tom said, smiling cruelly. "Soon enough, I will gain control of young Harry's body and I shall kill you, and everyone who stands against me."

"Not if I have any say in it." River and Tom raised their wands at the same time, but River got a spell off first. "Relinquo!" she shouted, her wand making an upwards slicing motion and shooting a bright purple beam that hit Tom squarely in his chest. He fell to the ground, screaming and clawing at his body.

"You will not get rid of me! I will return!"

"Fat chance." River deadpanned, but a scream from behind her caused her to whirl around and gasp.

Harry was writhing on the ground, black steam coming off his body in waves.

"If you want to get rid of me," Tom snarled out. "Then you'll have to get rid of him too!" River looked between both Harry and the, the, the leech that was clinging to life in a place he didn't belong, and she froze. "What?" Tom mocked, even as another scream tore it's way out of his throat, closely followed by a shout from Harry. "Can't kill one little boy for the greater good? Pathetic."

River spun around and aimed her wand at the person on the ground. "Perdere augurium!" She whispered.

Gibbs and the others, watched with bated breath as a cloud of darkness slowly was pulled from Harry's head. The last tendril was almost severed when suddenly, Harry started to convulse and go pale, before beginning to scream. Gibbs made to rush forward but Ducky spun him around by his arm.

"Do not touch him, Jethro," he said before glancing over his shoulder. "Or her."

"She's killing him, Duck!" Gibbs growled out, trying to escape the doctor's hold, but a sharp slap to the back of his head made him freeze.

"I doubt that Ms. Dalton is doing any harm to our boy. You said you trusted her before, and you will trust her now. Or so help me I will duct tape you to a chair."


Harry stopped convulsing and Tom stopped screaming. "Incatena," River said, and silver chains immediately appeared and wrapped themselves around Tom. When she was sure that there was no way that he could get out, she dove to the ground, landing hard on her knees next to Harry. She gently shook the boy, but he refused to open his eyes. "I'm sorry, Harry, but you need to wake up," she whispered. "Ennervate."

Harry's eyes fluttered open, and he groaned weakly. "Shhh, sweetheart, it's alright," River said, running a hand through the four year old's hair. Harry sat up and grabbed onto the older women when he caught sight of Tom.

"I thought… I thought that you were going to make him go away," Harry whispered, clinging harder to River when Tom smiled at him.

"I was. I tried, Harry." River cast Tom a look full of loathing. "Something went wrong and so I need your help."

Harry looked up, his green eyes swirling. "How can I help?"

"Harry," River began. "We are in your mind."

"How?" Harry asked.

River looked around before leaning in. "Magic," she whispered conspiratorially, causing Harry to giggle. "So what I need you to do is close your eyes and think about where we are." Harry, once again closed his eyes. "You got that?" He nodded. "Okay, now I want you to find the place where it feels wrong." He cracked open an eye.

"What do you mean?"

"Most of this place," River said. "Feels really safe, because it is. It's inside you. But, if I'm right, there should be this one place where you're scared to go, because it doesn't make you feel safe." Harry nodded before closing his eyes.

In his mind, a picture formed, an exact replica of the place he was in right now. Suddenly, his view zoomed out, and he saw the entire area from a bird's eye view. There was the castle he saw earlier, along with the pond, the meadow, and the hill. In the distance he could see a forest and a mountain ridge. Zooming in, he concentrated on the mountains. He stood at the base of the third stone in the peak and recoiled. While most of the mountain was a light grey, foliage half way up and snow at the top. But, starting from the bottom and going about a fourth up the stone, the mountain was a dark black, the rock swirling with green and blue. Harry reached his hand out and gently laid a hand on it. His head flew back and suddenly pictures filled his head. A fuzzy picture of a women smiling down at him, a run down orphanage, a cave by the ocean, and hundreds of thousands of others. Learning, living, being in a grand castle. The silhouette of a huge snake. Dark ink on an arm in the shape of a skull.

And they just got darker and darker.

He stood over a cowering woman, laughing as she screamed. He spoke to a group of people, all wearing masks. He smiled as a girl with red hair stood protectively in front of a crib.

Harry jerked his hand away and his eyes shot open. His breaths came out in short gasps, and he was only barely aware of River rubbing soothing circles on his back.

It took him several minutes to calm down enough to be able to speak.

"I found the place," he whispered.

"Where is it?"

"I can bring us there." And then suddenly the scenery changed around them and all three of them were at the foot of the mountain. River stood up, pulling Harry up with her.

