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Harry ran straight passed confused Avengers into the hallway and hit the stairs.

Sam looked to Steve confused. "What's happening?"

"Draco's up the duff." George grinned.

"Rock, paper, scissors."

George threw out rock as Fred slapped his hands with paper. Fred smirked. "First ones mine."

James smiled innocently at them. "I'm telling."

They both turned to him and looked horrified. "You wouldn't."

James sat at the table and crossed his fingers behind his back.

George smirked. "Shopping spree at the shop."

James turned to Fred.

Fred gauged him. "I won't tell Draco what you did to his last two boyfriends."

Natasha was grinning. She loved this kid. Bucky and Steve were exchanging looks. Steve looked like he was about to have an aneurysm. Sam's mouth dropped open as he began pinching himself. Stark was still trying to accept his new parenthood and was strangely quiet.

Clint burst into laughter as Bruce slapped the back of his head. "What did you do?"

Fred smirked. "The first one he stole Draco's wand and cursed him impotent. The second one he put laxatives in his tea."

Everyone turned to James. He looked anything but sorry. "If you tell, I tell and I can get away with so much more and point my finger at you. And… who gave me the potions? Mom will believe me."

Fred smiled. "We have trained you well."

James snorted. "Draco trained me he's still wanting me to be a snake. He just doesn't realize most of the sneaky stuff I learn I use on his…" James made a gagging noise. "Boyfriends."

"Poor Harry." Fred and George singsonged together.

Jarvis spoke. "Master Harry and Draco are in the training room."

"Really?" Fred asked.

Stark pulled up the feed and they all watched.

"Draco, be reasonable."

Draco snarled and sent another hex. Harry deflected it with a shield and waited for another one. Harry ducked behind some kind of equipment and sighed.

"Come on, it was just a joke. You were shocked and remember it was what you said to pull me out of mine. You aren't a whore, maybe just a little slutty."

Draco snarled and a purple light came millimeters from Harry's face. Draco had yet to speak unless it was curses or hexes followed closely by profanity.

"Draco, aren't you happy?" Harry dodged running to something bigger to hide behind. Draco hit him with a tripping jinx and he hit the floor and rolled behind one of the punching bags littering the floor.

"You..." Draco began then looked down to the floor.

Harry looked back over the bag then slowly walked to him. Draco stood frozen wand pointing to the floor. Harry moved walking around him then pulled them both to the floor. Draco let Harry position him between his legs and leaned back against his chest. They both sat quietly as the seconds ticked on. Harry moved sliding Draco's shirt up a few inches so he could place his hands on Draco's lower stomach.

Draco was still refusing to speak. Harry knew why. Any other time, he thought. He hated everyone and everything. Why did this have to happen now?

"One upon a time..." Harry began. Draco snorted. "There were two little brats. One dark and one light both growing up without the one thing they wished for above all. The child of light was the first child the child of darkness met but made a mistake and did not accept the child's offer of friendship. He mistook nervous boasting as unkindness."

Draco rolled his eyes but put his hands over Harry's on his stomach.

"Later, the child of darkness saw his mistakes and asked the child of light for forgiveness. They became..."

"Brothers." Draco finished. "You think you are the dark child and not the light?"

They sat silent. "How am I supposed to get through this without you?"

Harry pulled him closer. "Fuck, I have no idea. I had you. I don't know what I would have done without you. I was so fucking scared. I was back but for all I knew, Steve and Bucky were dead. I had dreams every night that Steve had died clutching his chest for air and Bucky died on the fields of France."

Harry laughed. "Then there you were holding my hand as I showed you the pictures I snuck on my camera, telling me how beautiful they were, you would get me through and you did, and just like that, I wasn't afraid anymore."

"I want to be selfish and demand you stay."

Harry held Draco harder. "I want to let the world burn but our kids have to live in it."

They sat quietly with Draco fidgeting under Harry's fingers. "You have to promise me you'll come back."

Harry didn't answer but continued to rub tiny circles.

Loki watched them. The screens in the kitchen showed Harry and Draco. James had wondered back downstairs. Lupin and Bruce had slipped into the living room to speak quietly while Stark stormed up to his lab. Loki turned to Steve and Bucky. He still didn't know what to do about the knowledge of his magic or what happened when Harry fixed him. Everyone else slowly filed into the living room.

Half an hour later, Harry walked into the kitchen quietly. Neville followed him. They didn't see Loki sitting quietly. Harry pulled the wand from his boot and cast a patroness spell. He froze at Neville's gasp. They both turned as the Hungarian horntail looked at Harry expectantly. Harry let the spell fall. The Dragon disappeared. Harry shook his head at Neville.

"Jarvis, can you tell Lily to come up here?"

They waited quietly. Neville finally broke the silence. "When?"

Harry refused to look at him. "Now."

Lily walked into the room and took in Harry. Harry sat back in the seat and pointed to the chair across from him. She sat down and repositioned her little tiara and they glared at each other. Neville and Loki watched them fascinated.

They sat as the minutes ticked on. No one spoke. Harry or Lily occasionally blinked. Several people had moved from the living room to see but they were unnoticed by the pair. The time ticked on for half an hour. Loki noticed everyone move to the living room around a screen watching them and several bets were made away from Steve. Loki couldn't help the mischievous smirk that had become fixed on his face.

Another fifteen minutes passed before Lily huffed. "I know I did it, but I'm unsure which it I did."

Loki held back the laugh.

"We found out something today."


"Draco is pregnant."

Lily's eyes went wide for just a second. Her face smoothed out and she smiled innocently. "I'll have another sibling."

Harry narrowed his eyes. "Funny thing how shocked Draco was because we all know how neurotic he is."

Lily stared unblinking. They sat silent again. Loki looked out to the living room as everyone waited. Someone made a noise. One of the twins began whispering with the others. Clint started snickering then fell off the couch in a fit of laughter shoving his hands in his mouth trying to cover up the noise.

Lily huffed again. "It was meant for you."

That took the wind right out of Harry's sails. Harry grabbed the table and swayed. Neville moved and began waiving his wand over Harry. A parchment appeared and landed on the table no one moved to touch it. Loki was debating on getting it.


"I put it in your drink when we went to the park."

Harry ran through everything that happened that day. He looked to Neville and to the parchment. "I should tell Draco."

Lily's eyes went wide. "Please."

Harry sighed. "This is my fault. I've hid your attempts and James when you both sabotaged his relationships."

Lily lowered her head.

"We both know you are so much worse than James."

Her head popped up. "Am not."

Harry scoffed. "You almost killed two of them."

She grinned but hid it quickly. Harry snorted. "You aren't fooling anyone."

"You let me."

Harry leaned back. "You saved me the trouble."

They both shared a conspiratorial smile.

Someone snickered in the living room. Neville broke into laughter. "He is going to kill you both."

"No, his princess does no wrong. He will strangle me though."

Harry moved and picked up the parchment. He cursed. Lily leaned on the table on her elbows. She put her hands up and laid her chin on her little fists. She looked like an innocent cherub.

Harry snarled. He stood up and strode from the room and back to the elevator.

Lily smirked and left going back downstairs.

Steve turned to the other wizards in the room. "What is going on?"

Fred and George looked at one another. "Nothing." They spoke together.

Bucky and Steve exchanged looks. Loki moved to the living room. Bucky turned to him. The room changed as Steve tensed. Loki nodded and moved going back to Thor's room.

Harry stomped to Steve's room and looked around. Damn Lily. He wanted to laugh and scream.

"Jarvis, if they ask, I went to the flat."

"Yes sir."

Harry apparated to the flat. Dobby popped up. "Master Harry staying?"

Harry shook his head. Dobby nodded and popped away. Harry headed up to the attic. He began pulling out boxes looking for his old camp pack.

He found the backpack and emptied it. He cast a cleaning charm over it and walked back downstairs. He moved back to his room and packed enough clothes for two weeks into a large trunk. He shrunk the trunk and put it in the bag. He talked to Dobby about prepping him another food bag. They began making arrangements.

Harry headed to Diagon Alley and bought supplies. It took three hours to find a tent he liked. He didn't know what they would be walking into and he needed to make sure they would be as comfortable as possible. The one he found he and the owner manipulated to his needs. It now had a living room, kitchen and bedroom with two king size beds. The living room was equipped with a fireplace and the bathroom had a large shower bathtub. They would at least be comfortable.

He took the tent back to the flat and Dobby began stocking the kitchen. He stored enough food in the cupboards they would be good for months. Dobby also made an extra bag like he'd gotten when he was in the forties.

