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NOTE: This story is jam packed to the max with toilet humor, if you are disgusted by this sort of humor I don't suggest you read not this. This story is based off the series "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog", I don't mean to insult the show in any way as I do have a great deal of respect for it. This is supposed to be extremely cheesy/stupid/sick/etc., however, doesn't the title give that away anyhow? =P If anyone wants to MiST this story, it's fine by me, go right ahead. Heck, I wanna read it!! XD I would appriciate you asking me first instead of just jumping the gun though.

Lightening flourished as thunder crashed illuminating the golden statue of Robotnik that made up the madman's fortress. Inside the attic of this golden colored figure, only a small lit candle sat in on a table. A person's silhouette danced on the walls as the wind raved into an open window making the candle's small flame's light dance. The person creating the silhouette stood at the same table the candle sat on, test tubes could be seen all around in the dim lighting as the person mixed chemicals together, a tiny "poof" formed as he mixed two of them.
"Buwahahahahaha!!!! Yes-yes-yes!! I'm finally gonna create the perfect thing to destroy Sonic!! Then Dr. Robotnik will be so pleased with me, he'll make me his favorite and the leader of the SSSSS Squad!!!" the figure raved flailing his arm.
"Coconuts!!" Robotnik's voice boomed louder than any thunder as he slammed the door open turning the overhead lights on.
"Iyaa!!" the robotic primate yelled jumping as he swung his arm knocking off most of the chemicals, which had began eating through the floor on contact. Coconuts saw this and stepped in front of the hole trying to hide it, a nervous grin spreading accross his metallic face "Ye-ye-yes Dr. Robotnik, sir?"
"The toilet overflowed. I want you to go clean it up!"
"No buts, do it now!!"
"Yes, your Roundness." Coconuts slumped looking towards his ruined work as he started to leave. He noticed a tube of chemicals that hadn't been knocked off; he quickly grabbed it, shuting the lightening and thunder effects off and ran out quickly.
Robotnik looked at the area Coconuts was standing in and saw the hole in the floor "Coconuts!!! You imbecile nincompoop!!"

* * * * * * * *

"Eeewwwwww, Robotnik had to have diarrhea." Coconuts muttered holding his nose with a cringe. He grabbed a plunger out of the bathroom closet and trudged over towards the toilet, a scowl adorning his features.
Coconuts sighed bitterly "So much for my perfect plan for getting Sonic. Stupid-stupid-stupid!" he shoved the plunger into the toilet and began yanking it up and down in an attempting of sucking out whatever had gotten stuck in there; unknown to the robotic simian, his tube of chemicals had began to slip loose and fall from his activity.
Coconuts saw this at the last possible second and immediately screeched "No-no-no! Come back here!!" he tried grabbing it, but was to late. It hit the side of the toilet bowl and shattered, the red chemical splattering inside the bowl. Coconuts stood there blankly staring for a few seconds staring down into the mess.
"YAAAAAA! STUPID-STUPID-STUPID!" He screamed hopping in place a few times.
He gritted his teeth in an attempt to get control over his temper, once he had it somewhat under control again he growled and continued his cleaning job. Finally he had managed to pull a huge glob of toilet paper that had caused the crime of the overflow. Mumbling, Coconuts carefully lifted the wad with his plunger determined not to touch it in any way and shoved it into a trashcan. Once that task was done he began mopping the water and diarrhea up and draining it into the toilet, using thick dishpan gloves. He flushed the water down the toilet once his work had been finished, turned the light off and walked out grumbling. Back at the toilet, a faint red glow appeared where the chemicals had spilled as an airbubble surfaced...


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