She turned towards Tom, and, even as he struggled against her, picked him up and pushed him into the mountain before turning to Harry.

"I'm going to need to do something to your mind. Will you let me?" Harry nodded, not really sure what it meant, but if it made the bad man go away then he didn't really care. River turned back to the mountain and faced her palm towards the stone. Slowly, the black was pulled from the mountain and formed into a small cube. Then a onyx black container appeared, and the cube was lowered into it, before the lid slammed shut and a padlock appeared, locking it shut.

Throughout this, Harry had felt something in his head shifting. His scar burned for a second but besides that, nothing hurt. By the end of it, his mind felt cleaner and clearer. He looked up at River.

"Cool," he breathed out a smile on his face.

River chuckled a bit, though her eyes were dark. "Let's get you out of her, Mr. Gibbs."

"Okay," said Harry, as he took the hand River offered to him.

Gibbs wasn't sure exactly how much time had passed since River had used legilimency on his son (whatever that was), only that too much time had passed. He hadn't moved since Ducky had freaked out on him, his eyes still glued to the bed his son was in. The others had panned out around the room; Kate and Abby were sitting next to Tony, who Gibbs was sure was feeling like crap - even though he was still making bad jokes. McGee and Ducky were sitting at another bed, sharing stories and shooting Gibbs concerned glances when they thought he wasn't looking.

Gibbs honestly didn't care what they were doing, though. He just wanted his boy to wake up. So when River's shot open and she took a deep breath, Gibbs thought that he could be forgiven for how fast he had raced to her side.

"What is it? Is he alright?"

River smiled. "He's fine." The as much can be expected of someone who has plague was left of, but both knew that it was there.

"Then we isn't he waking up?" Gibbs asked frantically.

"He's exhausted! He just went through a mind battle, and know his magic is trying to catch up on the time it missed of healing him. He's just sleeping, Gibbs," she added, seeing how Gibbs hadn't calmed down at her previous words.

Gibbs let out a breath he was all too aware he had been holding, before he turned to his agents (forensic scientist and medical examiner).

"He should be fine."

Gibbs paced outside the room, his cup of coffee smashed within his grip. After River had used legilimency (which she later explained to be the entering of someone's mind - who knew?) she told everyone not to reveal what they say or heard today before she woke up the two doctors, who acted as though no time had passed. Doctors Brad and Emma had immediately kicked everyone out except for Tony and Harry because they needed to run tests.

That had been a five days ago.

Today, finally, was the day that both Tony and Harry were going to be released. Gibbs had taken off from work for the next two weeks to take care of Harry.

He was just about to go and get another coffee when the door behind him opened and he whirled around to see a pale looking Tony holding the hand of an equally pale Harry. Gibbs didn't even try to stop himself from calling out his boy's name, causing said child to look up, his green eyes wide.

"Daddy!" Harry screamed, running as fast as he could across the room - which wasn't fast, considering that he had to stop halfway across to catch his breath. As soon as he got within arms length, Gibbs immediately scooped him up, holding him tightly in his arms.

"Harry," he whispered, kissing the boys Raven hair.

Harry leaned back and rubbed Gibbs' wet face with his hands. "Daddy. why are you sad?" Gibbs choked out laugh, realizing how much he had missed hearing Harry's voice. "I'm not sad, bud."

Harry tilted his head. "Are they happy tears then?"

Gibbs cracked a smile. "Yeah, Harry. They're happy tears."

Two Weeks later

Gibbs looked over at the man standing next to him in the elevator. "Are you sure you're up for this?"

Tony attempted to smile, but it came out as more of a grimace. "Never felt better."



Gibbs scoffed. "You look like crap."

"I missed you too, Boss," said Tony as he rolled his eyes.

"You've got another week of sick leave coming, Tony. You should take it."

Tony turned to look at his boss, letting a slightly insane expression flit across his face. "I was going crazy at home. Maybe I'm not a hundred percent, but you need me." Gibbs looked at him, unconvinced. "Okay, what about Kate and McGee? They're practically lost without me."

"Apparently they've gotten more work done in the last two weeks than in the whole year," Gibbs said.

Before Tony could reply, the elevator dinged and Gibbs walked out, making for the bullpen.

"Is that Tony?" McGee asked, peering at the notebook Kate had stretched across her lap. Harry sat by her feet, drawing in his own book as he leaned against her legs.

"No," Kate said, refusing to state the obvious.

McGee looked sceptical. "Are you sure? It really resembles-"

"Is there a reason you've been haunting my desk all week?" Kate said, cutting him off.