Harry walked back to his room and pulled his old school trunk out of his closet. He pulled some of the pictures out of the bottom. Draco had taken his camera and got all of the pictures developed the first Christmas after the twins were born. A few of them he used the spell to make them move. He grabbed several of them and a few of the sketches he'd taken. He moved back inside the tent and hung them up making it homier. He then searched the house and copied a few of the album's they had laying around. He didn't even look to see which ones. He just needed something to see the kids with while he was gone. He then went to his and Draco's shared lab. He pulled out all the ingredients packing them carefully before he moved on doing the same to the books that would come in handy. It took hours.

Dobby helped by loading the tent as Harry put stuff in piles to be taken. He made arrangements for Dobby to replace the ingredients and a note to Snape to replace the potions he was taking from their home stock. Neither trusted anything not made from family and with Draco pregnant he couldn't make them. He also asked Snape to make his prenatal potions and couldn't wait to see his reaction. He made a note to Kingsley to let him know he would be traveling and finally looked around. His life was completely upended.

He walked to the kid's room and looked around. He took a stuffed animal from each of their rooms. He walked into the tent and looked around. Dobby had set him up a potions lab in the corner of the kitchen with the ingredients hung on racks on the wall. A wall in the living room had shelves that were stuffed with books from every family library and some he'd taken from the restricted section and some he'd compiled from the Slytherin library he'd yet to look at because they were Parseltongue. It felt like a fake home. He walked out of the tent and waved his wand watching it fold up. Thank goodness for magic, he thought. He put the tent in his backpack and went back to the tower. Steve and Bucky were asleep in the room. He smiled and left them and went to talk to the rest of the Avengers.

Tony was awake in his lab. He followed Jarvis's directions and made it to the lab. Tony looked up.

"Running away?"

Harry sighed. "Had to make arrangements for us leaving. I got our necessities packed I need tactical for Steve and Bucky. What do you suggest?"

Tony smiled. "Follow me."

Harry shook his head. "Why do I feel like this was the step I shouldn't have taken that led me through the looking glass?"

Tony looked back over his shoulder before he winked and grabbed Harry's arm so he couldn't escape. "You are being ironnapped. I will give you toys to make your Capsicles wet their little trousers, but I ask you to come down the rabbit hole with me tonight."

"Arggg, this is going to be bad isn't it?"

Tony shoved Harry into the back of a car. The driver, Happy, was shaking his head as Tony pulled a bottle of bourbon out from under the seat. Harry arched a brow as the first shot was poured.

"Ah fuck it, this is for Steve and Bucky."

Stark snorted "Captain Boy Scout and Sergeant Monotone."

Harry started laughing as they threw back several more shots. "Boring and monotone? Are you sure you're talking about my sexy bedmates?"

Tony snorted opening his mouth to speak but he made a keening sound as the car stopped. He was out of the car dragging a protesting wizard with him.

"Why are you so excited?"

"No one else will come here with me."

Red flags began to flap in Harry's mind followed by warning sounds. He took in the doors where they were heading. A man swung them open nodding to Stark as they passed. Music blasted out into the street before the doors closed behind them. Hard rock screamed mixed with club music as Harry stood transfixed by the strippers surrounding them.


Stark looked back at him with childlike wonder. His face fell. Harry tried not to let it bother him. Kicked puppy looked back at him with big brown eyes.

"What the hell?"

"Please, can we stay? I'll throw in a tank."

Harry looked around the room. "Get us a table and a really big bottle."

Stark ran for the bar to get them a private room and drinks. Harry rolled his eyes and braced himself.

The room was spinning. He was three sheets to the wind and felt amazing. Stark was drunk but still very much in control of himself. Harry kind of hated him for that.

They were in one of the back rooms. There was a table that could fit a dozen people wrapped around a table with a pole in the center. Two women were on the table dancing occasionally making out. Someone was in Stark's lap and he was pouring her shots. Every time a woman walked to him he would snort and tell them he loved cock.

Several took this as a challenge. He pushed two to the floor already after throwing ice water on them. They finally left him alone.

Stark pushed the woman off his lap and scooted over to Harry. Harry refilled his glass and closed his eyes humming.

Stark pointed to the pole. "Dare you."

Harry opened his eyes and let them travel to where Tony was pointing. "No."

Stark grinned. "Come on Glenda. You know you want to."

Harry slit his eyes. "If I do this, you have to forgive me for Dummy."

Stark nodded. Harry stood, wobbled and gripped the table. The entire room was spinning. He started to giggle. Stark snapped his fingers and the girls jumped down. Harry moved sliding up on the table and gripped the pole as a life line. Stark burst out laughing. Harry turned to him and snickered.

If he was going to do this, fuck it he thought, Stark was going to regret asking. Harry kicked off his shoes and used some of his magic to sober up. One of the girls moved to the iPod jack and click on a song. It was club music the same words repeating but the base was all sex. Harry gripped the pole and moved sliding. Stark's laugh died in his throat. Harry turned to him pushing back against the pole and started to unbutton his shirt. He moved slowly deliberately. The shirt went first before he moved his hands up his abs before sliding down his pants and kicking them away. His small pants hid nothing as he turned back to the pole and dropped down ass turned to Stark.

Tony choked as Harry moved wrapping one leg around the pole and began to thrust back and up against the pole. The muscles in his back were arching as his hips swayed and moved.

One of the girls moved to the table and pushed herself against his body her hands dragging over his skin. Harry moved sliding down the pole and knocked her off before he moved back hoisting himself back up for the show.

Stark was filming all of this. He'd planned to send it as a joke to Steve. He got so much more than he dreamed. He grinned loving this kid even more when he hip checked the stripper off the table.

Harry moved sliding off the pole and walked to the edge and crawled to Stark. Stark felt himself swallow. Harry moved sitting on his knees and spread his legs. It left nothing to the imagination. Stark understood the fascination.

Harry slid a finger under the elastic of his boxers and pulled them down on his right hip showing the soft skin.

"How far do you want me to go Stark?"

Stark grinned. "Keep going."

Harry moved sliding back farther and thrust his hips up. He leaned back slipping his other hand to his hip and repeated the process. Stark made a small moan. Harry grinned leaning forward. Stark moved closer

Harry smirked. "Go fuck yourself."

Stark's head whipped back. They both broke into laughter. Harry jumped off the table and redressed. He picked up the bottle and began to drink again as the strippers took their last position.

He was smashed again when Stark slid over and pulled Harry into his side. With Harry sobering himself and drinking, they were finally on the same page.

"So, how I gonna get this dad thing down?"

"Just be there."

They stared at each other for a long time. The bottle was now being passed between them. "My dad was..."

"Doesn't matter. Family is who you make it not always who you are born too. Look at mine. We are all over the place. You've made one too. The Avengers and Pepper."

"Pepper is gonna kill me."

"Just be happy you have one. I have two now and Draco, which is a fucking diva about everything. If he knew we were here, he would have drug me out of here by my hair while hexing me and everyone in sight. Me and Seamus went out to the opening of a wizarding club in Hogsmeade. I got smashed pretty quickly and was on top of the bar when Draco arrived. He spanked me in front of everyone."

Harry pouted as Stark broke into laughter.

"It was in the papers for weeks. Malfoy punishes savior, savior became a verb for months. He was bad so he had to be saviored."

Stark snorted.

"We got in our first real fight after that. No one came to the house for months. We accidentally blew out our first floor."

Stark poured them another shot. Harry snarled at the stripper that tried to crawl into his lap. With a death glare, he threw it back.

The stripper tried again. Harry snarled. "I'm fucking American and his Sergeant and I'm told I have a God in the wings and I love cock. Cock, do you have one?"

Stark spewed his shot across the table as the girl shook her head.

"Then I don't think you can do much for me, can you?"

Stark stood and dragged Harry with him. He threw bills on the table and pulled Harry back to the car with Happy waiting.

Harry fell into the back with Stark landing on top of him. "I better be getting some really nice guns."

"Glenda, I got this."

Harry rolled his eyes but they both happily passed out in the floor of the vehicle.

Steve woke up with Bucky kicking him. He kicked him back and rolled up. He needed to run. He'd been slacking since Harry appeared back in their lives. Sam was back and he knew he could at least find a partner to run with this morning. He smiled over at Bucky as Bucky lay curled in the fetal position wrapped around a pillow. Harry wasn't in their bed. He moved throwing on a shirt and padded across the hall and opened Harry's door. He wasn't in his old room. He walked down the hall and peered in on the kids.

Everyone was asleep still.

He closed the door quietly. "Jarvis, is Harry in the tower?"

"He returned last night and left with Master Stark shortly after."

"Did they say what they were doing?"

"They were speaking about supplies before they left."

Steve nodded and walked down to the end of the hall to see Sam. He knocked and walked inside following the grunt.

Steve held back the laugh as he saw Sam wrapped around his pillow much like Bucky had been when he left him.

"You up for a run?"

Sam made a disgruntle noise and threw the pillow hitting Steve in the face. Steve grinned. "I'll see you in the kitchen in five."

