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Casey had joined Carina in the hospital room with, and although he had a few new bandages on his arm, looked pretty damn good for being shot less then 24 hours ago. He had brought with him a videoconferencing board that had a scrambler on it, thus allowing them to still remain hidden. Sarah was a bit zealous in her protection of Chuck, but Casey couldn't blame her at this point, as every second a new threat seemed to emerge.

"The President would like to move you to a secure location until this is all over," Beckman said through a videoconference screen.

Sarah had tactical command of Chuck's security detail and as such she was the only one who allowed people access to him. Beckman herself didn't even know his location, as Sarah instructed Casey to tell her only that he was alive.

"The location he is in now is secure," Sarah replied flatly.

"Agent Walker I understand that but he can be protected by a larger team...,"

"The team protecting him now is the team I want general. That is final," Sarah said.

"Agent Walker...,"

"General my position and tactical command on this this matter supersede your rank. In terms of Agent Bartowski's protection I will not be compromised."

If Beckman wasn't so angry she would of smiled at Sarah's choice of words, but she was pissed and about to blow her top.

"Now you listen Agent Walker...," was as far as she got before Sarah disconnected screen.

"Sarah! What the hell? The general," Chuck panicked.

"Not happening," Sarah replied.

"Sarah maybe Beckman is right? We could use more help," Carina said.

"I agree with Carina," Chuck echoed.

"Ohhh," Casey said lowly as he saw the whites around Sarah's eyes expand and focus on Chuck.

"Will the both of you excuse us for a second," Sarah said to Carina and Casey without turning to address them.

"Let's go," Casey said.

"No argument here. Sorry Chuck," Carina said as she hurriedly followed Casey.

Unnoticed by anyone was a small flick as the Videocon flicked back to life, revealing the face of the President of the United States.

He was about to speak when Sarah erupted.

"Are you out of your frickin mind," Sarah spat angrily.

"Sarah it's the President of the United States," Chuck said still unaware that were visible.

"I don't care if it's Ming the frikin Merciless, you are not going! If he wants to speak to you he can damn well do it over the Videocon!"

"Actually Ming was...," Chuck began.

"Because that's really what's most important right now Chuck," she replied shutting him down.

"Sarah look I understand how you feel.."

"Do you? Tell me Chuck what was it like? What was it like for me when that son of a bitch shot you on the bridge? Or how did I feel when you died 5 times in front of me? Tell me how I felt Chuck," Sarah demanded with tears in her eyes.

"Sarah I...,"

"Oh God I'm sorry Chuck," Sarah said as she embraced him.

"No it's okay it's my fault. You are right," Chuck said as he tried to soothe her.

"It was all too much Chuck...please don't go back out there until it's over," Sarah said very softly.

"I promise Sarah I won't. Don't worry. I love you," he said as he kissed her.

"Don't worry agent Walker, I have no intention of exposing Agent Bartowski to any danger. You will have final say on all of his security arrangements," the president said.

"Mr. President! I'm sorry sir," Sarah said as she bolted upright and temporary left Chuck flailing like an upside down turtle.

"Oh Chuck," Sarah said as she helped Chuck to his feet.

"Please stay down Agent Bartowski, and no apologies necessary, it was my intrusion. My apologies to you for the interruption, but I just wanted the both of you to know personally how very thankful I am for the service you have both done for your country."

"Thank you sir," they said in unison.

"I just wanted to tell you both that operations are underway that will eliminate the threat to you as well as our country. I also wanted to tell Agent Bartowski that your sister and her family are safe, I give you my personal guarantee that they will remain so."

"Thank you sir," Chuck said.

"No thank you Chuck. You don't mind if I call you Chuck do you?"

"No sir," he replied.

"Well Chuck I would like to have the both of you as my guests here when you are feeling a little bit better."

"Thank you sir, we would like that," Sarah answered for them both.

"Very good. Now the both of you just hunker down for a bit and I will personally contact you when it's safe for Chuck to rejoin the living."

"Thank you Mr. President," Sarah said.

"No problem, as you were," he said as he signed off.

The President turned to see a grinning Corr behind him.

"Something funny Ambrose?"

"Nothing sir. Just the Ming the Merciless comment," Corr smiled.

"Ha not to worry Admiral. By the time this night is out we are going to make Ming the Merciless look like a pussy. I will meet you in the ready room."

"Yes sir," Corr said as he saluted and headed off.

The President had just finished his briefing with the leaders of Germany Canada and France, and was meeting with his national security advisors in their next move, before going to ready room to join Corr. Canada and France both requested assistance with the imbedded ring members in their respective governments, and two Razor teams were already on site in those countries. After realizing the gravity of the situation, the President was given special operational activity within both countries borders and Razor was immediately deployed. The Germans were a bit better prepared to mobilized their defenses, and immediately locked down the country and declared a terrorist alert, which enabled them time to ferret out the traitors.

Corr sat with a headset on coordinating from the ready room and could view the action in real-time as the satellite images offered crystal clear perspective on the operation. He wanted to make sure that Garrison was located and isolated before he could send any word to his ring network, and sent Razor team 3, the best operators on the planet, to handle the mission.