"You mean besides the fact that you are hogging Harry?"

Kate rolled her eyes. "He only got here this morning, okay? Give me the reason."

McGee sighed. "It just hasn't been the same without Tony here."

"I know what you mean," Kate said as she ran a hand through Harry's hair. "It's been… quiet."

Tim looked meaningfully at her. "You know, you can say that you miss him, too."

"I do miss him."

"You won't in about 10 seconds," Gibbs said as he strolled into the bullpen. Before the other agents could react, he reached over the desk, and plucked Harry from his spot on the floor, swinging him through the air, causing his giggles to fill the squad room. "How's my main man?"

"I'm fine, boss, thanks for asking," Tony said as he walked into the room.

Gibbs rolled his eyes before looking back down at his son. "What were you doing?"

"I was drawing with Aunt Kate!" Harry said, his eyes bright.

"Really?" Harry nodded eagerly. "Did you finish it?" Before Harry could explain how amazing his picture was, Gibbs' phone rang causing him to groan. He reached in his pocket before throwing the offending device to Kate. "Answer that. If it's anyone besides a new case hang up. I'm going to take Harry down to Abby."

McGee and Kate started to move around, leaving Tony in the dust/ "Maybe I did die."

"Feel that?"

"Feel what?"

Gibbs slapped the back of Tony's head, causing him to yelp. "You're still alive. Welcome back, DiNozzo!"

"Green-Eyes!" Abby shouted when he caught sight of Gibbs holding Harry. She held out her hands in the universal sign of 'let me hold 'em.' Gibbs complied and passed his con over to be hugged to death by their forensic scientist. "You scared me soo much, did you know that?" She said and she hugged him tighter.

"Sorry," Harry mumbled.

Abby pulled back. "Don't ever do something like that again, you hear?" Harry nodded, before wiggling to get down. Gibbs managed to plant a kiss on his son's cheek before he dashed off to mess with Abby's computers. "He's recovered nicely, don't you think?"

Gibbs snorted. "Not as much as I would like." He handed over a bag. "Inside is Harry's inhaler. If he starts having trouble breathing, make him use it."

Having plague had damaged Harry's lungs. The doctor's said that with time his lungs will mostly heal but it would be best to have an inhaler on them.

"Aye Aye, Captain!" Abby said, saluting her 'boss'.

Gibbs rolled his eyes, before casting a long look at his boy. "Take care of him, Abs, okay?"

"Always, Gibbs."

And with that Gibbs walked out the door, leaving his son alone for the first time since Harry had been released from the hospital.

Despite knowing better (which was still to be proven) Tony swore someone was out to get him. First with the plague and then with a bomb placed under a car. He had only barely avoided being blown to smithereens, and wouldn't that be something? Being blown up on his first day back to work. Tony was sure that there was some movie where something like this had happened, but at the moment, he couldn't bring himself to think of one.

As it was, Gibbs had ordered him to be checked out by Ducky, and so there he was, sitting on one of the tables meant for dead people. Harry had wondered in (how he had escaped Abby Tony didn't even want to know) towards the end of his checkup. Ducky poked just under his ribs and Tony groaned.

"Muscle soreness?" Ducky asked as he made Tony lift his arms above his head.

"Only when I move or breathe," Tony deadpanned. Ducky glared at him.

"Yes, clearly you haven't quite recovered from your bout with Y. pestis. You need a rest."

Tony shook his head, pushing off of the metal slab. "No, I need to get back to work, Ducky."

Harry stood up on the body examiner, (~anyone know what those are called?~) placed a hand on his hip and raised his finger. "Ducky said you need to rest. He's a doctor, and you're supposed to listen to doctors. So lay down and take a nap!"

Tony just smiled. "And what about you, little man? You were just as sick as me, shouldn't you be sleeping?"

Harry blushed, but didn't back down. "I wasn't the one who almost got blown up!" When he had first heard about the explosion, Harry had been worried, demanding to know if everyone was alright. Clearly, he had gotten over his fear and was not above using it to guilt Tony into sleeping.

Sadly, Tony was not impressed. "Nice try, Har." he held out his hand. "C'mon, we're gonna go and lay down in Abby's lab, I'm sure she has plenty of pillows."

"No," Harry said, somehow managing to jump off of the table and landing on his feet. "You will never catch me!" He ran from the room, and Tony sighed.

"How the kid has so much energy after almost dying, I will never know."