"Die Steve." Sam whimpered back.

Steve headed back to his room and dressed quietly then took the elevator for the main floor. Sam was sitting on the couch asleep but in running clothes. Steve shook him awake before they moved to the training room and began to run laps around the floor. Steve warmed up with Sam then sped up needing to get rid of some of the tension in his body. He was worried about everything. With the mission coming up and everything he didn't understand, he felt so overwhelmed. Bucky seemed to be catching onto things faster than him. He felt like he'd never catch up to being in this time.

Steve stopped when he saw Sam collapse into one of the chairs across the room. He walked over pulling him up and they headed upstairs.

"Jarvis, will you order breakfast while we shower."

"Yes sir."

They headed their separate ways to shower. Bucky was pulling himself out of bed as Steve walked back in his bedroom. Bucky smirked at him as he ducked in the bathroom.

Steve showered, dressed and walked outside to find Bucky staring at a video on the screen. He'd yet to play it. Steve turned to the screen and his mouth fell open. It showed Harry wrapped around a pole dancing on a table. What The Fuck?

"What is this?" Steve asked throwing himself down on the chair.

Bucky was staring at the screen still in his boxers with a knife gripped in his hands. "I waited to watch it with you. It was on your phone this morning from Tony Stark."

Steve made a little oh sound and ground his teeth. "Jarvis said they were talking about supplies when he returned last night."

Bucky gripped the knife harder and pulled out a gun hidden under the couch Steve didn't know about. Steve was about to go into a righteous lecture because of all of the kids around when Bucky's voice snapped cutting him off. "Play."

They sat and watched eyes glued to the screen. Music poured through the speakers as the video began. Stark's voice rang out clear but there was no picture yet. "Dare you."

"No." Harry returned quickly.

"Come on Glenda. You know you want to."

There was a few seconds of silence followed by. "If I do this, you have to forgive me for Dummy."

The camera came into focus. They were in a room by themselves with at least ten strippers around them. Bucky growled beside him. Steve was caught between horror and embarrassment. Most of them were completely unclothed.

They both watched as Harry stood then almost fell completely forward before gripping the table as a lifeline. His giggle echoed through the room.

"I'm going to kill him." Steve whispered.

"Stark is dead." Bucky followed cocking his gun.

Steve wondered briefly if he would have to tackle Bucky to get the gun back. They watched as Stark raised his fingers and the two women on the table slid off eyeing Harry. Steve didn't like the look they were giving him. Harry stood and gripped the pole his body molding around it keeping him up. Harry looked back at Stark completely unaware of the camera.

Something changed when Harry looked back down to the table. His body language changed. His body gave one little shudder then he moved and it was like he was born to move on the pole. He kicked off his shoes as music flooded the room. It was loud screaming sex. Harry looked up and began to slide.

They heard Stark's laugh die instantly. Bucky twitched beside Steve his fingers turning white on the gun. Harry swung around and slid down the pole his ass almost touching the table and peeled off his shirt. Harry's back arched as he slid back up his hands running over his abs then higher over nipples as one lowered to his hips.

Steve sucked in a breath he didn't know he needed. Bucky whimpered. His pants went next. His lithe little hands dragging down his hips into the waist, before he slowly undid his belt and zipper then slid out of his pants kicking them to the side his gaze staring right at Stark. Steve wanted to murder him.

Bucky barked out something in Russian. Harry turned dropping down and arched his back his ass turned to Stark. It left nothing to the imagination. Steve felt himself responding. They both sat transfixed as they watched Harry moved like a porn star over that pole. The world could have exploded neither was moving.

Bucky twitched almost coming off the couch when the stripper moved on the table wrapping her hands over his hips and sliding her glittered breasts over his back. Steve felt himself snarl. Harry looked over his back with a look of disgust then swung his hip sending her flying off the table. They both sat shocked as the bitch hit the floor with a yelp.

Harry's eyes turned back to Stark and he slid down the pole and took a few steps before dropping to his knees and he crawled to Stark. Bucky snapped out a few more words in Russian. Harry moved sitting on his calves and spread his legs. He looked directly at the camera and smirked before turning back to Stark.

"I'm going to kill them both." Bucky snarled and stood.

Harry slid a finger under the elastic of his boxers and pulled them down on his right hip showing skin. "How far do you want me to go Stark?"

"Keep going."

Steve moved throwing himself around Bucky's legs. "You can't kill Tony."

Bucky stopped he was already headed for the door. They were both still transfixed to the movie.

Harry moved sliding back thrusting his hips up. He leaned back slipping his other hand to his hip and repeated the process.

Bucky and Steve's mouth fell open. Harry grinned leaning forward. Harry smirked. "Go fuck yourself."

Harry and Stark's laughter filled the speakers before Harry jumped off the table and began to dress. Stark turned the camera on himself. "That was for you Capsicles."

Then the screen went blank.

Bucky snarled and began making his way to the door again. Steve moved pulling Bucky's legs out from under him. They rolled around on the floor until Steve could at least get his hands on the gun. He put in the back of his pants and looked to Bucky.

"We can't kill him."

Bucky changed tactics and pouted. "Please Stevie. I'll let him put on his suit first."

Steve looked back up to the video debating. Bucky began to move strategically to get what he wanted. Steve groaned but shook his head. "No, you have to be good."

"Fine." Bucky snapped and moved back to the couch with his gun he'd liberated while Steve was distracted. He looked back at Steve and smirked as Steve saw it.

"Come on. Let's get breakfast."

Bucky shook his head. "I'm going to watch it again."


Bucky smirked. Steve looked back to the video then at the door. Sam was waiting on him to have breakfast. Steve sat back down. "Okay."

Harry and Tony returned to the tower two days later. Harry kept in contact with Draco by text while he was gone. He walked back to his room and dropped his backpack. Tony had given him enough toys to keep Bucky and Steve in trouble for a while.

Bucky and Steve ran into the room when he walked into the apartment.

"We were worried."

Harry smiled walking to them both and just collapsed into both of them. "I'm so tired."

"You haven't slept?"

"Not since the night I left and it was probably from alcohol poisoning."

Bucky pulled him back to the bed as Steve followed asking questions about his trip with Stark.

"I needed to make arrangements for us to leave. The last two days I was getting guns and ammo. I also headed to the flat and got supplies. Draco is going to kill me. I wiped out all our potion supplies. Dobby will get the stuff back but some of the rare items will take time."

Bucky was coaxing him under the blankets. "I need you to pack clothes and everything you need. We don't know how long it will be. Don't worry about space. If you want specific food stuff get it and tell Loki same. We can come up with a game plan when I wake and I want to spend time with kids before we go."

Steve moved kissing him then he felt Bucky before he passed out from exhaustion.

Steve watched as Harry fell asleep in seconds. He looked up and Bucky was gone. Steve took off at a run.

"Jarvis, where is Bucky?"

He is currently on his way to the lab.

"Lock the lab down. Tell Tony, do not open the door for any reason Bucky is going to kill him."

"Yes, Captain Rogers."

Steve ignored the elevator and headed for the stairs. He stopped grabbing Thor and Clint before he ran up to the lab. Bucky was standing at the lab door looking through at Tony.

"Why can't I come in?" Bucky purred sweetly.

Steve froze watching Bucky lean against the door.

Tony was behind his desk with his head popped over. "Captain no fun said you were on your way to kill me."

Bucky smiled. He looked so innocent. Clint and Thor turned to Steve for an explanation. "Tony took Harry to a strip club and talked him up on a table and had him strip."

Clint's mouth popped open. "How did Bucky find out?"

"He sent us the video."

Clint snorted. "He deserves what he gets." Clint walked to the glass. "You deserve this one."

Stark made a choking noise. "Now Bucky, I got you a tank."

Bucky smiled. "Open the door and we will… talk about it."

"Hell no!"

Bucky grinned. "You have to come out sometime." He smiled innocently and walked quietly down to the elevator past the men in the hallway.

Steve moved to the door to look at Tony. "I'd hide for a few days."

Tony nodded. "Jarvis, watch the soldier until further notice."

"Yes sir."

Steve shook his head. "I owe you one too."

Steve watched as Tony's eyes got larger and he turned sliding down the desk. Steve smirked and walked down the hallway. He needed to speak to a set of twins.

Harry woke with Bucky pushed up behind him with Steve lying on his stomach in front of him. He smiled before he slid out of bed slowly. He moved into the living room and saw Loki sitting on the couch flipping through a book.

Loki looked up as Harry moved to the duffel bags packed on the floor. "Did they say all this was going?"

Loki nodded watching him. Harry began shrinking bags and slipping them into his backpack. It took him several minutes but then there was only his bag sitting there. He moved collapsing on the couch.

"You are making arrangements for us to leave."

Harry turned to him. "I'd rather have too much shit than us be stuck somewhere huddled in the cold with no food and screwed."

