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Chapter 1: Operation Double H

16-year old Ron Weasley was walking carefully through the huge corridors of Hogwarts. He got more nervous each time he took a step towards his goal.

"This better be worth it," he muttered to himself as soon as he reached a statue of a witch reading a book. Ron rolled his eyes.

"This statue ALWAYS reminds me of Hermione," he mumbled, tapping the book 3 times with his wand. Immediately, the witch

Snapped the book closed and moved to the side, revealing a door. Ron nodded at the witch in appreciation and opened the

Door, revealing a very cozy room that looks like a living room. In the couch sat Lavender Brown, absently flipping through

A magazine. On the sofa sat Draco Malfoy with Ron's sister, Ginny Weasley, at his lap. They were so busy snogging at each other

That they barely noticed Ron coming in and sitting beside Lavender. Ron gave them a disgusted look before turning to Lavender.

"Hey," he said. Lavender closed the magazine she was looking at and kissed Ron softly on the lips. "Hey there to you too," she

Smiled. Ron and Lavender have been going out for a year already, but they never got tired of each other. Ron draped an arm

Around Lavender, who turned to the kissing couple. "I'd like to make this meeting in order, so PLEASE get your tongues off each

Other's throat for now!" Lavender shouted. VERY reluctantly, Ginny and Draco released themselves from each other. Ever since

They started dating, Ron, Lavender along with their two other friends Harry Potter and Hermione Granger accepted Draco after

Much arguments, yelling, defending, bruises and black eyes. After that, they were all in good terms with him. It was a tough year

For all of them last year, but it turned out for the best. Voldemort was defeated along with the Death Eaters and Harry was safe.

Draco became decent after the second downfall of the Dark Lord, and no one knew what happened to him (Many assumed he

Was so arrogant and obnoxious because of his father, Lucius Malfoy, who was a Death Eater), and he started to date Ginny.

"Okay, so this Meeting has FINALLY come to order," Lavender said, giving Ginny and Draco a pointed look. "As you all know, we

Are here to discuss Operation Double H." Lavender fixed her gaze at Draco. "Have you got it?" she asked. Draco smirked and pulled

Out a pair of silver handcuffs from his robe. "You wound me, Lavender," he pretended to look hurt. "You think I would forget such an

Item?" Lavender looked at him dully before snatching the handcuffs from him. "Any plans on who we're going to put this on first?"

She asked. Ron perked up at this. "I'll put it on Harry first," he said. Operation Double H was their code to get Harry and Hermione

Together. They recently found out that Harry is in love with Hermione, and that Hermione loves Harry too, but they are too stubborn

To admit it themselves because both are afraid of rejection. For the sake of themselves and for everyone else who think they should

Be together, Lavender, Ginny, Ron and Draco cooked up a plan to bring them together. "Okay, no one really told me how the

Handcuffs fit into Operation Double H, so would ANYONE mind telling me?" Ginny spoke up for the first time. Lavender smiled at

The 15 year old. "These handcuffs are supposed to lock two people who are in love but haven't admit it to the other. It SHOULD be

How they work, unless you didn't charm it yet Draco," she said, turning her gaze once more to the silver haired boy that was holding

Ginny by the waist. "Of course it's already charmed Lavender, " he said. Lavender smiled. "Good." She said. Then she turned back

To Ginny. "Once these handcuffs are locked to the two people, they won't be able to get it off unless they admit their love for each

Other and seals their love with a kiss." Ginny sighed dreamily. "That sounds romantic," she said. Draco looked at her. "What? Am I

Not good enough for you?" he asked teasingly. Ginny punched him playfully in the arm. "Ow! You know for a girl, you can really hurt

Someone, did you know that?" Draco said, rubbing his arm. Ginny blushed. "It wasn't that hard," she mumbled. Lavender looked at

Ron and handed him the handcuffs. "You think you can put this on Harry's arm?" she asked. Ron took the handcuffs and kissed

Lavender on the cheek. "Have I every put you down Lav?" he asked. Lavender snuggled up next to him. "No," she said. Ron smiled

And pulled Lavender closer to him. "But how will you put the other one on Hermione when it's at Harry's arm?" he asked.

Ginny and Lavender looked at each other. "That part, we'll take care of," Ginny said, smiling mischieviously. Ron stared blankly at

His sister and looked at Draco. "You're a bad influence on my sister, did you know that?" he said to Draco. Draco nodded, also

Staring disbelievingly at Ginny. Lavender giggled. "Okay then, I call this meeting adjourned, and we're going to put our plan in action

Tomorrow." With that, everyone stood up to go back to their houses.

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