Ducky chortled. "Yes, well, he does have asthma so you better go find him before he over exerts himself and Gibbs kills us." Tony began to walk away but Ducky called him back. "I do mean it about resting, Anthony."

"Yeah, I know," Tony replied distractedly, trying to come up with a way to tell his boss that he lost his kid.

Harry swerved around a corner and finally had to stop, clutching at his chest. His breaths came out raggedly, and his vision swirled. Before he could fully panic, he felt hands fall on his shoulders.

"Breath," the voice said. "Focus on my voice and calm down."

"Can't," Harry wheezed out. "Asthma."

"Do you have your inhaler?" When Harry shook his head, the man cursed before reaching out and grabbing Harry's hands, placing them on his own chest. "Match my breathing, okay? When I breathe you do." Slowly Harry's breathing evened out and he could finally focus on the man in front of him, inclining his head slightly when he saw Director Thomas Morrow in front of him. "You good now, Harry?"

Harry nodded, letting out a quick breath. "Yes sir, thank you."

"Not a problem." The director tilted his head. "Walk with me, Mr. Gibbs?"

"Yes sir," Harry said and the pair began to make their way down the hall.

"Do you know who I am, Mr. Gibbs?"

Harry blushed. "Sir, you can just call me Harry," he mumbled out.

"Alright then," Morrow said. "Do you know who I am, Harry?"

"Yes sir. You are in charge of everyone at NCIS."

"To a certain extent, yes." The director stopped and kneeled down so that he was Harry's height. "Harry, do you like chess?"

"I've never played it, sir."

Morrow's eyes widened in exaggerated shock. "Why, we can't have that!"

15 minutes later, the two were in the director's office, Harry had been told how to play, and they had the pieces set up. 30 minutes after that, Morrow had beaten Harry rather spectacularly, although there were times that if Harry had a bit more experience he could have beaten the much older man.

"Don't be too upset - I've been playing longer than your dad's been alive." Seeing Harry's down trodden face, Morrow smiled. "How about you take this board and practice, and then when you think you've gotten good enough, then you can call a rematch?"

Harry's eyes lit up. "Really?"

"Really. Think of it as a 'get well soon', gift."

"Thanks!" Harry said, a huge grin stretched across his face.

Morrow looked at his watch and nodded to himself. "I think it's time we got you back to you minders, they're probably pulling their hair out looking for you."

Harry blushed. "Yes sir."

Tony rushed (as fast as he could) into Abby's lab. "Hey, little lady!" Abby swung around and pulled him into a hug.

"Tony!" Before she could make him feel guilty for scaring her, Tony broke in.

"Abby, have you seen Harry?"

"Green eyes?" Abby asked, tilting her head. "He came in about five minutes before you with the director in tow."

Tony's eyes widened. "Our director? Big, grumpy man, never been a fan of Harry's?"

"Mm hmm," Abby said, beckoning for him to follow her. "The pair waltzed in here like they were best friends. The director patted Harry on his head and left. He was even smiling."

"And you sure that Harry was returned to us in one piece?"

"Look for yourself," Abby said, pointing forwards.

Harry was sitting on a spinning chair, slowly swirling around as he drew in his book, a large book sitting next to him. Tony turned to look back at the forensic scientist. "This is weird."

"Tell me about it."

Suddenly, Abby's phone rang and she ran to her desk to answer it. Tony followed after glancing one more time at Harry. Abby's face was confused when she hung up.

"The FBI's here, Tony." Tony opened his mouth to reply but was cut off.

"The FBI?" The two agents swung around to see Harry standing in front of them, an innocent look on his face. "Is Toby here?" Tony and Abby couldn't help but grinning at the nickname Harry had given Tobias Fornell, an FBI agent pretty high up at the bureau. The two had met during one of the cases NCIS and FBI had to coordinate on and, surprisingly, Fornell adored Harry and vice versa.

"I don't know if he's here, bud," Tony said, running a hand through his hair. "If he is, I'll make sure to send him down to see you."

Harry sighed. "Can't I just come up with you?"

Tony cast Abby a quick look and she discreetly shook her head - it must be important. "Sorry, Har, not this time."

Harry pouted, but before he could ask why, Abby swung him up into her arms. "While they're doing boring stuff, green-eyes, we can have a drawing contest down here!" Harry scrunched up his nose.

"Can we play chess instead?" Tony decided that this was a good time to sneak out. He paused though at the door when he heard Abby ask why he wanted to play chess instead of drawing, something he loved to do. "Because I have to beat Thomas!"

Tony shook his head as he got into the elevator. Today was just weird.