Loki nodded. "You have a very interesting way of packing."

"The bag has a charm that makes it much larger inside. We both could fit in it comfortably."

Loki smirked.

"Do you have a plan?"

Loki moved and walked to the window. They sat in silence. Harry worried about what was coming as Loki stood terrified of what they would have to do.

"We will have to make several trips to get to the roots of the tree. We will have to go to the outer rims them steal a ship to make it the final leg. It will be dangerous. You being magical and both of our companions being more than human will keep us from being ripped to shreds."


Loki laughed.

Harry stood. "I need to check on Draco and the kids."

Loki nodded. Harry stood frozen as Loki walked to him. "I will protect you on this journey."

Harry nodded as his stomach fluttered and he walked out of the room. He went to the kid's room. Neville and Luna were asleep on one of the bunk beds. He grinned looking at the other side of the room all four kids were piled on top of each other like little puppies asleep.

He grinned then walked out of the room. He moved to the room Draco was in and listened to the door. He placed his hand on the door and felt the wards. He walked inside. All three men were piled in bed. Draco was in the middle laying on his back. Harry moved up the bed and laid on top of Draco. Draco huffed then rolled over pushing Fred back pulling Harry in between them. Fred just moved and pulled Harry to his chest as Draco tried to wake up and curled his legs with Harry and studied him.

"You left me."

Harry leaned closer. "I want this over with. The sooner we leave, the sooner I can get back. Draco, I don't want to go."

Draco moved his hand going up resting on Harry's face. They both moved at once. Draco rolled closer and Harry's arms circled him as Draco pushed his head under Harry's. Harry reached down and began to rub his stomach. It was the opposite of time long ago.

"Have you told Cissa?"

He shook his head. "When you leave, I'll take the kids and visit her in France."

"You can't leave Stark alone with his new child."

Draco moaned. "Only you could fuck something up this bad."

Harry snorted. "He will love him if he doesn't already."

"He's cute."

"I cleaned out some of the stuff from home and went and got a tent. I'm sure you will see the statements soon."

"It won't hurt anything between the two of us we have more than we will ever need."

"Promise me you will take pictures and not let the kids sulk. I don't know how long this will take. I've never left for this long. It seems like we will have a journey ahead of us and several different ways to travel."

"At least you won't be alone."

Harry smiled. "I have my soul mates and a confusing maybe mate."

"A God who tried to take over the world."

"Nobody's perfect."

They snickered quietly.

Harry woke up with Draco and George making out. He immediately kicked them.

"What the hell?" Draco snarled.

Harry sat up and pushed Fred before he began heading to the door. Draco was still yelling at him as he stumbled away ignoring him. He crashed into Steve as he walked into the hallway. He grinned and walked back to their room. Bucky and Loki were sitting on the couch talking. Harry half waived before he headed to the shower.

Bucky walked in as he stood still half asleep. He smiled as Bucky slid into the shower with him. They finished quickly and dressed.

Harry walked into the living room to the kids going crazy. James and Lily were fighting like bulls as Teddy kept them enraged. Dummy looked on with eyes as wide as saucers. Harry sat watching the chaos as accidental magic made more and more things around them explode or smoke. Everyone watched Draco and Harry as they sat watching the chaos not moving.

Draco finally snapped. "Shut it!"

Everyone froze. Harry shook his head and blew out a breath. He stood and pointed to the elevator. Three kids automatically followed him. He waited until they were back down in the children's room before he spoke.

"I know you don't want me to go."

They all slumped their shoulders. Harry moved throwing himself on one of the lower beds. All three kids piled on top of him.

He spelled a book off the shelf and began to read a story. The kids calmed down by the time he was done. James had pulled Bella on to the bed with him. She was asleep her body rolled between all of them.

"I don't want you to go." Lily's voice spoke breaking the silence.

Harry nodded. "Do you remember all those stories everyone talks about when I was younger?"

All three nodded.

"That is what being brave is. Going when you don't want to or standing up to your beliefs even if you're scared. I'm going to leave so we can stop whatever is coming."

They all nodded. They were too young to remember the war but they'd all heard stories of lost family and friends."

Teddy leaned over hugging onto James as Lily squeezed his arm. He held back the tears. It felt like it did when he was leaving for Hogwarts knowing he wouldn't be coming back.

Steve and Bucky headed down with pizza at dinner and they all ate and played until the kids passed out. Lupin, Luna and Neville came in to sleep as they were leaving. Neville had fuchsia hair.

"Draco." Luna singsonged as an explanation. Harry shook his head but understood.

Harry walked out back to his room. Bucky and Steve were waiting on him. "I'm going to sleep with the kids tonight. We'll be leaving day after tomorrow."

They nodded and he kissed them goodnight. He grabbed his back pack before returning back to the kid's room. He left the door open and slid into the bed with the kids and fell asleep.

The next morning he woke to an elbow in the face.

"Morning mom." Lily rolled on top of him and squeezed her legs around his waist kicking him in the hips.

Harry sighed. He rolled over to see the boys on the floor with legos thrown everywhere making a mess. He curled his toes already knowing that was going to be a disaster. Lily hung onto him like a sloth as he stood and walked to the bathroom. He pulled her off and shut the door in her face. He came out a few minutes later and noticed the adults were already gone. It was just him and the kids. Bella was curled up in the floor behind James.

Harry walked over to his backpack and pulled out the tent. He moved toys out of the way and made room then dropped the tent and they all watched it as it opened. The kids were looking at it excitedly.

Harry moved to the flap. "Okay, I have a job for you all."

He pulled out another bag he'd gotten from the store where he'd gotten all the bedding. He pulled out several packs of markers that would magically draw on fabric but nothing else. He handed each of the kids a pack.

"Would you like to help me decorate our blankets so I'll have something of yours while I'm gone?"

They all ran inside the tent. Harry followed them when he heard them screaming. Harry laughed and walked into the bedroom. "Color away."

The kids screamed jumping on the beds before they finally collapsed and opened the markers and started to color. Harry smiled. It would keep the kids busy while he set up what would the weapons cabinet.

He pulled out his back pack and began pulling out duffels and everything he'd stuffed in there. He put his clothing trunk inside the closet that was in the living room. He resized the cabinet he'd sent Dobby for after he got the weapons from Stark. He put it against the wall from where the closet was. He began to charm the inside so it ended up being a twenty by twenty space. He automatically put an age line on the cabinet so no one underage could come in. He didn't want the kids to sneak in. He immediately went back for the weapons bag and put it inside.

He checked on the kids and found them still laughing and making a huge mess. The blankets, pillows and the clothes they wore looked like a color bomb had gone off while everything else looked fine. Thank Merlin for magic he thought.

He walked back out and finished emptying the back pack. He put Bucky and Steve's clothes in the closet with his.

He took out two full sets of clothes from each of their bags and put it in the backpack. He didn't know if they ended up somewhere and wouldn't have time to get to the tent. He called Dobby. Dobby began to help him put up everything else. He put Dobby's extra bag of food inside for emergencies. He transfigured a box. He put in the muggle first aid kit he brought and went to the kitchen and grabbed some of the potions they might need in the field. He made sure everything had an unbreakable charm on it and was labeled for anyone to find easily. He packed the box in the backpack. His invisibility cloak and Firebolt went in next. He was staring at the bags tossed around when he startled at Clint's voice.

"What the hell?"

Harry jerked looking up. "You scared me."

Clint's eyes were staring all over the room. He then stuck his head out and screamed for Jarvis to get Natasha down here. "This is crazy. It's like doctor who."

"It's bigger on the inside." They both said together and grinned.

Natasha popped her head in and dead stopped in shock. Harry thought it was the first time he'd really seen her mouth drop open. "Holy…"

She looked around and spotted some of the pictures on the wall and burst out laughing as Clint walked over to her. "Look how small he is."

Harry moved over to them. "You have no idea how hard it was for me to get used to him being so big. I felt like I was cheating on him for a little while. I mean Bucky has the arm but his body feels the same. Steve was like a new damn person."

Clint snorted. "He's a baby Cap."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Natasha, you are a weapons expert. Will you help me store all the stuff I raided from Stark?"

Clint and Natasha turned to him. "You got weapons."

"Yeah." Harry lowered his voice. "I practically gave him a lap dance for them so I kind of took a lot."

Natasha was grinning. "Where?"

Harry pointed to the cabinet.

Dobby came out of the closet then. Natasha and Clint froze. Dobby looked at them smiling as his ears wiggled. "Can I do anything else for you Master Harry?"

"Yeah, can you help Clint and Natasha design the cabinet I got for Steve and Bucky? You will have to resize and do whatever to make it work. I made the cabinet twenty by twenty but you might have to make it bigger."

Dobby nodded. "I will help."

