A/N- I started writing this as something to write on when I get stressed about my other stories. I don't really know what the hell happened, at some point it just took the hell over and half the stuff I wrote I was like wtf… And why not share the insanity… So…. here it is. It will have slash. m/m/m so you are warned. If this is not your scene, back out and go somewhere else because I've already written like a hundred pages of this and it is swimming in it. Later, it will go m/m/m/m. I know… I don't know what the hell I was thinking but there you go, honesty up front. So let's all jump on this train wreck together. I will post what I have and then update slowly but won't abandon but could be a while between updates. I have no beta so there will be mistakes.

Could this day get any worse? Harry looked down at the bubbling cauldron and ignored the heat rising almost smothering him. Snape was watching him from across the room, it was like the man was reading his thoughts. Harry refused to meet his eyes and stared at his cauldron like it had the answers to all of life's great secrets. He couldn't chance it. Snape would stop him from running away and that is all he wanted to do, run.

With Dobby's help, Harry made a plan. No one really looked at him anymore. He was a ghost walking since he returned from summer holiday and he was getting tired of the lies. No one wanted to talk about what happened at the ministry. He knew Dumbledore was keeping secrets. He decided then and there as he walked from Dumbledore's office that he was leaving. Dumbledore had given him small pieces, memories but he didn't want to be lied to and unprepared. That was the only legacy Dumbledore was leaving him.

When he'd gone to Dumbledore about his suspicions of Malfoy and was rebuffed, it was the last straw on the very big growing pile that broke the camels back and had him questioning what he was doing. Harry began to study under his covers hidden by his curtains at night. He began stealing restricted books and other books he would need to train with.

He formed a plan leave, run until he was seventeen, kick everyone out of Grimmauld, then do what he needed to do to live and win. He'd already snuck down to the kitchens and got a bag of food from Dobby. Dobby also made a list of spells to help him replicate food, preserve it and anything he thought Harry would need. Dobby was the only person he trusted with this.

Dobby had packed his trunk earlier and slipped it to him before he walked into class without alarming anyone. Once this class was over, he was going to sneak out through the passageway and apparate away. Everything he needed was on him all he had to do was go. Snape was going to be an issue and so were his friends. He would have to piss off Snape and get detention. Snape would be more than happy to berate him and he could sneak out.

Harry leaned down turning the heat up under his cauldron. He made sure his wand was tucked in his sock. Someone screamed behind him. Harry ignored it and grabbed a handful of ingredients at random and let them fall into the cauldron. Another scream made him turn. Several Gryffindors were laughing. Malfoy's eyes were narrowed at Seamus and Ron who were grinning. Malfoy's cauldron was beginning to really smoke.

"You threw something in there." Malfoy screamed.

Ron just smirked. This is why Harry wanted to leave, shit like this, petty squabbles and house rivalry. Malfoy turned and their eyes met. Harry was frowning at Ron but he didn't notice. He was too exhausted to deal with this. Malfoy made a noise in the back of his throat.

Harry turned back to him. His eyes were huge. Harry whirled around seeing a huge green blob raise out of his cauldron almost like an entity. Harry started backing up. The explosion behind him startled whatever was in his cauldron. It jerked slamming into him as he felt whatever was in Draco's cauldron drench him from the back. Draco screamed as heat ripped through Harry. Harry made a sound so inhuman even he questioned the noise as it ripped through him. He felt his body jerk, a strange pulling of his body then blissful coldness as his body shut down.