"What's going on?" Tony asked as he walked into the bullpen. A large group of FBI agents were taking up most of the room.

"Ari Haswari is back in country," Fornell said.

McGee, Tony, and Kate's heads swung to stare at the FBI agent. "You let that psycho back in the States without telling us?!" Kate exclaimed, taking a few steps forward.

"He was supposed to be helping us uncover an Al Qaeda cell in the D.C. area.," Fornell said defensively.

Tony's eyes narrowed. "What do you mean "supposed to", Fornell?"

The agent sighed, running a hand down his face. "We now think he's here for more personal reasons." A beat passed with no one saying anything. "He's planning on killing Gibbs."

"Gibbs can handle him, right?" McGee asked as he exchanged uncertain looks with his team.

"And Harry," Fornell added disparagingly.


Gibbs closed the door to the bakery, a pastry box in his hand, when suddenly the door rang and he answered it. "Washington is such a lovely city this time of year. Don't you agree, Special Agent Gibbs?" It took him several precious seconds to recognize the voice. "Perfect for kids to play in, yes?"

"Ari," Gibbs growled out, his fingers tightening against the cardboard box.

"How is young Harry doing? A little birdy told me that he had a run in with plague a few weeks ago. Where on earth would he come in contact with something like that?"

"Cut the crap, Haswari," Gibbs said as he looked at his surroundings. "What do you want?"

Ari tsked into the phone. "Come, now Gibbs. Let's talk a bit about Harry, yes? His birthday is in a few months, right? July?" He paused. "I think that my gift to him will be the bomb."

"You get near him and I will slit your throat."

Ari chuckled darkly, his voice resonating in Gibbs' ear. "Alright, Gibbs, I'll throw you a bone." Gibbs waited for Ari to continue. "I have been told to infiltrate an Al Qaeda cell that is stationed here in D.C."

"What does that have to do with me? Or my son?" Gibbs asked.

"Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, you must learn to stop interrupting people. To prove my loyalty to the cell, I have been told to kill you - and the one you hold most dear - and we all know who that is."

Gibbs' blood ran cold but his voice was steady as he said, "Stay away from him."

"You can stop it, you know. Find and eliminate the cell before my deadline and you live."

"And if I can't find them all?" Gibbs asked, his voice full of trepidation.

"I have the utmost faith in you, Gibbs. But if you were to fail, then I would have to follow orders? Starting with Harry." The line went dead as Ari hung up.

Gibbs slipped the phone into his pocket and simply stood on the sidewalk, silently seething. He'd be damned if this bastard got anywhere near Harry.

"Please call me back," Tony said into the phone, his voice desperate, before turning to his teammates. "That's twenty messages I left. We should look for him, McGee."

"Look for who?" The three agents whirled around to see Gibbs walk into the bullpen, a pink box in his hand.

"We've been calling you for the last hour, Boss," Tony said.

"Really? Well, I was getting Harry an eclair. He loves them." Gibbs stopped at the stairs leading down to Abby's lab. "You can explain to me what you know on the way down."

"Is it me or did he take the whole Ari situation really well?" McGee asked as he, Kate and Tony watched him press a kiss to Harry's forehead.

"That's because he's looking forward to it," Tony said.

"Looking forward to what?"

"Finally getting to kill him."


"I'm out," Gibbs said, checking his gun. He and his team had managed to track down the cell and the rocket that was going to be used to kill hundred of Navy families. McGee had hacked into the rocket's main frame and crashed it into the ocean. Kate, Tony, and Gibbs were on the roof when they were fired upon. They had managed to kill them all but no agent liked being in an exposed position with no ammo.

"Me, too," Kate said before catching sight of a gun poking out of a large container. "Shooter!" She shouted diving in front of Gibbs, a bullet lodging in her chest and sending her hard down on the pavement. Tony shot at the shooter, killing him, before running with Gibbs to Kate's side.

"Kate?" Tony asked frantically. Gibbs unzipped her jacket and both let out a sigh of relief upon seeing that the bullet had lodged itself in her vest. "Are you okay?"

"Ow! I just got shot at point blank range, DiNozzo. What do you think?" Kate groaned as Gibbs pulled her to her feet.

"You're not going to be going to Pilates class tomorrow?" Tony joked, the relief at her not being dead present in his voice.

"Protection detail is over," Gibbs said, formerly releasing her of guarding him, causing his agents to laugh a bit.

"You did good," Tony said, patting her lightly on her shoulder.

"For once, DiNozzo is right," Gibbs said.