Clint looked a little wary but Natasha grinned and opened the cabinet and stopped for a second then shook her head and walked inside. She was greeted with one large duffle.

"I thought you said you raided his stuff?" Clint asked confused.

Harry walked inside and unzipped the bag and started pulling stuff out. Dobby followed them. Clint and Natasha's faces were shocked as he began to pull more and more out. He found a jeep he was going to put in the backpack.

"Are these real?" Clint asked picking up the tank.

Harry laughed. "Yeah, I shrunk them in front of Rhodey. You should have seen his face."

"What was Stark doing?"

"Sleeping, he was still hung-over."

"Nice." Clint chirped.

Draco ran into the tent then followed by Lupin and a stunned Bruce. Bruce was having a massive nerd fit and was muttering about science, not possible and dimensional space which everyone ignored.

"Where are the kids?"

"Coloring the blankets and themselves, I found these really cool markers when I bought the bedding. Have a look." Harry pointed to the back.

Draco grinned and walked to the back to see what the kids were up to.

"Have you eaten?"


Lupin smiled. "I'll get something and bring it down. I bet the kids will enjoy eating in here while they make a mess."

Harry grinned. Bruce was still twirling around in a circle confused. Lupin patted him on the back as he left. Draco walked out of the room grinning. "They look like they've been playing with something Fred and George have made."

Harry smiled going back to the stuff piling the floor. He put the shrunken jeep in the bag. All of the vehicles he'd liberated from Stark were powered by arc reactors so he knew he wouldn't have to worry about gas. He had taken three incase something happened to them. Stark was probably going to strangle him.

Draco moved to the kitchen to his make shift potions lab and started changing things. Harry knew he would. He made little wounded noises as he found things Harry had just put on the shelves with no apparent order. Harry rolled his eyes and watched the kids jumping back and forth on the beds and then went back to coloring. He sat down as Lupin came back with a tray full of food.

The kids sniffing the air ran out and grabbed food and piled in the floor to eat. Neville and Luna came in and said their goodbyes. They were heading back home and would come back if needed and promised to check on Stark and Draco. They hugged the kids as they were finishing breakfast and left with Fred and George to check on the shop.

Loki, Steve, Sam and Bucky came down when they couldn't find anyone else around the tower. They all stood there looking around in the tent shocked. Harry rolled his eyes. Loki smiled he wasn't as shocked by magic as everyone else.

"Harry, you did all this?" Steve finally asked.

"Well no, I bought the tent but I did modify it." He pointed as he explained. "Bedroom, kitchen, closet and weapons cabinet. I put an age line on the weapons cabinet so anyone under age can't enter, so we don't have to worry about the kids going in. I have a small potions lab in the corner and we have some furniture and a full bathroom."

"But, it's a tent."

"Magic." Draco and Harry sung together.

Bucky was already making his way to the weapons cabinet. He walked inside and said something in Russian. Natasha burst out laughing and spoke back to him. Harry turned back to Bruce who was looking around the room at the pictures. Steve turned to him and made a strangling sound. He ran over almost pushing Bruce out of the way.

"Oh my God. You have pictures of Brooklyn."

"My tiny Stevie." Harry laughed.

Steve made another strangling noise and began perusing the room looking at the pictures before he was screaming at Bucky to come look. Bucky looked agitated having to leave his guns but dropped his gun on the floor inside the cabinet and walked outside and froze when he saw the pictures.

"Stevie." Bucky said in almost reverence.

They'd found a picture that Harry had almost not been able to take. He'd hidden the camera and sat a timer. They were on the beach at Coney Island. They were under the pier close to dark and Steve was sitting in Bucky's lap and Harry had ran over to them and kissed Steve on the mouth quickly making him laugh as Bucky watched on smirking and laughing his body thrown back one hand in the sand. Draco had put the spell on it to make it move so Harry was jumping in Steve's lap kissing him on a loop.

"How did you take this?"

"Being sneaky."

Loki had moved behind them and was studying the picture with a small smile on his lips.

"We were so happy back then." Steve's voice was so low they could barely hear it. Bucky linked fingers with him as they watched the picture.

Stark walked into the tent and made a choking noise. Bruce ran to him like a kid in a candy store. "I know right. Can you imagine the science?"

Stark looked around again before he turned to Harry. "Jarvis couldn't get a hold of you. A woman popped upstairs. She wants to see Harry and Draco."

Harry groaned as Draco began to curse. "Oh Merlin, Draco she knows. We are so screwed. How did she find out so fast?"

"Father!" Draco snarled.

"Harry, what's wrong?" Bruce asked.

Lupin grinned from the couch. "Lady Narcissa Black has just found out she is going to be a grandmother."

"Fuuuuucccccckkkkkk!" Draco whined.

"Language." Lupin smiled.

Draco threw his hands in the air then grinned. "Children."

The kids ran into the room. "Nana Cissa is upstairs."

The kids screamed and all ran at once out of the tent to the elevator. Harry beamed. "Thank Merlin, she can't scream at us if she is plastered in children."

Sam looked around the room. "You are afraid of your mother?"

"Yes." Harry and Draco spoke together.

Draco collapsed on the floor. "I can't do this."

Harry ran over jerking him off the floor. "You can because I'm not going up there alone."

Draco moaned. "Don't wanna!"

Harry moved throwing him over his shoulder. The rest of the room snickered as Harry marched out of the tent with Draco thrashing over his shoulder.

They made it up the elevator with Draco fighting tooth and nail to get out of Harry's grip. Harry held on by pure stubbornness. "I will spank you."

"Promise?" Draco whispered.

"Shut it, prat."

Harry ran out of the elevator as soon as the door opened and deposited said baby on the couch. He stood up and rolled his now aching shoulder and turned to Lady Narcissa Black. She was staring at them with an elegant eyebrow raised and looking like the lady she was without one hair out of place.


"Mother." Draco pouted from the couch.

The kids were snickering. Cissa moved walking to the chair and sat down elegantly. "I was hoping you would have sent me a letter by now. I received some news from your father."

Draco turned to Harry. Harry took a step back. He knew better.

"Would you care to elaborate?"


Cissa's eyebrow rose. "I'm sorry."

"I'm pregnant with a Weasley."

Cissa hummed and smiled at the children. "Which one."

Draco shrugged his shoulder. "One of the twins."

"A triad?"

Draco nodded. They sat silently while Cissa went over that information. She stood suddenly. "Excellent."

She smiled leaning over and kissed his cheek. She smiled to Harry then apparated. Harry was on the phone in seconds. Fred picked up. "Warning Narcissa knows and she is on her way."

Harry heard George scream in the background. "SHE'S HERE!"

"There was a clatter then the phone went dead."

Harry turned to Draco who was sheet white. "She's at the shop."

Draco moaned and threw himself backwards on the couch. "We are all screwed."

"Go get Severus! He will calm her down."

Draco stood and quickly made a portkey. He was gone in seconds.

Harry turned to the kids. "Let's go finish."

Harry followed the giggling kids back down to the tent.

The rest of the night went smoothly. Clint, Natasha and Bucky finished setting up the weapons cabinet with Dobby. Natasha was now Dobby's favorite person. Bruce and Stark had gone full on nerd and brought down equipment to measure the levels inside the tent. The kids were running around and still coloring the beds as they got bored. They ended up ordering pizza and piling all over the floor eating. Sam and Steve were swapping stories some of them over the pictures that Harry had taken. Sam's friendly demeanor helped Bucky warm up to him and Harry already considered him part of the family. He was kind and had a wicked sense of humor. He was glad Steve had found a friend before he'd found Bucky and Harry again.

Harry finally packed everything and was ready for them to leave tomorrow. He slept with the kids again and waited for Draco to return.

Harry woke with Draco shaking him. He looked around the room and the still dark sky. He slid out of bed easily and they moved to Steve's living room.

"What the hell happened?"

Draco huffed and collapsed in the chair. "Mother happened. I got there and she had the shop closed and they were tied to chairs. Severus immediately began to talk to her like she was a damn terrorist that he was trying to get to climb off a ledge. They were freaking out. I was freaking out. Then she smiles at us like nothing is wrong and nonchalantly explains they are going over my fucking marriage contract which is what she was writing when we got there."

Draco made a strangling noise.

"Draco, it will be okay."

"Ahhhggg, it gets worse. I'm trying to get them lose while Severus tries to talk down the crazy and she just keeps on going. Fred and George, the idiots, just agree to everything she is saying. The more she talks the more fucking happy they are getting. I wanted to fucking strangle them. Then…." Draco huffs and throws himself backwards. "Then, she demands we bond right now."

Harry sat afraid to move. "What? Now?"

"Yes, now!"

Steve and Bucky both jerked out of sleep unknown to Harry and Draco and moved to the door listening.

"Oh shit Draco. Are you okay with this?"