"What is our situation," the President said as he came down the steps and sat next to Corr.

"Razor 3 is operational and satellite is just coming online," Corr said as a large screen in front of them faded into the green tinge of night vision.

"Very good," the President said as little green images sprung up on the screen.

Ancillary chatter was heard throughout the room as the team communicated their movements with deft precision. The team had just surrounded Garrison's luxurious mansion and were conducting the initial threat assessment of physical security. SOP for an assault like this would be engage electronic surveillance/security first, and then isolate physical security; but as they were operating in a domestic capacity, any electronic security was already hacked by NSA engineers. All communications were monitored and would be interrupted before any alert signal could be given out. On foreign soil this was usually done by a small electromagnetic pinch, which would fry all circuitry in a designated area, it also usually alerted well trained security forces that something was wrong and caused the operators to face a semi-alerted security force, this time however, their opponents were blissfully unaware.

"Leader this is 2. I'm in position. I have eyes on 2 hostiles in my immediate vicinity," suddenly came through the chatter.

"Roger. Hold position based on threat assessment," the leader replied.


Similar messages broke through as the operators got into position to begin their assault, without alerting any of the guarding force.

"Leader this is 6. I have eyes on the target," came a voice.

"Roger. Location and activity?"

"3rd floor bedroom. Preparing for bed."


Night was always the worst time. That was the time the monster came, and Morhan Kwan was preparing for the Devils nightly visit, as she heard him outside the bedroom door and clutched the rosary beads tightly in her hand. A child of North Korea, she was orphaned at an early age when her parents killed by the famine, and sent to work in the factories before the age of 12. She was eventually rescued by a charitable organization set up through the Garrison foundation, which offered financial relief in exchange for "unfavorable" workers. As a child she was deemed unfavorable by not being able to support herself and would be viewed as a burden on the country, so she was essentially "sold" to this charity organization and moved to a camp in the south.

It was at this camp where she finally found her smile and laughter as she played with other children her age and was given access to education and medicine. She found her happiness again and finally her hope, as she saw many of her friends be adopted into wonderful families in the south and west. She dreamed of starting a new life full of hope and promise, and right when she was at her most vulnerable and idealistic, the devil found her. She could not believe her luck when her benefactor, Mr. Garrison himself, personally wanted to adopt her. At 15, She was older then most girls at the shelter, and felt like she was in a dream when he whisked her away to her new home, filled with anything she could ever want. Sadly her dream quickly turned into a nightmare, and by the end of the first week, she was forced to do things only the devil would require. Her life was nothing more then a source of pleasure for this beast, and as she heard the doorknob turn, she tried to suppress the tears that filled her eyes.

"Razor team in position," the team leader called.

"You have a go," Corr keyed his headset.

"Roger. Razor team go," the leader said.

A chorus of the phrase "tango down" was heard as the team dismantled Garrison's security force, leaving him completely unprotected.

"6 this is leader. Security force neutralized, you are clear."


Morhan sobbed silently as the door slightly opened and the evil face of her tormentor slowly filled the space for his nightly ration. She prayed for a way out of this hell, but nothing ever changed; and just when she thought she would be forced to endure his inhuman treatment once more, something happened. Suddenly she saw a shadow materialize from the darkness as if it were sitting beside her and listening to her prayer, it filled the space between her and the devil, and silently waited for him to come.

"Where is my girl," Garrison said as he peered into the darkened room.

"I want my huuu..." was heard as the remaining air was forced out of Garrisons collapsed lung, as the knife swiftly went about creating its fatal wound.

The man was dead in seconds, and as 6 grabbed Garrison under the arms, he couldn't help but look back at the frightened child on the bed. He put his finger up tongue mouth in a schussing motion and then quickly flashed her the crucifix under his black uniform. He saw her nod slightly then carried Garrison's body out with him.

"Target is down . Confirmed," came the call over the radio.

"Very good. Secure the area and evac," Corr said into his headset.

"Yes sir," came the reply.

"Razor team 1 and 2 have a go," The President said as he watched the cleanup on the screen.

"Yes sir," Corr replied as he relayed the order.

Identical scenes materialized and played out all over Northern France and Canada as Razor annihilated the Ring network. That evening, businessmen, politicians and military leaders were symptomatically wiped out in the largest commando raid since WWII, but not one trace of it found its way into the news. The President marveled at the efficiency of the machine; in a total of 2 hours 3 different Razor teams had managed to destroy a network that took over 50 painstaking years to build. Razor 2 was now on its way to assist the Germans with their house cleaning, while 3 and 1 were back on their way back to base.

"Sir we have had our analysts confirm that the ring has been eradicated in Canada and France," an aid announce to Corr.

"Very well. What about here?"

"All domestic leads that have been traced from Senator Woodcombs and Garrisons respective computers, have been designated target by Razor 3 and have been eliminated."

"Very well done Admiral. I think it's time I have Senator Woodcomb over," the President said.

"Yes sir," Corr replied.

Angel Santos was known by many different names to many different people. Santos to his teammates and 6 in the field, but to Morhan, he would always be Angel.