"Wow," Kate said, a smile on her face. "I thought I'd die before I ever-" Suddenly, a gunshot sounded, and Kate fell to the ground, blood gushing from her chest.

Gibbs looked up at the building in the distance and caught sight of a flash of silver and a retreating figure. "Ari!" He shouted.

Gibbs dropped down to his knees next to his fallen agent, pressing a hand hard against her shoulder in an attempt to stop the blood that was gushing from her wound. "Kate, listen to me!" he said, watching as her eyes fluttered. "Do not close your eyes. Do you hear me, Kate! I said don't-" Gibbs cut himself off when he saw that despite her attempts to keep them open, Kate's eyelids slid down. "Damn it, Kate! Tony call a chopper!"

"Boss, her shoulder…" Tony murmured out.

"Yes Tony, she was shot. And if you don't do as I say, she's going to die."

Gibbs sat in a plastic hospital chair, his hands and clothes covered in Kate's blood. She had taken two bullets for him that day, and god damn it, he was going to kill Ari.

With his own hands if he had to.

No one hurt his family.

(NEW EPISODE ~ WHEEEEEE… I'm sorry, just ignore me…I'll be leaving now)

Ziva calmed herself before opening the door to her car. She had a clear view of the NCIS building from her position at the visitor's car parking at the Navy Yard. She had heard from her father upon landing in Washington that NCIS agent Kate Todd had been killed and Ari Haswari was the only suspect. Her job was now to stop one pissed off team leader, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs from killing her own brother. Although she knew her brother would not have tried to kill the NCIS agent, deep down she was worried.

Ari's behavior for the past months had been odd to say the least. He had been acting strange and avoided their father at every turn. Even his current assignment has been dictated over conference by her. She had chalked it all up to being deep undercover as Hamas operative, but now she was not so sure. Walking in, she forced herself push down those thoughts. He was her brother, he wouldn't do anything like this.

Just as she was about to get out of the elevator, her cell rang. Quickly grabbing it, she answered.

"Ziva," a voice said from the other side.

"Ari," she replied in english before switching to hebrew, talking as she walked towards the bullpen, "Why are you calling me, brother? I am in the building. Once they know who I am they are sure to at least try and track my calls."

"Ah, but they don't know who you are yet, do they, Ziva?" Ari said, his voice thick.

"Was there a reason you were calling, Ari?"

"Catching up. Making sure that we are on the same page."

"We both know that you're innocent," Ziva said, stopping just outside the bullpen. "I will prove it to them, Ari, even if they don't want to believe me at first."

"I knew that I could count on you," Ari said, his voice scratchy through the receiver. "We will talk soon." Ziva ended the call and sighed as she slipped her phone back into one of her many pockets.

"Why wouldn't they believe that he was innocent if you told them?" A voice sounded from behind her, causing her to spin around, her hand automatically going for her gun. Sitting on top of the desk furthest on the left from where she was, was a young boy, no older than five. She could understand why she had missed him when she had glanced over the room; the way he was sitting and given the fact that he had probably been hunched over the art pad that lay spread out across his lap made him much smaller than any adult she would have been looking for.

"You could understand what I was saying?" Ziva asked, her expression guarded. How much did he know? While she would never hurt a child - it was the worst thing in her mind - she did need to figure out how much he knew and what he would tell others.

"Not everything," he said, not looking up from what he as drawing. "Just bits and pieces; what is greek or latin?"

Ziva shook her head but then realized that he couldn't see her. "No, it was hebrew."

"Oh. Well there were a lot of greek and latin words in what you said; it's why I could understand you. I'm learning those languages."

"Really?" Ziva asked. "That's impressive."

"Thank you," the boy said. "But you never answered me: Why wouldn't they believe that he was innocent if you told them he was?"

Ziva realized that this boy was smarter than he looked and chose her words carefully. "My brother is a good man, but a lot of people here think that he did something really bad and so they want to arrest him. I'm here to stop them."

"Oh. What did they think he did?"

Ziva winced slightly. "It's nothing."

"My daddy will believe you if you talked to him."

"Would he really?' Ziva asked. "And who might your father be?"

"Leroy Jethro Gibbs. He works here. I'm his son, Harry."

What were the chances that this was the child of the guy who wanted to kill her brother? "Hello, Harry. It's nice to meet you. My name is Ziva." She was standing a couple feet away from him, so she extended her hand.