Draco smiled. "Yes, but I would have rather discussed it instead of being led to the bonding ceremony with a wand at my twins back. I know they are damn fiends but they are my fiends and she all but knifed them to the ceremony."

Harry snickered. "Oh Merlin, they probably loved it. The next great adventure."

"I fucking hate you."

"Don't. So, did you bond?"

"Uggg, yes. We called a wizard in and bonded right in the shop then Severus obliviated him to make sure it didn't get back to father. I told her we wouldn't officially marry until you returned and could have a proper ceremony. She was more than happy to wait as long as she could plan it. There hasn't been a triad marriage in decades she is so excited."

Harry smiled. "You're bonded."

Draco grinned back. "Yeah. I only hated that you weren't there."

"I'll be at the wedding and that is one more thing we can look forward too."

They both smiled at each other. Draco looked at Harry and moved closer his voice lowering. "When you fixed Loki, you told me that the magic almost made you bond without their knowledge. How did it feel?"

Harry sat back and lifted his feet and wrapped his hands around his knees. Draco copied him and they both leaned their legs into one another. "It was so intense. I could feel Loki's magic like it was part of mine. I felt Steve and Bucky's heartbeat match mine and felt everything their emotions, their fear, their lust and the love coming from both of them. I felt Loki's feelings his confusion, his need to belong and his fear of rejection from everything and everyone he's ever known. I know the face Loki shows is not his own and he got a glimpse of something I've been hiding since the battle of Hogwarts that only Severus knows about."

Draco's shock was like a slap. "Hiding?"

Harry looked down at their interlocked knees. "Oh Merlin, Draco. I was already upset. I had just woken up and the twins were there and I hadn't even held them before Severus told us Hogwarts had fallen. I was so mad. The only thing I had of Steve's and Bucky's and I didn't even have time to hold them. I stunned you because we both know you would have never let me leave. I got to Hogwarts and I was barely on the battlefield before he came out of fucking nowhere."

Harry stopped turning from Draco and looked out the window. "Who? Harry, it's okay."

"Fenrir. He ripped right through me like I was tissue paper."

Draco inhaled a deep breath and tried to not panic. "Harry where are your scars."

Harry laughed. "Severus healed me. I was so fucking mad at him. He healed me so I could walk up to the castle and die by Voldemort. I couldn't die by a werewolf attack I had to die at the proper time. I wanted to curse him."

Draco sat shocked tears glistening in his eyes. Harry turned to him. Draco reached up and cupped his face. "Harry, we all love you, all of us. Everywhere you go you make us all better people. It doesn't matter. You don't have to show anyone. You don't have to tell anyone. You can keep your scars. You can keep your secrets. I'll stand to the end with you. The men you love will stand with you. Your children would love you scars and all. Harry, you don't have too."

Harry dropped the glamour. Draco's eyes widened to saucers as a tear ran down his face. The left side of Harry's face from eye to chin and down to his abs was four large scars. He was blind in his left eye. The vibrant green was faded to almost a milky green with a white pupil. Draco raised his hand and put it directly onto his scar.

"You are still beautiful to me brother."

Harry dropped his head and let the tears fall.

Draco moved pulling Harry in his lap as Harry pulled back up the glamour they fell asleep with two super soldiers watching them from the door.

Bucky turned to Steve. "He knows, doesn't he, that we…"

Steve pulled Bucky into his arms as they stared at the two wizards on the couch. "Yes, but I think those scars are a reminder of that day and what he almost lost and what he did lose."

Bucky nodded. Steve thought back to his words and what it meant about bonding and how Loki had felt lost. Steve understood that. They were all beautifully broken in their way.

"Come on."

Steve moved with Bucky following them and they laid on the couch next to Draco and Harry. "Tomorrow, Thor will be back from Jane's and we will be going to Asgard."

Bucky nodded and curled up over Steve. They all needed what little sleep they could get.

"I HAVE RETURNED!" Thor's voice boomed through the room scaring everyone on the couch.

"It's like Merlin's second coming here." Draco groaned.

Harry moaned and fell over landing on Steve and Bucky. "Make it leave Stevie. Make it leave."

Steve whimpered and pulled Harry's arm over his eyes. Bucky grunted and pushed his head between Steve's chest and the couch. He mumbled something about knives before he was asleep again.

"Hell no! If I'm up, you're up and you need to get ready. Fred and George have something for you before you leave."

Harry whimpered. "Stevie."

Steve groaned and pushed Bucky in the floor before he moved and threw his legs over the couch. "I'm up."

Bucky snarled at him from the floor. "I'll get you back for that."

"Bucky, make everyone go back to sleep. Please?"

Bucky hissed at Steve before picking up Harry and walking to the bathroom. Bucky undressed Harry and held him under the shower. Steve tried to join and Bucky swiftly with vengeance kicked him and his puppy dog eyes right back out. Harry snickered. "That was mean."

"Next time he won't chuck me in the floor."

Harry turned around and leaned up taking Bucky's lips. "I blame Thor. Who is that loud anyway?"

"Do I really have to stay out here and watch?" Steve's small voice came from beside them.

Harry grinned into Bucky's mouth before turning and whispering. "Bad boys get punished."

Steve blushed red down to his abs. Harry smirked then slid from the shower. "Take my place."

They both watched as Harry grabbed a towel and left them to shower. He walked out grabbing the clothes he sat out the night before.

He was leaving in his dragon hide. It looked like tight leather and was spelled to make it easier to move and breathe and would adapt to cold and hot weather. It could also shield him from most hexes and curses and charmed to stay clean. They were the best damn clothes he owned and barely wore. Charlie had sent him the skin when one of the dragons had passed from natural causes. Since introduced, they had always gotten along and both loved the wildness of dragons, even though Harry was still petrified of them. He found a goblin tailor that specialized in making armor and had enough for both Draco and him to be fitted. He knew they were going to Asgard but until he knew what they were walking into, he was prepared to go into whatever.

He was pulling his shirt over his head as Steve and Bucky came out of the shower. He ignored them knowing if he looked up he would be pulling his clothes right back off. He slid on his boots. He walked to the mirror and looked. The pants hugged his legs like skinny jeans to easier fit in his boots that went up to just below the knee for extra protection. His shirt fit around his torso and shoulders like it was a second skin and moved with him. His arms were open at the shoulders. He smiled.

He grabbed his towel and threw it in the hamper before heading out to the living room. He grabbed his backpack and headed up to the lab. He knew Stark would still be up going over readings and he wanted to talk to him before they left.

He found Stark bent over his desk as the music blared around him. Jarvis muted it as Harry walked into the lab. Stark's face popped up and he smiled as he noticed Harry. Then his face changed comically. "Did you paint that on?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "Yes."

Stark snorted. "Okay, rock star."

"I want to know if you are going to be okay with Dummy while we are gone?"

Stark froze. "I'm terrified."

Harry nodded. "That's okay. James and Lily will help you and so will Draco and the twins."

Stark nodded. "Pepper came up here last night and we talked about everything. She wants us to try to be a family. I told her I wouldn't be like my old man and I want to do this. I don't honestly think she believes me because I've stayed away from him until now. I just needed to do something first before you left."

Stark stood and walked across the room grabbing a black box. Harry realized it was a led lined box that locked. "I know magic sometimes messes up electronics so I shielded it and you only need to take it out if you need it. I made a small portable Jarvis. If you're around something that he can connect with, he will automatically take over their systems and give control over to you."

"You made me Jarvis."

Stark smiled. "He keeps me safe. Now, he can keep you guys safe."

"That is why you've barely left the lab."

"I knew I only had a few days to make this but I can make it up to my son for a lifetime."

Harry nodded. "Have you figured out a name yet?"

Stark nodded. "Daniel Anthony Stark, because he is everything and nothing."

Harry grinned. "Sometimes one tiny mistake can make our world change for the better. Mine was a potions accident and yours was a blast of pure magic mixed with a prank."

"I'm a scientist. What the hell am I supposed to do with magic?"

"Until he's eleven, just live through it and pray he doesn't blow up too much stuff."

Stark moaned. "Between the two of us…"

Harry laughed. "Good thing we have a repair spell. You will just have to replace the electronics."

"Come on. We are all going to eat breakfast together and you can tell your son the good news."

Stark nodded and they both headed out of the lab.

Pepper fixed up one of the conference rooms for them so everyone could sit comfortably together. They all sat around the table Harry, Lupin, Bruce, Clint, Steve, Sam, Bucky, Severus, Draco, Fred, Natasha, George, all four kids, Pepper, Stark, Thor and Loki. Rhodey and Happy even joined them. Everyone was talking over everyone as they laughed and occasionally spoke about an embarrassing story. It was pure and utter chaos. Harry loved it.

Harry looked around and missed Blaise. Blaise had gone into the Ministry and was a liaison between MI-6 and the Ministry. He'd been on assignment the last six months and was deep undercover. They received a letter from him once a month so they knew he was alive and Harry had Kingsley's promise if anything was to happen to him either he or Draco would be notified. He was going to be so pissed off when he came back to find out everything that happened.

Draco turned to Harry and he smiled. He knew Draco was thinking the same thing. Blaise had gotten really close to them both after the fall of Hogwarts. He even moved in with them until about a year and a half ago. Most of his stuff was stored in the attic and they had a room for him but with his work, he never used it.

"He'll be back soon." Draco whispered.

"You better make sure he hears about your baby from you and not the papers. He is going to be so pissed."

Draco snorted. "Serves him right, bastard. He needs to stop playing spy and get his arse home."

Harry smirked.

"Oh Harrikins." Fred spoke before eyeing George.

"We have something for you. We went through the shop and tried to think of anything you might be able to use. We made you a Weasley survival apocalypse box."

Harry blinked at him then slit his eyes. "What is in the box?"

"So much Harry." George whispered. "Would you like me to show you?"

Harry grabbed the box and shrunk it and pushed it in the backpack hanging on the back of his chair. "No."

They pulled out three more with Loki, Steve and Bucky's names on it. Harry automatically grabbed them and in the pack they went. He didn't trust the twins for a second. He knew if they opened a box it would have useful stuff packed in with probably sex toys. By the smirk they were both giving off, he knew he was correct. Draco was right, fiends and little deviant shits.

They finished breakfast. Steve and Bucky followed Draco downstairs and spent sometime with the kids as Harry moved into the living room with Thor and Loki. Loki pulled out a hand drawn map of the tree and the nine realms. Harry looked it over. This looked like it would be a fucking nightmare.

He showed Harry the worlds they would be going to and where they would need to find a ship and make passage. Harry wanted to vomit. He just nodded and waited for the minutes to tick by. He joined Bucky and Steve and they spent their last hours with the kids and Stark who was trying desperately to play with Daniel. Daniel was just enjoying his company and could careless what they were doing.

Time finally blew passed them after lunch. Harry didn't want to leave and it made it worse that Draco ushered the kids downstairs so he wouldn't have to say goodbye. Harry looked around the room and noticed James had snuck back upstairs.

"Where's Bella?"

"I haven't seen her all morning."

Harry cursed and pulled his pack off and chucked it on the ground. He found his tent and threw it letting it expand in the living room. "Get the fuck out!"

They all waited expectantly. Nothing happened. "So help me Merlin, if I have to go in there you are in deep…"

Bella ran out of the tent furious.

I don't want you to go.

Harry automatically began to speak in Parseltongue. James happily began to translate the insanity that Harry tried desperately to ignore.

I don't want to go either but I have too. Were you just going to stay in the tent until Merlin knows when?


Harry threw up his arms. Bella hissed getting closer. Harry took a step back. They'd played that game before. She would wrap herself around him and he would have to stun her to get loose which he never wanted to do and she knew it.

I want to go. Don't leave me here. You always leave me.

You are worse than fucking Draco. You are the biggest drama queen I have ever seen.

I can be helpful. Bella snapped her teeth, hissing. I can bite keep you safe. I can be fierce.

Harry stared at her exasperated. Baby, you can't come.

Bella collapsed on the floor. It looked like someone had thrown her down and she laid in a heap her head thrown back as she fake cried. Merlin only knew what it sounded like to everyone else. Harry rolled his eyes as he moved to pick her head off the floor. She lay refusing to move and put all her weight to stay in the position that made her look dead.

Stop being a cow. You have to stay and watch the hatchlings and you have to be good to Draco he is caring a hatchling now.

Harry began to stroke her scales and kissed her on the head. She twitched but refused to move. You pitch bigger fits than the kids. You don't see James throwing himself in the floor and screaming.

James moved picking up her tail and began to pull her out of the room. She refused to move and was dragged all the way to the elevator.

Want to come. James is the only one I like. Don't leave me with the albino. PLEASE! MASTER!

The elevator doors closed. Harry turned back and looked around the room. Everyone was staring. "I know she is unique."

Clint snorted. "Fucking insane."

Thor moved walking outside. Harry took one last look around. "Please take care of my family while I'm gone."

Everyone nodded. Harry grabbed Bucky's hand and they followed Thor and Loki to the platform. Steve was a few steps behind them. Harry looked at them for the first time. They were both in black fatigues and shirts covered with military cut jackets. They were both weaponless except for Steve's shield. Thor promised them safe passage and told them to keep their weapons out of sight so they wouldn't displease Odin. Steve's shield was considered a defensive weapon and Thor told them that they could get away with it. Loki was in his full Asgardian armor, helmet and all. Harry was having a hard time looking away from it.

"HEIMDALL!" Thor boomed out.

Bucky grabbed on to the back of Harry's belt as the rainbow bridge surrounded them. Harry thought wizarding travel was bad.

They were spit out in Asgard. Harry immediately toppled over and was only saved from landing on his face by Bucky holding him up by his belt. He made a yelp sound and Loki and Thor turned to him. Harry moaned.

"That is awful."

Steve and Bucky didn't speak but he could see them trying to shake the feeling off. Loki moved and helped Harry stand as Bucky pulled himself together. Harry looked back and smiled a thank you completely acknowledging the fact he was only on his feet because of Bucky. Bucky's face was white as a ghost but he smiled back.

"Are we all fucking good?" Harry spoke as Loki held him up after his knees gave out on him again.

Thor smiled. "I enjoy the bridge."

Harry snorted. "Well you are a psycho aren't you, a hammer wielding psycho."

Thor just grinned. Loki even snorted. "Can you carry me?"

Loki grinned. "If you wish."

"I'd look like a big girl though, wouldn't I?"

He nodded. "Ugh, you could have lied."

Steve snickered behind him. "All you fuckers are supermen. I'm just the tiny one. I need a nap. Loki, I want a nap. Take me to nap."

"Come on tiny one." Loki hoisted him up and drug him along beside him. "You are still manly if you walk being held up."

"Now you lie." Harry slapped his arm and turned then froze. "Holy shit… look at him. What do you feed him? Can I have some? You are like… wow."

Heimdall stared down at Harry. Harry felt like a toddler looking up at him. Heimdall gave him a fraction of a smirk before going stoic again and looking out at the foreverness behind them. Harry looked around. "How do you get used to this?"

Loki laughed. "You don't."

Harry nodded and they made their way to the bridge. Thor had one of the men that greeted them run to the castle for a carriage. They walked quietly and were greeted by several other warriors. They all seemed nice but were glaring daggers at Loki when Thor wasn't looking. Harry turned to Loki. "What is with the looks?"

"I'm not welcome here, I am tolerated."

Harry nodded and lifted his hand and squeezed Loki's. He understood that feeling. He'd known it his entire childhood. Loki looked down to his hand then back to the road like nothing happened.

Steve and Bucky were on high alert and could see the strained eyes trained on Loki but they knew he was mistrusted. Steve felt the same days ago. He realized after hearing Harry speak about him last night his resolve had stayed. He would be giving Loki one more chance to understand his character.

They were barely down the bridge when a boat like thing that flew pulled up to the side of the bridge. Thor motioned them over and all five of them got inside. The man at the back steering got out and Thor took his place.

"We will be at the palace soon." Loki spoke still holding Harry up.

Harry nodded and sat down sitting against the edge and looking around. Steve and Bucky moved to them and they all watched as the city came closer and closer. It was beautiful and opulent and it made Harry feel on edge. He didn't want to touch anything.

Harry leaned over to Loki. "I don't like it here."

Loki looked at him with this strangle glint in his eye. "Everyone loves Asgard."

Harry shook his head. Loki nodded. "I don't understand you."

Harry was about to respond when Thor brought them to the main doors. Everyone exited slowly. Feeling better, Harry chose to walk on his own. They all followed Thor into the castle. People whispered and watched them discreetly. It looked like Thor didn't bring home friends enough to make it so this wouldn't be a novelty.

The other warriors walked behind them. The chick was giving Harry some pretty hard core death stares. Harry was getting aggravated.

"Why won't she stop glaring at me?"

Loki turned smirked at her which sent her several shades of redder in fury.

"She does not trust me. She is also completely in love with Thor. Thor, of course, has no clue and she hates me even more because when I got him cast out he met Lady Jane on Midgard."

Harry whispered something under his breath and they both watched as she tripped and righted herself. Loki looked at Harry shocked.

"Must be clumsy." Harry smiled innocently.

They were still grinning at each other when they walked into the massive thrown room. He'd been walking on autopilot and almost slammed into Thor. Loki smirked at him as Harry moved back standing between Bucky and Steve.

Harry looked up to see Odin. The way he stared down at them made him think of Dumbledore. He didn't like it. He felt judged and could already feel the tension from being maneuvered. He felt magic against his skin. He stopped watching Thor and Odin and turned his eyes to the room.