Finally, the boy, Harry, looked up from his picture and locked his eyes on hers. For a moment, she panicked, kids did cry when encountering strange people and Ziva knew that she probably looked a bit different than what he was used to, given her Islamic features. He seemed to be taking in everything about her, as if he could see down to her very soul, and she was mesmerized by his clear emerald green eyes. She then looked at the the scar that was outlined in his forehead and traced over the lightning bolt shape with her eyes.

Ziva would never admit that she startled a bit when a small hand wrapped around hers and shook it. "It is very nice to meet you, Ziva," Harry said before looking back down at his sketchpad. Before she could say anything else, a voice cut her off.

"The vending machines had chips and water, Har." A handsome man walked into the bullpen, his arms laden down with small bags of chips and bottles of water. When he caught sight of her, his pace quickened and he put down the foodstuff next to Harry before standing in front of him, not so subtly hiding him from her. "Who are you, and how may I help you?"

"That's Ziva," Harry piped up, and Ziva could just see him opening up one of the bags of chips. "She says her brother is innocent and that she doesn't think that you will believe her."

"Is that so?" Tony asked, and Harry hummed in agreement. "Why don't the two of us come over and chat, Ms. Ziva." Tony and Ziva walked over to a desk on the opposite side of the bullpen, leaving a curious Harry in their wake. "Who are you and why are you here?" Tony asked.

"My name is Ziva David, Mossad, and I am here to keep Special Agent Gibbs from killing Ari Haswari."

Tony sighed, his voice full of mock regret. "Well, I would love to help you, but I want the bastard dead just as much as he does."


"A sniper's brass is like signing your signature," Gibbs said, trying to convince Ziva of her brother's guilt. "That's why a sniper always polices his brass. Lapua .308 casing. Boat tail. Moly-coated full metal jacket bullet."

Ziva tilted her head. "That's what you shot as a Marine sniper. At Mossad, we use Sierra 6.5 hollow points."

"How do you know what I shot, Miss David?" Gibbs asked, his face smoothing into an unreadable mask."

"She profiled you for Ari," Director Jennifer Shepard said. Jenny had taken over the job of Director of NCIS just a few days when the old director, Thomas Morrow, left to be in charge of homeland security.

"Not just the boss," Tony said, thinking back to a conversation where Ziva had profiled him and it had been completely accurate. "That's how you knew where I was born and went to school."

Ziva just shrugged. "Ari's missions involved NCIS. As his controller, of course, I did dossiers on everyone he might interact with."

Gibbs eyes darkened slightly. "Give me a minute alone with Ms. David, please." He gripped her wrist loosely and led her over to a secluded corner. "You found out about my wife and my daughter?"

"Yes," she paused, her eyes filling with sympathy. "I'm sorry."

"Then we know why Ari is shooting at women and my son, then, don't we?"

Z"If he wanted you to know he is the sniper, why didn't he use your rifle- an M-40?" Ziva asked, her voice slightly pleading.

"The Bravo 51 he fired is called a 'Kate'."

Ziva sighed shaking her head. :I still don't believe Ari is the sniper. But what you have said should be investigated."

"Well, when the media gets wind of this, it's going to create a furor."

"Are you threatening to go to the media?"

"No, not me," Gibbs said, raising his hands to show his innocence in the matter. "This can stay between Mossad and NCIS."

"In exchange for what? Setting up Ari for you to kill?" Ziva asked, her voice slightly hostile.

"No. Setting me up for Ari. And if I'm wrong about this, he won't show up."

"And if you're right?"

"Then I'm counting on you to back me up."

Gibbs stared at the man standing across from him, feeling nothing but contempt for the man, despite his 'tragic' upbringing. Ari had Gibb's own gun pointed at him, the tip never straying far from his head.

"When Ziva told me you were placing flowers on the roof where Caitlin died, I couldn't believe it. Such a romantic touch. Almost too good to pass up." He paused before smiling. "Almost."

"Then why did you?"

"I need you to commit suicide with your own after you're dead, I will go get sweet, little Harry from his bedroom upstairs, bring him down here and show him your dead body. If he falls apart then I'll shoot him through the head and make it look like a murder/suicide. But if he doesn't show any emotion then I might just have to take him and train him to be just like me. Setting fire to this house should convince the others that you both died accidentally." Gibbs eyes widened a fraction of an inch before going back to normal, but Ari caught it. "You never did give me enough credit in our game. I knew it was a trap before Ziva told me you asked her to cover you. You'd never trust Ziva. And you need to kill me, to taste the sweetness of revenge."

"I've killed enough men in my life, Ari. It's going to be just as sweet watching you die."