There was too much to stare at, it was overwhelming. Harry closed his eyes and blocked everything out. He pulled up occlumency shields he hadn't used in years. The magic was there like a pulse thrumming around them. It felt like a sore tooth throbbing demanding to be felt and unable to get away from. Harry's eyes snapped open. He lifted his hands and clapped. Immediately a dome formed around him incasing Steve and Bucky beside him. The room froze except for Loki and Thor who were in front of them and didn't see.

Harry moved grabbing Loki by a horn and jerked him back. Loki made a yipping sound completely unprepared and stumbled into Harry's shield.

He eyed him curiously taking in the shield. Harry quickly cast a silencing and confusion charm.

"Loki, there is compulsion magic weaved through this entire room. Why didn't you warn me?" Harry was starting to hyperventilate. "I have panic attacks when I'm around this kind of magic. I can't stay here." Harry pulled him down closer his hand was still gripping his horn like a lifetime.

"Harry." Loki began slowly. "I can't feel what you do. I have no idea what you are talking about."

"It's in the air, the floor, the furniture. It's weaved so strongly in this room, it is screaming... obey... listen... fealty..."

"I want to leave now. Tell them I'm a puny weak human who is sick. Take us to your room. I can ward the tent and we will sneak off tonight. Loki we need to go."

Steve and Bucky had moved and taken one of each of his arms.

"Steve, carry him and I'll stay right at your side." Bucky spoke quietly.

Loki went to speak to the king. Harry pulled him back. "Don't tell Thor."

Loki nodded and left. Steve moved hefting Harry up and in his arms bridal style.

"I'll keep the shield up just stay in it and keep me steady."

Steve leaned down kissing him on his temple in understanding. Bucky moved leaning his body against them. Harry closed his eyes and tried to look frail and sick. Loki came back and slipped into the shield. Thor followed.

"Are you okay, young Harry? Loki said you did not feel well."

Harry looked up to Thor. "I think I just need lost of sleep."

Thor nodded. "We will speak tomorrow."

Harry closed his eyes again and let Steve carry him down the halls. They all stayed quiet. Bucky and Loki walked really close to them. He felt the leather from Loki's clothes and Bucky's metal arm brush against him. They finally made it into another part of the castle and Harry heard doors open and close.

"Are you sure you don't want your own rooms?" Thor asked turning to Steve.

Harry watched Loki look around his room. He was trying to be nonchalant but Harry knew he didn't want them split up. Harry shook his head.

"We need to get used to being around one another. We will be living together until this is over."

Thor nodded. "If you need anything, my friends, you need but ask."

Thor smiled and strode from the room. Harry jumped out of Steve's arms and started chanting. "Get out the tent. Hurry, put it in the middle."

They were all worried but they did as he asked. He set the wards for them and all but ran into the tent. He collapsed in the floor and breathed. The wards kept out any foreign magic but his and Loki's. He could relax his shoulders. There was no way in hell he would sleep here.

Steve and Bucky followed Harry into the tent. Harry looked behind them. "Where is Loki?

"He said he wanted to sleep in his bed."

Harry nodded. "Good, tell him it's in here and come the fuck on I want him out of that wonky magic."

Steve left the tent and came back later with Loki. Bucky had pulled Harry out of the floor and they were curled on the couch.

"Harry, what happened?" Steve asked as they joined them on the couch.

Harry looked around the room then stood and walked to the small kitchen. He began to pull down things to make them dinner. Slowly, they all joined him sitting around the table that was made for four.

"Compulsion magic is subtle and I was around it a lot when I was smaller. Compulsion magic is hard to detect if you don't realize it's there. I had a ward around my house when I was made to stay with my aunt. It was a supposed blood ward that would keep out the man who killed my parents. It was a ward that had mostly kept me hidden from wizards but there was a compulsion charm interweaved in the magic. It made me stay. It embedded itself the same way. No matter how scared, how much pain I was in, I could not leave. I feared leaving more than I feared anything in that house."

Harry turned back to what he was doing and pulled out a bowl in the cupboard and resized it. He started spooning out pasta for them and used a heating charm and sat it out with the bread and chicken he'd pulled out. His eyes looked up and everyone was watching him.

Bucky stood and walked to him. Harry froze. Bucky picked him up and sat him on the counter. He moved in kissing him. Harry hummed with the power of it. They didn't have to speak he felt the emotions coming from him. He broke off to breathe and Steve was jerking Bucky out of the way and taking his place. Harry snorted out a laugh before it was cut off in a moan. They broke apart and Harry laughed.

Steve turned and looked back at Bucky. Bucky moved looking back at Loki. Loki was watching them. Bucky moved slowly to Loki and held out his hand. Loki looked at him suspicious but finally slid his hand inside the flesh one. Bucky moved pulling him to Harry. Steve moved out of the way as Bucky turned and walked around Loki and spoke something quietly in his ear. They both looked up as Bucky placed his hands on his hips and pushed him the rest of the way to Harry.

Harry's heart was like a train in his chest. He looked at Loki and back to Bucky who was still wrapped around the back of him. They were both looking at him.

Harry's eyes moved to Steve. He knew Steve had a lot of issues with Loki. Steve made a small smile and looked down at the floor.

Harry's eyes turned back to Bucky. "Bucky?"

Bucky moved pushing Loki closer and sat his face on Loki's shoulder. Loki moved. Harry jumped as Loki slid in between his open legs and leaned in. His inner thighs were wrapped around Loki's waist and Bucky slid his hands up Harry's calves and around to his thighs. Harry took in a breath as the sensation of Loki's magic danced against his. He heard Loki make a small noise in his throat as their magic slammed against each other before mixing.

"Your magic..." Loki spoke his face lowering.

Harry felt Loki's breath over his mouth like a tease. Harry moved his hands down gripping Bucky's as Loki moved his hands up to Harry's face.

"It's intoxicating." His lips brushed. "It's beautiful." His thumb ran over his lips. "It feels like..."

"Home." Harry whispered before leaning in the last half an inch and taking his lips.

Bucky moved his hands from Harry's to his hips and jerked him forward. Loki and Harry both moaned as their bodies collided.

Harry jerked back. He knew his eyes were blown. Loki was staring up at him wary with lust blown pupils. Loki studied Harry's face taking him in but Harry saw the flash of fear.

Harry's eyes rolled to Bucky. Bucky was enjoying himself. His hands dug into Harry's hips again and rolled his hips against Loki's. Harry's eyelids fluttered shut. He jerked slamming himself back. Loki looked at him hurt before covering it up quickly with a smirk.

"I want this, all of this," he looked around and saw Steve watching them. "But I don't feel safe here, and I think Steve's not ready for us to do this."

Everyone turned to Steve and he flushed scarlet and looked down.

Harry smiled and slid off the counter and went to his plate and waited until everyone joined him and began to eat.

They ate in silence. It was the first time he'd actually seen Loki eat.

They finished dinner and Harry cleaned the dishes with a flourish of his wand. There was tension in the room between them from the emotional baggage of what their attraction could mean and the strain Harry was giving off.

Harry paced back and forth. He hated it here. He wanted gone. Bucky moved to the weapons cabinet and began to clean guns at the table Dobby had set up for him. Loki moved to the book shelf and was reading one of the potion books as Steve began to sketch.

Harry stopped pacing. "We are leaving now."

Bucky walked out of the cabinet as the other two watched him. Bucky moved first going to the cabinet and came out fully covered in weapons and handing guns to Steve. Loki stood and his armor reappeared.

"Odin will not be happy."

Harry snorted. "We have bigger things to worry about."

Loki nodded and slipped out of the tent. Bucky and Steve followed after Harry strapped his wand to his arm and double checked his pack. They waited as he pulled up the tent and stuck it inside the pack.

They all watched as Loki made a clone and the clone slipped out the door. "I'm going to speak to Thor. I'll stay with him until we make it to the first bridge."

Harry disillusioned Steve and Bucky then himself. They followed Loki out of the castle and into the streets. They stole one of the flying boats and made it out of the city easily.

They were almost to the mountains when they spotted Sif right behind them. Loki sped up and they slammed into the rocks. Sif fired something and the boat rocked violently. Harry felt them fall into the void. Bucky grabbed him and to his horror he watched Steve fall backwards.

Harry screamed. "LOKI STEVE!"

Harry watched, heart in his throat, as Steve threw out his hand to Loki. Their fingertips grazed as Harry and Bucky were thrown in the other direction.

Light then pain almost crippled him as they fell. They hit the ground with a thud. Bucky grunted then was on his feet pulling them up.

They looked around. They were both covered in dirt. Harry's side was killing him. Bucky had a bloody cheek but nothing was wrong with him.

They were utterly alone.