Ari raised the rifle. "Sorry to spoil your-" He was cut off when a bullet went right through the back of his head, killing him instantly. Gibbs looked up and saw Ziva walking slowly down the stairs, not taking her eyes off of of the dead form of her brother. Gibbs stood up and walked to her side.

"You did good," he whispered, pressing a kiss to her forehead and leaving her in the basement. He needed to go and pick up Harry from headquarters.

Gibbs stood in front of Jenny's desk. "You wished to see me, director?"

"Yes," Jenny stood up. "Ari is dead?"

Gibbs nodded. "Yes. Ziva is escorting his body back home as we speak."

Jenny nodded. "What I am about to tell you is not to leave this room."

"What about my team?"

"Your team is being informed on this very same matter, just in a different room."

Gibbs cocked his head. "What's this about Jen?"

"Special Agent Caitlin Todd is alive."

Gibbs prided himself on being a man that was hard to surprise or shock. But those six words cause him to stumble back, his confusion plain on his face. "That's not possible."

"Why do you think that we wouldn't let Ducky perform the autopsy?" Jenny asked, taking a few steps closer to Gibbs.

"It wasn't because he was too close to the body," Gibbs whispered. "It's because there was no body."

"Exactly." Jenny said.

"But, the doctor's. They said that with the amount of blood she lost she could never have survived! I saw the blood, Jen!" he exclaimed.

"She did live, Jethro. Since we didn't know who tried to kill her, she was put in Witness Protection (or would it be protective custody?).

"Is she coming back now that Ari is dead?" Gibbs asked, trying to wrap his head around this.

"I think that you should ask her yourself." The director grabbed Gibbs' arm and pulled him from the office and to a new room. His team was already there, including Ducky and Abby, and he could see them all embracing Kate. Abby had tears streaming down her face, Ducky was too shocked to tell any stories, and Tony and McGee were staring at Kate in shock.

Gibbs found himself walking forward, pulling the agent he thought to be dead, because of him, into a tight hug, instantly silencing the room. He stepped back and looked into her eyes.

"Are you coming back?"

Kate winced. "No, Gibbs, I'm not."

They others immediately started talking over one another, exclaiming how she must stay and how much they would miss her if she left. Gibbs slapped the back of Tony's and McGee's head to get them to shut up.

"Let her talk," he commanded.

Kate looked at him gratefully. "I can't come back right now - I need to cope with being shot. Besides, I can't even shoot anymore - the bullet went right through a muscle and lodged itself there, damaging the muscle for who knows how long. Director Shepard has offered to let me keep the fake identity they gave me while in protective custody and I took her up on it. I'm going to stay wit my family for a few weeks but then I will probably travel a bit. Who knows what you can do when you aren't fighting for your life?" The room was silent until Abby suddenly let out a laugh and pulled Kate into a hug, minding the arm that was in a sling.

"Somehow that doesn't surprise me, Kate," she said, her voice wet from her tears. "You go and have fun - and you better be canceling that funeral of yours. I don't want to ever be invited to another one so you better take care!" Abby mock glared at her, causing Kate and the others to laugh, no matter how hard it was to force it out.

Gibbs let the others have time with Kate before approaching her again. "When are you saying goodbye to Harry?" he asked, narrowing his eyes when she winced. "Kate…"

"I can't! I know if I go to say goodbye he will convince me to stay, and I really can not be here right now!" Gibbs sighed.

"Is he at least going to get to know you're not dead?" Kate nodded before grabbing a box that had been hidden at her feet.

"Give him these, will you?" Gibbs looked down and saw a dozen thick sketch pads in the cardboard box. "They were mine. Inside them are a bunch of letter and pictures. The last one explains why I am leaving and that I'm not, you know, dead. Just in case you forget to tell him."

Gibbs chuckled. "We're really going to miss you, Kate."

"I'm going to miss you guys, too."

Remus Lupin walked up to the counter, a letter in his hand addressed to the Dursleys. He approached the person in the mail assistance line.

"Excuse me." The elderly lady looked up. "One of my friends moved lately and forgot to give me their address. Their numbers have been changed, too. Would you mind looking their new address up for me?"

"Of course, sweat pea. What are their names?"

"Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley Dursley."

Five minutes later, the werewolf walked out of the postal office with a sticky note that had the Dursley's new address on it. Looking down at the small piece of paper that was clenched in his hand, Remus cleared his mind and thought of the space right outside of the address.

1247 Hutable Lane, France

'Don't worry, Harry,' he thought. 'I'm coming'.

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